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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6497

Chapter 6497 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Yamashita T., 1980: Structure of a precursor of beta methyl gamma octa lactone an aging flavor compound of distilled liquors

Goodman R.H., 1984: Structure of a precursor to human pancreatic polypeptide

Ming X., 1985: Structure of a precursor to the yeast mitochondrial formylatable methionyl transfer rna implications for the function of the transfer rna synthesis locus

Christensen S.B., 1986: Structure of a pro 1 4 dimethylazulene guaianolide from thapsia garganica l

Oakley, J. L.; Coleman, J. E., 1977: Structure of a promoter for phage t 7 rna polymerase

Garrett R.A., 1984: Structure of a protein l 23 rna complex located at the a site domain of the ribosomal peptidyl transferase center

Kim S H., 1987: Structure of a psoralen cross linked dna in solution by nmr

Kim S H., 1982: Structure of a psoralen thymine mono adduct formed in photo reaction with dna

Friedland J., 1980: Structure of a psycho diagnostic test battery for children

Roth Moyo L.A., 1985: Structure of a radiate pseudocolony associated with an intrauterine contraceptive device

Honjo T., 1981: Structure of a rearranged gamma 1 chain gene and its implication to immuno globulin class switch mechanism

Berlin Yu A., 1983: Structure of a recombination site in the transducing bacterio phage lambda plac 5 dna

Varmus H.E., 1982: Structure of a replication intermediate in the synthesis of rous sarcoma virus dna in vivo

Sleytr U.B., 1986: Structure of a rhamnan from the surface layer glycoprotein of bacillus stearothermophilus strain nrs 2004 3a

Nazar R.N., 1983: Structure of a ribosomal 5s rna from a mushroom coprinus cinereus

Underwood A.J., 1981: Structure of a rocky inter tidal community in new south wales australia patterns of vertical distribution and seasonal changes

Sanchez Colon S., 1984: Structure of a scarabaeinae community a numerical behavioral study coleoptera scarabaeinae

Powell, R. G.; Plattner, R. D., 1976: Structure of a seco iso lariciresinol di ester from salvia plebeia seed

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496018

Serkerov, S. V.; Aleskerova, A. N., 1978: Structure of a sesqui terpene lactone from artemisia fragrans

Wilchek, M.; Oka, T.; Topper, Y. J., 1975: Structure of a soluble super active insulin is revealed by the nature of the complex between cyanogen bromide activated sepharose and amines

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496022

Sures I., 1980: Structure of a split yeast gene complete nucleotide sequence of the actin gene in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Timkovich R., 1986: Structure of a stable form of sulfheme

Peterson, R. L.; Scott, M. G.; Ellis, B. E., 1978: Structure of a stem derived callus of ruta graveolens meristems leaves and secretory structures

Ikenaka T., 1986: Structure of a sugar chain of a protease inhibitor isolated from barbados pride caesalpinia pulcherrima seeds

Fukuyama, K.; Abdel-Meguid, S. S.; Johnson, J. E.; Rossmann, M. G., 1983: Structure of a t equals 1 aggregate of alfalfa mosaic virus coat protein seen at 4.5 angstrom resolution

Tulinsky, A.; Blevins, R. A., 1987: Structure of a tetrahedral transition state complex of alpha chymotrypsin dimer at 1.8 a resolution

Hewitt J.S., 1983: Structure of a tilled soil as influenced by tillage wheat triticum aestivum cropping and rainfall

Kozloff, L. M.; Sundar-Raj, C. V.; Rao, R. N.; Chapman, V. A.; De-Long, S., 1972: Structure of a transducing mycobacterio phage

Douglas G.R., 1981: Structure of a tri chloro cyclo hexenone from bleached kraft chlorination stage effluent

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496033

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496034

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496035

Gupta P.C., 1986: Structure of a water soluble polysaccharide from the seeds of cassia angustifolia

Herskowitz I., 1982: Structure of a yeast pheromone gene mf alpha a putative alpha factor precursor contains 4 tandem copies of mature alpha factor

Sundaralingam M., 1986: Structure of a z dna with two different backbone chain conformations stabilization of the decadeoxyoligonucleotide deoxy cgtacgtacg by cobalt hexammine binding to the guanine

Malaisse F., 1984: Structure of a zambezian dry evergreen forest of the lubumbashi surroundings zaire

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496040

Ito K., 1987: Structure of abies sachalinensis dominant forest on mount horoiwa kitami district hokkaido japan

Rodionov, B. S.; Filonets-Yu, P.; Ayazbaeva, G. Sh, 1978: Structure of aboveground phytomass of apple forests under differing growth conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496043

Sree A., 1979: Structure of acacigenin b a novel tri terpene ester isolated from acacia concinna

Karlin A., 1981: Structure of acetyl choline receptor dimer determined by neutron scattering and electron microscopy

Pauling P., 1980: Structure of acetyl choline tetra phenyl borate

Kapundu M., 1980: Structure of acetylated napoleogenin

Wong, C. H.; Lee, T. J.; Lee, T. Y.; Lu, T. H.; Yang, I. H., 1979: Structure of acid protease from endothia parasitica in cross linked form at 2.45 angstrom resolution

Nasir Ud Din, 1987: Structure of acidic oligosaccharides isolated from pronase treated glycoprotein of bonnet monkey macaca radiata cervical mucus

Ueda S., 1982: Structure of acidic poly saccharide produced by strain 626 of aeromonas hydrophila

Azuma I., 1985: Structure of acidic polysaccharide from cell wall of propionibacterium acnes strain c 7

Yunusov S.Yu, 1980: Structure of aconitine

Szmigiero, L.; Slaska, K.; Ciesielska, E.; Jaros-Kaminska, B.; Gniazdowski, M., 1977: Structure of acridines and their effect on rna synthesis in vitro

Hoshi M., 1987: Structure of acrosome reaction inducing steroidal saponins from the egg jelly of the starfish asterias amurensis

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496055

Amos L.A., 1979: Structure of actin filament bundles from micro villi of sea urchin eggs

O'brien E.J., 1981: Structure of actin para crystals induced by nerve growth factor

Baker, E. N., 1980: Structure of actinidin after refinement at 1.7 angstrom resolution

