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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6496

Chapter 6496 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Partaledis, J.A.; Mason, T.L., 1988:
Structure and regulation of a nuclear gene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae that specifies MRP13, a protein of the small subunit of the mitochondrial ribosome

Fearon, K.; Mason, T.L., 1988:
Structure and regulation of a nuclear gene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae that specifies MRP7, a protein of the large subunit of the mitochondrial ribosome

Zurawski, G.; Gunsalus, R.P.; Brown, K.D.; Yanofsky, C., 1981:
Structure and regulation of aroh the structural gene for the tryptophan repressible 3 deoxy d arabino heptulosonic acid 7 phosphate synthetase ec of escherichia coli

Leibovich B.A., 1983:
Structure and regulation of chorion proteins genes in insects

Colthurst D.R.; Campbell D.G.; Proud C.G., 1987:
Structure and regulation of eukaryotic initiation factor eif 2 sequence of the site in the alpha subunit phosphorylated by the heme controlled repressor and by the double stranded rna activated inhibitor

Johnson, T.R.; Haynes, J.I.; Wealand, J.L.; Yarbrough, L.R.; Hirschberg, R., 1988:
Structure and regulation of genes encoding phycocyanin and allophycocyanin from Anabaena variabilis ATCC 29413

Crawford, I.P.; Wilde, A.; Yelverton, E.M.; Figurski, D.; Hedges, R.W., 1986:
Structure and regulation of the anthranilate synthase genes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa: II. Cloning and expression in Escherichia coli

Selivanov, N.A.; Ven'yaminov, S.Y. ; Golitsina, N.L.; Nikolaeva, L.I.; Mesyanzhinov, V.V., 1987:
Structure and regulation of the assembly of bacteriophage t4 fiber proteins i. isolation and spectral properties of the long fibers

Nikolaeva, L.I.; Manykin, A.A.; Klimenko, S.M.; Prilipov, A.G.; Mesyanzhinov, V.V., 1987:
Structure and regulation of the assembly of the bacteriophage t4 fiber proteins ii. isolation and partial structural characterization of whiskers

Shinagawa, H.; Makino, K.; Amemura, M.; Kimura, S.; Iwasaki, H.; Nakata, A., 1988:
Structure and regulation of the Escherichia coli ruv operon involved in DNA repair and recombination

Bunk, M.J.; Balloun, S.L., 1977:
Structure and relationship of the mammillary core to membrane fibers and initial calcification of the avian egg shell

Van-Der-Land, J.; Norrevang, A., 1977:
Structure and relationships of lamellibrachia annelida vestimentifera

Carpenter, F.M.; Richardson, E.S.Jr, 1976:
Structure and relationships of the upper carboniferous insect eucaenus ovalis protorthoptera eucaenidae

Camphausen, R.T.; Jones, R.L.; Brennan, P.J., 1986:
Structure and relevance of the oligosaccharide hapten of Mycobacterium avium serotype 2

Erickson, R.J.; Copeland, J.C., 1972:
Structure and replication of chromosomes in competent cells of Bacillus subtilis

Rosenwirth, B.; Eggers, H.J., 1978:
Structure and replication of echovirus type 12 part 1 analysis of the poly peptides and rna of echovirus 12 particles

Brady, T.; Clutter, M.E., 1974:
Structure and replication of phaseolus coccineus polytene chromosomes

Chen, P.J.; Kalpana, G.; Goldberg, J.; Mason, W.; Werner, B.; Gerin, J.; Taylor, J., 1986:
Structure and replication of the genome of the hepatitis delta virus

Norris R.E., 1987:
Structure and reproduction in lenormandiopsis nozawae rhodomelaceae rhodophyta

Norris R.E., 1988:
Structure and reproduction of amansia and melanamansia new genus rhodophyta rhodomelaceae on the southeastern african coast

Gargiulo G.M.; F.; Tripodi G., 1986:
Structure and reproduction of halymenia asymmetrica new species rhodophyta from the mediterranean sea

Buchheim M.A.; Hoffman L.R., 1987:
Structure and reproduction of sphaeroplea fragilis new species a new member of the sphaeropleaceae chlorophyceae from california usa

Afonso Carrillo J., 1988:
Structure and reproduction of spongites wildpretii new species corallinaceae rhodophyta from the canary islands spain with observations and comments on spongites absimile new combination

Lee I.K.; Makienko V.F.; Kurogi M., 1979:
Structure and reproductive organs of halosaccion glandiforme rhodophyta

Nelson W.L., 1986:
Structure and research activities of pediatric infection control programs in the usa and canada

Brusca J.S.; Chinnadurai G., 1983:
Structure and reversion of an adenovirus type 2 mutant containing a duplication of the left end of the genome at the right end

Vandenheede, J.R.; Ahmed, A.I.; Feeney, R.E., 1972:
Structure and role of carbohydrate in freezing point depressing glyco proteins from an antarctic fish

Ganea, E.; Ionescu, G., 1977:
Structure and role of glucidic components of immuno globulins

