Stored polyadenylated rna and loss of vigor in germinating wheat triticum aestivum cultivar hobbit embryos

Bray, C.M.; Smith, C.A.D.

Plant Science 38(2): 71-80


ISSN/ISBN: 0168-9452
Accession: 006485575

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Loss of vigor in wheat seed is associated with lesions affecting the rate of disappearance of stored polyA+ RNA (presumptive mRNA) in the germinating embryo when germination takes place at a sub-optimal temperature. During germination in the presence of .alpha.-amanitin and consequent absence of de novo polyA+ RNA biosynthesis, the wheat embryo can degrade < 70% of the stored polyA+RNA of the quiescent embryo before any significant reduction in the rate of protein biosynthesis in the embryo becomes apparent. In is possible that 2 subpopulations of polyA+ RNA species exist in wheat embryos during early germinations, 1 population being degraded rapidly upon rehydration of the embryo while the other population supports protein biosynthesis in the initial germination stages prior to degradation.