Baker, E. N., 1977: Structure of actinidin details of the poly peptide chain conformation and active site from an electron density map at 2.8 angstrom resolution

Potapova N.P., 1982: Structure of actinoidin a and actinoidin b

Efremov E.S., 1981: Structure of actinoxanthin in crystal from and in aqueous solution

Sherry A.D., 1981: Structure of activation factor for phospho fructo kinase

Kost O.A., 1982: Structure of active center of subtilisin 72

Wiley D.C., 1981: Structure of acumycin a 16 membered ring macrolide antibiotic

Singh, A.; Uppal, A. S., 1978: Structure of acylated 4 amino thiazolines part 12 studies in 4 amino thiazolines

Viru A., 1980: Structure of adaptation of the body to living conditions

Widaman, K. F.; Gibbs, K. W.; Geary, D. C., 1987: Structure of adaptive behavior i. replication across fourteen samples of nonprofoundly mentally retarded people

Adrian, G. S.; Wiginton, D. A.; Hutton, J. J., 1984: Structure of adenosine deaminase ec messenger rna from normal and adenosine deaminase deficient human cell lines

Hosokawa K., 1981: Structure of adenovirion chromatin by uv light induced cross linking

Weber J., 1982: Structure of adenovirus chromatin

Weber J.M., 1981: Structure of adenovirus chromatin as probed with restriction endo nucleases

Loucheux Lefevbre M H., 1982: Structure of adenovirus nucleo protein core studied by circular dichroism and selective radiochemical labeling

Westphal H., 1980: Structure of adenovirus type 2 early nuclear and cytoplasmic rna

Young T.W.K., 1983: Structure of adhesive knobs in dactylella lysipaga

Silen, L., 1977: Structure of adnate colony portions in crisiidae bryozoa cyclostomata

Peterson R.L., 1981: Structure of aerial and subterranean roots of selaginella kraussiana

Ogai D.K., 1987: Structure of aerugin from pseudomonas aeruginosa

Yaphe W., 1985: Structure of agar from gracilaria spp rhodophyta collected in china

Tsarik I.V., 1982: Structure of age consortia of alpine dock

Hukuhara, T.; Shinkai, T., 1978: Structure of aggregates of tipula iridescent virus and poly styrene latex particles

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496081

Shenin-Yu, D.; L'vovich, T. A., 1976: Structure of aglycone of rectilavendomycin a pentaene antibiotic

Lounasmaa M., 1982: Structure of ajmalinol

Kubo, I.; Lee, Y. W.; Balogh-Nair, V.; Nakanishi, K.; Chapya, A., 1976: Structure of ajugarins

Isogai A., 1985: Structure of alahopcin nourseimycin a new dipeptide antibiotic

Chan S.I., 1983: Structure of alamethicin in solution 1 dimensional and 2 dimensional proton nmr studies at 500 megahertz

Chan S.I., 1983: Structure of alamethicin in solution nmr relaxation studies

Yamada Y.H.A., 1982: Structure of alatol a hydrolysis product of a sesqui terpene poly ester alatolin from euonymus alatus f striatus and transformation of evoninol to alatol

Mansour, O. Y.; Nagaty, A.; Nagieb, Z. A., 1984: Structure of alkali lignins fractionated from ricinus communis and bagasse 1. chemical constituents

Mansour, O. Y.; Nagaty, A.; Nagieb, Z. A., 1984: Structure of alkali lignins fractionated from ricinus communis and bagasse 2. alkaline nitrobenzene oxidation

Mansour, O. Y.; Nagaty, A.; Nagieb, Z. A., 1984: Structure of alkali lignins fractionated from ricinus communis and bagasse 3. ir spectra

Sowadski, J. M.; Foster, B. A.; Wyckoff, H. W., 1981: Structure of alkaline phosphatase ec with zinc magnesium cobalt or cadmium in the functional metal sites

Yunusov S.Yu, 1985: Structure of alliin

Tsukada, H.; Blow, D. M., 1985: Structure of alpha chymotrypsin refined at 1.68 angstrom resolution

Fries D.C., 1980: Structure of alpha d galactosamine 1 phosphate mono hydrate

Parry, D. A. D.; Crewther, W. G.; Fraser, R. D. B.; Macrae, T. P., 1977: Structure of alpha keratin structural implication of the amino acid sequences of the type i and type ii chain segments

Augusteyn R.C., 1984: Structure of alpha m crystallin the reversibility of urea dissociation

Fretto, L. J.; Mckee, P. A., 1978: Structure of alpha polymer from in vitro and in vivo highly cross linked human fibrin

Stewart, M., 1981: Structure of alpha tropo myosin magnesium para crystals 2. simulation of staining patterns from the sequence and some observations on the mechanism of positive staining

Macmahon J.A., 1982: Structure of alpine plant communities near kings peak uinta mountains utah usa

Pfeffer P.E., 1982: Structure of alter toxin i a myco toxin from alternaria

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496102

Aoki H., 1985: Structure of amauromine a new hypotensive vasodilator produced by amauroascus sp

Dalimova, G. N.; Geronikaki, A. A.; Abduazimov-Kh, A., 1978: Structure of ambary lignin

Davies, D. H.; Mallams, A. K.; Mcglotten, J.; Morton, J. B.; Tkach, R. W., 1977: Structure of amino glycoside 66 40 c a novel unsaturated imine produced by micromonospora inyoensis

Balech, E., 1977: Structure of amphisolenia bidentata dinoflagellata

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496108

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496109

Hes E., 1987: Structure of amplified dna analyzed by pulsed field gradient gel electrophoresis

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496111

Crouse, G. F.; Simonsen, C. C.; Mcewan, R. N.; Schimke, R. T., 1982: Structure of amplified normal and variant di hydro folate reductase ec genes in mouse sarcoma s 180 cells

Morgan J.E., 1984: Structure of amylo pectins isolated from large and small starch granules of normal and waxy barley hordeum distichum cultivar klages

Gardas, A., 1978: Structure of an a blood group active glyco lipid isolated from human erythrocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496115

Misaki A., 1986: Structure of an acidic polysaccharide elaborated by acetobacter sp nbi 1005

