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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6498

Chapter 6498 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Balch A.L.; Chan Y.W.; Olmstead M.; Renner M.W., 1985:
Structure of octaethylporphyrin n oxide and the characterization of its nickel ii and copper ii complexes

Miller K.I.; Van Holde K.E., 1982:
Structure of octopus dofleini hemo cyanin

Hedge M.; Joshi S.; Farooqi A.A.; Suresh N.S., 1984:
Structure of oil containing parts in ambrette abelmoschus moschatus

Kato Y.; Matsuda K., 1980:
Structure of oligo saccharides obtained by controlled degradation of mung bean xylo glucan with acid and aspergillus oryzae enzyme preparation

Kato Y.; Matsuda K., 1980:
Structure of oligo saccharides obtained by hydrolysis of mung bean xylo glucan with trichoderma viride cellulase

Gromova, M.N.; Lokshin, G.B.; Kuzovkov, A.D.; Sheichenko, V.I.; Veseleova, S.I.; Rozynov, B.V., 1975:
Structure of olivovariin a new natural o naphtho quinone

Stokrova, J., 1977:
Structure of oncornavirus genome molecule

Wagner, H.; Kazmaier, P., 1977:
Structure of operculinic acid from the resin of ipomoea operculata

Aps R.A.; Meiler B.L.; Sammelsel'g V.A., 1982:
Structure of otolith growth zones in the baltic sprat sprattus sprattus balticus clupeidae

Pozdnyakov L.K., 1980:
Structure of over thickened young larix dahurica forests in yukutsk ssr russian sfsr ussr

Guss, J.M.; Freeman, H.C., 1983:
Structure of oxidized poplar plasto cyanin at 1.6 angstrom resolution

Majumder P.L.; Datta N., 1984:
Structure of oxo flavidin a 9 10 di hydro phenanthropyrone from coelogyne elata

Black J.A.; Forte T.M.; Forte J.G., 1980:
Structure of oxyntic cell membranes during conditions of rest and secretion of hydro chloric acid as revealed by freeze fracture

Namba Y.; Katayama N.; Yoshida T., 1982:
Structure of p bromophenyl 2 o methyl beta d gluco pyranoside

Uyemura K.; Suzuki M.; Sakamoto Y.; Tanaka S., 1987:
Structure of p0 protein homology to immunoglobulin superfamily

Bhat S.V.; Dornauer H.; D.S.uza N.J., 1980:
Structure of pachygonine a new quaternary alkaloid from pachygone ovata

Van Schaick E.J.M.; Schutter W.G.; Gaykema W.P.J.; Schepman A.M.H.; Hol W.G.J., 1982:
Structure of panulirus interruptus hemo cyanin at 5 angstrom resolution

Chang, S.M.T.; Horton, H.R., 1979:
Structure of papain ec modified by reaction with 2 chloromethyl 4 nitrophenyl n carbobenzoxy glycinate

Kamphuis, I.G.; Kalk, K.H.; Swarte, M.B.A.; Drenth, J., 1984:
Structure of papain refined at 1.65 angstrom resolution

Osumi M.; Nagano M.; Yanagida M., 1979:
Structure of para crystalline arrays in the cell membrane of yeasts

Collins, J.M.; Berry, D.E.; Cobbs, C.S., 1977:
Structure of parental dna synchronized hela cells

Makino N.; Sugita Y., 1982:
Structure of partially oxygenated hemo globin a higly reactive intermediate toward a sulfhydryl titrant

Maksimovich N.A.; Chistyakova M.B., 1983:
Structure of pathological diagnosis

Hokes J.C.; Worthington R.E., 1979:
Structure of peanut arachis hypogaea oil tri acyl glycerols from cultivars of diverse genetic background

Yakovlev, A.I.; Gorin, A.G., 1977:
Structure of pectic acid from matricaria chamomilla/

Wan A.S.C.; Yokota M.; Ogata K.; Aimi N.; Sakai S I., 1987:
Structure of pelirine and chemical conversion of gardnerine to 11 methoxy 16 epiaffinine

Adesogan E.K., 1981:
Structure of pendulifeaworosin a new furanoid di terpene from croton penduliflorus

Andreeva, N.S., 1985:
Structure of pepsin 1. the intramolecular symmetry of the enzyme and implications on the evolution of aspartic proteinases

Gushchina, A.E.; Andreeva, N.S., 1985:
Structure of pepsin 2. active site of enzyme resolution 2 angstroms

Adman, E.T.; Sieker, L.C.; Jensen, L.H., 1976:
Structure of peptococcus aerogenes ferredoxin refinement at 2 angstrom resolution

Protasov A.A.; Afanastyev S.A., 1986:
Structure of periphytic communities in the cooling pond of a nuclear power plant station

Carrascosa, J.L.; Carazo, J.M.; Ibañez, C.; Santisteban, A., 1985:
Structure of phage phi 29 connector protein assembled in vivo

Steven, A.C.; Couture, E.; Aebi, U.; Showe, M.K., 1976:
Structure of phage t 4 poly heads part 2 a pathway of poly head transformations as a model for phage t 4 capsid maturation

Uzik, M., 1977:
Structure of phenotypical variability of features of meadow clover

Zaccai G.; Xian S Y., 1988:
Structure of phenylalanine accepting transfer rna and of its environment in aqueous solvents with different salts

Fotedar R.L.; Bir S.S., 1980:
Structure of phloem in 2 members of ophioglossaceae from india

Majumder P.L.; Pal A.; Lahiri S., 1987:
Structure of pholidotin a new triterpene from orchids pholidota rubra and cirrhopetalum elatum

Wlodawer, A.; Sevensson, L.A.; Sjolin, L.; Gilliland, G.L., 1988:
Structure of phosphate free rnase a refined at 1.26 a

Fournier, A.; Combes, C., 1978:
Structure of photo receptors of polystoma integerrimum platyhelminthes monogenea

Frolov A.K.; Kukleva E.G.; Zabotina L.N., 1986:
Structure of photosynthetic apparatus in betula pendula betulaceae in street plantings and in the suburban park in leningrad russian sfsr ussr

Friedlander M.J.; Lin C.S.; Sherman S.M., 1979:
Structure of physiologically identified x cells and y cells in the cats lateral geniculate nucleus

Lembeye V.G., 1981:
Structure of phyto plankton associated with the presence of paralytic shellfish poison at seno union and adjacent areas magallanes chile 1981

Devaux J., 1980:
Structure of phyto planktonic populations in 3 lakes of massif central france ecological successions and diversity