Tukalo M.A.; Vasil'eva I.G.; Kriklivyi I.A.; Matsuka G.Kh, 1987:
Structure and role of isoacceptor leucine transfer rna 3 and rna 4 in casein biosynthesis in the cow mammary gland

Soloninina A.V.; Panchenko E.I.; Bobrova L.M., 1984:
Structure and room sizes of the pharmacies of mental hospitals/

Halpert A.P.; Jenkins F.A.Jr; Franks H., 1987:
Structure and scaling of the lumbar vertebrae in african bovids mammalia artiodactyla

Whitford, W.G., 1978:
Structure and seasonal activity of chihuahua desert new mexico usa ant communities

Joshi P.C.; Khanna S.S., 1982:
Structure and seasonal changes in the testes of a fresh water crab potamon koolooense

Rao S.S.; Sarojini R.; Nagabhushanam R.; Lakshmi K.J., 1987:
Structure and seasonal changes in the testis of a marine shrimp metapenaeus affinis

Pont, D., 1977:
Structure and seasonal changes of populations of copepoda cladocera and ostracoda in the rice fields of the camargue france

Zavitkovski, J., 1981:
Structure and seasonal distribution of litterfall in young plantations of populus cultivar tristis no. 1

Radwan Z.; Lovei G.L., 1983:
Structure and seasonal dynamics of larval pupal and adult coccinellid coleoptera coccinellidae assemblages in 2 types of maize fields in hungary

Allen L.G.; Horn M.H.; Edmands F.A.II.; Usui C.A., 1983:
Structure and seasonal dynamics of the fish assemblage in the cabrillo beach area of los angeles harbor california usa

Broom M.J., 1982:
Structure and seasonality in a malaysian mud flat community

Rosenfeld A., 1979:
Structure and secretion of the carapace in some living ostracods

Marginson R.; Sedgley M.; Douglas T.J.; Knox R.B., 1985:
Structure and secretion of the extrafloral nectaries of australian acacias

Mock W.L.; Shih N Y., 1986:
Structure and selectivity in host guest complexes of cucurbituril

Cue, D.; Beckler, G.S.; Reeve, J.N.; Konisky, J., 1973:
Structure and sequence divergence of 2 archaebacterial genes

Palmer J.D.; Singh G.P.; Pillay D.T.N., 1983:
Structure and sequence evolution of 3 legume chloroplast dna

Green, M.G., 1978:
Structure and sequence in childrens concepts of chance and probability a replication study of piaget and inhelder

Demetriou A.; Efklides A., 1985:
Structure and sequence of formal and postformal thought general patterns and individual differences

Takeya T.; Hanafusa H., 1983:
Structure and sequence of the cellular gene homologous to the rous sarcoma virus src gene and the mechanism for generating the transforming virus

Mann, C.; Davis, R.W., 1986:
Structure and sequence of the centromeric DNA of chromosome 4 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Pirrotta, V.; Manet, E.; Hardon, E.; Bickel, S.E.; Benson, M., 1987:
Structure and sequence of the Drosophila zeste gene

Rao C.D.; Igarashi H.; Chiu I M.; Robbins K.C.; Aaronson S.A., 1986:
Structure and sequence of the human c sis platelet derived growth factor 2 transcriptional unit

Haser R.; Pierrot M.; Frey M.; Payan F.; Astier J.P.; Bruschi M.; L.G.ll J., 1979:
Structure and sequence of the multi heme cytochrome c 3

Barton, P.J.; Robert, B.; Cohen, A.; Garner, I.; Sassoon, D.; Weydert, A.; Buckingham, M.E., 1988:
Structure and sequence of the myosin alkali light chain gene expressed in adult cardiac atria and fetal striated muscle

Plowman J.E.; Loehr T.M.; Goldman S.J.; Sanders Loehr J., 1984:
Structure and siderophore activity of ferric schizokinen

Robb J.; Busch L.V., 1983:
Structure and significance of blocked veins in verticillium dahliae infected chrysanthemum chrysanthemum morifolium cultivar brilliant anne

Melkonian, M., 1978 :
Structure and significance of cruciate flagellar root systems in green algae comparative investigations in species of chlorosarcinopsis chlorosarcinales

Melkonian M., 1981:
Structure and significance of cruciate flagellar root systems in green algae female gametes of bryopsis lyngbyei bryopsidales

Melkonian M., 1979:
Structure and significance of cruciate flagellar root systems in green algae zoo spores of ulva lactuca ulvales chlorophyceae

Roberts, K.R., 1984:
Structure and significance of the cryptomonad flagellar apparatus 1. cryptomonas ovata cryptophyta

Dymina G.D., 1979:
Structure and signs of distinction of vegetative organs in tufted and hillock forming sedges of the amur region russian sfsr ussr

Mikodina E.V.; Makeeva A.P., 1980:
Structure and some characteristics of egg membranes in pelagophilous fresh water fishes

