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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6486

Chapter 6486 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lehmkuhl D.M., 1979: Stone flies plecoptera of saskatchewan canada

Krno, I., 1977: Stone fly leuctra quadrimaculata new record for the fauna of czechoslovakia

Stewart K.W., 1979: Stone fly plecoptera food habits and prey preference in the dolores river colorado

Sheldon A.L., 1979: Stone fly plecoptera records from the basin ranges of nevada and utah usa

Kobashi K., 1984: Stone formation by ureaplasma urealyticum in human urine and its prevention by urease inhibitors

Rutishauser G., 1987: Stone formation in human kidney

Warren M.M., 1979: Stone formation on poly propylene suture

Dretler S.P., 1988: Stone fragility a new therapeutic distinction

Shibakina G.V., 1984: Stone fruit as an ecological type of a fruit and some problems of terminology in the description of araliaceae fruits

Kouyeas, H., 1977: Stone fruit tree apoplexy caused by phytophthora collar rot

Quiatt D., 1986: Stone handling by japanese macaques macaca fuscata implications for tool use of stone

Kalousek D., 1981: Stone heart in a neo nate

Mangravitti A., 1987: Stone in the sigmoid and biliary ileus

Buszko S., 1985: Stone marten martes foina in the western part of the bialowieza primeval forest poland

Hackett R.L., 1983: Stone matrix as proteins adsorbed on crystal surfaces a microscopic study

Shachak M., 1983: Stone micro habitats and the movement and activity of desert snails sphincterochila prophetarum

Montanucci R.R., 1988: Stone mimicry in the round tailed horned lizard phrynosoma modestum sauria iguanidae

Friedlander H.D., 1982: Stone roth model of civil commitment and the california usa dangerousness standard operational comparison

Kers, L. E., 1976: Stone windowed algae found on gotska sandon sweden

Ovchinnikova N.P., 1980: Stonechat saxicola torquata nesting in borisov region of belgorod oblast russian sfsr ussr

Sivec I., 1985: Stoneflies plecoptera from the croatian national zoological museum in zagreb yugoslavia

Fishbeck, D. W., 1987: Stoneflies plecoptera in gray's run in northeastern ohio usa

Lehmkuhl D.M., 1987: Stoneflies plecoptera of the lake athabasca region of northern saskatchewan canada and their biogeographical affinities

Avioli, L. V., 1978: Stones bones abdominal groans psychic moans and hyper tones

Bell G.D., 1985: Stones in the common bile duct experience with medical dissolution therapy

Vargas B., 1987: Stones in the urinary bladder in children and young adults

Okada K., 1984: Stones of seminal vesicles and ejaculatory duct in an infant report of a case

Tajchman S.J., 1984: Stoniness and rockiness of a forested appalachian usa catchment

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485029

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485030

Rivas-Martinez, S., 1977: Stony ground vegetation of the pyrenees thlaspietea rotundifolii

Avdeev V.D., 1979: Stony steppe of the cisural region ussr

Krejci Graf K., 1986: Stony trees and rings

Fagundes-Neto, U.; Toccalino, H.; Dujovney, F., 1976: Stool bacterial aerobic overgrowth in the small intestine of children with acute diarrhea

Slifkin M., 1988: Stool caproic acid for screening of clostridium difficile

Goldberg D.M., 1986: Stool chymotrypsin activity measured by a spectrophotometric procedure to identify pancreatic disease in infants

Carchon H., 1979: Stool chymotrypsin in the preterm infant

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485038

Yolken R.H., 1985: Stool desorbing activity a possible cause of false positive reactions in competitive enzyme immunoassays

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485040

Gudmund S., 1982: Stool electrolyte composition in relation to etiology in acute gastro enteritis

Molla A., 1981: Stool electrolyte content and purging rates in diarrhea caused by rotavirus entero toxigenic escherichia coli and vibrio cholerae in children

Ghosh, S. K.; Littlewood, J. M.; Goddard, D.; Steel, A. E., 1977: Stool microscopy in screening for steatorrhea

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485044

Goyal S., 1984: Stool ph and sugar in preterm neonates

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485046

Scott, T. M.; Madeley, C. R.; Cosgrove, B. P.; Stanfield, J. P., 1979: Stool viruses in babies in glasgow scotland uk 3. community studies

