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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6487

Chapter 6487 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hill H.R., 1979: Strain specificity of opsonins for group b streptococci types ii and group b streptococci type iii

Ichihara, S.; Mizushima, S., 1977: Strain specificity of outer membrane proteins in escherichia coli

Schild G.C., 1981: Strain specificity of serum antibody to the hem agglutinin of influenza a h 3n 2 viruses in children following immunization or natural infection

Aslanyan R.R., 1985: Strain streptomyces spheroides m 8 2 a producer of extracellular proteolytic enzymes causing fibrinolytic and thrombolytic action

Asano, T.; Pollard, M., 1978: Strain susceptibility and resistance to 1 2 di methyl hydrazine induced enteric tumors in germ free rats

Svare B., 1982: Strain typical patterns of pregnancy induced nest building in mice maternal and experiential influences

Section 7, Chapter 6487, Accession 006486006

Peeples M.E., 1988: Strain variation and nuclear association of newcastle disease virus matrix protein

Dart, R. K.; Stretton, R. J.; Lee, J. D., 1976: Strain variation in aspergillus niger

Steinman H.M., 1986: Strain variation in bacteriocuprein superoxide dismutase from symbiotic photobacterium leiognathi

Allen, E. M.; Moore, V. L.; Stevens, J. O., 1977: Strain variation in bcg induced chronic pulmonary inflammation in mice part 1 basic model and possible genetic control by non h 2 genes

Huygen, K.; Palfliet, K., 1983: Strain variation in interferon gamma production of bcg sensitized mice challenged with purified protein derivative 1. cba ca mice are low producers in vivo but high producers in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6487, Accession 006486014

Edwards H.M.Jr, 1981: Strain variation in iron 59 absorption during afla toxicosis

Erickson, R. P., 1976: Strain variation in spermatozoal beta glucuronidase in mice

Schwarz R.T., 1987: Strain variation in the circumsporozoite protein gene of plasmodium falciparum

Katz S.I., 1983: Strain variation in the induction of tolerance by epi cutaneous application of tri nitrochloro benzene

Mahon R.J., 1985: Strain variation in zoophthora radicans a pathogen on a variety of insect hosts in australia

Yoshida T., 1985: Strain variation of bcg induced pulmonary granuloma formation is correlated with anergy and the local production of migration inhibition factor and interleukin 1

Bach M A., 1985: Strain variation of lymphokine production and specific antibody secretion in mice infected with mycobacterium lepraemurium

Yogo Y., 1988: Strain variation of r5 direct repeats in the right hand portion of the long unique segment of varicella zoster virus dna

Toms G.L., 1987: Strain variation of respiratory syncytial virus

Long, P. L.; Millard, B. J.; Shirley, M. W., 1977: Strain variation within eimeria meleagrimitis from the turkey

Tung K.S.K., 1987: Strain variations in anti sperm antibody responses and anti fertility effects in inbred mice

Gray I., 1982: Strain variations in cadmium induced suppression of lymphocyte transformation in mice

Adelman, N.; Cohen, S.; Yoshida, T., 1978: Strain variations in murine migration inhibition factor production

Tung K.S.K., 1986: Strain variations in the murine cellular immune response to the phenolic glycolipid i antigen of mycobacterium leprae

Konovalova N.A., 1979: Strain virulence of apple scab causal agent

Timo A., 1986: Strain while skiing and hauling a sledge or carrying a backpack

Rozga R., 1987: Strained conformation and active ion transport in bacteriorhodopsin

Lagerlund, I., 1976: Strained hetero cyclic compounds part 10 introduction of an amide side chain in place of halogen in 7 halo 8 oxo 1 aza bi cyclo 4 2 0 octane

Johansson, N. G.; Akermark, B.; Sjoberg, B., 1976: Strained hetero cyclic compounds part 9 synthesis of 2 hydroxy beta lactams and oxazolidin 4 ones by photo cyclization of 2 oxo amides