Masai H., 1985: Structure of an acidic polysaccharide from acetobacter sp nbi 1022

Rees, D. C.; Honzatko, R. B.; Lipscomb, W. N., 1980: Structure of an actively exchanging complex between carboxy peptidase a ec and a substrate analog

Perel'son M.E., 1981: Structure of an acylated flavonol glycoside haploside d

Kiho T., 1982: Structure of an alkali soluble poly saccharide from the fruitbody of ganoderma japonicum

Dickerson R.E., 1988: Structure of an alternating b dna helix and its relationship to a tract dna

Mccloskey J.A., 1980: Structure of an amniotic fluid component 7 4 5 cis di hydroxy 1 cyclopenten 3 ylaminomethyl 7 deaza guanine queuine a substrate for transfer rna guanine trans glycosylase

Callum J., 1985: Structure of an amplifiable dna sequence in streptomyces lividans 66

Dwek, R. A.; Wain-Hobson, S.; Dower, S.; Gettins, P.; Sutton, B.; Perkins, S. J.; Givol, D., 1977: Structure of an antibody combining site by magnetic resonance

Davies P.L., 1985: Structure of an antifreeze polypeptide and its precursor from the ocean pout macrozoarces americanus

Hew C.L., 1986: Structure of an antifreeze polypeptide precursor from the sea raven hemitripterus americanus

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496127

Anjaneyalu Y.V., 1982: Structure of an arabino xylan from the bark of persea macrantha lauraceae

Golovach G.P., 1981: Structure of an arthropod complex in the nests of the european red backed vole clethrionomys glareolus

Waldmeyer, B.; Bosshard, H. R., 1985: Structure of an electron transfer complex 1. covalent crosslinking of cytochrome c peroxidase and cytochrome c

Bechtold, R.; Bosshard, H. R., 1985: Structure of an electron transfer complex 2. chemical modification of carboxyl groups of cytochrome c peroxidase ec in presence and absence of cytochrome c

Woods D.R., 1988: Structure of an endo beta 1 4 glucanase gene from clostridium acetobutylicum p262 showing homology with endoglucanase genes from bacillus spp

Fournier M.J., 1984: Structure of an escherichia coli transfer rna operon containing linked genes for arginine histidine leucine and proline transfer rna species

Riaux C., 1983: Structure of an estuarine epipelic diatom community from the north brittany coast france

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496135

Hartley B.S., 1981: Structure of an experimentally evolved gene duplication encoding ribitol dehydrogenase in a mutant of klebsiella aerogenes

Pier G.B., 1988: Structure of an extracellular cross reactive polysaccharide from pseudomonas aeruginosa immunotype 4

Weigel H., 1980: Structure of an extracellular water soluble poly saccharide elaborated by the cariogenic streptococcus mutans gs 5

Herbold B., 1984: Structure of an indiana usa stream fish association choosing an appropriate model

Hosur, M. V.; Schmidt, T.; Tucker, R. C.; Johnson, J. E.; Gallagher, T. M.; Selling, B. H.; Rueckert, R. R., 1987: Structure of an insect virus at 3.0 a resolution

Shamala, N.; Lim, L. W.; Mathews, F. S.; Mcintire, W.; Singer, T. P.; Hopper, D. J., 1986: Structure of an intermolecular electron transfer complex p cresol methylhydroxylase at 6.0 angstrom resolution

Armitage I.M., 1982: Structure of an invertebrate metallo thionein from scylla serrata

Fried M., 1987: Structure of an inverted duplication formed as a first step in a gene amplification event implications for a model of gene amplification

Collman, J. P.; Gagne, R. R.; Reed, C. A.; Robinson, W. T.; Rodley, G. A., 1974: Structure of an iron ii di oxygen complex a model for oxygen carrying heme proteins

Sarathy C., 1987: Structure of an l arabino d xylan from the bark of cinnamomum zeylanicum

Ovodov Yu S., 1987: Structure of an o specific polysaccharide isolated from lipopolysaccharide of yersinia intermedia strain 680

Mackay M.F., 1980: Structure of an optically active form of o tetra methyl hematoxylin

Trust T.J., 1988: Structure of an s layer on a pathogenic strain of aeromonas hydrophila

Kornfikornfeld S., 1980: Structure of an unusual complex type oligo saccharide isolated from chinese hamster ovary cells

Bancroft J.B., 1982: Structure of an unusual ordered aggregate of papaya mosaic virus protein

Marzluff W.F., 1988: Structure of an unusual sea urchin u1 rna gene cluster

Ivanov V.D., 1980: Structure of anacanthotermes ahngerianus isoptera hodotermitidae wing articulation in connection with the origin of wing homonymy in termites

Kawka D., 1980: Structure of and alterations to defective murine sarcoma virus particles lacking envelope proteins and core poly protein cleavage

Murakami K., 1984: Structure of angiotensin ii binding site probed with diaminoalkanes

Saidkhodzhaev, A. I.; Abdullaev, N. D.; Khasanov, T. Kh ; Nikonov, G. K.; Yagudaev, M. R., 1977: Structure of angrendiol ferolin and tschimganidin

Vanyushin, B. F.; Kirnos, M. D., 1977: Structure of animal mitochondrial dna base composition pyrimidine clusters character of methylation

Vanyushin, B. F.; Kirnos, M. D., 1976: Structure of animal mitochondrial dna base composition pyrimidine sequences and nature of methylation

Serrano, J. M.; Acosta, F. J.; Alvarez, M., 1987: Structure of ant communities according to functional criteria in mediterranean fallow lands

Balaban, C. D., 1978: Structure of anterior dorsal ventricular ridge in a turtle pseudemys scripta elegans

Kozawa, M.; Morita, N.; Hata, K., 1978: Structure of anthriscusin a new phenyl propanoid ester from the roots of anthriscus sylvestris

Ivanov V.T., 1980: Structure of anti tumor glyco peptide from the cell wall of lactobacillus bulgaricus

Molloy R.M., 1985: Structure of antibiotic a 41030a

Grishchenko, R. I.; Sakal, N. N., 1977: Structure of antibiotic resistance of salmonella in the transcarpathian oblast

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496165

Timpl R., 1979: Structure of antigenic determinants in the amino terminal region of dermatosparactic sheep pro collagen type i