Titlyanova A.A.; Nurmedov S.S., 1986:
Structure of phytomass and the net primary production in the desert ecosystem in the turkmen ssr ussr

Gliwicz Z.M.; Dawidowicz P.; Pijanowska J., 1985:
Structure of phytoplankton in rivers and in lakes of northeastern poland

Naumenko Y.V., 1985:
Structure of phytoplankton in the middle ob river russian sfsr ussr

Pospelov, V.A.; Svetlikova, S.B.; Ramm, E.I., 1984:
Structure of pigeon brain chromatin 1. composition electrophoretic mobility and circular dichroism spectra of nucleosome particles

Osipova, T.N.; Karpova, E.V.; Svetlikova, S.B.; Kukushkin, A.N.; Pospelov, A.V., 1986 :
Structure of pigeon brain chromatin ii. sedimentation analysis of oligonucleosome compaction

Reyes, R.E.; Gonzalez, A.G., 1970:
Structure of pinnarin and furo pinnarin 2 new coumarins from the roots of ruta pinnata d

Mustafa M.; Stoesser R., 1986:
Structure of pistil pollen tube growth and fruit set in the tomato lycopersicon esculentum

Raska, I.; Mayer, F.; Edelbluth, C.; Schmitt, R., 1976:
Structure of plain and complex flagellar hooks of Pseudomonas rhodos

Mcneil, M.; Darvill, A.G.; Albersheim, P., 1980:
Structure of plant cell walls 10. rhamno galacturonan i a structurally complex pectic poly saccharide in the walls of suspension cultured sycamore cells acer pseudoplatanus cells

Darvill, J.E.; Mcneil, M.; Darvill, A.G.; Albersheim, P., 1980:
Structure of plant cell walls 11. glucurono arabinoxylan a 2nd hemi cellulose in the primary cell walls of suspension cultured sycamore acer pseudoplatanus cells

Mcneil, M.; Albersheim, P.; Darvill, A.G., 1982:
Structure of plant cell walls 12. identification of 7 differently linked glycosyl residues attached to o 4 of the 2 4 linked l rhamnosyl residues of rhamno galacturonan i

Darvill, A.G.; Mcneil, M.; Albersheim, P., 1978:
Structure of plant cell walls part 8 a new pectic poly saccharide

Weinstein L.; Albersheim P., 1979:
Structure of plant cell walls part 9 purification and partial characterization of a wall degrading endo arabanase and an arabinosidase from bacillus subtilis

Stevenson, T.T.; Mcneil, M.; Darvill, A.G.; Albersheim, P., 1986:
Structure of plant cell walls xviii. an analysis of the extracellular polysaccharides of suspension cultured sycamore acer pseudoplatanus cells

Shatokhina, N.G.; Evstigneev, V.I., 1987:
Structure of plant material in desert steppe ecosystems of mongolia

Vigil E.L.; Steere R.L.; Wergin W.P.; Christiansen M.N., 1985:
Structure of plasma membrane in radicles from cotton seeds gossypium hirsutum cultivar m 8

Renkonen, O.; Hirvisalo, E.L., 1969:
Structure of plasma sphingadienine

Zimrin, A.B.; Eisman, R.; Vilaire, G.; Schwartz, E.; Bennett, J.S.; Poncz, M., 1988:
Structure of platelet glycoprotein IIIa. A common subunit for two different membrane receptors

Morrison C.M.; Marryatt V.; Gray B., 1984:
Structure of pleistophora hippoglossoideos in the american plaice hippoglossoides platessoides

Park, B.K.; Hirota, A.; Sakai, H., 1977:
Structure of plumbemycin a and b antagonists of l threonine from streptomyces plumbeus

Chatterjee, B.P.; Purkayastha, S.; Rao, C.V.N., 1976:
Structure of pneumococcus type xxii capsular poly saccharide

Rodgers F.G., 1980:
Structure of pocks on the chorio allantoic membrane of fertile hen eggs induced by herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2

Hermosilla, W.; Rubio, I., 1976:
Structure of poduromorph collembolan populations in a chilean coastal cordilleran hill

Phillips S.L.; Tse C.; Serventi I.; Hynes N., 1979:
Structure of poly adenylic acid in the rna of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Miwa M.; Saikawa N.; Yamaizumi Z.; Nishimura S.; Sugimura T., 1979:
Structure of poly adp ribose identification of 2 1 ribosyl 2 or 3 1 ribosyl adenosine 5 5 5 tris phosphate as a branch linkage

Sarma M.H.; Gupta G.; Sarma R.H., 1985:
Structure of polydeoxyadenylic acid poly deoxythymidylic acid is not identical to the adenine thymine rich regions of the single crystal structure of cgcgaatt bromo cgci the consequence of this to netropsin binding to polydeoxyadenylic acid polydeoxythymidylic acid

Lyamichev V.I.; Mirkin S.M.; Frank Kamenetskii M.D., 1987:
Structure of polydeoxyguanylate polydeoxycytidylate under superhelical stress and acid ph

Il'inskaya, N.B.; Selivanova, G.V., 1982:
Structure of polytene chromosomes at various stages of endo reduplication 1. dna content and nuclear structure of salivary glands in the 4th instar larvae of chironomus plumosus

Speller M.A.R.; Meirelles S.M.P., 1986:
Structure of population morbidity on jauru brazil subsidies to the public health planning

Quignard J P.; Authem M., 1981:
Structure of populations of liza ramada fishes mugilidae in the ponds along the hills of languedoc france from carnon to the rhone river age and growth of this fish

Dijkstra, B.W.; Renetseder, R.; Kalk, K.H.; Hol, W.G.J.; Drenth, J., 1983:
Structure of porcine pancreatic phospho lipase a 2 at 2.6 angstrom resolution and comparison with bovine phospho lipase a 2

Vandevyver M.; Barraud A.; Raudel Teixier; Maillard P.; Gianotti C., 1982:
Structure of porphyrin multi layers obtained by the langmuir blodgett technique

Rees, D.C.; Lipscomb, W.N., 1980:
Structure of potato inhibitor complex of carboxy peptidase a ec at 5.5 angstrom resolution

Langs, D.A.; Smith, G.D.; Stezowski, J.J.; Hughes, R.E., 1986:
Structure of pressinoic acid: the cyclic moiety of vasopressin

Cumano A.; Rajewsky K., 1985:
Structure of primary anti 4 hydroxy 3 nitrophenylacetyl antibodies in normal and idiotypically suppressed c 57bl 6 mice