Madeley, C. R.; Scott, T. M.; Campbell, C.; Miller, J., 1982: Stool viruses in babies in glasgow scotland uk 4. further hospital studies

Madeley, C. R.; Cosgrove, B. P.; Bell, E. J., 1978: Stool viruses in babies in glasgow scotland uk part 2 investigation of normal new borns in hospital

Harell, G. S.; Guthaner, D. F.; Breiman, R. S.; Morehouse, C. C.; Seppi, E. J.; Marshall, W. H.; Wexler, L., 1977: Stop action cardiac computed tomography

Feitelson, M. A.; Ashman, R. F., 1977: Stop and go kinetics of receptor movements induced by anti immuno globulin or antigen on individual lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485052

Rayment S.G., 1979: Stop consonant discrimination based on human audition

Kuhn G.M., 1979: Stop consonant place perception with single formant stimuli evidence for the role of the front cavity resonance

Starkey, R. R.; Brimijoin, S., 1979: Stop flow analysis of the axonal transport of dopa decarboxylase ec in rabbit sciatic nerves

Knull H.R., 1980: Stop flow effects on human salivary composition and hydrostatic pressures

Navar L.G., 1979: Stop flow pressure feedback responses during reduced renal vascular resistance in the dog

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485058

Schoulaker Schwarz R., 1988: Stop is not the end physiological implications of translational readthrough

Davidson Rada J., 1986: Stop ourselves smoking a smoking cessation program

Grimm R.H.Jr, 1987: Stop smoking advice by physicians a feasible approach

Coolsaet B., 1980: Stop test pre operative determination of bladder contractility in patients with stress incontinence

Keegstra K., 1987: Stop transfer regions do not halt translocation of proteins into chloroplasts

Baehren W., 1987: Stop type and shunt type varicoceles venographic findings

Braun S.A., 1987: Stopayne for postoperative analgesia in plastic surgery patients

Kerlinger P., 1987: Stopover and fat deposition by north american wood warblers parulinae following spring migration over the gulf of mexico

Szatmari P., 1988: Stoppage rules and genetic studies of autism

Moya A., 1983: Stopped development in over crowded cultures of drosophila melanogaster

Gingold M.P., 1981: Stopped flow and rapid quenching measurement of the transient steps induced by calcium binding to sarcoplasmic reticulum atpase competition with calcium independent phosphorylation

Van Wart H.E., 1988: Stopped flow cryoenzymological investigation of the pre steady state kinetics of hydrolysis of leu gly nhnh dns by leucine aminopeptidase

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485071

Filby W.G., 1985: Stopped flow esr study of the action of carbohydrates on ascorbic acid oxidation in aqueous solution

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485073

Halford, S. E., 1975: Stopped flow fluorescence studies on saccharide binding to lysozyme ec

Sadar, M. H.; Queen, A.; Duckworth, H. W., 1977: Stopped flow fluorescence studies on the binding of nadh to citrate synthase ec of escherichia coli effects of ph

Ishizu K., 1987: Stopped flow investigation of antioxidant activity of tocopherols finding of new tocopherol derivatives having higher antioxidant activity than alpha tocopherol

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485077

Kitamura Y., 1987: Stopped flow investigation of the reaction between vitamin e radical and vitamin c in solution

Wilson W.D., 1986: Stopped flow kinetic analysis of the interaction of anthraquinone anticancer drugs with calf thymus dna double stranded polydeoxyguanylate cytidylate and double stranded polydeoxyadenylate thymidylate

Wilson W.D., 1984: Stopped flow kinetic proton nmr and phosphorus 31 nmr analysis of the intercalation of ethidium with double stranded polydeoxyguanulate cytidylate

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485081

Kalinichenko L.P., 1987: Stopped flow kinetic studies of calcium and magnesium dissociation in cod parvalbumin and bovine alpha lactalbumin

Horrocks W.D.Jr, 1985: Stopped flow kinetic studies of metal ion dissociation or exchange in a tryptophan containing parvalbumin

Laidler K.J., 1983: Stopped flow kinetic studies of the cellulase catalyzed conversion of cellulose to glucose

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485085

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485086

Massey V., 1982: Stopped flow kinetic studies on the d lactate dehydrogenase from megasphaera elsdenii

Waring M.J., 1984: Stopped flow kinetic studies on the interaction between echinomycin and dna

Quast, U.; Schimerlik, M.; Raftery, M. A., 1978: Stopped flow kinetics of carbamyl choline binding to membrane bound acetyl choline receptor

