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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6488

Chapter 6488 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hoyt J.A., 1985: Streptococcal enteropathy in infant rats

Zahradnik, F. J., 1977: Streptococcal extracellular nad glyco hydrolase ec optimal temperature and activation by cysteine

Zahradnik, F. J., 1980: Streptococcal extracellular nad nucleosidase ec characterization of changes occurring during purification

Reis, K. J.; Ayoub, E. M.; Boyle, M. D. P., 1984: Streptococcal fc receptors 1. isolation and partial characterization of the receptor from a group c streptococcus

Reis, K. J.; Ayoub, E. M.; Boyle, M. D. P., 1984: Streptococcal fc receptors 2. comparison of the reactivity of a receptor from a group c streptococcus with staphylococcal protein a

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487005

Davie J.M., 1982: Streptococcal group a carbohydrate has properties of both a thymus independent and a thymus dependent antigen

Carraz M., 1986: Streptococcal group a polysaccharide antibodies assayed by an elisa determination of antibodies in rabbit hyperimmune sera normal levels in man and comparison with levels in patients with rheumatic fever and with poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis

Blobel H., 1987: Streptococcal group b type antigen x in group l streptococci

Fleischman, J. B.; Braun, D. G.; Krause, R. M., 1968: Streptococcal group specific antibodies occurrence of a restricted population following secondary immunization rabbit inst electrophoresis

Duncan J.L., 1983: Streptococcal growth and toxin production in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487011

El-Tayeb, S. H. M.; Nasr, E. M. M.; Attallah, A. S., 1978: Streptococcal impetigo and acute glomerulo nephritis in children in cairo egypt

Yang, L. C.; Soprey, P. R.; Wittner, M. K.; Fox, E. N., 1977: Streptococcal induced cell mediated immune destruction of cardiac myo fibers in vitro

Widdowson J.P., 1980: Streptococcal infection in a junior detention center a 5 year study

Freeman, R., 1971: Streptococcal infection in a large general hospital

Ohnishi, K.; Jo, Y., 1981: Streptococcal infection in pond cultured fishes 1. characteristics of a beta hemolytic streptococcus isolated from cultured ayu plecoglossus altivelis and amago oncorhynchus rhodurus var macrostomus in 1977 1978

Pyl'd O.V., 1981: Streptococcal infection incidence among certain population groups of the saaremaa island estonian ssr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487019

Baumgaertner B.G., 1985: Streptococcal infection of udders on dairy cattle unit incidence therapeutic cycles and rate of healing

Kindele, N.; Jezierski, A.; Verhulst, A.; Shukla, R. R., 1978: Streptococcal infections in piglets and prophylactic measures adopted in a pig farm in lubumbashi zaire

Blanco J.D., 1981: Streptococcal infections in pregnancy 48 bacteremias

Bisno, A. L.; Pearce, I. A.; Stollerman, G. H., 1977: Streptococcal infections that fail to cause recurrences of rheumatic fever

Bitseva R., 1981: Streptococcal infectivity indices in rheumatic fever

Gottlieb F.J., 1984: Streptococcal l forms isolated from drosophila paulistorum semispecies cause sterility in male progeny

Scott J.R., 1984: Streptococcal m 6 protein expressed in escherichia coli localization purification and comparison with streptococcal derived m protein

Fischetti V.A., 1981: Streptococcal m protein alpha helical coiled coil structure and arrangement on the cell surface

Fischetti, V. A.; Gotschlich, E. C.; Siviglia, G.; Zabriskie, J. B., 1976: Streptococcal m protein extracted by nonionic detergent part 1 properties of the anti phagocytic and type specific molecules

Fischetti, V. A., 1977: Streptococcal m protein extracted by nonionic detergent part 2 analysis of the antibody response to the multiple antigenic determinants of the m protein molecule

Fischetti, V. A., 1978: Streptococcal m protein extracted by nonionic detergent part 3 correlation between immunological cross reactions and structural similarities with implications for anti phagocytosis/

Scott J.R., 1986: Streptococcal m protein size mutants occur at high frequency within a single strain

Mccormack G., 1982: Streptococcal meningitis after myelography

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487033

Orlandi J.J., 1985: Streptococcal meningitis in swine in the state of santa catarina brazil