Haseltine, W.A.; Coffin, J.M.; Hageman, T.C., 1979:
Structure of products of the Moloney murine leukemia virus endogenous DNA polymerase reaction

Soloshenko, V.M.; Sergeev, V.A.; Bezrukov, M.G., 1984:
Structure of protein solutions 1. investigation and interpretation of viscosity anomalies

Cöster, L.; Carlstedt, I.; Kendall, S.; Malmström, A.; Schmidtchen, A.; Fransson, L.A., 1986:
Structure of proteoheparan sulfates from fibroblasts. Confluent and proliferating fibroblasts produce at least three types of proteoheparan sulfates with functionally different core proteins

Tulinsky, A.; Park, C.H.; Skrzypczak-Jankun, E., 1988:
Structure of prothrombin fragment 1 refined at 2.8 angstrom resolution

Sundqvist C.; Ryberg H., 1979:
Structure of proto chlorophyll containing plastids in the inner seed coat of pumpkin seeds cucurbita pepo

Teintze M.; Leong J., 1981:
Structure of pseudobactin a a 2nd siderophore from plant growth promoting pseudomonas strain b 10

Singh O.N.; Ghosh T.K.; Munshi J.S.D., 1986:
Structure of pseudobranch of two clupeoid fishes hilsa ilisha and gadusia chapra

Knirel' Y.A.; Paramonov N.A.; Vinogradov E.V.; Shashkov A.S.; Dmitriev B.A.; Kochetkov N.K., 1986:
Structure of pseudomonas aeruginosa immunotype 3 o specific polysaccharide revision of the structure of acetamidino derivative of 2 3 diamino 2 3 dideoxy d mannuronic acid

Kalinin V.I.; Kalinovskii A.I.; Stonik V.A., 1985:
Structure of psolusoside a the principal triterpene glycoside of the sea cucumber psolus fabricii

Garneau F X.; Simard J L.; Harvey O., 1983:
Structure of psoluthurin a the major tri terpene glycoside of the sea cucumber psolus fabricii

Henderson, R.; Baldwin, J.M.; Downing, K.H.; Lepault, J.; Zemlin, F., 1986:
Structure of purple membrane from halobacterium halobium record measurement and evaluation of electron micrographs at 3.5 angstrom resolution

Grigoryan A.V.; Gamaleya L.A.; Tolstykh P.I.; Struchkov Y.V.; Sazhin V.P.; Belyaeva O.A., 1979:
Structure of purulent wound micro flora and its antibiotic sensitivity

Atkinson P.R., 1982:
Structure of putative pheromone glands of eldana saccharina lepidoptera pyralidae

Voordouw, G.; Veeger, C.; Van-Breemen, J.F.I.; Van-Bruggen, F.J., 1979:
Structure of pyridine nucleotide transhydrogenase ec from azotobacter vinelandii

Junger, E.; Bachmann, L., 1977:
Structure of pyruvate dehydrogenase ec complex comparison between freeze etching and negative staining

Winterhager E.; Mendoza A.S., 1987:
Structure of quick frozen tight junctions in uterine epithelium of pseudopregnant rabbits

Sygusch, J.; Boulet, H.; Beaudry, D., 1985:
Structure of rabbit muscle aldolase at low resolution

Parry D.A.D., 1981:
Structure of rabbit skeletal myosin analysis of the amino acid sequences of 2 fragments from the rod region

Sun H.; Lin Z., 1988:
Structure of rabdoforrestin a

Takeda Y.; Fujita T.; Ueno A., 1983:
Structure of rabdolatifolin a di terpenoid from rabdosia umbrosa var latifolia

Cheng, P.Y.; Xu, M.J.; Lin, Y.L.; Shi, J.C.; Xu, G.Y., 1986:
Structure of rabdophyllin H

Chekhlov A.N.; Ionov S.P.; Egorova V.V.; Ananchenko S.N., 1983:
Structure of racemic 3 methoxy 8 alpha 9 beta estra 1 3 5 10 triene 14 beta 17 beta diol

Purushothaman K.K.; Sarada A.; Saraswathy A.; Vanaja K.; Rajendran A., 1986:
Structure of racemol a rare coumarin from atalantia racemosa

Nojima H.; Sokabe H., 1986:
Structure of rat calmodulin processed genes with implications for a messenger rna mediated process of insertion

Zmudzka B.Z.; Sengupta D.; Matsukage A.; Cobianchi F.; Kumar P.; Wilson S.H., 1986:
Structure of rat dna polymerase beta revealed by partial amino acid sequencing and complementary dna cloning

Tomcsanyi, T.; Mester, S.; Tigyi, A., 1981 :
Structure of rat liver messenger ribo nucleo protein 1. isolation and characterization

Tomcsanyi, T.; Komaromy, L.; Tigyi, A., 1981:
Structure of rat liver messenger ribo nucleo protein 2. nonpolyadenylated rnase resistant fragments and electron microscopic appearance of messenger ribo nucleo protein

Hrycko S.; Morand P.; Lee F.L.; Gabe E.J., 1988:
Structure of rearrangement products obtained on treatment of 19 hydroxyandrost 4 ene 3 17 dione under epoxidation conditions

Arutyunyan Kozak B.A.; Ekimyan A.A.; Grigoryan G.E.; Dec K., 1979:
Structure of receptive fields of the cat pulvinar neurons sensitive to light stimulation

Demushkin V.P.; Zotov V.M.; Plyashkevich Y.G., 1982:
Structure of recognition areas in acetyl choline receptors of the central nervous system

Humphries, P.; Coggins, L.W.; Old, R.W.; Mitchell, G.J.; Coleclough, C.; Paul, J., 1978:
Structure of recombinant plasmids containing synthetic human fetal globin gene sequences

Hirayama N.; Shimizu K I.; Shirahata K.; Ueno K.; Tamura G., 1980:
Structure of reductiomycin

Krylov, A.S.; Gurskii, G.V.; Kondrat'eva, N.O.; Mar'yash, L.I.; Poletaev, A.I.; Shibnev, V.A., 1978:
Structure of regular poly peptide dna complexes

Cleaver J.E., 1983:
Structure of repaired sites in human dna synthesized in the presence of inhibitors of dna polymerase alpha and dna polymerase beta in human fibroblasts

Jongeneel, C.V.; Bachenheimer, S.L., 1981:
Structure of replicating herpes simplex virus DNA