Page, S.G., 1969:
Structure and some contractile properties of fast and slow muscles of the chicken

Sonina R.S.; Kaufman O.Ya, 1984:
Structure and some functional properties of the arterial system of the frog submaxillary muscle as an object for studying working hyperemia

Belyaeva E.V.; Doman N.G.; Ivanova M.A., 1979:
Structure and some properties of ribulose di phosphate carboxylase from corn zea mays and beans vicia faba

Alvarez Asensio M.I.; Puigdefabregas Tomas J., 1985:
Structure and spatial distribution of woody plants in a beech forest in the center of asturias spain

Dzieciolowski R., 1979:
Structure and spatial organization of deer populations

Thompson S.D., 1982:
Structure and species composition of desert heteromyid rodent species assemblages effects of a simple habitat manipulation

Janssen C.; Brandes D., 1984:
Structure and species diversity of outskirts of large towns like brunswick germany

Madhupratap M.; Onbe T., 1986:
Structure and species diversity of the zooplankton community of the inland sea of japan

Serebrov L.I., 1984:
Structure and specifics of the group interaction between fish in capelin mallotus villosus villosus osmeridae schools

Rebello C.; Reddy M.G.R., 1986:
Structure and stability correlation in heteroligand chelates of nickel ii and copper ii in aqueous medium

Lawlor L.R., 1980:
Structure and stability in natural and randomly constructed competitive communities

Sigvardsson S.; Bohman M.; Cloninger C.R., 1987:
Structure and stability of childhood personality prediction of later social adjustment

E.B.hnasawy R.M.; Shourky M.M.; Hussein M.M., 1986:
Structure and stability of complexes of thiohydantoin derivative

Shenoy, B.C.; Rao, A.G.A.; Rao, M.R.R., 1984:
Structure and stability of glucoamylase ii ec from aspergillus niger a circular dichroism study

Whitehead H., 1983:
Structure and stability of humpback whale megaptera novaeangliae groups off newfoundland canada

Polyakova, M.S.; Sazykina, T.G., 1976:
Structure and stability of simulated bio geocenosis of 6 species

Galas D.J.; Chandler M., 1982:
Structure and stability of tn 9 mediated co integrates evidence for 2 pathways of transposition

Hirschel B.J.; Galas D.J.; Berg D.E.; Chandler M., 1982:
Structure and stability of transposon tn 5 mediated co integrates

Cushley, R.J.; Forrest, B.J., 1977:
Structure and stability of vitamin e lecithin and phytanic acid lecithin bi layers studied by carbon 13 and phosphorus 31 nmr

Chaires, J.B.; Norcum, M.T., 1988:
Structure and stability of Z* DNA

Shaltout K.H.; Ayyad M.A., 1988:
Structure and standing crop of egyptian thymelaea hirsuta populations

Delgado G.; Pereda Miranda R.; D.V.var A.R., 1985:
Structure and stereochemistry of 4 deacetoxy 10 epiloguine a new alpha lactone from hyptis oblongifolia labiatae

Eisenbraun E.J.; Browne C.E.; Mcgurk D.J.; Eliel E.L.; Harris D.L.; Irvin Willis R.L., 1980:
Structure and stereochemistry of 4a beta 7 alpha 7a beta nepeta lactone from nepeta mussini and its relationship to the 4a alpha 7 alpha 7a alpha nepeta lactone and 4a alpha 7 alpha 7a beta nepeta lactone from nepeta cataria

Chatterjee T.K.; Basak A.; Barua A.K.; Mukherjee K.; Roy L.N., 1979 :
Structure and stereochemistry of canthic acid a new tri terpene acid sapogenin from canthium dicoccum

W.T.S.; Huang S C.; L.S.T.; W.Y.C.; Mcphail D.R.; Mcphail A.T.; Lee K H., 1988:
Structure and stereochemistry of corytensine a new phthalideisoquinoline alkaloid from corydalis ochotensis

Sagitdinova G.V.; Saidkhodzhaev A.I.; Malikov V.M., 1983:
Structure and stereochemistry of coumarins of ferula lehmannii

Talapatra S.K.; Basu D.; Deb T.; Goswami S.; Talapatra B., 1985:
Structure and stereochemistry of four new 5 6 dihydro 2 pyrones from goniothalamus sesquipedalis and goniothalamus grifithii

Bagirov V.Yu; Sheichenko V.I.; Veselovskaya N.V.; Sklyar Y.E.; Savina A.A.; Kir'yanova I.A., 1980:
Structure and stereochemistry of galbanic acid

Sarma N.S.; Rambabu M.; Anjanetyulu A.S.R.; Rao C.B.S.; Saito I., 1986:
Structure and stereochemistry of herbacin a new furanosesquiterpene from the marine sponge dysidea herbacea

Chiaroni, A.; Riche, C., 1979:
Structure and stereochemistry of indole alkaloids 5. structure of geissospermine

Riche, C., 1980:
Structure and stereochemistry of indole alkaloids 7. structure of capuronine acetate