Charlton, S. C.; Olson, J. S.; Hong, K. Y.; Pownall, H. J.; Louie, D. D.; Smith, L. C., 1976: Stopped flow kinetics of pyrene transfer between human high density lipo proteins

Doyle V.M., 1984: Stopped flow kinetics of the interaction of the fluorescent calcium indicator quin 2 with calcium ions

Quast, U.; Engel, J.; Steffen, E.; Tschesche, H.; Kupfer, S., 1978: Stopped flow kinetics of the re synthesis of the reactive site peptide bond in kallikrein inhibitor kunitz by beta trypsin/

Kristensen B., 1986: Stopped flow mass spectrometry applications to the carbonic anhydrase reaction

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485094

Tokuyama T., 1983: Stopped flow measurement of the reaction rate of aromatic reductones with 2 6 di chloro phenol indo phenol

Hopkins H.P.Jr, 1980: Stopped flow micro calorimetry without adiabatic compression application to reactions with half lives between 3 and 50 milliseconds

Knight T.F., 1980: Stopped flow micro perfusion studies of urate absorption from the rat proximal tubule

Auld D.S., 1980: Stopped flow radiationless energy transfer kinetics direct observation of enzyme substrate complexes at steady state

Ueda I., 1985: Stopped flow rapid kinetics of anesthetic induced phase transition in phospholipid vesicle membranes nonlocalized fluctuation

Koch M.H.J., 1983: Stopped flow solution scattering using synchrotron radiation apparatus data collection and data analysis

Eze, M. O.; Mcelhaney, R. N., 1978: Stopped flow spectrophotometric assay of glycerol permeation in escherichia coli applicability and limitations

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485102

Brewer, J. M.; De-Sa, R. J., 1972: Stopped flow spectrophotometric studies of yeast enolase subunit interaction

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485104

Mittlestaedt, D. M.; Schmierlik, M. I., 1986: Stopped flow studies of 2' deoxynucleotide binding to thymidylate synthase

Pocker, Y.; Bjorkquist, D. W., 1977: Stopped flow studies of carbon di oxide hydration and bi carbonate dehydration in water and deuterium oxide acid base and metal ion catalysis

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485107

Nelsestuen G.L., 1983: Stopped flow studies of myelin basic protein association with phospho lipid vesicles and subsequent vesicle aggregation

Honore B., 1987: Stopped flow studies of spectral changes in bilirubin human serum albumin following an alkaline ph jump and following binding of bilirubin

Honore B., 1987: Stopped flow studies of spectral changes in human serum albumin following an alkaline ph jump

Taylor, R. P.; Chau, V.; Zenkowich, M. J.; Leake, L. H., 1978: Stopped flow studies of the n f transition in serum albumin

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485112

Hiromi K., 1980: Stopped flow studies on the chemical modification with n bromo succinimide of model compounds of tryptophan residues

Singer T.P., 1987: Stopped flow studies on the mechanism of oxidation of n methyl 4 phenyltetrahydropyridine by bovine liver monoamine oxidase b

Yoneyama Y., 1980: Stopped flow studies on the nonenzymatic reduction of met hemo globin by fmnh

Inoue, T.; Kamaya, H.; Ueda, I., 1985: Stopped flow study of anesthetic effect on water transport kinetics through phospholipid membranes interfacial vs. lipid core ligands

Kihara H., 1985: Stopped flow x ray scattering device with a slit type mixer

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485118

Ludlow A.R., 1987: Stopping a walking locust with sound an analysis of variation in behavioral threshold

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485120

Bazhanov, E. B.; Zabrodin, B. V.; Kozlov, A. P.; Prudnikov, I. A.; Shvedchikov, I. P., 1976: Stopping down a bremsstrahlung radiation beam on lue 25

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485122

Kjellstrand C.M., 1986: Stopping long term dialysis an empirical study of withdrawal of life supporting treatment

Freeman J.M., 1981: Stopping medication in children with epilepsy predictors of outcome

Weber M., 1986: Stopping medication in epileptology except petit mal seizures and paroxysmal rolandi foci a study of 102 cases

Goshima, K.; Honda, T.; Hirata, M.; Kikuchi, K.; Takeda, Y.; Miwatani, T., 1977: Stopping of the spontaneous beating of mouse and rat myo cardial cells in vitro by a toxin from vibrio parahaemolyticus