Sebring, E.D.; Kelly, T.J.J. ; Thoren, M.M.; Salzman, N.P., 1971:
Structure of replicating sv 40 dna molecules

Sogo J.M.; Stahl H.; Koller T.; Knippers R., 1986:
Structure of replicating sv 40 minichromosomes the replication fork core histone segregation and terminal structures

Pons, L.; Baudet, M., 1978:
Structure of response patterns to a repeated verbal stimulus and action of noise and odor on originality

Pedersen F.S.; Crowther R.L.; Hays E.F.; Nowinski R.C.; Haseltine W.A., 1982:
Structure of retroviral rna species produced by cell lines derived from spontaneous lymphomas of akr mice

Mclean S.; Mahler P.; Nyburg S.C.; Sawyer J.F.; Webster C.J.; Wong N.W., 1983:
Structure of rhodocladonic acid x ray crystal structure analysis of its tri acetate

Vermeglio A.; Paillotin G., 1982:
Structure of rhodopseudomonas viridis reaction centers absorption and photo selection at low temperature

Kamiya Y.; Sakurai A.; Tamura S.; Takahashi N.; Tsuchiya E.; Abe K.; Fukui S., 1979:
Structure of rhodotorucine a a peptidyl factor inducing mating tube formation in rhodosporidium toruloides

Streshinskaya G.M.; Naumova I.B.; Romanov V.V.; Shashkov A.S., 1981:
Structure of ribitol teichoic acid from the cell wall of streptomyces azureus ria 1009

Takashio M.; Ohnuki T.; Okami Y., 1982:
Structure of ribocitrin and its structure activity relationship in the inhibition of dextran sucrase of streptococcus mutans e 49

Stoeffler Meilicke M.; Boehme C.; Strobel O.; Boeck A.; Stoeffler G., 1986:
Structure of ribosomal subunits of methanococcus vannielii ribosomal morphology as a phylogenetic marker

Baker, T.S.; Suh, S.W.; Eisenberg, D., 1977:
Structure of ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase oxygenase ec form iii crystals

Ochi, H.; Hata, Y.; Tanaka, N.; Kakudo, M.; Sakurai, T.; Aihara, S.; Morita, Y., 1983:
Structure of rice ferri cytochrome c at 2.0 angstrom resolution

Murai, A.; Katsui, N.; Yagishashi, F.; Masamune, T.; Ishiguri, Y.; Tomiyama, K., 1977:
Structure of rishitin m 1 and rishitin m 2 metabolites of rishitin in healthy potato tuber tissues

Stubbs, G.; Warren, S.; Holmes, K., 1977:
Structure of rna and rna binding site in tobacco mosaic virus from 4 angstrom map calculated from x ray fiber diagrams

Bentley G.A.; Lewit Bentley A.; Liljas L.; Skoglund U.; Roth M.; Unge T., 1987:
Structure of rna in satellite tobacco necrosis virus a low resolution neutron diffraction study using water to heavy water solvent contrast variation

Karpeiskii, M.Y. ; Yakovlev, G.I.; Sakharovskii, V.G., 1981:
Structure of rnase a ec complexes with pyrimidine nucleotides in solution

Wlodawer, A.; Sjolin, L., 1983:
Structure of rnase a results of joint neutron and x ray refinement at 2.0 angstrom resolution

Pavlovskii, A.G.; Borisova, S.N.; Vagin, A.A.; Karpeiskii, M.Y., 1977:
Structure of rnase s complexes with pyrimidine nucleotides

Cobianchi F.; Sengupta D.N.; Zmudzka B.Z.; Wilson S.H., 1986:
Structure of rodent helix destabilizing protein revealed by complementary dna cloning

Mocarski E.S.; Roizman B., 1982:
Structure of role of the herpes simplex virus dna terminal in inversion circularization and generation of virion dna

Trinick, M.J.; Galbraith, J., 1976:
Structure of root nodules formed by rhizobium on the nonlegume trema cannabina var scabra

Shenin Y.D.; Daurenbekova A.S.; Morgunova A.F.; Vetlugina L.A.; Yakovlev A.A.; Lifshits M.I., 1986:
Structure of roseofungin a pentaene antibiotic

Han Dong S.; Jin Hua C.; Zhong Wen L.; Marunaka T.; Minami Y.; Fujita T., 1982:
Structure of rubescensin c a new minor di terpenoid isolated from rabdosia rubescens

Mironovskii A.N.; Kas'yanov A.N., 1986:
Structure of rutilus rutilus in the caspian sea basin ussr

Kubo, A.; Saito, N.; Kitahara, Y.; Takahashi, K.; Yazawa, K.; Arai, T., 1987:
Structure of saframycin D, a new dimeric isoquinolinequinone antibiotic

Chaturvedi, A.K.; Mukherjee, S., 1979:
Structure of salvia aegyptiaca tukhmulanga seed mucilage 2. structure of average chain length of mucilage

Esquivel B.; Cardenas J.; Toscano A.; Soriano Garcia M.; Rodriguez Hahn L., 1985:
Structure of salvigenolide a novel diterpenoid with a rearranged neo clerodane skeleton from salvia fulgens

Hano Y.; Nomura T., 1985 :
Structure of sanggenon o a natural diels alder type adduct from chinese crude drug sang bai pi morus root bark

Hariharan, V.; Rangaswami, S., 1970:
Structure of saponin a and saponin b from the seeds of achyranthes aspera d

Miles, D.H.; Kokpol, U.; Bhattacharyya, J.; Atwood, J.L.; Stone, K.E.; Bryson, T.A.; Wilson, C., 1976:
Structure of sarracenin an unusual enol di acetal mono terpene from the insectivorous plant sarracenia flava

Jones, T.A.; Liljas, L., 1984:
Structure of satellite tobacco necrosis virus after crystallographic refinement at 2.5 angstrom resolution

Liljas, L.; Unge, T.; Jones, T.A.; Fridborg, K.; Lovgren, S.; Skoglund, U.; Strandberg, B., 1982:
Structure of satellite tobacco necrosis virus at 3.0 angstrom resolution

Eppley, R.M.; Mazzola, E.P.; Highet, R.J.; Bailey, W.J., 1977:
Structure of satra toxin h a metabolite of stachybotrys atra application of proton and carbon 13 nmr

Shimizu Y.; Hsu C P.; Genenah A., 1981:
Structure of saxi toxin in solutions and stereochemistry of di hydro saxi toxins

