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Structural functional affinity of pituitary gonadotropins in the Russian sturgeon Acipenser guldenstadti Brandt and stellate sturgeon Acipenser stellatus Pallas

Zenkevich, G.A.; Latse, Z.M.; Slanke, V.P.

Voprosy Ichtiologii 21(2): 366-372


ISSN/ISBN: 0042-8752
Accession: 006489362

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Data were presented from a comparative study of chromatographically purified pituitary gonadotropins from the Russian sturgeon A. guldenstadti and the stellate sturgeon A. stellatus. Based on an analysis of circular dichroism spectra for the hormones, a similarity in conformation was detected. By means of a combination of an analogous chemical modification and a study of the properties of modified hormones, a pronounced structural and functional similarity was also found. S.sbd.S bonds, free COOH and NH2 groups, tryptophan residues and splitting of cyanogen bromide are important in the manifestation of immunochemical and hormonal activity of gonadotropins. These data give an indication of the extraordinary affinity of the chemical structure and specific function of gonadotropins from the Russian sturgeon and stellate sturgeon.

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