Muenkner W., 1982: Straining of gutted and decapitated fish approach to optimum yield

Romanha A.J., 1980: Strains and clones of trypanosoma cruzi can be characterized by pattern of restriction endo nuclease products of kinetoplast dna mini circles

Nelson P., 1987: Strains and micromotions of press fit femoral stem prostheses

Zaitlin M., 1984: Strains and mutants of tobacco mosaic virus are both found in virus derived from single lesion passaged inoculum

Kawakami M., 1986: Strains and species differences in experimental hyperlipidemia

Barth F.G., 1985: Strains in the exoskeleton of spiders

Holmes, B.; Snell, J. J. S.; Lapage, S. P., 1977: Strains of achromobacter xylosoxidans from clinical material

Pleshkova G.N., 1984: Strains of anopheles atroparvus with radiation induced chromosomal rearrangements/

Chapman, L. F.; Hull, C. J., 1974: Strains of bacillus subtilis synthesizing elevated levels of iso leucine valine biosynthetic enzymes

Hiebert E., 1983: Strains of bean yellow mosaic virus compared to clover yellow vein virus in relation to gladiolus gladiolus hortulanus production in florida usa

Jaynes C.C., 1980: Strains of blue grama bouteloua gracilis and sideoats grama bouteloua curtipendula evaluated for the southern great plains usa

Macpherson E.A., 1982: Strains of botrytis cinerea resistant to benomyl and captan in the field

Schueepp, H.; Kueng, M., 1978: Strains of botrytis cinerea tolerant to di carboximide fungicides

Eysker M., 1987: Strains of cattle parasites in the netherlands with different propensities for inhibited development

Section 7, Chapter 6487, Accession 006486050

Miyakawa T., 1987: Strains of citrus tristeza virus in japan

Section 7, Chapter 6487, Accession 006486052

Section 7, Chapter 6487, Accession 006486053

Leuckert, C.; Sudaszewski, U.; Hertel, H., 1975: Strains of dimelaena oreina differing in chemical composition with special reference to conditions in central europe lichenes physciaceae

Et Al, 1986: Strains of ehf virus isolated from the lungs of crocidura russula and anourosorex squamipes

Masters, M., 1975: Strains of escherichia coli di ploid for the chromosomal origin of dna replication

Otsuji, N.; Horiuchi, T.; Nakata, A.; Kawamata, J., 1978: Strains of escherichia coli hyper sensitive to representative carcinostatic and carcinogenic agents

Sikyta B., 1984: Strains of escherichia coli with simultaneous elevated synthesis of 3 catabolic enzymes

Goset R.C., 1988: Strains of exfoliative toxin producer staphylococci

Lechevalier, H.; Lechevalier, M. P.; Handley, D. A.; Ghosh, B. K.; Carmichael, J. W., 1977: Strains of fusidium which can be mistaken for actinomycetes

Campbell, C. H.; Easterday, B. C.; Webster, R. G., 1977: Strains of hong kong influenza virus in calves

Section 7, Chapter 6487, Accession 006486063

Johnson, R. B.; Marquardt, W. W., 1976: Strains of infectious bronchitis virus on the delmarva peninsula and in arkansas usa

Sastry K.S., 1981: Strains of leaf curl virus of tomato lycopersicon esculentum in india

Mocca L.F., 1982: Strains of neisseria meningitidis isolated from patients and their close contacts

Perkins, D. D.; Turner, B. C.; Barry, E. G., 1976: Strains of neurospora collected from nature

Cunningham, J. C., 1970: Strains of nuclear polyhedrosis viruses of displaying different inclusion body shapes

Chadwick J.M., 1985: Strains of protoplasts of entomophthora egressa in spruce budworm choristoneura fumiferana larvae

Nydegger U., 1982: Strains of pseudomonas solanacearum affecting solanaceae in the americas

Luig, N. H.; Watson, I. A., 1976: Strains of puccinia graminis virulent on wheat plants carrying gene sr 27 derived from imperial rye