Kallenbach N.R., 1983: Structure of apamin in solution a 2 dimensional nmr study

Nakamura, H.; Iitaka, Y.; Kitahara, T.; Okazaki, T.; Okami, Y., 1977: Structure of aplasmomycin

Little J.A., 1987: Structure of apolipoprotein c ii t o r o n t o a nonfunctional human apolipoprotein

Ikai A., 1985: Structure of apoproteins in insect lipophorin

Teodorescu I., 1981: Structure of apparatus for cleaning antenna in ceraphronoidea and proctotrupoidea

Usov A.I., 1984: Structure of arabinogalactan from siberian larch larix sibirica wood

Hikino H., 1982: Structure of arcapillin an anti hepato toxic principle of artemisia capillaris herbs

Trufanov G.V., 1980: Structure of area of distribution of little susliks citellus pygmaeus in territories adjacent to elbrus mountain ussr

Fisher R., 1986: Structure of aridicin a an integrated approach employing 2 dimensional nmr energy minimization and distance constraints

Spear R.N., 1987: Structure of armillaria rhizomorphs from wisconsin usa aspen stands

Bowen J.R., 1980: Structure of arogenate pre tyrosine an amino acid intermediate of aromatic biosynthesis

Sidyakin G.P., 1986: Structure of artelein a new type dimeric lactone from artemisia leucodes

Haitlinger, R., 1982: Structure of arthropod community occurring on microtus arvalis in various habitats 1. faunistic differentiation dominance structure arthropod infestation intensiveness in relation to habitats and host population dynamics

Lohmann, W.; Winzenburg, J., 1983: Structure of ascorbic acid and its biological function 5. transport of ascorbate and iso ascorbate across artificial membranes as studied by the spin label technique

Penka V., 1984: Structure of ascorbic acid and its biological function determination of the conformation of ascorbic acid and iso ascorbic acid by ir and uv investigations

Mayumi M., 1986: Structure of asparagine linked sugar chains in the major polypeptide of hepatitis b surface antigen

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496183

Kanda E., 1979: Structure of associations of aestival cerambycids attracted to flowers

Binaghi R.A., 1986: Structure of asymmetric non precipitating antibody presence of a carbohydrate residue in only one fab region of the molecule

Singh, M.; Richards, E. G.; Mukherjee, A.; Srere, P. A., 1976: Structure of atp citrate lyase ec from rat liver physicochemical studies and proteolytic modification

Wakabayashi, T.; Kubota, M.; Yoshida, M.; Kagawa, Y., 1977: Structure of atpase coupling factor tf 1 from a thermophilic bacterium

Adityachaudhury, N.; Daskanungo, P., 1975: Structure of aurentiacin a a new chalcone isolated from didymocarpus aurentiaca

Sarada A., 1981: Structure of auricularine a bis indole alkaloid from hedyotis auricularia

Reimer P.R., 1988: Structure of avian loop of henle as related to countercurrent multiplier system

Guntaka, R. V., 1978: Structure of avian tumor virus dna intermediates

Holker J.S.E., 1980: Structure of avoparcin components

Sonnenbichler J., 1987: Structure of azadirachtin b

Moffat K., 1979: Structure of azide met hemo globin

Stout C.D., 1983: Structure of azotobacter vinelandii 7 iron ferredoxin amino acid sequence and electron density maps of residues

Abdallah M.A., 1988: Structure of azotobactin d a siderophore of azotobacter vinelandii strain d ccm 289

Baker E.N., 1983: Structure of azurin from alcaligenes denitrificans at 25 angstrom resolution

Delcambe L., 1981: Structure of bacillomycin d a new antibiotic of the iturin group

Michel G., 1985: Structure of bacillomycin f a new peptidolipid antibiotic of the iturin group

Liljemark, W. F.; Anderson, D. J., 1970: Structure of bacillus subtilis bacterio phage phi 25 and phi 25 dna

Trautner T.A., 1981: Structure of bacillus subtilis bacterio phage spp 1 dna in relation to its transfection activity

Zhadin M.N., 1985: Structure of background neuronal activity in thin slices of guinea pig neocortex

Kawaguchi A., 1982: Structure of bacterial fatty acid synthetase from brevibacterium ammoniagenes

Yudelevich A., 1982: Structure of bacterio phage pm 2 genome physical map molecular cloning and origin of replication

Lvov Y.M., 1983: Structure of bacterio phage t 7 small angle x ray and neutron scattering study

Weaver, L. H.; Matthews, B. W., 1987: Structure of bacteriophage t4 lysozyme refined at 1.7 alphang resolution

Alshuth T., 1985: Structure of bacteriorhodopsin in the acidified membrane and at high ionic strength resonance raman study

Chapman D., 1987: Structure of bacteriorhodopsin investigated using fourier transform ir spectroscopy and proteolytic digestion

Savona, G.; Piozzi, F.; Hanson, J. R.; Siverns, M., 1976: Structure of ballotinone a di terpenoid from ballota nigra

Rolfe J.K., 1986: Structure of bat guilds in the kimberley mangroves australia

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496211

Murthy, M. R. N.; Reid, T. J. Iii ; Sicignano, A.; Tanaka, N.; Rossmann, M. G., 1981: Structure of beef liver catalase ec

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496213

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496214

Wang, B. C.; Yoo, C. S.; Hwan, R. Y.; Sax, M.; Brown, W. E.; Michaels, M., 1977: Structure of bence jones protein pav an initial report

Macfarlane M.B., 1983: Structure of benthic macro invertebrate communities in a midwestern plains stream usa

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496217

Scheraga H.A., 1982: Structure of beta sheets origin of the right handed twist and of the increased stability of anti parallel over parallel sheets

Loftus R., 1981: Structure of bi modal chemo receptive thermo receptive and hygro receptive sensilla on the antenna of locusta migratoria

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496220

Ikeda Y., 1985: Structure of biologically active and inactive cerebrosides prepared from schizophyllum commune

Puzachenko Yu G., 1982: Structure of bird populations of the tonga and western samoa islands

Kello E., 1984: Structure of bis di n butyl di thio carbamato nickel ii

Larink O., 1979: Structure of blastoderm cuticula in 3 species of bristletails archaeognatha machilidae