Chiaroni, A.; Langlois, N.; Riche, C., 1977:
Structure and stereochemistry of indole alkaloids part 2 crystal and molecular structure of 19 epi n a methyl vindolininol

Damak, M.; Riche, C., 1977:
Structure and stereochemistry of indole alkaloids part 3 crystal and molecular structure of borreline

Riche C.; Pascard Billy C., 1979:
Structure and stereochemistry of indole alkaloids part 4 structure of andranginine

Hendrickson R.L.; Cardellina J.H.II, 1986:
Structure and stereochemistry of insecticidal diterpenes from the sea pen ptilosarcus gurneyi

Ravindranath, K.R.; Raghavan, R.; Paknikar, S.K.; Trivedi, G.K.; Bhattacharyya, S.C., 1978:
Structure and stereochemistry of inunolide di hydro inunolide and neo alanto lactone

Kupchan, S.M.; Sigel, C.W.; Matz, M.J.; Gilmore, C.J.; Bryan, R.F., 1976:
Structure and stereochemistry of jatrophone a novel macro cyclic di terpenoid tumor inhibitor

Golovina L.A.; Saidkhodzhaev A.I., 1981:
Structure and stereochemistry of lapidine

Golovina L.A.; Saidkhodzhaev A.I.; Abdullaev N.D.; Malikov V.M.; Yagudaev M.R., 1983:
Structure and stereochemistry of lapiferin

Golovina L.A.; Saidkhodzhaev A.I.; Malikov V.M., 1983:
Structure and stereochemistry of lapiferinin

Mehra, K.; Garg, H.S.; Bhakuni, D.S.; Khanna, N.M., 1976:
Structure and stereochemistry of levo govadine

Hayashi N.; Lee K H.; Hall I.H.; Mcphail A.T.; Huang H C., 1982:
Structure and stereochemistry of levo odorinol an anti leukemic di amide from aglaia odorata

Romo D.V.var A.; Delgado G.; Huerta E., 1985:
Structure and stereochemistry of mexicanin g an intermediate in the biogenesis of helenanolides

Lee, K.H.; Imakura, Y.; Sims, D.; Mcphail, A.T.; Onan, K.D., 1976:
Structure and stereochemistry of microlenin a novel anti tumor dimeric sesqui terpene lactone from helenium microcephalum x ray crystal structure

Gedge D.R.; Pattenden G., 1979:
Structure and stereochemistry of multicolanic acid multicolic acid and multicolosic acid 4 ylidene tetronic acid metabolites from penicillium multicolor syntheses of methyl e o methyl multicolanate

Bauer R.F.X.; Khan I.A.; Lotter H.; Wagner H.; Wray V., 1985:
Structure and stereochemistry of new sesquiterpene esters from echinacea purpurea

Parthasarathy, R.; Ohrt, J.M.; Chheda, G.B., 1976:
Structure and stereochemistry of nucleic acid components and their reaction products part 4 crystal structure of the potassium salt of n purin 6 ylcarbamoyl glycine mono hydrate

Kushmuradov A.Yu; Saidkhodzhaev A.I.; Malikov V.M., 1986:
Structure and stereochemistry of pallinin

Singh S.B.; Thakur R.S., 1982:
Structure and stereochemistry of paristerone a novel phyto ecdysone from the tubers of paris polyphylla

Habib A.M.; H.D.K.; Masuda S.; Mccloud T.; Reddy K.S.; Aboushoer M.; Mckenzie A.; Byrn S.R.; Chang C J.; Cassady J.M., 1987:
Structure and stereochemistry of psorospermin and related cytotoxic dihydrofuranoxanthones from psorospermum febrifugum

Amigo J M.; Debaerdemaeker T.; Seoane E.; Tortajada A.; Picher M T., 1984:
Structure and stereochemistry of stenophyllolide a germacrolide from centaurea aspera var stenophylla

Chilton W.S.; Rinehart K.L.Jr; Chilton M D., 1984:
Structure and stereochemistry of succinamopine

Jain T.C.; Simolike G.C.; Jackman L.M., 1983:
Structure and stereochemistry of toromycin its acid catalyzed rearrangement

De-Vivar, A.R.; Guerrero, C.; Diaz, E.; Ortega, A., 1970:
Structure and stereochemistry of zexbrevin a 3 2h furanone germacranolide

Zapesochnaya G.G., 1982:
Structure and stereochemistry study of flavonoid o rhamnosides using pmr spectroscopy

Farah M.J.; Kosslyn S.M., 1981:
Structure and strategy in image generation

Chand N.; Phakka S.; Agrawal P.; Tiwari S.D.N.; Rohatgi P.K., 1987:
Structure and strength of hibiscus panduraeformis a new natural fiber

Crawford D.; Miller K., 1981:
Structure and structural changes in crocidolite asbestos associated with biological systems

Riesner D.; Henco K.; Rokohl U.; Klotz G.; Kleinschmidt A.K.; Domdey H.; Jank P.; Gross H.J.; Saenger H.L., 1979:
Structure and structure formation of viroids