Paliwal B.R., 1986: Stopping power and mass energy absorption coefficient ratios for solid water

Kuehner A.V., 1980: Stopping power and radial dose distribution for 42 mev bromine ions

Willems G., 1987: Stopping power and ranges of low energy protons in tissue equivalent gas

Brahme A., 1986: Stopping power data for high energy photon beams

Katsanos A., 1981: Stopping power effects in the determination of nitrogen 14 by a resonance reaction

Sugiyama H., 1985: Stopping power formula for intermediate energy electrons

Ashley J.C., 1982: Stopping power of liquid water for low energy electrons

Fukuda A., 1981: Stopping powers of a tissue equivalent gas for 40 200 kev helium and nitrogen

Fukuda A., 1980: Stopping powers of a tissue equivalent gas for 40 200 kev protons

Tsujimoto S., 1988: Stopping rule of host search by the parasitoid chrysocharis pentheus hymenoptera eulophidae in host patches

Green R.F., 1984: Stopping rules for optimal foragers

Chastang C., 1987: Stopping rules in randomized clinical trials use of sequential methods in two randomized clinical trials in hematology

Salonen J.T., 1980: Stopping smoking and long term mortality after acute myo cardial infarction

Francis J.G., 1984: Stopping stuttering starting with hypnosis

Safonov A.N., 1984: Storability and seed productivity of mother white cabbage plants after treatment with retardants

Mckenzie R.I.H., 1979: Storability of farm stored hull less oats avena nuda cultivar terra in manitoba canada

Daun J.K., 1984: Storability of frost damaged canola

Agrawal P.K., 1987: Storability of seeds of two f 1 pearl millet hybrids and their parents under controlled conditions

Allen J.J., 1987: Storability of summer squash as affected by gene b and genetic background

Chiariello, N.; Roughgarden, J., 1984: Storage allocation in seasonal races of an annual plant optimal vs. actual allocation

Et Al, 1982: Storage and analysis of data from 46 cases of small hepato cellular carcinoma using a micro computer

Van Der Sluis I., 1979: Storage and depletion of lipid components in the pyloric ceca and ovaries of the sea star asterias rubens during its annual reproductive cycle

Sandine W.E., 1983: Storage and display life characteristics of beef as affected by pre rigor pressurization

Lundin L., 1980: Storage and display of information in roentgen films

Compton M.M., 1981: Storage and evacuation of spermatozoa from the utero vaginal sperm host glands in domestic fowl

Skoupy J., 1984: Storage and growth of seedlings of forest species

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485155

Sihag R.C., 1985: Storage and incubation in the management of the alfalfa pollinating bee megachile flavipes

Sobek Z., 1985: Storage and incubation of goose eggs a comparison of 2 breeds

Mcconnell J., 1983: Storage and long term use of human biopsy tissue in histochemical studies

Ganeshan, S., 1985: Storage and longevity of papaya carica papaya cultivar washington pollen i. effect of low temperature and humidity

Ganeshan, S.; Alexander, M. P., 1987: Storage and longevity of papaya carica papaya cultivar washington pollen ii. effect of freeze drying and storage at minus 20 c on pollen fertility

Hall, N. P.; Mccurry, S. D.; Tolbert, N. E., 1981: Storage and maintaining activity of ribulose bis phosphate carboxylase ec oxygenase

Goede E., 1988: Storage and metabolism of exogenous tritiated adrenaline in the rat brain a comparison with the fate of tritiated noradrenaline

Schopf R., 1981: Storage and mobilization of carbohydrates and lipids in the sawfly gilpinia hercyniae

Mcclay D.R., 1988: Storage and mobilization of extracellular matrix proteins during sea urchin development

Pimley R.W., 1979: Storage and mobilization of nutriment for uterine milk synthesis by glossina morsitans

Bonnot G., 1984: Storage and mobilization of tyrosine in a lepidopterous larva assay of tyrosine its glucoside and other amino acids in spodoptera littoralis a lepidopterous noctuid moth

Marx D.B., 1982: Storage and processing quality of beans phaseolus vulgaris harvested at the semi dry stage

Schubert, D.; Klier, F. G., 1977: Storage and release of acetyl choline by a clonal cell line

Birks, R. I.; Fitch, S. J., 1974: Storage and release of acetyl choline in a sympathetic ganglion