Sundstrom W.R., 1985: Streptococcal myositis

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487036

Earle D.P., 1982: Streptococcal neuraminidase and acute glomerulo nephritis

Knoell H., 1987: Streptococcal outbreaks and erythrogenic toxin type a

Facklam R.R., 1987: Streptococcal perianal disease in children

Faich G.A., 1983: Streptococcal pharyngitis and acute rheumatic fever in rhode island usa

Breese, B. B., 1978: Streptococcal pharyngitis and scarlet fever

Paramesh H., 1984: Streptococcal pharyngitis clinical clues in diagnosis

Holmes K.K., 1979: Streptococcal pharyngitis diagnosis by gram stain

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487044

Michels G.N., 1985: Streptococcal pharyngitis placebo controlled double blind evaluation of clinical response to penicillin therapy

Subbukrishnan P.V., 1981: Streptococcal pharyngitis rapid diagnosis by gram stain

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487047

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487048

Wavre D., 1980: Streptococcal pharyngitis tonsillitis in swiss children diagnosis and management

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487050

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487051

Sjogren R.E., 1987: Streptococcal population profiles as indicators of water quality

Claeys H., 1984: Streptococcal preparation ok 432 picibanil induced interferon in human leukocytes purification and characterization

Blomberg J., 1987: Streptococcal protein g a sensitive tool for detection of antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus proteins in western blot analysis

Wideback K., 1987: Streptococcal protein g expressed by streptococci or by escherichia coli has separate binding sites for human albumin and igg

Roth J., 1987: Streptococcal protein g gold complex comparison with staphylococcal protein a gold complex for spot blotting and immunolabeling

Bjoerck L., 1988: Streptococcal protein g has affinity for both fab and fc fragments of human igg

Ludwicka, A.; Ziemba-Zoltowska, B., 1978: Streptococcal protein t induced hyper delayed sensitivity and lymphocyte stimulation

Liu, T. Y.; Nomura, N.; Jonsson, E. K.; Wallace, B. G., 1969: Streptococcal proteinase catalyzed hydrolysis of some ester and amide substrates

Sharma K.B., 1980: Streptococcal pyoderma and acute glomerulo nephritis in children

Schlievert P.M., 1986: Streptococcal pyrogenic exotoxin type a scarlet fever toxin is related to staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin b

Macrina F.L., 1983: Streptococcal r plasmid pip 501 endo nuclease site map resistance determinant location and construction of novel derivatives

Dubielzig, R. R., 1978: Streptococcal septicemia in the neo natal foal

Mcghee J.R., 1987: Streptococcal serotype carbohydrate represents a novel class of type 2 antigen which is t independent

Mccracken G.H.Jr, 1981: Streptococcal submandibular cellulitis in young infants

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487066

Malik G.K., 1981: Streptococcal throat infection in urban school children

Axemo, P.; Freij, L.; Hadgu, P.; Holm, S. E.; Islander, G.; Larsson, A.; Nilsson, L., 1976: Streptococcal types in impetigo and acute glomerulo nephritis among children in addis ababa ethiopia

Stollerman, G. H., 1978: Streptococcal vaccines revisited

Allen J.R., 1982: Streptococcal wound infections caused by a vaginal carrier

Moe D., 1986: Streptococci and activities of sucrases and alpha amylases in supragingival dental plaque and saliva in three caries activity groups

Parker, M. T.; Ball, L. C., 1976: Streptococci and aerococci associated with systemic infection in man

Redaelli G., 1985: Streptococci and staphylococci in bovine mastitis a study on the sensitivity to antibiotics

Maskell R., 1986: Streptococci as urinary pathogens

Mundt, J. O., 1976: Streptococci in dried and frozen foods

Dent, V. E.; Hardie, J. M.; Bowden, G. H., 1978: Streptococci isolated from dental plaque of animals

Russell C., 1983: Streptococci isolated from the bloodstream and gingival crevice of man

Gorgota O.V., 1987: Streptococci of the nasopharynx in healthy people

Mcillmurray M.B., 1984: Streptococci with dual antigen specificity for lancefield groups d and g

Tagg, J. R.; Wannamaker, L. W., 1978: Streptococcin a ff 22 nisin like antibiotic substance produced by a group a streptococcus

Son, K., 1977: Streptococcosis and chemo therapy

Cruz E., 1985: Streptococcosis in a calf

Belyaev D.L., 1984: Streptococcus a induced antibodies reacting with elements of epidermis of basal cell cancer patients