Samain D.; Cook J.C.Jr; Rinehart K.L.Jr, 1982:
Structure of scopafungin a potent nonpolyene anti fungal antibiotic

Lamy, J.; Lamy, J.; Weill, J., 1977:
Structure of scorpion hemo cyanin subunits heterogeneity

Simpson R.T.; Bergman L.W., 1980:
Structure of sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus sperm chromatin core particle

Pan, Y.C.; Li, S.S., 1982:
Structure of secretory protein IV from rat seminal vesicles

Gonzalez R.; D.P.risca L.; Agostini G., 1981:
Structure of seeds and seedlings of ipomoea and merremia angiospermae convolvulaceae

Konno X.; Shirasaka M.; Hikino H., 1982:
Structure of senbusine a senbusine b and senbusine c di terpenic alkaloids of aconitum carmichaeli roots from china

Pardhy, R.S.; Bhattacharyya, S.C., 1978:
Structure of serratol a new di terpene cembranoid alcohol from boswellia serrata/

Luzzati, V.; Tardieu, A.; Aggerbeck, L.P., 1979:
Structure of serum low density lipo protein 1. a solution x ray scattering study of a hyper lipidemic monkey low density lipo protein

Gulik-Krzywicki, T.; Yates, M.; Aggerbeck, L.P., 1979:
Structure of serum low density lipo protein 2. a freeze etching electron microscopy study

Cho K.D.; Hong S.Y.; Kim H.J.; Yang Y R., 1983:
Structure of shelf front and distribution of plankton in the eastern part of the yellow sea korea

Yavnov S.V.; Ignat'ev A.V., 1979:
Structure of shells and growth temperature in mollusks of the family mactridae

Berko I.M., 1987:
Structure of shoot systems in some species of the section goniothymus of the genus thymus in the flora of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Kochetkov, N.K.; Smirnova, G.P.; Glukhoded, I.S., 1978:
Structure of sialo glyco lipids from gonadal tissue of the sea urchin strongylocentrotus nudus

Smirnova G.P.; Chekareva N.V.; Kochetkov N.K., 1981:
Structure of sialo sphingo lipid from gonads of the sea urchin echinocardium cordatum

Lecat D.; Lemonnier M.; Derappe C.; Lhermitte M.; Van Halbeek H.; Dorland L.; Vliegenthart J.F.G., 1984:
Structure of sialyl glyco peptides of the o glycosidic type isolated from sialidosis muco lipidosis i urine

Fukuda, M.; Spooncer, E.; Oates, J.E.; Dell, A.; Klock, J.C., 1984:
Structure of sialylated fucosyl lactosaminoglycan isolated from human granulocytes

Nasir-Ud-Din; Jeanloz, R.W.; Lamblin, G.; Roussel, P.; van Halbeek, H.; Mutsaers, J.H.; Vliegenthart, J.F., 1986:
Structure of sialyloligosaccharides isolated from bonnet monkey (Macaca radiata) cervical mucus glycoproteins exhibiting multiple blood group activities

Osmanov Z.; Ibragimov A.A.; Yunusov S.Yu, 1982:
Structure of sibirin

Vasil'ev V.N.; Zakharova I.Ya; Kovalenko E.A., 1980:
Structure of side chains of serogroup o 20 escherichia coli o antigens

Dobrov, E.N.; Kust, S.V.; Yakovleva, O.A.; Tikchonenko, T.I., 1977:
Structure of single stranded virus rna in situ part 2 optical activity of 5 tobacco mosaic like viruses and their components

Sandhya G.; Rajagopalan K.; Chandrakumar N., 1988:
Structure of sirutekkone a diterpenoid from premna herbacea

Kostova, I.N.; Pardeshi, N.; Rangaswami, S., 1977:
Structure of skimmiwallichin a new 34 carbon tri terpene methyl ether from skimmia wallichii

Malakhov, V.V., 1978:
Structure of skin nerve muscle body wall sheath in the free living marine nematode pontonema vulgare

Ohnishi H.; Kosuzume H.; Kitamura Y.; Yamaguchi K.; Nobuhara M.; Suzuki Y.; Yoshida S.; Tomioka H.; Kumagai A., 1980:
Structure of slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis

Kiselev, N.A.; Stel'mashchuk, V.Y. ; Lutsch, H.; Noll, F., 1978:
Structure of small sub particles of liver ribosomes

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Structure of soil cover and the productivity of pine forests in the irtysh river area in the kazakh ssr ussr

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Structure of solaparnaine a new spirosolane alkaloid from the green berries of solanum asperum

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Structure of soybean kunitz trypsin inhibitor messenger rna determined from complementary dna by using oligo deoxy nucleotide primers

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Structure of spawning shoal and migration periods of the shad alosa kessleri pontica in the don river ussr

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Structure of species adaptive potential

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Structure of specific defects of zajdela hepatoma dna and their localization within the sequences of different kinetic complexity

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Structure of sperm from the lobster homarus americanus

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Structure of spondias dulcis gum

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Structure of standardization and ergonomics

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Structure of starch from mango mangifera indica cultivar alphonso seed

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Structure of stenocarpin and its iso butyrate

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Structure of stigma and style and their effect on pollen germination pollen tube growth and fruit set in the apple

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Structure of stomatal complexes in pedialanthus tithymaloides part 3

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Structure of stridulatory organs of insects from the family cydnidae heteroptera scanning electron microscope study

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Structure of subalpine coniferous forests on mount hakkoda northeast japan

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Structure of subgingival and supragingival dental calculus in human periodontitis an electron microscopic study

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Structure of subterranean organs of some plants of scree slopes in the pyrenees france in relation to the dynamic of the substratum

Somson P., 1984:
Structure of subterranean organs of some plants of scree slopes in the pyrenees in relation to the dynamic of the substratum

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Structure of sugar beet pectin

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Structure of sulfated glucuronyl glycolipids in the nervous system reacting with hnk 1 antibody and some immunoglobulin m paraproteins in neuropathy

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Structure of sulfatides biosynthesized in vitro

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Structure of sunflower anthodium in the early stages of its formation

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Structure of superficial chemoreceptive sensilla on the third antennal segment of ceratitis capitata wiedemann diptera tephritidae

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Structure of surgical and biopsy material data from the centralized children's prosection facility in minsk belorussian ssr ussr

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Structure of sv 40 adeno associated virus recombinant genomes

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Structure of sv 40 phi x 174 recombinant genomes isolated from single cells