Schmidt H., 1987: Strains of schizosaccharomyces pombe with a disrupted swi 1 gene still show some mating type switching

Goodman R.M., 1979: Strains of soybean mosaic virus classification based on virulence in resistant soybean cultivars

Almeida A.M.R., 1981: Strains of soybean mosaic virus identified in parana state brazil

Farrow, J. A. E.; Garvie, E. I., 1978: Strains of streptococcus lactis which contain beta galactosidase ec

Hay D.I., 1986: Strains of streptococcus mutans and streptococcus sobrinus attach to different pellicle receptors

Smith, S. M.; Hubbes, M., 1986: Strains of the egg parasitoid trichogramma minutum i. biochemical and biological characterization

Smith, S. M.; Hubbes, M., 1986: Strains of the egg parasitoid trichogramma minutum ii. utilization for release against the spruce budworm choristoneura fumiferana

Marfin S.V., 1979: Strains of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae for studying induced mutagenesis and recombination

Tu J.C., 1986: Strains of tobacco ringspot virus isolated from soybean glycine max in southwestern ontario canada

Sakuma T., 1984: Strains of varicella zoster virus resistant to 1 beta d arabinofuranosyl e 5 2 bromovinyl uracil

Pitrat M., 1984: Strains of zucchini yellow mosaic virus in muskmelon cucumis melo

Parker J., 1986: Strains overproducing transfer rna for histidine

Section 7, Chapter 6487, Accession 006486084

Grieco P.A., 1979: Stramonin b

Craig, E. A.; Sayavedra, M.; Raskas, H. J., 1977: Strand assignment of poly adenylated nuclear rna synthesized early in infection with adenovirus 2

Jernstrom B., 1983: Strand break formation in dna modified by benzo a pyrenediol epoxide quantitative cleavage by escherichia coli uvr abc endo nuclease

Konings A.W.T., 1985: Strand break repair dna polymerase activity and heat radiosensitization in the thermotolerant cells

Costa M., 1982: Strand breakage and decreased molecular weight of dna induced by specific metal compounds

Champoux, J. J., 1977: Strand breakage by the dna untwisting enzyme results in covalent attachment of the enzyme to dna

Rahman Q., 1988: Strand breakage in dna by silicic acid

Krasin, F.; Hutchinson, F., 1978: Strand breaks and alkali labile bonds induced by uv light in dna with 5 bromo uracil in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6487, Accession 006486093

Ward, J. F.; Kuo, I., 1976: Strand breaks base release and post irradiation changes in dna gamma irradiated in dilute oxygen saturated aqueous solution

Okada, S.; Mochizuki, N.; Tamemasa, O., 1978: Strand breaks in dna ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells induced by some amino quinone compounds

Erickson, L. C.; Bradley, M. O.; Kohn, K. W., 1977: Strand breaks in dna from normal and transformed human cells treated with 1 3 bis 2 chloroethyl 1 nitroso urea

Miyaki, M.; Yatagai, K.; Ono, T., 1977: Strand breaks of mammalian mitochondrial dna induced by carcinogens

Seeberg E., 1981: Strand cleavage at psoralen adducts and pyrimidine dimers in dna caused by interaction between semi purified uvr plus gene products from escherichia coli

Masamune, Y.; Richardson, C. C., 1971: Strand displacement during dna synthesis at single strand breaks

Tanaka T., 1984: Strand dissociation and cooperative melting of double stranded dna detected by denaturant gradient gel electrophoresis

Weisberg R.A., 1979: Strand exchange in site specific recombination

Section 7, Chapter 6487, Accession 006486102

Stowell L.J., 1986: Strand ontogeny in phymatotrichum omnivorum

Lindstrom, D. M.; Dulbecco, R., 1972: Strand orientation of sv 40 transcription in productively infected cells

Braeunig P., 1982: Strand receptors with central cell bodies in the proximal leg joints of orthopterous insects