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487084

Neu H.C., 1987: Streptococcus agalactiae group b endocarditis a description of twelve cases and review of the literature

Scuka R., 1985: Streptococcus agalactiae in humans and cows from rural regions in sr slovenia yugoslavia

Pearson, J. K. L.; Greer, D. O.; Pollock, D. A., 1976: Streptococcus agalactiae in the smaller herd its incidence in relationship to somatic cell counts

Ferretti J.J., 1985: Streptococcus and escherichia coli shuttle vector psa 3 and its use in the cloning of streptococcal genes

Bramley A.J., 1979: Streptococcus bovis an approach to its classification and its importance as a cause of bovine mastitis

Knoblauch M., 1988: Streptococcus bovis bacteremia and diseases of the colon

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487091

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487092

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487093

Januzzi J.L., 1981: Streptococcus bovis bacteremia following surgical cure of colonic cancer

Nicholson G.I., 1985: Streptococcus bovis bacteremia requires rigorous exclusion of colonic neoplasia and endocarditis

Levy J., 1979: Streptococcus bovis meningitis in a neo nate

Steigbigel N.H., 1979: Streptococcus bovis septicemia and carcinoma of the colon

Yust I., 1984: Streptococcus bovis subacute bacterial endocarditis as a presenting symptom of occult double carcinoma of the colon

Schleifer K H., 1986: Streptococcus canis new species a species of group g streptococci from animals

Phillips B.A., 1983: Streptococcus cecorum new species isolated from chickens

Klaenhammer T.R., 1985: Streptococcus cremoris m 12r transconjugants carrying the conjugal plasmid ptr 2030 are insensitive to attack by lytic bacteriophages

Beighton D., 1988: Streptococcus downei new species for strains previously described as streptococcus mutans serotype h

Withers M., 1984: Streptococcus durans an unexpected enteropathogen of foals

Avril J.L., 1986: Streptococcus faecalis in vitro activities of quinolones penicillins and aminoglycosides alone or in combinations

Bauer D., 1986: Streptococcus faecalis in vitro susceptibility to antimicrobial drug single and combined with and without defibrinated human blood

Reid T.M.S., 1981: Streptococcus faecalis meningitis a salutary case

Unemoto T., 1980: Streptococcus faecalis mutants defective in regulation of cytoplasmic ph

Yassur Y., 1986: Streptococcus faecalis orbital cellulitis

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487109

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487110

Leblanc D.J., 1985: Streptococcus faecalis r plasmid pjh 1 contains a pam alpha 1 delta 1 like replicon

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487112

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487113

Piasecka Serafin M., 1979: Streptococcus faecium as an etiological agent in the disease of bombyx mori larvae

Coyette J., 1983: Streptococcus faecium atcc 9790 penicillin binding proteins and penicillin sensitivity are heavily influenced by growth conditions proposal for an indirect mechanism of growth inhibition by beta lactams

Mitsuoka T., 1980: Streptococcus faecium derived anti bacterial substance antagonistic to bifidobacteria

Jarosz J., 1983: Streptococcus faecium in the intestine of the greater wax moth galleria mellonella

Wadstrom T., 1984: Streptococcus faecium m 74 in control of diarrhea induced by a human enterotoxigenic escherichia coli strain in an infant rabbit model

Satta G., 1987: Streptococcus faecium mutants that are temperature sensitive for cell growth and show alterations in penicillin binding proteins

Dalton H.P., 1984: Streptococcus faecium outbreak in a neonatal intensive care unit

Mundt, J. O.; Graham, W. F., 1968: Streptococcus faecium var casseliflavus new variety

Sneath P.H.A., 1982: Streptococcus gallinarum new species and streptococcus oralis new species

Kandler O., 1983: Streptococcus garvieae new species and streptococcus plantarum new species

Wajsman C., 1980: Streptococcus group b isolates in a regional hospital area

Kubin, V.; Jelinkova, J.; Franek, J., 1977: Streptococcus group b typing comparison of counter immuno electrophoresis with the precipitin method

Pier, G. B.; Madin, S. H., 1976: Streptococcus iniae new species a beta hemolytic streptococcus isolated from an amazon fresh water dolphin inia geoffrensis