Sacchi, O.; Consolo, S.; Peri, G.; Prigioni, I.; Ladinsky, H.; Perri, V., 1978: Storage and release of acetyl choline in the isolated superior cervical ganglion of the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485171

Le Bras Y.M., 1984: Storage and release of catecholamines by nervous endings in the isolated heart of the eel anguilla anguilla

Szerb J.C., 1984: Storage and release of endogenous and labeled alpha amino butyric acid formed from tritium labeled glutamine and carbon 14 labeled glucose in hippocampal slices effect of de polarization

Fillenz M., 1980: Storage and release of noradrenaline in hypothalamic synaptosomes

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485175

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485176

Nosberger J., 1987: Storage and remobilization of carbohydrates in meadow fescue festuca pratensis huds

Salati E., 1985: Storage and remobilization of suspended sediment in the lower amazon river of brazil

Howe M.L., 1985: Storage and retrieval of associative clusters a stages of learning analysis of associative memory traces

Bader C.R., 1980: Storage and retrieval of bibliographic references using a micro processor system

Morgan C.O., 1981: Storage and retrieval of ground water data at the usa geological survey

Vosburgh, K. G., 1977: Storage and retrieval of radiographic images

Cechner, R. L.; Carter, J. R., 1976: Storage and retrieval of standard nomenclature of pathology coded pathologic diagnoses using off site computing and optical character recognizing systems

Kaufmann G., 1983: Storage and retrieval of synthetic trees

Skoff, B.; Chechile, R. A., 1977: Storage and retrieval processes in the serial position effect

Sabol S.L., 1980: Storage and secretion of beta endorphin and related peptides by mouse pituitary tumor cells regulation by gluco corticoids

Holzapfel H., 1984: Storage and stabilization of excess sludge resulting from microbiological treatment of pig slurry

Sekse, L., 1988: Storage and storage potential of sweet cherries prunus avium l. as related to respiration rate

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485189

Wetherall N.T., 1982: Storage and survival of red blood cells with elevated sodium levels

Prober C.G., 1979: Storage and transport of cultures for herpes simplex virus type 2

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485192

Patch J., 1986: Storage and transportation of lymphoid tissue for immunophenotyping

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485194

Gray L.E., 1979: Storage and use of phytophthora megasperma var sojae oo spores as inoculum

Streif J., 1979: Storage behavior and fruit quality of apples after short term treatment with high carbon di oxide concentrations

Yagi M.I., 1980: Storage behavior of baladi mandarins in citrus reticulata the sudan

O'loughlin, J. B., 1978: Storage behavior of cultivars richared and starkrimson delicious apples

Singh B.P., 1980: Storage behavior of different tomato cultivars

Noetzel R., 1985: Storage behavior of dry matter poor pig slurry and its conditioning products

Vakis N.J., 1982: Storage behavior of ettinger fuerte and hass avocados grown on mexican rootstock in cyprus

Meyer M., 1985: Storage behavior of mechanically prepared pig slurry under farming conditions

Roos E.E., 1979: Storage behavior of pelleted tableted and taped lettuce seed

Vij V.K., 1980: Storage behavior of plum prunus salicina cultivar kala amritsari treated with wax emulsion

Bhalekar, M. N.; Kale, P. B.; Kulwal, L. V., 1987: Storage behavior of some onion varieties allium cepa l. as influenced by nitrogen levels and preharvest spray of maleic hydrazide

Rahman F., 1983: Storage behavior of sweet orange citrus sinensis juice concentrate

Martini, 1985: Storage behavior of swietenia macrophylla and agathis loranthifolia seed

Martin K., 1983: Storage cabinet for volatile toxic chemicals

Cohen, E.; Schiffmann-Nadel, M., 1978: Storage capability at different temperatures of lemons grown in israel

Palm G., 1981: Storage capacity of an associative memory with randomly distributed storage elements

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485212

Vanderzant G., 1982: Storage characteristics of brown shrimp penaeus aztecus stored in retail packages containing carbon di oxide enriched atmospheres

Vanderzant C., 1982: Storage characteristics of finfish fillets archosargus probatocephalus packaged in modified gas atmospheres containing carbon di oxide

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485215

Nordin D.M.A., 1980: Storage characteristics of small and large walleye pollock theragra chalcogramma held in ice