Section 7, Chapter 6487, Accession 006486107

Section 7, Chapter 6487, Accession 006486108

Montgomery R., 1979: Strand scission of dna in kb cells by macromomycin

Beerman T.A., 1979: Strand scission of super helical and linear duplex dna by the anti tumor protein macromomycin relationship of in vitro dna damage to cell growth inhibition

Roeschenthaler R., 1987: Strand scissions of dna by patulin in the presence of reducing agents and cupric ions

Wilson, G. N.; Steggles, A. W.; Nienhuis, A. W., 1975: Strand selective transcription of globin genes in rabbit erythroid cells and chromatin

Lazurkin Yu S., 1980: Strand separation and its effect on melting of fragmented dna

Bradshaw R.A., 1984: Strand separation of dna fragments and their isolation from nondenaturing poly acrylamide gels

Manning J., 1979: Strand specific attachment of avidin spheres to double stranded poliovirus rna

Chattoraj, D. K., 1978: Strand specific break near the origin of bacterio phage p 2 dna replication

Eckstein F., 1988: Strand specific cleavage of phosphorothioate containing dna by reaction with restriction endonucleases in the presence of ethidium bromide

Veomett, G. E.; Kuempel, P. L., 1973: Strand specific dna degradation in a mutant of escherichia coli

Morris, C. F.; Hershberger, C. L.; Rownd, R., 1973: Strand specific nick in open circular r factor dna attachment of the linear strand to a proteinaceous cellular component

Blair, D. G.; Clewell, D. B.; Sheratt, D. J.; Helinski, D. R., 1971: Strand specific super coiled dna protein relaxation complexes comparison of the complexes of bacterial plasmids cole 1 and cole 2

Flavell, A. J.; Kamen, R., 1977: Strand specific transcription of polyoma virus dna late during productive infection

Endo H., 1985: Strand specific transcription of satellite dna i in rat ascites hepatoma cells

Ihler, G.; Rupp, W. D., 1969: Strand specific transfer of donor dna during conjugation in escherichia coli

Yot P., 1985: Strand specific viral dna synthesis in purified viroplasms isolated from turnip leaves infected with cauliflower mosaic virus

Hawke, S. P., 1978: Stranded redds of quinnat salmon in the mathias river south island new zealand

Hails, J. R.; Gostin, V. A., 1978: Stranded shingle beach ridges upper spencer gulf southern australia evidence for high wave energy dissipation during the late pleistocene

Romero, G. C.; Harvey, G. R.; Atwood, D. K., 1981: Stranded tar on florida usa beaches sept. 1979 oct. 1980

Nakanishi H., 1987: Stranded tropical seeds and fruits on the coast of the japanese mainland

East, J. L.; Knesek, J. E.; Allen, P. T.; Dmochowski, L., 1973: Strandedness and complementarity of dna from long term rna dependent dna polymerase reactions of soehner dmochowski murine sarcoma virus

Leung, W. C.; Ghosh, H. P.; Rawls, W. E., 1977: Strandedness of pichinde virus rna

Section 7, Chapter 6487, Accession 006486132

Yamamoto, Y.; Hiruta, H., 1978: Stranding of a black right whale at kumomi southwestern coast of izu peninsula japan

Section 7, Chapter 6487, Accession 006486134

Delhon, G. A.; Crespo, E. A.; Pagnoni, G., 1987: Stranding of a specimen of gray's beaked whale at puerto piramides chubut argentina and its gonadal appraisal

Rancurel, P., 1975: Stranding of fur seals in the south of new caledonia

Macdonald J., 1986: Strandings of sperm whales physeter catodon in ungava bay northern quebec canada

Pokes K., 1980: Strandquists graphs and the new mathematical formula for cumulative biological effect

Zacharda M., 1979: Strandtmanniidae a new family of eupodoidea acarina prostigmata

Giesbert E.F., 1986: Strangalia hamatipes new species coleoptera cerambycidae from western mexico