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487127

Whiley R.A., 1984: Streptococcus macacae new species from dental plaque of monkeys macaca fascicularis

Wallis, D. E.; Venezio, F. R.; Montoya, A.; Cook, F. V.; Scanlon, P. J., 1986: Streptococcus mg streptococcus intermedius endocarditis

Terry P.B., 1987: Streptococcus milleri and second trimester abortion

Edwardsson, S.; Mejare, B., 1978: Streptococcus milleri and streptococcus mutans in the mouths of infants before and after tooth eruption

Irving M.H., 1983: Streptococcus milleri and surgical sepsis

Dussek J.E., 1985: Streptococcus milleri as a cause of pleural empyema

Roberts S.O.B., 1980: Streptococcus milleri causing treatable infection in perineal hidr adenitis suppurativa

Christakas G.B., 1985: Streptococcus milleri clinical and laboratory evaluation

Poole, P. M.; Wilson, G., 1977: Streptococcus milleri in the appendix

Gustafson K.B., 1987: Streptococcus milleri streptococcus constellatus and streptococcus intermedius are later synonyms of streptococcus anginosus

Shlaes D.M., 1987: Streptococcus mitis a cause of serious infection in adults

Rapeport, K. B.; Giron, J. A.; Rosner, F., 1986: Streptococcus mitis endocarditis report of 17 cases

Mcchesney, D.; Schuster, G.; Bulkacz, J.; Dirksen, T., 1977: Streptococcus mutans 6715 wild type and nonplaque for forming mutants lipid composition and effects of exogenous fatty acids

Doyle R.J., 1980: Streptococcus mutans adherence presumptive evidence for protein mediated attachment followed by glucan dependent cellular accumulation

Ruby, J. D.; Goldner, M.; Hargreaves, J. A., 1978: Streptococcus mutans an assessment of its physiological potential in relation to dental caries

Gehring F., 1984: Streptococcus mutans and caries prevalence in lisu and karen tribes of northern thailand

Geerlings H., 1985: Streptococcus mutans and caries prevalence in rural thai

Huxley, H. G., 1978: Streptococcus mutans and dental caries in long evans rats with a naturally acquired oral flora

Lekfuangfu S., 1986: Streptococcus mutans and dental caries in urban and rural schoolchildren in thailand

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487147

Fillery E.D., 1985: Streptococcus mutans and lactobacillus detection in the assessment of dental root surface caries risk

Thilander B., 1984: Streptococcus mutans and streptococcus sanguis in plaque from orthodontic bands and brackets

Handler S.F., 1981: Streptococcus mutans approximal plaque index as a new epidemiologic tool for defining the parameters of streptococcus mutans infection in human populations

Manca N., 1984: Streptococcus mutans bacteremia in a patient with endocarditis

Schemmel R., 1979: Streptococcus mutans colony forming units and severity of dental caries in rats fed 3 types of diets with and without lauricidin

Hausen H., 1988: Streptococcus mutans counts obtained by a dip slide method in relation to caries frequency sucrose intake and flow rate of saliva

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487154

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487155

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487156

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487157

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487158

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487159

Renkonen O V., 1983: Streptococcus mutans establishment and dental caries experience in children from 2 to 4 years old

Curtiss R.IIi, 1982: Streptococcus mutans genes that code for extracellular proteins in escherichia coli k 12

Ferretti J.J., 1988: Streptococcus mutans gtf a gene specifies sucrose phosphorylase

Shklair I.L., 1982: Streptococcus mutans in caries free and caries active naval recruits

Svanberg M., 1980: Streptococcus mutans in plaque after mouth rinsing with buffers of varying ph value

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487165

Bratthall D., 1981: Streptococcus mutans in plaque and saliva and the development of caries

Emilson C G., 1987: Streptococcus mutans in plaque from conventional and from non gamma 2 amalgam restorations

Bratthall D., 1984: Streptococcus mutans in saliva intraindividual variations and relation to the number of colonized sites

Stinson M.W., 1985: Streptococcus mutans induced nephritis in rabbits

Coykendall, A. L.; Lizotte, P. A., 1978: Streptococcus mutans isolated identified by biochemical tests and dna base contents

Krasse B., 1982: Streptococcus mutans lactobacilli and dental health in 13 14 year old swedish children

Hager B., 1987: Streptococcus mutans lactobacilli and streptococcus sanguis in plaque from abutment teeth of cemented and of loose retainers