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485217

Wu K.F., 1979: Storage conditions and ripening of 2 cultivars of banana

Nazeeb, M.; Broughton, W. J., 1978: Storage conditions and ripening of papaya cultivars bentong and taiping

Guat T., 1979: Storage conditions and ripening of the custard apple annona squamosa

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485221

Razera I.C.J., 1985: Storage conditions and their effect on ambari hemp seeds hibiscus cannabinus

Negi H.C.S., 1983: Storage conditions in delhi state india and their impact on seed quality

Andersson T., 1985: Storage conditions of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri liver cytochrome p 450 and conjugating enzymes

Vallo, V.; Remund, U.; Boller, E. F., 1976: Storage conditions of stockpiled diapausing pupae of rhagoletis cerasi for obtaining high emergence rates

Mennigmann H D., 1979: Storage death at low temperature minus 18 celsius of strains of escherichia coli with different repair capacities

Cloughley J.B., 1981: Storage deterioration in central african tea changes in chemical composition sensory characteristics and price evaluation

Cloughley J.B., 1981: Storage deterioration in central african tea methods of reducing the rate of theaflavin degradation

Cloughley J.B., 1981: Storage deterioration in central african tea the effect of some production variables on theaflavin degradation

Janave M.T., 1979: Storage deterioration in gamma irradiated and unirradiated indian potato solanum tuberosum cultivars under refrigeration and tropical temperatures

Everson H.P., 1988: Storage diseases of carrots in east anglia 1978 1982 and the effects of some preharvest and post harvest factors

Kopeliovitch E., 1980: Storage diseases of rin and nor tomato mutants and their hybrids

Barkai Golan R., 1980: Storage diseases of sweet corn

Bridges, C. D. B., 1975: Storage distribution and utilization of vitamins a in the eyes of adult amphibians and their tadpoles

Ishibashi, K., 1979: Storage drying of beans 2. moisture content measurement for beans

Ephrat, J.; Sinmena, B., 1976: Storage duration and temperature and wheat genotype effect on sedimentation value

Jaynes J.T., 1981: Storage effect on selected characteristics and lipids of defatted soy flours

Holecek G., 1988: Storage effective drainage sed runoff model

Vogel E., 1979: Storage effects and the negative synergism between trenimon and x rays in drosophila

Hunt P.G., 1987: Storage effects on identification of rhizobia in soybean nodules by elisa

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485242

Cunningham F.E., 1985: Storage flavor defects in orangegg

Tsukahara S., 1984: Storage forms and reservoirs of nitrogen used for new shoot development in satsuma mandarin tree

Carpenter J.A., 1982: Storage functional and processing characteristics of pre rigor and post rigor beef pre blends for wiener production

Maheshwari V.K., 1983: Storage fungi of ajwain trachyspermum ammi their effect and control

Seckbach J., 1986: Storage glucan and glucosyltransferase isozymes of cyanidioschyzon merolae a primitive eukaryote

Fredrick J.F., 1979: Storage glucan biosynthesis in cyanidium caldarium chlorella pyrenoidosa and prototheca zopfii evidence for endo symbiosis

Fredrick, J. F., 1978: Storage glucan branching isozymes ec of the thermal alga cyanidium caldarium

Rost, M. C. M.; Rost, F. W. D., 1975: Storage granules of thyroid c cells in the dog a cytochemical and ultrastructural study in relation to the masked metachromasia reaction

Harper M.J.K., 1985: Storage in vivo of tritiated prostaglandins by rabbit blastocysts

Rolz C., 1988: Storage in water of rhizobium phaseoli cells harvested from continuous culture and its effect on biological nitrogen fixation

Irvine R.L., 1980: Storage induced denitrification using sequencing batch reactor operation

Roorda F.A., 1984: Storage insects in imported products mainly of tropical origin

Fielding, J.; Karabus, C.; Brunstrom, G. M., 1968: Storage iron depletion in male blood donors its significance for iron status in women

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485258

Kumar, R.; Arora, B. B.; Singh, U.; Mehrotra, G. C., 1978: Storage iron in acute and chronic infection mechanism of hypo ferremia of infection

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485260

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485261

Fillet, G.; Cook, J. D.; Finch, C. A., 1974: Storage iron kinetics part 7 a biologic model for res iron transport

Giannini D.H., 1985: Storage life of frozen blocks of patagonian hake merluccius hubbsi filleted and minced