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Structure of sv 40 recombinants that contain both host and viral dna sequences part 1 the structure of variant cvp 8 1p 2 eco r i res

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Structure of sv 40 recombinants that contain both host and viral dna sequences part 2 the structure of variant 1103 and its comparison to variant cvp 8 1p 2 eco r i res

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Structure of synapses in the supraesophageal ganglion of the water beetle dytiscus marginalis

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Structure of synaptic relations in the larval central nervous systems of the blow fly and mealworm

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Structure of synaptogenin b the artifact aglycone of the glycosides of the sea cucumber synapta maculata

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Structure of teeth of the class ophiocistioidea

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Structure of teichoic acid from the cell wall of streptomyces antibioticus 39 localization of the phospho di ester linkages and elucidation of the monomeric units structure by means of carbon 13 nmr

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Structure of teichoic acid of polyglycerophosphate nature from streptomyces levoris k 3053 and some biological properties of the acid

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Structure of temnocephalids and morphological changes during the transition to parasitism in the platyhelminthes

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Structure of tendon organs in fishes of the genus polymixia pisces teleostei with notes on an unique intrinsic muscular system

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Structure of tenuferine tenuferinine and tenuferidine

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Structure of terminic acid a di hydroxy tri terpene carboxylic acid from terminalia arjuna

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Structure of tetanus toxin n terminal amino acid analysis of the 2 molecular forms of tetanus toxin and its composite chains

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Structure of tetanus toxin part 1 breakdown of the toxin molecule and discrimination between poly peptide fragments

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Structure of tetanus toxin part 2 toxin binding to ganglioside

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Structure of tetratertiobutylated phthalocyanins mechanism of synthesis

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Structure of thalibrunine a reinvestigation and revision

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Structure of the 2 distinct types of minichromosomes that are assembled on dna injected in xenopus oocytes

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Structure of the 3 chain unit of the bovine epidermal keratin filament

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Structure of the 3 deoxy d manno octulosonic acid containing capsular poly saccharide k 14 antigen from escherichia coli 06 k 14 h 31

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Structure of the 3 major fucosyl glyco asparagines accumulating in the urine of a patient with fucosidosis

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Structure of the 3 major sialyl oligo saccharides excreted in the urine of 5 patients with 3 distinct inborn diseases i cell disease and 2 new types of muco lipidosis

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Structure of the 3' extremity of barley stripe mosaic virus rna evidence for internal poly adenylic acid and a 3' terminal transfer rna like structure

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Structure of the 3' hairpin termini of 4 rodent parvovirus genomes nucleotide sequence homology at origins of dna replication

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Structure of the 300 angstrom chromatin filament x ray diffraction from oriented samples

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Structure of the 4 most widely distributed eriophyid mites acarina tetrapodili on the grasses aceria tritici aculodes inckensiei aculodes dubius and abacarus hystrix

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Structure of the 5' terminus of hen oviduct lysozyme messenger rna

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Structure of the 50s ribosomal subunit from escherichia coli investigation of the intact subunit and core particles by electron microscopy and analog image processing

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Structure of the a 2m 1 allotype of human immuno globulin a a recombinant molecule

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Structure of the above ground biomass in the productive space of a mixed stand of chestnut castanea sativa and linden tilia cordata

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Structure of the aboveground part and root system of cherry trees in the coarse soils of semideserts of the aral sea area kazakh ssr ussr

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Structure of the accessory nerve in dog embryogenesis

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Structure of the Achilles tendon from the aspect of sport traumatology

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Structure of the acidic capsular poly saccharide of cryptococcus laurentii nrrl y 1401

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Structure of the acidic extracellular gelling poly saccharide produced by pseudomonas elodea

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Structure of the acidic poly saccharide secreted by rhizobium phaseoli strain 127 k 38

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Structure of the active metal atp chelate complex used by light triggered chloroplast atpase

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Structure of the active site of carbonic anhydrase ec as determined by esr

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Structure of the active ternary complex of pig heart lactate dehydrogenase ec with 3 s 5 3 carboxy 3 hydroxypropyl nad at 2.7 angstrom resolution

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Structure of the adduct formed between 3 aminocarbazole and the apurinic site oligonucleotide model deoxy tp ap pt

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Structure of the adenovirus 2 early messenger rna

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Structure of the adrenal cortex in citellus relictus during hibernation and waking

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Structure of the adult ovary of chalcides ocellatus tiligugu throughout the year

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Structure of the alimentary canal and mouth parts of trichoptera larvae with special reference to food and feeding habits part 6 relationship of alimentary canal mouth parts and feeding habits and phylogeny of the group

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Structure of the alkaloid juliprosopine from prosopis juliflora

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Structure of the alkaloid kalidin

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Structure of the alpha and beta heavy chains of the outer arm dynein from chlamydomonas flagella masses of chains and sites of uv induced vanadate dependent cleavage

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Structure of the alpha form of polydeoxyadenosine polydeoxythymidine and related polynucleotide duplexes

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Structure of the alpha keratin micro fibril

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Structure of the angling experience

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Structure of the anion transport protein of the human erythrocyte membrane

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Structure of the aniso gametes of the green siphon pseudobryopsis sp chlorophyta

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Structure of the annual ring on the scale as an index of changes in the seasonal growth of fish

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Structure of the annual shoot of populus alba salicaceae

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Structure of the annual shoot of tilia cordata

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Structure of the anterior alimentary tract of the passively feeding nematode hexatylus viviparus neotylenchidae tylenchida

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Structure of the anthramycin deoxy atgcat 2 adduct from one dimensional and two dimensional proton nmr experiments in solution

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Structure of the anti tumor preparation diazine

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Structure of the antibiotic cyanobacterin a chlorine containing gamma lactone from the fresh water cyanobacterium scytonema hofmanni

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Structure of the antibiotic virenomycin

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Structure of the apical sensory organ of the antenna in a terrestrial isopod metoponorthus sexfasciatus crustacea isopoda

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Structure of the aquapharyngeal complex in the sea cucumber cucumaria fraudatrix holothuroidea dendrochirota

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Structure of the arborescent layer at a site in the mountain forest of rwanda central africa

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Structure of the arterial net of synovial membrane of the knee articulation

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Structure of the articular cartilage in elderly persons

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Structure of the asialyl oligo saccharide chains of chi casein isolated from ovine colostrum

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Structure of the asparagine linked carbohydrate unit of rat alpha lact albumin

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Structure of the assimilation system of a dominating spruce tree picea abies of closed stand computation of needle surface area by means of a variable geometric needle model