Sklenar V., 1981: Strange double helix of poly deoxy adenylic acid deoxy thymidylic acid in high salt solution

Elster A.B., 1987: Strange situation behavior of infants with adolescent mothers

Krahenbuhl U., 1986: Strangelove ocean before the cambrian explosion

Wilson P.R., 1988: Stranger child murder issues relating to causes and controls

Gaensbauer, T. J.; Emde, R. N.; Campos, J. J., 1976: Stranger distress confirmation of a developmental shift in a longitudinal sample

Section 7, Chapter 6487, Accession 006486147

Lamb M.E., 1982: Stranger sociability and its relationships to temperament and social experience during the 2nd year

Brinkmann B., 1985: Strangling murder or suicide?

Etawo S.U., 1988: Strangulated external abdominal wall hernia experience with 53 cases in port harcourt nigeria

Section 7, Chapter 6487, Accession 006486151

Mosavy, S. H.; Amiri, I., 1977: Strangulated obturator hernia

Swift R.I., 1986: Strangulated obturator hernia delayed diagnosis is still the rule

Bullock K.N., 1983: Strangulated prolapse of female urethra

Braf Z., 1985: Strangulated prolapse of the urethra in the elderly female

Kirby R.M., 1987: Strangulated spigelian hernia

Pauletto M.S., 1984: Strangulated spigelian hernia

Sams A.E., 1987: Strangulated umbilical hernias in horses 13 cases 1974 1985

Apthorp J.S., 1987: Strangulation in child abuse ct diagnosis

Simms R.J., 1980: Strangulation in childhood epidemiology and clinical course

Mason, T. A., 1978: Strangulation of the rectum of a horse by the pedicle of a mesenteric lipoma

Heifetz S.A., 1984: Strangulation of the umbilical cord by amniotic bands report of 6 cases and literature review

Somerton G.D., 1981: Strap a user oriented computer analysis system for groundfish research trawl survey data

Turner P.L., 1987: Strapping of curly toes in children

Moore J.F., 1988: Strategene object oriented programming in molecular biology

Barker D.J., 1981: Strategic anti helminthic treatment of young cattle during summer in a mediterranean type climatic environment

Townsend, C. R., 1975: Strategic aspects of time allocation in the ecology of a fresh water pulmonate snail

Ashman A.F., 1982: Strategic behavior and linguistic functions of institutionalized moderately retarded persons

Bitran M., 1984: Strategic concentrate supplementation and milk production

Norris D., 1987: Strategic control of sentence context effects in a naming task

Myers G.H., 1986: Strategic deworming for spring calving beef cow calf herds

Ohba S., 1982: Strategic differences in thermal adaptation between 2 drosophila species drosophila virilis and drosophila immigrans

Rennels G., 1984: Strategic explanations for a diagnostic consultation system

Dannenbring G.L., 1983: Strategic factors in a lexical decision task evidence for automatic and attention driven processes

Mellalieu P.J., 1987: Strategic orientation in a biological science laboratory

Goldsmith S., 1983: Strategic psycho therapy in psychiatric consultations

Lazarus-Mainka, G.; Hoermann, H., 1978: Strategic selection meta control of hemisphere dominance in normal human subjects

Sansone C., 1988: Strategic self attribution and type a behavior

Rao G.S.R.S., 1983: Strategic synthesis based on cyclo hexadienes preparation of 2 substituted 2 3 substituted and 2 4 substituted cyclo hexenones synthesis of z heneicosa 6 en 11 one

Jones B.G., 1983: Strategic treatment of pastured beef cattle with acaricides effect on populations of the lone star tick amblyomma americanum acari ixodidae

Teitzel J.K., 1981: Strategic use of nitrogen fertilizers on pasture grasses in the humid tropics of queensland australia

Thomason H., 1988: Strategical invariance in lexical access the reappearance of the pseudohomophone effect

Cabanac M., 1985: Strategies adopted by juvenile lizards tupinambis teguixin foraging in a cold environment