Call C.A., 1986: Storage life of illinois bundleflower desmanthus illinoensis and western indigo indigofera miniata var leptosepala seed

Tatini S., 1981: Storage life of pork chops in carbon di oxide containing atmospheres

Tatum, J. D.; Smith, G. C.; Carpenter, Z. L., 1978: Storage life of pre cut reformed vacuum packaged lamb loins

Hiltz, D. F.; North, D. H.; Lall, B. S.; Keith, R. A., 1977: Storage life of re frozen silver hake merluccius bilinearis processed as fillets and minced flesh from thawed stored round frozen fish

Williams E.G., 1986: Storage life of vireya rhododendron seed as affected by temperature and relative humidity

Ittycheriah, P. I.; Gordon, R.; Condon, W. J., 1977: Storage material of the nematode romanomermis culicivorax a mermithid parasite of larval mosquitoes

Dede T.I. , 1983: Storage media for porcine spermatozoa effects of osmotic pressure and ph

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485271

Berjak P., 1982: Storage micro flora on the nature of the host pathogen relationship in fungal infected maize zea mays seeds

Zetterstrom O., 1985: Storage mite allergy is common in a farming population

Scott K.J., 1983: Storage of 2 new cultivars of guava psidium guajava fruit for processing

Zemkina L.I., 1985: Storage of a mixed culture of propionic and acidophilic bacteria in the dried state studied at different temperatures

Willwacher G., 1982: Storage of a temporal pattern sequence in a network

Inoue Y., 1986: Storage of abnormal oxidants sigma 1 sigma 2 and sigma 3 in photosynthetic water oxidases inhibited by chloride removal

Pimenova M.N., 1985: Storage of acetic acid bacteria

Idel'chik M.S., 1982: Storage of acinetobacter in distilled water

Tylkowski T., 1980: Storage of acorns of the english oak quercus robur over 1 5 winters

Genkal, S. I.; Balonov, I. M., 1976: Storage of algal preparations for transmission electron microscopy

Harrison, B. J.; Carpenter, R., 1977: Storage of allium cepa seed at low temperatures

Desmet V.J., 1985: Storage of alpha 1 antitrypsin in intrahepatic bile duct cells in alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency pi z phenotype

Urbaniak J.R., 1983: Storage of amputated parts prior to replantation an experimental study with rabbit ears

Ramaley J.A., 1982: Storage of anterior lobe acth in corticotropes and a sub population of gonadotropes during the stress nonresponsive period in the neo natal male rat

Da-Prada, M.; Pletscher, A.; Tranzer, J. P., 1971: Storage of atp and 5 hydroxy tryptamine in blood platelets of guinea pigs

Lehnhardt, E.; Battmer, R. D.; Becker, D., 1980: Storage of audiometric data online with a small computer

Sedgley M., 1981: Storage of avocado persea americana cultivar fuerte pollen

Samoilenko L.S., 1980: Storage of bacteria destructors of alkyl sulfates

Schicht B., 1985: Storage of bacterial live vaccines

Da-Prada, M.; Von-Berlepsch, K.; Pletscher, A., 1972: Storage of biogenic amines in blood platelets and adrenal medulla lack of evidence for direct involvement of glycosamino glycans

Pletscher A. , 1983: Storage of biogenic amines in guinea pig brain synaptosomes influence of proton gradient and membrane potential

Pletscher A., 1982: Storage of biogenic amines in intact blood platelets of man dependence on a proton gradient

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485296

Levitt M.D., 1988: Storage of breath samples for h 2 analyses

Wellman, A. M.; Stewart, G. G., 1973: Storage of brewing yeasts by liquid nitrogen refrigeration

Grout B.W.W., 1984: Storage of broccoli brassica oleracea var italica pollen in liquid nitrogen

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485300

Seymour G.B., 1981: Storage of capsicums capsicum annuum cultivar bellboy under controlled atmosphere modified atmosphere and hypobaric conditions

Ostrovskii Yu M., 1981: Storage of carbon 14 labeled thiamin in rat liver sub cellular fractions

Thyssen N., 1981: Storage of carbon and transport of oxygen in river macrophytes mass balance and the measurement of primary productivity in rivers

Booth R.H., 1979: Storage of cassava chips manihot esculenta insect infestation and damage

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Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485456

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Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485508

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Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485972

Section 7, Chapter 6486, Accession 006485973

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