Loesche W.J., 1984: Streptococcus mutans levels and biotypes in egyptian and saudi arabian students during the 1st months of residency in the usa

Beighton D., 1987: Streptococcus mutans levels in saliva and distribution of serotypes among 9 year old icelandic children

Schiott C.R., 1980: Streptococcus mutans like bacteria from human dental plaque in a sri lanka ceylon population

Yamanaka T., 1980: Streptococcus mutans lytic enzyme produced by oral bacteria

Gregory R.L., 1986: Streptococcus mutans ribosomal preparations purification and properties

Quershi, J. V.; Goldner, M.; Le-Riche, W. H.; Hargreaves, J. A., 1977: Streptococcus mutans serotypes in young school children

Youngman P., 1983: Streptococcus plasmid pam alpha 1 is a composite of 2 separable replicons one of which is closely related to bacillus plasmid pbc 16

Barnes, E. M.; Impey, C. S.; Stevens, B. J. H.; Peel, J. L., 1977: Streptococcus pleomorphus new species an anaerobic streptococcus isolated mainly from the ceca of birds

Luotonen J., 1982: Streptococcus pneumoniae and haemophilus influenzae in nasal cultures during acute otitis media

Ban E., 1987: Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteremias in adults

Stanton G.J., 1985: Streptococcus pneumoniae cocultured with fibroblasts enhances both interferon production and cytotoxic activity by lymphocytes

Morenzoni G., 1987: Streptococcus pneumoniae in zurich switzerland 1984 1985 antimicrobial resistance and serotypes of pneumococci

Tai H H., 1986: Streptococcus pneumoniae induced alterations in levels of circulating thromboxane and prostacyclin dissociation from granulocytopenia thrombocytopenia and pulmonary leukostasis

Boyer G., 1987: Streptococcus pneumoniae isolated from genital samples discussion of pathologic role

Modde, H. K., 1978: Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates relatively insensitive to penicillin g recovered from patients in switzerland

Espinosa M., 1987: Streptococcus pneumoniae pol a gene is expressed in escherichia coli and can functionally substitute for the escherichia coli pol a gene

Morelli G., 1983: Streptococcus pneumoniae proteins released into medium upon inhibition of cell wall biosynthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487190

Cascio G., 1985: Streptococcus pneumoniae serotypes in a children hospital of palermo italy

Sinay P., 1986: Streptococcus pneumoniae type xiv polysaccharide synthesis of a repeating branched tetrasaccharide with dioxa type spacer arms

Austin T.W., 1985: Streptococcus pyogenes as a cause of nosocomial infection in a critical care unit

Hryniewicz W., 1987: Streptococcus pyogenes cell wall protein responsible for binding to pharyngeal epithelial cells

Hope Simpson R.E., 1981: Streptococcus pyogenes in the throat a study in a small population 1962 1975

Manna, G. K.; Gupta, S., 1978: Streptococcus pyogenes induced chromosome aberrations and their alterations by penicillin in mice

Aoki, T.; Kvedar, J. P.; Hollis, V. W-Jr ; Bushar, G. S., 1976: Streptococcus pyogenes preparation ok 432 immuno prophylactic and immuno therapeutic effects on the incidence of spontaneous leukemia in akr mice

Phillips E.A., 1984: Streptococcus pyogenes strepto lysin o as a cause of false positive christie atkins munch petersen test reactions

Cleary P.P., 1987: Streptococcus pyogenes type 12 m protein gene regulation by upstream sequences

Sugimoto C., 1983: Streptococcus r streptococcus suis type ii infection in pigs in japan

Garvie, E. I., 1978: Streptococcus raffinolactis a group n streptococcus found in raw milk

Fielding J., 1984: Streptococcus salivarius strains carry either fibrils or fimbriae on the cell surface

Ronstrom, A.; Edwardsson, S.; Attstrom, R., 1977: Streptococcus sanguis and streptococcus salivarius in early plaque formation on plastic films

Baker C.T., 1988: Streptococcus sanguis surface antigens and their interactions with saliva

Kusuda, R.; Komatsu, I.; Kawai, K., 1978: Streptococcus sp isolated from an epizootic of cultured eels

Minami T., 1979: Streptococcus sp pathogenic to cultured yellowtail seriola quinqueradiata isolated from fishes for diets