Shortle D., 1985: Strategies and applications of in vitro mutagenesis

Marchisin, A.; Anderson, J. D., 1978: Strategies employed by frogs and toads amphibia anura to avoid predation by snakes reptilia serpentes

Baldwin J., 1985: Strategies for agricultural development in the fayoum area egypt

Tidwell, R. R.; Webster, W. P.; Shaver, S. R.; Geratz, J. D., 1980: Strategies for anti coagulation with synthetic protease inhibitors xa inhibitors vs. thrombin inhibitors

Schneider S.J., 1979: Strategies for attention allocation in multiple input multiple response tasks

Digat B., 1988: Strategies for bacterization with rhizobacteria

Finke R.A., 1984: Strategies for being random

Arca M., 1984: Strategies for categorizing change in scientific research and in childrens thought

Fong W.G., 1987: Strategies for chemical control of snap bean rust in florida usa and their compatibility with canadian residue tolerances

Malas, D.; Wallace, J. B., 1977: Strategies for coexistence in 3 species of net spinning caddis flies trichoptera in 2nd order southern appalachian usa streams

Harris E.J., 1983: Strategies for colonization and maintenance of the mediterranean fruit fly ceratitis capitata

Kable P.F., 1987: Strategies for combating fungicide resistance avoidance of curative and eradicative applications

Paddock G.V., 1982: Strategies for constructing complementary dna for cloning

Section 7, Chapter 6487, Accession 006486198

Trechter D.D., 1982: Strategies for coping with food consumption shortage in the mandara mountains region of north cameroon

Wiemann, H.; Lang, R., 1978: Strategies for detecting heritable translocations in male mice by fertility testing/

Lucotte G., 1986: Strategies for detecting restriction polymorphisms of y chromosome sequences

Neurath, A. R.; Strick, N., 1983: Strategies for detection of transfusion transmitted viruses eluding identification by conventional serologic tests 1. radio immunoassay for picogram quantities of dna

Neurath, A. R.; Strick, N.; Miller, K.; Waldman, A. A., 1984: Strategies for detection of transfusion transmitted viruses eluding identification by conventional serologic tests 2. detection of host dna in human plasmas with elevated alanine amino transferase

Section 7, Chapter 6487, Accession 006486204

Friedland G., 1979: Strategies for diagnosing vaginitis

Mizrahi T., 1986: Strategies for enhancing collaboration between social workers and physicians

Schoofs P.G., 1987: Strategies for epitope analysis using peptide synthesis

Matthews J.R., 1984: Strategies for evaluating field placement programs

Durham J.I., 1983: Strategies for extracting purifying and assaying auxins from plant tissues

Loskutoff N., 1986: Strategies for gene transfer in cattle

Lubinski R.B., 1981: Strategies for improving productive thinking in the language impaired adult

Welch M.J., 1986: Strategies for in vivo measurement of receptor binding using positron emission tomography

Debusk R.F., 1988: Strategies for increasing early adherence to and long term maintenance of home based exercise training in healthy middle aged men and women

Christophe C., 1979: Strategies for index selection from several populations

Johnson M.P., 1986: Strategies for linking individual psychology and social structure interdisciplinary and cross disciplinary social psychology

De Clive Lowe S., 1985: Strategies for living teaching psychological self help as adult education

Marballi D.A., 1986: Strategies for massive program of development of waste lands

Carrabbia D., 1987: Strategies for mitigating induced hostility a pilot study on experimental analogues of clinical processes

Ott J., 1984: Strategies for multi locus linkage analysis in humans

Seewald C., 1982: Strategies for penicillin fermentation in tower loop reactors

Section 7, Chapter 6487, Accession 006486222

Yaguchi S., 1985: Strategies for preventing mechanical transmission of hop stunt viroid chemical and heat inactivation on contaminated tools

Stenson J.A.E., 1985: Strategies for prey selection and anti predator defense in lake ecosystems