Combarnous Y., 1988:
Structure and structure function relationships in gonadotropins

Rabotnov, T.A., 1978:
Structure and study method of cenotic populations of perennial herbaceous vegetation

Khmel'nitskii A.F.; Kozak S.A., 1985:
Structure and substance composition of deep water corals in the tropical atlantic

Nakae, T.; Nikaido, H., 1978:
Structure and substance permeation of the external membranes of bacteria

Niell F.X., 1979:
Structure and succession in rocky algal communities of a temperate inter tidal system

Nicholson S.A.; Scott J.T.; Breisch A.R., 1979:
Structure and succession in the tree stratum at lake george new york usa

Judd R.C., 1985:
Structure and surface exposure of protein ii species of neisseria gonorrhoeae js 3

Henderson C.E.; Perham R.N.; Finch J.T., 1979:
Structure and symmetry of bacillus stearothermophilus pyruvate dehydrogenase multi enzyme complex and implications for eukaryote evolution

Wilder, G.J., 1977:
Structure and symmetry of species of the asplundia group cyclanthaceae having sympodial vegetative axes evodianthus funifer and carludovica palmata

Wilder, G.J., 1977:
Structure and symmetry of species of the asplundia group cyclarthaceae having monopodial vegetative axes schultesiophytum chorianthum dicranopygium sp asplundia rigida and thoracocarpus bissectus

Wilder G.J., 1979:
Structure and symmetry of species of the sphaeradenia group cyclanthaceae stelestylis stylaris sphaeradenia woodsonii and ludovia spp

Kamardin N.N., 1986:
Structure and synaptic organization of the osphradium in the mollusk unio pectorum

Mori M.; Uozumi Y.; Ban Y., 1986:
Structure and syntheses of sen 215 and oxotomaymycin

Morris D.S.; Williams D.H.; Norris A.F., 1981:
Structure and synthesis of 25 hydroxy cholecalciferol 26 23 lactone a metabolite of vitamin d

Reisch, G.; Gellert, M.; Szendrei, K.; Reisch, J., 1978:
Structure and synthesis of a beta keto acetal from the pericarp of evodia hupehensis

Schneider, D.; Zulauf, M.; Schaefer, R.; Franklin, R.M., 1978:
Structure and synthesis of a lipid containing bacterio phage part 26 neutron small angel scattering on bacterio phage pm 2

Dellar G.; Djura P.; Sargent M.V., 1981:
Structure and synthesis of a new bromo indole from a marine sponge iotrochota

Strunz, G.M.; Ren, W.Y.; Stillwell, M.A.; Valenta, Z., 1977:
Structure and synthesis of a new cyclo pentenone derivative from trichoderma album

Eldefrawi A.T.; Eldefrawi M.E.; Konno K.; Mansour N.A.; Nakanishi K.; Oltz E.; Usherwood P.N.R., 1988:
Structure and synthesis of a potent glutamate receptor antagonist in wasp venom

Lovett M.; Clayton C.E.; Murphy D.; Rigby P.W.J.; Smith A.E.; Chaudry F., 1982:
Structure and synthesis of a sv 40 super t antigen

Kobayashi S.; Tokumoto T.; Koike T.; IIzuka K.; Irie H.; Uyeo S., 1986:
Structure and synthesis of acid a an oxidation product of lycoramine

Bahar M.H.; Shringarpure J.D.; Kulkarni G.H.; Sabata B.K., 1982:
Structure and synthesis of atalaphylline and related alkaloids

Bohlmann F.; Knauf W.; Misra L.N., 1984:
Structure and synthesis of chlorophenol derivatives from helichrysum spp

Hanada, K.; Tamai, M.; Ohmura, S.; Sawada, J.; Seki, T.; Tanaka, I., 1978:
Structure and synthesis of e 64 a new thiol protease inhibitor

Riess Maurer I.; Wagner H., 1982:
Structure and synthesis of flavonol triosides from rhamnus spp

Schildknecht, H.; Straub, F., 1976:
Structure and synthesis of furomollugin from rhizomes of galium mollugo rubiaceae

Bhattacharyya P.; Sarkar T.; Chakraborty A.; Chowdhury B.K., 1984:
Structure and synthesis of glycozolinol a new carbazole alkaloid from glycosmis pentaphylla

Viswanathan, N.; Sidhaye, A.R., 1976:
Structure and synthesis of haplanthin a new flavanone glycoside from haplanthus tentaculatus

Bates H.A.; Kaushal A.; Deng P N.; Sciaky D., 1984:
Structure and synthesis of histopine a histidine derivative produced by crown gall tumors

Privalsky M.L.; Penhoet E.E., 1981:
Structure and synthesis of influenza virus phospho proteins

Breytenbach J.C.; Rall G.J.H., 1980:
Structure and synthesis of iso flavonoid analogs from neorautanenia amboensis