Leffler H., 1987: Structure of blood group glycosphingolipids of human small intestine a relation between the expression of fucolipids of epithelial cells and the abo le and se phenotype of the donor

Bergel'son L.D., 1980: Structure of blood lymphocyte gangliosides from normal and leukemic cattle

Wojdon Machala H., 1986: Structure of body mass changes and the prediction of body mass in overweight school children

Kakudo M., 1979: Structure of bonito heart ferri cytochrome c and some remarks on molecular interaction in its crystalline state

Rosenthal R.S., 1987: Structure of bordetella pertussis peptidoglycan

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496230

Et Al, 1979: Structure of bovine beta lacto globulin at 6 angstrom resolution

Yphantis D.A., 1984: Structure of bovine blood coagulation factor va determination of the subunit associations molecular weights and asymmetries by analytical ultra centrifugation

Ploegman, J. H.; Drent, G.; Kalk, K. H.; Hol, W. G. J., 1978: Structure of bovine liver rhodanese part 1 structure determination at 25 angstrom resolution and a comparison of the conformation and sequence of its 2 domains

Hukins D.W.L., 1982: Structure of bovine milk calcium phosphate determined by x ray absorption spectroscopy

Brostoff S.W., 1981: Structure of bovine p 2 basic protein sequence of a carboxyl terminal segment that is a neuritogen in rabbits

Dijkstra, B. W.; Kalk, K. H.; Hol, W. G. J.; Drenth, J., 1981: Structure of bovine pancreatic phospho lipase a 2 at 1.7 angstrom resolution

Sjolin L., 1984: Structure of bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor results of joint neutron and x ray refinement of crystal form ii

Bostock C.J., 1986: Structure of bovine papillomavirus type 1 dna in a transformed mouse cell line

Roberts W.C., 1981: Structure of bovine parietal peri cardium and of unimplanted ionescu shiley peri cardial valvular bio prostheses

Kossiakoff, A. A.; Chambers, J. L.; Kay, L. M.; Stroud, R. M., 1977: Structure of bovine trypsinogen at 1.9 angstroms resolution

Monneron A., 1983: Structure of brain adenylate cyclase proteolysis dependent modifications

Svetlikova, S. B.; Pospelov, V. A., 1986: Structure of brain pigeon chromatin iii. analysis of nucleosomes released from micrococcal nuclease digested nuclei

Fukuda M.N., 1984: Structure of branched lactosamino glycan the carbohydrate moiety of band 3 isolated from adult human erythrocytes

Mccloskey D.V., 1988: Structure of brassicicolin a a novel isocyanide antibiotic from the phylloplane fungus alternaria brassicicola

Stoltzfus, C. M.; Snyder, P. N., 1975: Structure of bratislava sarcoma virus rna stabilization of rna after packaging

Araujo, P. A. D.; De-Mattos-Filho, A., 1979: Structure of brazilian woods of dicotyledonous angiosperms 21. violaceae paypayrola grandiflora and paypayrola guianensis

Vilenkin A.Ya, 1987: Structure of breeding marks in odontoceti dentin

Tomer K.B., 1987: Structure of brevetoxin a as constructed from nmr and ms data

Khare M.P., 1980: Structure of brevobiose

Korte F., 1980: Structure of bridged photo isomers of cyclo diene insecticides

Siniakov, M. S.; Kharitonenkov, I. G.; Grigorjev, V. B., 1979: Structure of bromelain ec released influenza virus hem agglutinin as revealed by electrophoresis sedimentation and electron microscopy

Sticht, G.; Kaeferstein, H., 1976: Structure of bromine containing metabolites of carbromal

Mayol L., 1986: Structure of bromotetrasphaerol a further irregular diterpene from the red alga sphaerococcus coronopifolius

Tozawa M., 1984: Structure of bryostatin 4 an important antineoplastic constituent of geographically diverse bugula neritina bryozoa

Simonov I.N., 1981: Structure of buckthorn nodules and their nitrogen fixing activity

Jackiewicz M., 1984: Structure of bulbous termination of preputium in lymnaea mollusca gastropoda

Sedova E.O., 1981: Structure of bulbs and morphogenesis of some representatives of the family amaryllidaceae

Serdyuk, V. A., 1976: Structure of burrows of the american suslik citellus parryi

Yagishita K., 1981: Structure of c glycosyl flavones flavoayamenin and luteoayamenin in petals of iris nertshinskia f albiflora

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496260

Et Al, 1981: Structure of c terminal half of 2 h 2 antigens from cloned messenger rna

Davis A.E., 1988: Structure of c3f a small peptide specifically released during inactivation of the third component of complement

Kapoor R.C., 1981: Structure of cadabalone

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496264

Bu'lock J.D., 1980: Structure of calditol a new branched chain nonitol and of the derived tetra ether lipids in thermoacidophile archaebacteria of the caldariella group

Williams A.H., 1980: Structure of calleryanin and its benzylic esters from pyrus calleryana and prunus lusitanica

Toh Y., 1985: Structure of campaniform sensilla on the haltere of drosophila prepared by cryofixation

White R.T., 1985: Structure of canine pulmonary surfactant apoprotein complementary dna and complete amino acid sequence

Davidson E.A., 1987: Structure of canine tracheobronchial mucin glycoprotein

Zehnder, M.; Thewalt, U., 1977: Structure of cantharidin

Lynn W.S., 1981: Structure of carbohydrate chains of a high molecular weight pulmonary glyco protein

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Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496750

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Matysiak, K., 1976: Structure of leech groups hirudinea in polluted parts of the catchment area of the rivers bzura and ner poland part 1 field investigations

Kuchkarov S., 1981: Structure of lehmannine n oxide

Siegel N.R., 1988: Structure of lep100 glycoprotein that shuttles between lysosomes and the plasma membrane deduced from the nucleotide sequence of the encoding complementary dna

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Balakrishnan M., 1988: Structure of lepus nigricollis hair from various body regions with scanning electron microscopy

Murphy R.C., 1979: Structure of leukotriene c identification of the amino acid part

Mzrtynenko, V. B., 1975: Structure of leukoviruses from a continuous cell line of simian sarcoma 71 q 1