Robertson I.D., 1987: Streptococcus suis bacteremia

Sanders P., 1985: Streptococcus suis infection in pigs methods of identification and distribution of the serotypes

Bille Hansen V., 1987: Streptococcus suis infections in danish pigs and experimental infection with streptococcus suis serotype 7

Verheijen E.R.M., 1985: Streptococcus suis infections in pigs in the netherlands part i

Schleifer K.H., 1987: Streptococcus suis new species revived name

Cromwijk W.A.J., 1987: Streptococcus suis type 2 in pigs an imported problem

Clifton Hadley F.A., 1984: Streptococcus suis type 2 infection in pigs

Van-Leengoed, L. A. M. G.; Vecht, U.; Verheyen, E. R. M., 1988: Streptococcus suis type 2 infections in pigs in the netherlands part two

Verheyen E.R.M., 1987: Streptococcus suis type 2 infections in pigs in the netherlands part two

Mclendon, B. F.; Bron, A. J.; Mitchell, C. J., 1978: Streptococcus suis type ii group r as a cause of end ophthalmitis

Bramley A.J., 1979: Streptococcus uberis an approach to its classification

Koehler, W.; Cederberg, A., 1976: Streptococcus zooepidemicus group c streptococci as a cause of human infection

Suvorova L.A., 1981: Streptodecase a new soviet long acting thrombolytic drug

Golikov A.P., 1981: Streptodecase in acute myo cardial infarction

Gorenkova M.N., 1986: Streptodecase in the treatment of elderly and senile patients with myocardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487222

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487223

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487224

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487225

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487226

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487227

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487228

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487229

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487230

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487231

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487232

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487233

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487234

Al Agounaim M.Y., 1986: Streptomyces ahmadiensis new species from the soil of kuwait

Fink J.N., 1981: Streptomyces albus a new cause of hyper sensitivity pneumonitis

Wilde L.C., 1980: Streptomyces albus g mutants defective in the sal g i restriction modification system

Chater K.F., 1987: Streptomyces albus g produces an antibiotic complex identical to paulomycins a and b

Imanaka H., 1980: Streptomyces auranticolor new species a new anti coccidial antibiotic producer

Ruby C., 1987: Streptomyces avermitilis mutants defective in methylation of avermectins

Higgens C.E., 1982: Streptomyces capillispiralis new species

Skarbek, J. D.; Brady, L. R., 1978: Streptomyces cavourensis and streptomyces cavourensis ssp washingtonensis new subspecies a chromomycin producing subspecies

Sladkova, I. A.; Klochkova, O. A.; Chinenova, T. A.; Lomovskaya, N. D., 1984: Streptomyces coelicolor a 3 2 actinophages 7. generation of the deletions in the region of phi c 43 insertion sequence

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487244

Mansour F.A., 1979: Streptomyces coeruleovinaceus new species produces a new anti fungal antibiotic vinaceomycin

Cohen S.N., 1985: Streptomyces contain escherichia coli type adenine plus thymidine rich promoters having novel structural features

Tirranen L.S., 1986: Streptomyces cyperinus new species a new actinomycete species

Shinobu, R., 1974: Streptomyces davawensis new species

Perkins, H. R.; Nieto, M.; Frere, J. M.; Leyh-Bouille, M.; Ghuysen, J. M., 1973: Streptomyces dd carboxy peptidases as trans peptidases the specificity for amino compounds acting as carboxyl acceptors

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487250

Johnson K.G., 1984: Streptomyces flavogriseus cellulase evaluation under various hydrolysis conditions

Yan Z., 1986: Streptomyces griseoflavus ssp suzhouensis new subspecies digesting cellulose for producing single cell proteins

Kastrikina T.F., 1980: Streptomyces griseus amino peptidase properties

Toyama S., 1985: Streptomyces griseus beta alanine alpha ketoglutarate aminotransferase a novel omega amino acid transaminase purification crystallization and enzymologic properties

Tan H., 1981: Streptomyces griseus plasmid codes some genes involved in streptomycin biosynthesis

Hasegawa, T.; Yamano, T.; Yoneda, M., 1978: Streptomyces inusitatus new species

Ghuysen J M., 1986: Streptomyces k 15 dd peptidase catalyzed reactions with ester and amide carbonyl donors