Roy, D.; Sharma, N.N.; Khanna, R.N., 1977:
Structure and synthesis of iso pongaflavone a new component of the seeds of pongamia glabra/

Talapatra, S.K.; Pal, M.K.; Mallik, A.K.; Talapatra, B., 1983:
Structure and synthesis of levo anabellamide a new phenyl alanine derived ester amide from anaphalis subumbellata occurrence of 4' hydroxydehydro kawain

Chakraborty D.P.; Roy S.; Chakraborty A.; Mandal A.K.; Chowdhury B.K., 1980:
Structure and synthesis of mexolide a new antibiotic dicoumarin from murraya exotica synonym murraya paniculata

Bohlmann F.; Wegner P.; Jakupovic J.; King R.M., 1984:
Structure and synthesis of n acetoxy jasmonoylphenylalaninmethylester from praxelis clematidea

Miyamoto, M.; Kondo, S.; Naganawa, H.; Maeda, K.; Ohno, M., 1977:
Structure and synthesis of neothramycin

Ikushima H.; Takase S.; Kawai Y.; Itoh Y.; Okamoto M.; Tanaka H.; Imanaka H., 1983:
Structure and synthesis of new anti coccidial antibiotics isolated from streptomyces auranticolor

Inatani R.; Nakatani N.; Fuwa H., 1981:
Structure and synthesis of new phenolic amides from piper nigrum

Baker R.; Sims R.J., 1981:
Structure and synthesis of pallescensin e utilizing a modified wadsworth emmons reaction

Ferezou J P.; Quesneau Thierry A.; Barbier M.; Kollmann A.; Bousquet J F., 1980:
Structure and synthesis of phomamide a new piperazine 2 5 dione related to the sirodesmins isolated from the culture medium of phoma lingam

Mcphail A.T.; Pinder A.R., 1984:
Structure and synthesis of physoperuvine x ray crystal and molecular structures of the n benzoyl derivatives of racemic 3 dextro 4 methylamino cyclo heptanone

Roy D.; Khanna R.N., 1979:
Structure and synthesis of pongol a new component from the immature seeds of pongamia glabra

Shiba, T.; Kubota, I.; Kaneko, T., 1970:
Structure and synthesis of putreanine a new amino acid isolated from mammalian brain

Szantay, C.; Szentirmay, E.; Szabo, L.; Tamas, J., 1976:
Structure and synthesis of racemic ankorine

Schneiders G.E.; Stevenson R., 1981:
Structure and synthesis of racemic wuweizisu c

Van-Heerden, F.R.; Brandt, E.V.; Roux, D.G., 1978:
Structure and synthesis of some complex pyrano iso flavonoids from the bark of dalbergia nitidula

Elix, J.A.; Musidlak, H.W.; Sala, T.; Sargent, M.V., 1978:
Structure and synthesis of some lichen xanthones

Schneiders G.E.; Stevenson R., 1982:
Structure and synthesis of the aryl tetralin lignans hypo phyllanthin and nirtetralin

Fex T.; Trofast J.; Wickberg B., 1981:
Structure and synthesis of the methyl ester of 3 4 anhydro shikimic acid isolated from chalara microspora

Letcher R.M.; Wong K M., 1979:
Structure and synthesis of the phenanthrenes ta iv and ta viii from tamus communis

Letcher, R.M.; Wong, K.M., 1978:
Structure and synthesis of the phenanthrenes tai and tav from tamus communis

Shaeffer, J.R., 1973:
Structure and synthesis of the unstable hemo globin sabine alpha 2 beta 2 leucine replaced by proline

Eva A.N., 1980:
Structure and systematic position of fabularia

Esaki, S.; Kamiya, S.; Konishi, F., 1977:
Structure and taste of some analogs of naringin

Kamiya, S.; Konishi, F.; Esaki, S., 1978:
Structure and taste of some di hydro chalcone glycosides

Belitz, H.D., 1973:
Structure and taste of sweet and bitter compounds

Shileiko, A.A., 1977:
Structure and taxonomic affinity of species of the genus siraphorus gastropoda enidae

Pavlinov I.Ya, 1979:
Structure and taxonomic value of acoustic bones in gerbils of the genus meriones rodentia cricetidae

Minshall G.W., 1981:
Structure and temporal variations of the benthic macro invertebrate community inhabiting mink creek idaho usa a third order rocky mountain stream

Kubo I.; Matsumoto A.; Hirotsu K.; Naoki H.; Wood W.F., 1984:
Structure and the absolute configuration of a new diterpene levo 2 s 8 r dihydroxyverrucosane from the liverwort gyrothyra underwoodiana gyrothyraceae

Stishov M.S., 1986:
Structure and the main characteristics of the ornithofauna of wrangel island russian sfsr ussr

Kitahara T.; Takagi Y.; Matsui M., 1980:
Structure and the synthesis of novel constituents of yudzu citrus junos peel oil and their conversion to related mono terpenes