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Structure of the assimilatory apparatus in tall herbaceous dominants of the kamchatka peninsula ussr

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Structure of the attached stage of pyrsonympha in the termite reticulitermes flavipes

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Structure of the auditory system of the weta hemideina crassidens orthoptera ensifera gryllacridoidea stenopelmatidae 1. morphology and histology

Ball, E.E., 1981:
Structure of the auditory system of the weta hemideina crassidens orthoptera ensifera gryllacridoidea stenopelmatidae 2. ultrastructure of the auditory sensilla

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Structure of the avi fauna of ponds of the saone plain france effect of the surface and plant diversity

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Structure of the avian community of a zone of the sierra del rosario pinar del rio province cuba

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Structure of the axolemma of frog rana esculenta myelinated nerve relaxation experiments with a lipophilic probe ion

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Structure of the azygos vein system on the left side in human fetuses and new borns

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Structure of the b dna cationic shell as revealed by an x ray diffraction study of cesium dna sequence specific cationic stabilization of b form dna

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Structure of the Bacillus subtilis pyrimidine biosynthetic (pyr) gene cluster

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Structure of the bacterial virus pf1. an ir linear dichroism study

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Structure of the bacterio phage t 2 capsid

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Structure of the barn owl tyto alba inner ear

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Structure of the bat community in the manaus region amazonas brazil

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Structure of the beta d galactan isolated from the pods of dolichos lablab

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Structure of the beta orcinol depsidones connorstictic acid and consalazinic acid

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Structure of the beta subunit of translational initiation factor elf 2

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Structure of the bi nuclear iron complex in met azido hem erythrin from themiste dyscritum at 2.2 angstrom resolution

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Structure of the binding center of the s 2 receptor of serotonin

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Structure of the binuclear iron center in hem erythrin by x ray absorption spectroscopy

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Structure of the biological boundary of the pseudobathyal zone in the white sea ussr

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Structure of the bird community at a beaver pond

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Structure of the bluetongue virus capsid

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Structure of the bovine pancreatic rnase gene the unique sequence in the 5' untranslated region contains a promoter like element

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Structure of the brain and optic centers of the gall midge udumbaria nainiensis cecidomyiidae diptera

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Structure of the brain case of the carnosaur itemirus medullaris new genus new species and some questions of cranial anatomy of dinosaurs

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Structure of the burrow lining and calcified tube of the shipworm bankia gouldi mollusca teredinidae

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Structure of the c ha ras 1 locus in human breast tumors

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Structure of the calcium regulatory muscle protein troponin c at 2.8 angstrom resolution

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Structure of the calcium salt of polydeoxyadenylate polydeoxythymidylate as revealed by x ray diffraction analysis in fibers

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Structure of the capsular antigen of Neisseria meningitidis serogroup K

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Structure of the capsular poly saccharide obtained from a new serogroup l of neisseria meningitidis

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Structure of the capsular poly saccharide of klebsiella serotype k 45

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Structure of the capsular poly saccharide of klebsiella serotype k 50

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Structure of the capsular polysaccharide from streptococcus pneumoniae type 9

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Structure of the capsular polysaccharide of Haemophilus pleuropneumoniae serotype 3

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Structure of the carbohydrate chains of panaxosides b and c from panax ginseng d

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Structure of the carbohydrate chains of the proline rich glyco protein from human parotid saliva

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Structure of the carbohydrate fraction of the antibiotic virenomycin

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Structure of the carbohydrate moieties of alpha subunits of human follitropin, lutropin, and thyrotropin

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Structure of the carbohydrate moieties of bovine blood coagulation factor ix christmas factor occurrence of penta sialyl and tetra sialyl tri antennary sugar chains in the asparagine linked sugar chains

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Structure of the carbohydrate moiety of actinoidin a and actinoidin b

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Structure of the carbohydrate moiety of an acidic poly saccharide produced by aureobasidium sp k 1

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Structure of the carbohydrate moiety of carminomicins ii and iii

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Structure of the carbohydrate units of human amniotic fluid fibronectin

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Structure of the carbohydrate units of immuno globulin a 1 part 1 composition glyco peptide isolation and structure of the asparagine linked oligo saccharide units

Baenziger, J.; Kornfeld, S., 1974:
Structure of the carbohydrate units of immuno globulin a 1 part 2 structure of the o glycosidically linked oligo saccharide units

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Structure of the carbohydrate units of immuno globulin e part 1 overall composition glyco peptide isolation and structure of high mannose oligo saccharide unit

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Structure of the carbohydrate units of immuno globulin e part 2 sequence of the sialic acid containing glyco peptides

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Structure of the carbohydrate units of the 36 kilodalton glyco protein derived from the lung lavage of a patient with alveolar proteinosis by high resolution proton nmr spectroscopy

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Structure of the carboxyl pro peptide of chicken type ii pro collagen determined by dna and protein sequence analysis

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Structure of the carboxyl terminal domain of the ribosomal protein l7 l12 from escherichia coli at 1 7 a

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Structure of the carboxyl terminal half of human alpha 2 plasmin inhibitor deduced from that of complementary dna

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Structure of the cardial glands in the human esophagus

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Structure of the carpel with special reference to lysigenous cavities in kadsura roxburghiana

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Structure of the caryophyllene maleic anhydride adduct and its tricyclic derivatives

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Structure of the catalytic component of the adenylate cyclase system revealed by electron microscopy

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Structure of the cauliflower mosaic virus genome 3. restriction endo nuclease mapping of 33 isolates

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Structure of the cauliflower mosaic virus genome part 2 variation in dna structure and sequence between isolates

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Structure of the causative agent of shigellosis in some territories of the ussr in 1979 1981

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Structure of the cell cycle during the period of early cleavage in a polychaete nereis virens

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Structure of the cell wall of bacillus sp cip 76 111

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Structure of the cell wall of lactobacilli role of muramic acid phosphate in lactobacillus fermenti poly saccharide muco peptide

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Structure of the cell wall poly saccharides in the food protein yeast candida sp 5. complex structure of the proteo phospho mannan

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Structure of the cell wall proteogalactomannan from neurospora crassa 1. purification of the proteoheteroglycan and characterization of alkali labile oligosaccharides

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Structure of the cell wall proteogalactomannan from neurospora crassa 2. structural analysis of polysaccharide part

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Structure of the cells cell division and colony formation in the diatoms isthmia enervis and isthmia nervosa

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Structure of the cenopopulations of the common bird cherry under different ecological and cenotic conditions