Matsuo, A.; Nozaki, H.; Nakayama, M.; Hayashi, S.; Takaoka, D., 1978: Structure of levo 2 9 di hydroxy verrucosane a novel carbon skeletal di terpenoid from the liverwort mylia verrucosa/

Kuehlbrandt W., 1988: Structure of light harvesting chlorophyll a b protein complex from plant photosynthetic membranes at 7 angstroms resolution in projection

Abduazimov Kh A., 1982: Structure of lignin from gossypium hirsutum ssp mexicanum cotton

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496811

Pal B.C., 1986: Structure of linifolioside and isopimarane rhamnoglucoside from leucas linifolia

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496813

Ito E., 1980: Structure of linkage region between glycerol teichoic acid and peptido glycan in bacillus cereus ahu 1030 cell walls

Singh A., 1985: Structure of lipid tubules formed from a polymerizable lecithin

Juergens G., 1981: Structure of lipo protein a studied by spin labeling

Katagiri C., 1985: Structure of lipophorin in insect blood location of phospholipid

Takazoe I., 1985: Structure of lipopolysaccharide from bacteroides gingivalis

Boublik, M.; Spiess, E.; Roth, H. E.; Hellmann, W.; Jenkins, F., 1978: Structure of lithium chloride core particles of 50s ribosomal subunits from escherichia coli by electron microscopy

Oshurkov V.V., 1981: Structure of littoral mussel mytilus edulis settlements in kandalaksha gulf of the white sea russian sfsr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496821

Ellestad, G. A.; Martin, J. H.; Morton, G. O.; Sassiver, M. L.; Lancaster, J. E., 1977: Structure of ll bm 123 alpha a new myo inosamine 2 containing antibiotic

Kirby, J. P.; Borders, D. B.; Van-Lear, G. E., 1977: Structure of ll bm408 an amino cyclitol antibiotic

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Zhukova, T. A.; Dukhanina, N. N., 1976: Structure of local incidence of quartan malaria in the ussr 1958 1975

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496826

Kaczmarska I., 1979: Structure of longitudinal siliceous ribs in some navicula spp

Timpl R., 1987: Structure of low density heparan sulfate proteoglycan isolated from a mouse tumor basement membrane

Bannikova, I. A.; Khudyakov, O. I., 1977: Structure of lower layers of mosaic pinus sibirica larix sibirica community in eastern khangai mongolia

Lin Z., 1986: Structure of lushanrubescensin d

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496831

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496832

Hearst J.E., 1988: Structure of m1 rna as determined by psoralen cross linking

Nowakowska K., 1985: Structure of macromolecular dextrins

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496835

Wunderlich, F.; Franke, W. W., 1968: Structure of macronuclear envelopes of tetrahymena pyriformis in the stationary phase of growth

Stossel T.P., 1981: Structure of macrophage actin binding protein molecules in solution and interacting and actin filaments

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Bracker C.E., 1988: Structure of maize protein bodies and immunocytochemical localization of zeins

Todd J.S., 1984: Structure of majusculamide c a cyclic depsi peptide from lyngbya majuscula

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496842

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Sarkar, M.; Rao, C. V. N., 1976: Structure of mangle gum

Pool, D. J.; Snedaker, S. C.; Lugo, A. E., 1977: Structure of mangrove forests in florida usa puerto rico mexico and costa rica

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Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496848

Zinchenko, V. I.; Minchuk, F. L.; Andronov, V. F., 1976: Structure of mannan from white table wine and wine yeast

Nonoyama M., 1984: Structure of mareks disease virus dna detailed restriction enzyme map

Tunner H.G., 1982: Structure of mating and territorial calls in tri ploid frogs rana esculenta amphibia salientia ranidae

Levadnyi V.D., 1980: Structure of mauthners neurons in the ontogenesis of the goldfish carassius auratus

Zeitler E., 1981: Structure of mechanically stretched chromatin fibrils

Keller M., 1986: Structure of meiobenthic populations in the area polluted by sewage outfall

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Terwilliger, T. C.; Eisenberg, D., 1982: Structure of melittin 2. interpretation of the structure

Spiteller G., 1979: Structure of melochinine a new type of a pyridone alkaloid from melochia pyramidata sterculiaceae

Krall J.F., 1983: Structure of membrane associated and solubilized uterine adenylate cyclase evidence against activation through dissociable subunit interactions in the lipid bi layer

Winfrey V.P., 1985: Structure of membrane domains and matrix components of the bovine acrosome

Haug A., 1979: Structure of membrane lipids and physicochemical properties of the plasma membrane from thermoplasma acidophilum adapted to growth at 37 celsius

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496861

Gavrilov V.V., 1986: Structure of mental diseases in the 2nd half of life based on epidemiological studies

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Slepyan, E. I.; Glazovskii, V. A., 1976: Structure of meta xylem of the root neck and root base of gossypium barbadense as a medium for the existence of fusarium oxysporum f vasinfectum

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496870

Wolfe R.S., 1984: Structure of methano furan the carbon di oxide reduction factor of methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum

Palmer R.A., 1980: Structure of methoin an anti convulsant drug

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496873

Simonov V.I., 1987: Structure of methyl ala 2 6 octavalinomycin cyclo d val l methyl ala l val d hyi 2 in a crystal

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496875

Tjerneld F., 1982: Structure of methylene blue dna complexes studied by linear and circular dichroism spectroscopy

Kuraishi H., 1985: Structure of methylmenaquinone 7 isolated from alteromonas putrefaciens iam 12079

Pfister R.M., 1980: Structure of methylosinus trichosporium exo spores

Schulten H R., 1986: Structure of methylpheophorbide reaction center of photosystem i

Ikeda S., 1981: Structure of micelles formed by mono disperse hexa gamma benzyl l glutamate in solution

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Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496882

Jensen, T. E.; Valdovinos, J. G., 1968: Structure of microbodies in abscission cells flower pedical tissues nicotiana tabacum d cultivar little turkish lycopersicum esculentum d cultivar michigan state forcing inst electron microscopy

Zaprometova K.M., 1981: Structure of micromycete complexes from litter and soils of 2 forest bio geocenoses