Tall, A.R.; Small, D.M.; Deckelbaum, R.J.; Shipley, G.G., 1977:
Structure and thermodynamic properties of high density lipo protein recombinants

Mattai J.; Witzke N.M.; Bittman R.; Shipley G.G., 1987:
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Structure behavior and evolution of the chromosomes of dichroplus silveiraguidoi

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Structure development and decomposition of trichocysts in cryptomonas and hemiselmis cryptophyceae

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Structure differentiation of chromosomes by reciprocal translocation in capsicum annuum

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Structure directing properties of sodium in the solution ordering of 5' gmp stoichiometry of aggregation binding to ethidium and modes of sodium complexation

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Structure distribution and culture of scytothamnus fasciculatus phaeophyta

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Structure distribution and fluorescent properties of small intensity fluorescent cells in the heart of mature and old rats

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Structure, distribution, and origin of M cells in Peyer's patches of mouse ileum

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Structure distribution and probable functions of end buds and mucous cells in the bucco pharyngeal region of 4 indian fresh water major carp fries

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Structure distribution and taxonomic importance of trichomes in the indian species of malvastrum

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Structure distribution and taxonomic significance of trichomes in some indigofera fabaceae

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Structure diversity and stability of 2 oligochaete communities according to sedimentary inputs in lake geneva switzerland

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Structure dynamics and energetics of deoxy guanosine thymidine wobble base pair formation in the self complementary dodeca nucleotide deoxy cgtgaattcgcg duplex in solution

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Structure dynamics and production of a community of marine psammophilous infusorians

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Structure dynamics and production of mesozooplankton community in the bothnian bay scandinavia related to environmental factors

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Structure dynamics and productivity of a population of nucula nitidosa bivalvia protobranchiata in the german bight

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Structure effect relationships in various ajmaline derivatives substituted in the 4 position

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Structure elements of the process of teleanalysis of atmospheric pollutants

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Structure forming species of the planktonic community and a model of the exponentially broken core

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Structure function analysis of three cyclic amp independent forms of the cyclic amp receptor protein

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Structure function and possible evolutionary significance of the constrictions in the male reproductive system of calpodes ethlius hesperiidae lepidoptera

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Structure function relationship in escherichia coli initiation factors identification of a lysine residue in the ribosomal binding site of initiation factor by site specific chemical modification with pyridoxal phosphate

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Structure function relationship in escherichia coli initiation factors part 1 phosphorylation of initiation factor 3 by coli phage t 7 protein kinase

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Structure function relationship in escherichia coli initiation factors role of tyrosine residues in ribosomal binding and functional activity of initiation factor if 3

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Structure function relationships in tpn dependent iso citrate dehydrogenase part 2 determination of the para magnetic relaxation rates of water protons in complexes of enzyme manganese ii substrates cofactors and inhibitors

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Structure function studies of canine cardiac sarcolemmal membranes 2. structural organization of the sarcolemmal membrane as determined by electron microscopy and lamellar x ray diffraction

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Structure functional correlations of hydrate surroundings

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Structure functional organization of paroxysmal and stable pathological states

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Structure functional properties of pigment protein complexes and migration of the excitation energy in chloroplast photosynthetic membrane

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Structure functional state of mitochondria after freeze thawing of rat kidney cortex slices with cryoprotectants

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Structure gastro intestinal absorption relationship of penicillins

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Structure growth and organic matter content in the vegetation cover of an old spruce picea abies forest in northern finland

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Structure hemolymph titer and regulatory effects of juvenile hormone during ovarian maturation in leucophaea maderae

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Structure herbicidal activity relationship of alpha phenylsulfonylpropanamide

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Structure heterogeneity of citrus limon ribosomal dna

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Structure histochemistry and effect of stress on the epidermis of ophisurus serpens teleostei ophichthidae

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Structure histochemistry and the effect of handling on the mucous cells of the epidermis of the char salvelinus alpinus

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Structure histochemistry ontogenetic development and regeneration of the ocellus of cladonema radiatum cnidaria hydrozoa anthomedusae

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Structure in 7 bumble bee bombus spp communities in eastern finland in relation to resource availability

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Structure in a taxocenosis of lacertidae sauria reptilia of the iberian peninsula

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Structure in auditory word recognition

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Structure in avian growth patterns a multi variate study of passerine development

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Structure in developmental psychology an analysis of journal citations

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Structure in solution of bis cyclo di peptide restricted by cssc gauche effect

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Structure in solution of m 1 rna the catalytic subunit of rnase p from escherichia coli

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Structure in solution of protected homo oligo peptides of l valine l iso leucine and l phenyl alanine an ir absorption study

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Structure in temperate predaceous diving beetle communities coleoptera dytiscidae

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Structure in the copepod community of the north pacific central gyre

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Structure in the polar head region of phospho lipid bi layers a phosphorus 31 proton nuclear overhauser effect study

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Structure in the preclinical stage of duchenne muscular dystrophy

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Structure in the precore region of hepatitis b core gene affecting its expression in escherichia coli

