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Structure and dynamics of the french upper rhone ecosystems 12. an inventory of helminth fish parasites from the upper rhone river france

Van-Maren, M.J.

Bulletin Zoologisch Museum Universiteit van Amsterdam 6(24): 189-200


Accession: 006494101

Eleven species of helminth parasites (5 acanthocephalans, 5 cestodes and 1 trematode) are reported from 16 fish hosts [Salmo trutta, Thymallus thymallus, Barbus barbus, Leuciscus cephalus, L. leuciscus, Alburnoides bipunctatus, Rutilus rutilus, Phoxinus phoxinus, Noemacheilus barbatulus, Ictalurus melas, Anguilla anguilla, Lota lota, Perca fluviatilis, Gymnocephalus cernua, Blennius fluviatilis and Cottus gobio] in the Rhone River, northeast of Lyon. The most common parasite is Pomphorhynchus laevis, which occurs in all fish species examined. Echinorhynchus borealis seems restricted mainly to burbot. Metechinorhynchus truttae is not frequently encountered, but was very numerous in grayling from the river Furans. Acanthocephalus anguillae is found in fish from the lones (backwaters). A. lucii is rarely encountered during the present study. Of Cestoda, Caryophyllaeus laticeps is confined to fish feeding on muddy substrates; Bathybothrium rectangulum is found in barbel; Eubothrium rugosum in burbot. Proteocephalus torulosus is recorded from cace and chub, and Cyathocephalus truncatus from trout and grayling. The trematode Crepidostomum farionis occurs in the latter.

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