Ghuysen J M., 1986: Streptomyces k 15 dd peptidase catalyzed reactions with suicide beta lactam carbonyl donors

Trejo, W. H.; Dean, L. D.; Pluscec, J.; Meyers, E.; Brown, W. E., 1977: Streptomyces laurentii new species producing thiostrepton

Cohen S.N., 1984: Streptomyces lividans rna polymerase recognizes and uses escherichia coli transcriptional signals

Prosser, B. L. T.; Palleroni, N. J., 1976: Streptomyces longwoodensis new species

Iwasa, T.; Kishi, T.; Matsuura, K.; Wakae, O., 1977: Streptomyces novoguineensis new species an amipurimycin producer and anti microbial activity of amipurimycin

Murao S., 1984: Streptomyces pepsin inhibitor insensitive carboxyl proteinase from ganoderma lucidum

Murao S., 1981: Streptomyces pepsin inhibitor insensitive carboxyl proteinase from lentinus edodes

Yao E., 1983: Streptomyces platensis var streptozotoceticus new variety producing streptozotocin

Hussein, A. M.; El-Gammal, A., 1978: Streptomyces prunicinereus new species and streptomyces prunigriseolus new species of the violet pigmented streptomycetes

Pluscec J., 1984: Streptomyces r 61 d d carboxy peptidase hydrolysis of x d alanyl d alanine peptides measured by a fluorometric assay

Vitale, L.; Renko, M.; Lenarcic, B.; Turk, V.; Pokorny, M., 1986: Streptomyces rimosus extracellular proteases 3. isolation and characterization of leucine aminopeptidase

Stepanov V.M., 1984: Streptomyces rutgersensis extracellular acid serine proteinase d

Mori T., 1981: Streptomyces sannanensis new species

Naguib, M. I.; Sadik, M. Y.; Mohamed, Z. K.; Shalaby, A. M., 1987: Streptomyces soybean and rhizobium interactions 3. leaf carbohydrates

Laseter J.L., 1979: Streptomyces sp a source of odorous substances in potable water

Pedroso M., 1987: Streptomyces sp as an inhibitor of pasteurella multocida type a in a pig resistant to experimental pneumonia

Kagitani Y., 1980: Streptomyces spadicogriseus new species producing anthramycin

Al Gounaim Y., 1982: Streptomyces spinoverrucosus new species from the air of kuwait

Yu Q., 1982: Streptomyces spiramyceticus new species producing spiramycin

Shinobu, R.; Kugimiya, M.; Yamazumi, I.; Muto, N., 1978: Streptomyces strain no. 785 producing the primary and secondary soluble pigments

Niida T., 1983: Streptomyces sulfonofaciens new species

Lyons, A. J.; Pridham, T. G., 1971: Streptomyces torulosus new species and unusual knobby spored taxon

Fedorova G.B., 1983: Streptomyces variegatus new species a new actinomycete species producing an antibiotic of the group of alpha hydroxyketo pentaenes

Ensign J.C., 1980: Streptomyces viridochromogenes spore germination initiated by calcium ions

Williams S.T., 1985: Streptomycetes in biodeterioration their relevance detection and identification

Navashin S.M., 1980: Streptomycin 3 phospho transferases from streptomycin resistant cells of escherichia coli strains

Taber H.W., 1986: Streptomycin accumulation by bacillus subtilis requires both a membrane potential and cytochrome aa 3

Karmysheva V.Ya, 1984: Streptomycin an activator of persisting tick borne encephalitis virus

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487286

Gengenbach B.G., 1983: Streptomycin and other inhibitors as selection agents in corn zea mays tissue cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487288

Section 7, Chapter 6488, Accession 006487289

Atkinson, N., 1976: Streptomycin and temperature sensitivity of colicin like activity in salmonella cultures

Luzzatto, L.; Apirion, D.; Schlessinger, D., 1969: Streptomycin anti infect action greater inhibition of escherichia coli ribosome function with exogenous than with endogenous messenger rna phage r 17

Peyru, G.; Novick, R. P., 1968: Streptomycin anti infect suppression of plasmid linked mutations in staphylococcus aureus

Walker, M.; Walker, J. B., 1970: Streptomycin biosynthesis and metabolism enzymatic phosphorylation of di hydro streptobiosamine moieties of di hydro streptomycin phosphate streptidino phosphate and di hydro streptomycin by streptomyces extracts

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