Wagner, H.; Schwarting, G., 1977: Structure of microphyllic acid from the resin of convolvulus microphyllus

Cohen C., 1987: Structure of microtubules with reduced hydration comparison of results from x ray diffraction and electron microscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496887

Kishi T., 1981: Structure of mildiomycin a new anti fungal nucleoside antibiotic

Sawada H., 1984: Structure of mildiomycin d

Sievers, G., 1980: Structure of milk lacto peroxidase ec a study using circular dichroism and difference absorption spectroscopy

Grigor M.R., 1980: Structure of milk tri acyl glycerols of 5 marsupials and 1 monotreme evidence for an unusual pattern common to marsupials and eutherians but not found in the echidna a monotreme

Miller W.A., 1979: Structure of mineralized tissues of the coelacanth latimeria chalumnae including the scales and their associated odontodes

Arigoni D., 1986: Structure of minor host selective toxins from cochliobolus victoriae

Varis A L., 1985: Structure of mirid communities heteroptera and the parasitism of the main bug populations on wheat in the eastern parts of north and central europe

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496895

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Akhrem, A. A.; Vul'fson, E. N.; Kisel', M. A.; Kozlov, I. A.; Tsybovskii, I. S., 1985: Structure of mitochondrial f 1 atpase active site 1. interaction of mitochondrial f 1 atpase with 1 5 difluoro 2 4 dinitrobenzene

Van Heel M.G., 1986: Structure of mitochondrial f 1 atpase studied by electron microscopy and image processing

Imamkuliev B.R., 1983: Structure of modified roots of perennial herbaceous plants of badghis tadzhik ssr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496900

Elliott A., 1979: Structure of molluscan thick filaments a common origin for diverse appearances

Van-Beveren, C.; Goddard, J. G.; Berns, A.; Verma, I. M., 1980: Structure of moloney murine leukemia viral dna nucleotide sequence of the 5' long terminal repeat and adjacent cellular sequences

Gariglio P., 1986: Structure of monkey kidney cell rna polymerase ii characterization of rna polymerase associated with sv 40 late transcriptional complexes

Boryszlawski K., 1988: Structure of monthly increments of length weight and head circumference in the first year a pure longitudinal study of 200 wroclaw poland infants

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496905

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496906

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Sen R.C., 1987: Structure of moscatin a new phenanthrene derivative from the orchid dendrobium moscatum

Robertson G., 1981: Structure of motor abilities in children

Bourgois, A.; Abney, E. R.; Parkhouse, R. M. E., 1977: Structure of mouse fc receptor

Doly J., 1985: Structure of mouse interferon beta complementary dna clones sequence rearrangements in a cloned complementary dna

Richards R.I., 1983: Structure of mouse kallikrein gene family suggests a role in specific processing of biologically active peptides

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Inagami T., 1982: Structure of mouse submaxillary gland renin identification of 2 di sulfide linked poly peptide chains and the complete amino acid sequence of the light chain

Kuehn K., 1986: Structure of mouse type iv collagen amino acid sequence of the carboxyl terminal 511 residue long triple helical segment of the alpha 2 iv chain and its comparison with the alpha 1 iv chain

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496916

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496917

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496918

Inouye S., 1987: Structure of multicopy single stranded dna from myxococcus xanthus evidence for a long self annealing rna precursor for the covalently linked branched rna

Lundwall, A.; Wetsel, R. A.; Domdey, H.; Tack, B. F.; Fey, G. H., 1984: Structure of murine complement c 3 1. nucleotide sequence of cloned complementary and genomic dna coding for the beta chain

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Hood L., 1981: Structure of murine ia antigens 2 dimensional electrophoretic analyses and high pressure liquid chromatography tryptic peptide maps of products of the i a and i e subregions and of an associated invariant poly peptide

Mcmillan, M.; Cecka, J. M.; Murphy, D. B.; Mcdevitt, H. O.; Hood, L., 1977: Structure of murine ia antigens partial amino terminal amino acid sequences of products of the i e or i c subregion

Nathenson S.G., 1981: Structure of murine major histo compatibility complex allo antigens identification of cysteine residues involved in 2 intra chain di sulfide bonds of h 2k b

Benz E.W.Jr, 1980: Structure of murine sarcoma virus dna replicative intermediates synthesized in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496926

Reuben, J.; Baker, B. M.; Kallenbach, N. R., 1978: Structure of mutagen nucleic acid complexes in solution proton chemical shifts in 9 amino acridine complexes with synthetic poly nucleotides

Meuth M., 1983: Structure of mutant alleles at the aprt locus of chinese hamster ovary cells

Patschinsky T., 1987: Structure of mutant and wild type mc29 v myc alleles and biochemical properties of protein products

Gensler, W. J.; Marshall, J. P., 1977: Structure of mycobacterial bis cyclo propane mycolates by mass spectrometry

Favre-Bonvin, J.; Arpin, N.; Brevard, C., 1976: Structure of mycosporine p 310

Caspar D.L.D., 1982: Structure of myelin lipid bi layers changes during maturation

Takano, T., 1977: Structure of myo globin refined at 2.0 angstrom resolution part 1 crystallographic refinement of met myo globin from sperm whale

Takano, T., 1977: Structure of myo globin refined at 2.0 angstrom resolution part 2 structure of deoxy myo globin from sperm whale

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496935

Smith J.L., 1987: Structure of myohemerythrin in the azidomet state at 1 7 1 3 a resolution

O'brien E.J., 1985: Structure of myosin decorated actin filaments and natural thin filaments

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496939

Kretzschmar K.M., 1980: Structure of myosin subfragment 1 from low angle x ray scattering

Bonora G.M., 1981: Structure of n acetyl d alanyl d alanine hydrate an analog of the carboxyl terminal segment of peptido glycan of bacterial cell walls

Rice, S.; Cheng, M. Y.; Cramer, R. E.; Mandel, M.; Mower, H. F.; Seff, K., 1984: Structure of n methyl n' nitro n nitroso guanidine

Treppendahl S., 1981: Structure of n sulfonyl formamidines

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496944

Boekema, E. J.; Van-Breemen, J. F. L.; Keegstra, W.; Van-Bruggen, E. F. J.; Albracht, S. P. J., 1982: Structure of nadh q oxido reductase ec from bovine heart mitochondria studied by electron microscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496946