Fiechter A., 1985: Strategies for production of high ligninase activities by phanerochaete chrysosporium

Doss C., 1984: Strategies for production of monoclonal anti idiotype antibodies against human b cell lymphomas

Hays, S. E., 1978: Strategies for psycho endocrine studies of puberty

Lapointe B.E., 1985: Strategies for pulsed nutrient supply to gracilaria cultures in the florida keys usa interactions between concentration and frequency of nutrient pulses

Lueger R.J., 1980: Strategies for rating emotion used by adolescents who show conduct problems

Juchems R., 1987: Strategies for resuscitation during the preclinical treatment phase by laymen

Miller R.E., 1984: Strategies for searching medical natural language text distribution of words in the anatomic diagnoses of 7000 autopsy subjects

Cincotta L., 1987: Strategies for selective cancer photochemotherapy antibody targeted and selective carcinoma cell photolysis

Booth T., 1979: Strategies for study of fungi in marine and marine influenced ecosystems

Botstein D., 1986: Strategies for studying heterogeneous traits in humans by using a linkage map of restriction fragment length polymorphisms

Templeton M.E., 1981: Strategies for the control of activated sludge plants treating industrial waste waters

Taylor H.R., 1987: Strategies for the control of trachoma

Johnson G., 1987: Strategies for the cultivation of european oysters ostrea edulis in the maritime provinces of canada preliminary analyses

Mutter, M.; Altmann, K. H.; Tuchscherer, G.; Vuilleumier, S., 1988: Strategies for the de novo design of proteins

Lucotte G., 1985: Strategies for the detection of dna polymorphisms in human populations

Bordes E.S., 1987: Strategies for the emergency control of arboviral epidemics in new orleans louisiana usa

Needleman P., 1988: Strategies for the in vivo inhibition of endogenous atriopeptin

Balzarini, J.; De-Clercq, E., 1984: Strategies for the measurement of the inhibitory effects of thymidine analogs on the activity of thymidylate synthase ec in intact murine leukemia l 1210 cells

Mintz P.D., 1983: Strategies for the prevention of post transfusion hepatitis

Retrowsky Y., 1985: Strategies for the protection of water intake sources in the paris france region

Sachs M.B., 1987: Strategies for the representation of a tone in background noise in the temporal aspects of the discharge patterns of auditory nerve fibers

Meredith C.P., 1985: Strategies for the selection and characterization of aluminum resistant variants from cell cultures of nicotiana plumbaginifolia

Bundle D.R., 1985: Strategies for the synthesis of branched oligosaccharides of the shigella flexneri 5a 5b and variant x serogroups employing a multifunctional rhamnose precursor

Lair N., 1983: Strategies for the use of resources in a meso oligotrophic lake vertical migrations

Schultheiss T.E., 1985: Strategies for treating possible tumor extension some theoretical considerations

Section 7, Chapter 6487, Accession 006486251

Wang, L. C. H.; Hudson, J. W., 1978: Strategies in cold natural torpidity and thermogenesis symposium jasper park lodge alberta canada october 3 8 1977

Iaccino J., 1982: Strategies in cross modality matching

Hilger H.H., 1981: Strategies in fruit anatomy of 2 anemochorous genera of boraginaceae mattiastrum paracaryum

Fischer K., 1988: Strategies in hazardous waste minimization used outside the usa

De Lisi R., 1981: Strategies in imagining spatio geometrical transformations by children

Bauer G., 1985: Strategies in parasitoid associations utilizing the same developmental stages of 2 rose tortricids

Myers, F. L.; Myers, R. W.; Abramoski, M., 1981: Strategies in processing new vs. old information by children

Williamson J., 1984: Strategies in the color word stroop task

Section 7, Chapter 6487, Accession 006486261

Section 7, Chapter 6487, Accession 006486262

Anderson, B. D.; Conradi, R. A.; Spilman, C. H.; Forbes, A. D., 1985: Strategies in the design of solution stable water soluble prodrugs 3. influence of the pro moiety on the bioconversion of 21 esters of corticosteroids