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Structure inhibition relationships of various phenolic compounds towards mitochondrial respiration

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Structure innervation and distribution of sensilla on the wings of a grasshopper

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Structure innervation persistence and effects of juvenile hormone on the prothoracic glands in adult blattella germanica l. dictyoptera blattellidae

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Structure investigations of agonists of the natural neuro transmitter acetyl choline 3. 1 x ray structure analysis of 2 ethoxyethyltrimethyl ammonium chloride

Gieren A.; Kokkinidis M., 1982:
Structure investigations of agonists of the natural neuro transmitter acetyl choline x ray structure analysis of tri methyl 4 oxopentyl ammonium chloride

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Structure investigations of agonists of the natural neurotransmitter acetylcholine iv 1. x ray structure analyses of trimethylpentylammonium chloride and 4 acetoxybutyltrimethylammonium iodide

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Structure investigations of agonists of the natural neurotransmitter acetylcholine v. 1. structure activity correlations for cholinergic stimulants derived from crystal structures of their halides

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Structure investigations of agonists of the natural neurotransmitter acetylcholine vi 1. x ray structure analysis of trimethyl 2 propionyloxyethyl ammonium iodide o propionylcholine iodide

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Structure investigations on products from the reaction of organocopper organolithium and organomagnesium reagents with 2 1h pyrimidinones

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Structure iodination and growth of the axial skeletons of muricea californica and muricea fruticosa coelenterata gorgonacea

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Structure irradiance and gaseous exchanges of a soybean canopy glycine max

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Structure, kinetics and thermodynamics of DNA hairpin fragments in solution

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Structure level and frequency of acute diarrheal diseases in children of preschool age cohort longitudinal study

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Structure, levels and deficiencies regarding the abilities of schizophrenics

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Structure life history and hybridization of atlantic gigartina teedii rhodophyta in culture

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Structure life history and systematics of rhoicosphenia bacillariophyta 1. the vegetative cell of rhoicosphenia curvata

Mann, D.G., 1982:
Structure life history and systematics of rhoicosphenia bacillariophyta 2. auxo spore formation and perizonium structure of rhoicosphenia curvata

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Structure life history and systematics of rhoicosphenia bacillariophyta 4. correlation of size reduction with changes in valve morphology of rhoicosphena genuflexa

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Structure life history and systematics of rhoicosphenia bacillariophyta 5. initial cell and size reduction in rhoicosphenia curvata and a description of the rhoicospheniaceae new family

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Structure linkage and sequence of the 2 genes encoding the delta and gamma subunits of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor

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Structure lubricity evaluation of magnesium stearate

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Structure mapping of 5 prime phosphorus 32 labeled rna with s 1 nuclease

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Structure of a novel calcium and calmodulin dependent cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase inhibitor k 259 2

Yasuzawa T.; Hoshida M.; Shirahata K.; Sano H., 1987:
Structure of a novel calcium and calmodulin dependent cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase inhibitor ks 619 1

Araki, S.; Satake, M., 1985:
Structure of a novel diphosphonoglycosphingolipid isolated from the skin of Aplysia kurodai

Anderson, R.; Hansen, K., 1985:
Structure of a novel phosphoglycolipid from Deinococcus radiodurans

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Structure of a novel sulfated sialo glyco sphingo lipid from bovine gastric mucosa

Kaul R.; Hempel B.; Kiefer G., 1982:
Structure of a novel sulfur containing metabolite of acluracil 1 allyl 3 5 diethyl 6 chloro uracil

Sakurai, A.; Tamura, S.; Yanagishima, N.; Shimoda, C., 1977:
Structure of a peptidyl factor alpha substance ia inducing sexual agglutinability in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Fukui H.; Tanaka M.; Misaki A., 1985:
Structure of a physiologically active polysaccharide produced by bacillus polymyxa s 4

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Structure of a poly adp ribose monomer 2 5 phospho ribosyl 5 amp

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Structure of a poly saccharide from the fruits of dillenia indica

Bose, S.; Srivastava, H.C., 1978:
Structure of a poly saccharide from the seeds of cassia grandis 1. hydrolytic studies

Bose, S.; Srivastava, H.C., 1978:
Structure of a poly saccharide from the seeds of cassia grandis part 1 hydrolytic studies

Varshney, S.C.; Rizvi, S.A.I.; Gupta, P.C., 1976 :
Structure of a poly saccharide from the seeds of cassia tora part 2 partial acidic hydrolysis

Bose, S.; Singh, L., 1979:
Structure of a poly saccharide from the seeds of crotalaria juncea 1. hydrolytic studies

Bose, S.; Singh, L., 1979:
Structure of a poly saccharide from the seeds of crotalaria juncea 2. methylation and per iodate oxidation studies

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Structure of a porcine spleen low molecular weight inhibitor of in vitro colony formation by bone marrow cells

Hall, K.B.; Green, M.R.; Redfield, A.G., 1988:
Structure of a pre messenger rna branch point 3' splice site region

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