Section 7 , Chapter 6497, Accession 006496947

Osmolska H., 1986: Structure of nasal and oral cavities in the protoceratopsid dinosaurs ceratopsia ornithischia

Eisenberg, S.; Denhardt, D. T., 1974: Structure of nascent phage phi x 174 replicative form evidence for discontinuous dna replication

Dasgupta, S.; Mitra, S., 1978: Structure of nascent replicative form dna of coli phage m 13

Elyakov G.B., 1980: Structure of native aglycone of stichoposide a from stichopus japonicus

Bretaudiere, J. P.; Tapon-Bretaudiere, J.; Stoops, J. K., 1988: Structure of native alpha 2 macroglobulin and its transformation to the protease bound form

Fay, D.; Bowman, B. U., 1978: Structure of native and chloroform methanol treated mycobacterio phage r 1

Kasper D.L., 1983: Structure of native poly saccharide antigens of type ia and type ib group b streptococcus

Meyer, E.; Cole, G.; Radhakrishnan, R.; Epp, O., 1988: Structure of native porcine pancreatic elastase at 1.65 a resolution

Caplan A.I., 1986: Structure of native proteoglycan aggregates from chick limb bud chondrocytes

Hori, K.; Charbonneau, H.; Hart, R. C.; Cormier, M. J., 1977: Structure of native renilla reniformis luciferin

Whipple E.B., 1980: Structure of natural antibiotic cp 47 444

Zeuthen T., 1982: Structure of necturus maculosus gallbladder epithelium during transport at low external osmolarities

Van Der Helm D., 1981: Structure of nepetalic acid in the solid and in solution by x ray diffraction and nmr analysis

Korbut V.V., 1985: Structure of nesting colonies of the rook and mechanisms of its maintenance

Batuev, A.; Babmindra, V. P., 1976: Structure of neuronal assemblies in cerebral cortex

Khrenkova V.V., 1982: Structure of neuronal receptive fields in the frog tectum opticum

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496964

Drenth J., 1981: Structure of neurophysin

Van-Dessel, G.; Lagrou, A.; Hilderson, H. J.; Dierick, W., 1978: Structure of neutral glyco lipids in bovine thyroid tissue/

Uhlenbruck G., 1986: Structure of neutral oligosaccharides derived from mucus glycoproteins of human seminal plasma

Schoenholzer P., 1982: Structure of new 2 oxo 2 8 di hydro 1 2 4 oxadiazolo 2 3 a pyrimidinecarbamates

Bose S., 1986: Structure of new galactomannan from seeds of acacia leucophloea

Karaganov Ya L., 1984: Structure of newly formed capillaries in the rabbit cornea an electron microscopic investigation

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496971

Varrik L.D., 1980: Structure of night sleep in long term akinesia and artificial lung ventilation

Yunusov S.Yu, 1981: Structure of nitramine and iso nitramine a new type of alkaloid from plants of the genus nitraria

Yunusov S.Yu, 1985: Structure of nitraramine from nitraria schoberi

Moffat K., 1979: Structure of nitric oxide hemo globin

Pettit G.R., 1979: Structure of nitro arginine a nitrogen 15 nmr study

Mitsova, I. Z., 1976: Structure of nitrogenase using electron microscopy with optical diffraction

Gresshoff P.M., 1984: Structure of nodules formed by rhizobium strain anu 289 in the nonlegume parasponia and the legume siratro macroptilium atropurpureum

Malek, W.; Kowalski, M., 1977: Structure of nodules induced by auxotrophic and ineffective mutants of rhizobium meliloti strain l 5 30 requiring cysteine arginine uracil and histidine

Wiley, P. F.; Kelly, R. B.; Caron, E. L.; Wiley, V. H.; Johnson, J. H.; Mackellar, F. A.; Mizsak, S. A., 1977: Structure of nogalamycin

Fleckenstein B., 1982: Structure of nonintegrated circular herpesvirus saimiri and herpesvirus ateles genomes in tumor cell lines and in vitro transformed cells

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496982

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496983

Doshchanov Kh I., 1981: Structure of nuclear messenger ribo nucleo proteins transported from isolated nuclei of wheat germ

Kramerov, D. A.; Ryskov, A. P., 1978: Structure of nuclear pre messenger rna part 10 a new type of double stranded structures of pre messenger rna

Ryskov, A. P.; Tokarskaya, O. N.; Coutelle-Ch ; Hunger, G. D., 1978: Structure of nuclear pre messenger rna part 9 hybridization of double stranded regions of pre messenger rna with an excess of messenger rna

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496987

Greenberg J.R., 1981: Structure of nuclear ribo nucleo protein identification of proteins in contact with poly adenylated heterogeneous nuclear rna in living hela cells

Avksent'eva, L. I., 1975: Structure of nuclei of granular cells and oligodendro gliocytes in the mammal brain

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496990

Okuda M., 1985: Structure of nucleoli in higher plants by scanning electron microscopy

Finch, J. T.; Lutter, L. C.; Rhodes, D.; Brown, R. S.; Rushton, B.; Levitt, M.; Klug, A., 1977: Structure of nucleosome core particles of chromatin

Section 7, Chapter 6497, Accession 006496993

Yamashina I., 1982: Structure of o glycosidically linked sugar units from plasma membranes of an ascites hepatoma ah 66

Ovodov Yu S., 1984: Structure of o specific poly saccharide isolated from lipo poly saccharide of yersinia pseudotuberculosis 1a serovar

Shashkov A.S., 1982: Structure of o specific poly saccharides of escherichia coli strain 020 ab k 84 h 34 145 and 020 ac k 61h minus according to carbon 13 nmr data

Samuelsson, K.; Lindberg, B.; Brubaker, R. R., 1974: Structure of o specific side chains of lipo poly saccharides from yersinia pseudotuberculosis

Gougoutas J.Z., 1985: Structure of obafluorin an antibacterial beta lactone from pseudomonas fluorescens

Noguchi, S.; Katada, T.; Gonda, K., 1977: Structure of octa deca trienoic acid in pine seed oil

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