Walker N., 1982: Strategies in the recall of clusterable lists

Eaton, K. E.; Siegel, M. H., 1976: Strategies of absolute pitch possessors in the learning of an unfamiliar scale

Baztan J., 1987: Strategies of adaptation of plants to uv radiation

Stevens D., 1982: Strategies of controlling hazards at work

Heeschen C., 1980: Strategies of decoding actor object relations by aphasic patients

Grieshop J.I., 1984: Strategies of education enforcement and engineering to improve pesticide management and safety

Harcourt, A. H., 1978: Strategies of emigration and transfer by primates with particular reference to gorillas

Brown, H. V.; Wasserman, K.; Whipp, B. J., 1977: Strategies of exercise testing in chronic lung disease

Thiollay J M., 1980: Strategies of exploitation by birds of prey in a neotropical herbaceous ecosystem

Butet A., 1986: Strategies of food resources utilization and trophic selection of a polyphagous rodent apodemus sylvaticus the energetic study

Storey K.B., 1987: Strategies of freeze avoidance in larvae of the goldenrod gall moth epiblema scudderiana winter profiles of a natural population

Callaghan, T. V.; Collins, N. J., 1976: Strategies of growth and population dynamics of tundra plants part 1 introduction

Morse B.S., 1986: Strategies of hemopoietic stress adaptation within the medullary cavity

Bovet J., 1984: Strategies of homing behavior in the red squirrel tamiasciurus hudsonicus

Boyd R., 1986: Strategies of indian burning in the willamette valley washington usa

Fischhoff B., 1982: Strategies of information search in causal analysis

Bernhardt H., 1987: Strategies of lake sanitation

Woodruff, R. A. Jr ; Reich, T.; Croughan, J. L., 1977: Strategies of patient management in the presence of diagnostic uncertainty

Hoepffner N., 1984: Strategies of photosynthetic adaptation in diatoms from the antarctic ocean variations in number and size of photosynthetic units

Kushner D.J., 1980: Strategies of response to copper cadmium and lead by a blue green and a green algae

Arkkelin D.L., 1980: Strategies of rule discovery in an inference task

Gonyou H.W., 1987: Strategies of teat seeking behavior in neonatal pigs

Bauer, R.; Modarressi, T., 1977: Strategies of therapeutic contact working with children with severe object relationship disturbance

Heinrich B., 1984: Strategies of thermo regulation and foraging in 2 vespid wasps dolichovespula maculata and vespula vulgaris

Kratochwil A., 1980: Strategies procedures and results of mapping biotopes in baden wuerttemberg germany

Macpherson, J. M., 1988: Strategies that simplify the control of quadrupedal stance i. forces at the ground

Macpherson, J. M., 1988: Strategies that simplify the control of quadrupedal stance ii. electromyographic activity

Magee W.E., 1987: Strategies to extend longevity of hybridomas in culture and promote yield of monoclonal antibodies

Kleber H.D., 1984: Strategies to improve compliance with narcotic antagonists

Sbarbaro J.A., 1985: Strategies to improve compliance with therapy

Ignoffo, C. M., 1978: Strategies to increase the use of entomo pathogens

Margolin B.H., 1985: Strategies to reduce the cost of mutagenicity screening with the salmonella assay

Yama, H., 1986: Strategies used in three term series problem solving

Chalumeau F., 1980: Strategus syphax a description of the 3rd instar larva and pupa coleoptera scarabaeidae dynastinae

Endrodi, S., 1977: Strategus waldenfelsi new species coleoptera dynastinae

Clark H.T., 1986: Strategy and abilities training for prose recall and comprehension in mentally retarded children

Bismark M., 1987: Strategy and feeding behavior of proboscis monkey nasalis larvatus in mangrove forest kutai national park east kalimantan indonesia

Friederici A.D., 1985: Strategy and impairment in sentence understanding by brocas and wernickes aphasics

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