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Structure of the cephalic end of the ovo vitello duct of dugesia lugubris turbellaria tricladida

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Structure of the ceramide octadeca hexoside isolated from gastric mucosa

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Structure of the chickens inner ear scanning and transmission electron microscopy study

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Structure of the chlamydomonas reinhardi agglutinin and related flagellar surface proteins in vitro and in situ

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Structure of the chloroplast and its DNA in chloromonadophycean algae

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Structure of the chloroplast psb a gene encoding the q b protein from oryza sativa l

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Structure of the chondrus crispus community along the central coast of asturias northern spain

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Structure of the chromatium vinosum sulfur particle and its protein membrane

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Structure of the chromosomal copy of yeast ARS1

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Structure of the chromosomes of scotch pine

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Structure of the ciliary body and zonule of some amphibians

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Structure of the cobalt ii capped porphyrin

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Structure of the cocoon of the neotropical bumble bee bombus atratus

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Structure of the collagen nodule from hypertrophic scars and keloids

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Structure of the colony of snow geese anser caerulescens on the wrangel island ussr and an attempt of prognostication of changes in their numbers

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Structure of the communities of benthic invertebrates and quality of the water in some affluents of the lake of geneva switzerland in 1982

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Structure of the completely formed lengthened and shortened annual shoots in woody dicotyledons

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Structure of the complex between hyaluronic acid the hyaluronic acid binding region and the link protein of proteo glycan aggregates from the swarm rat chondro sarcoma

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Structure of the complex of active site metal depleted horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase ec and nadh

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Structure of the complex of penicillium brevicompactum rnase and gdp determined with a resolution of 1 5 angstrom

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Structure of the complex of streptomyces griseus protease b and the 3rd domain of the turkey ovo mucoid inhibitor at 1.8 angstrom resolution

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Structure of the complex type oligo saccharide from rabbit hepatic binding protein a reexamination

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Structure of the complexes of distamycin type antibiotics and actinomycin D with DNA: new data on the localization of these antibiotics within the DNA narrow groove

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Structure of the components of the adenovirus sv 40 hybrid population ad 2 plus plus hey and reciprocal molecular interactions

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Structure of the concanavalin a methyl alpha d manno pyranoside complex at 6 angstroms resolution

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Structure of the conducting apparatus in the compound leaf rachis of some oxytropis spp

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Structure of the conjunctivo muscular sheath surrounding the ovarioles of lepismachilis targionii thysanura machilidae possible role of granulocytes present at their contact

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Structure of the connective tissue carcass of the intestinal mucosa in minnows cyprinidae 3. cultrinae

Verigina, I.A., 1983:
Structure of the connective tissue frame in the intestinal mucosa of cyprinidae 1. structural features of the connective tissue frame in certain abramidinae

Verigina I.A., 1987:
Structure of the connective tissue frame of the mucosa in cyprinidae the tench tinca tinca l

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Structure of the core regions in lipo poly saccharides from escherichia coli k 12 w 2252 11u minus the ter 15 mutant and ter 15 f' lac and ter 15 f plus cells

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Structure of the corpora mamillaria of the bottlenosed dolphin tursiops truncatus hypothalamus

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Structure of the coryne toxins metabolites of corynebacterium rathayi responsible for toxicity of annual rye grass lolium rigidum pastures

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Structure of the coumarin glycoside reoselin from ferula kirialovii roots

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Structure of the covalently bound coenzyme of tri methylamine dehydrogenase ec evidence for a 6 substituted flavine/

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Structure of the covalently bound flavine of chlorobium thiosulfatophilum cytochrome c 553

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Structure of the covering layers of the wild oat avena fatua caryopsis

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Structure of the cro repressor protein from bacterio phage lambda and its interaction with dna

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Structure of the cross striated adductor muscle of the scallop

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Structure of the cuticle of the common house cricket acheta domestica with reference to the location of lipids

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Structure of the cytochrome c oxidase complex of rat liver 1. studies on nearest neighbor relationship of polypeptides with cross linking reagents

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Structure of the cytochrome c oxidase dimer electron microscopy of 2 dimensional crystals

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Structure of the cytosine calcium chloride 1 1 complex the 1st evidence for direct binding of calcium to cytosine base

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Structure of the d galactan isolated from aloe barbadensis

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Structure of the d galacto d mannan isolated from the seeds of melilotus indica

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Structure of the daytime urban moisture field

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Structure of the decreasing dendrolimus sibiricus population in mountain forests of the tuva assr ussr

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Structure of the degenerate eyes of the deep sea crab cymonomus bathamae brachyura

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Structure of the degraded polysaccharide from pongamia glabra gum

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Structure of the dentin of sperm whales physeter catodon

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Structure of the deoxy tetra nucleotide 5' o phosphoryladenylyl 3' 5' thymidylyl 3' 5' adenylyl 3' 5' thymidine and a sequence dependent model for poly deoxy adenylate poly deoxy thymidylate

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Structure of the developing and dry pericarp of catharanthus roseus apocynaceae

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Structure of the dextran of leuconostoc mesenteroides b 1355

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Structure of the di hydro folate reductase inhibitor 2 4 6 tri amino 5 chloro quinazoline

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Structure of the digestive system in larvae of long horned beetles coleoptera cerambycidae

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Structure of the digestive system of acotyledon absoloni acariformes acaroidea from termite nests

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Structure of the digestive system of the mite varroa jacobsoni a honey bee parasite

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Structure of the digestive system of the ticks amblyseius andersoni and amblyseius reductus parasitiformes phytoseiidae

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Structure of the digestive tract epithelial surface in maxomys surifer miller 1900

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Structure of the digestive tract in 2 spiny loach species cobitis taenia l. and sabanejevia aurata aralensis kessler

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Structure of the digestive tract in american catostomids of the genus ictiobus part 3 the digestive tract of the black buffalo ictiobus niger

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Structure of the digestive tract of healthy pike esox lucius esocidae and of those infected with the cestode triaenophorus nodulosus pseudophyllidea triaenophoridae

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Structure of the digestive tract of some blennioidei

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Structure of the digestive tract of stomachless perciformes of the family labridae

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Structure of the dimeric alpha keto acid analogue of asparagine

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Structure of the dipotassium glucose 1 phosphate dihydrate

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Structure of the divalent metal ion activator binding site of s adenosyl methionine synthetase studied by vanadyl iv epr

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Structure of the dna complexing agent anthramycin

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Structure of the dna of the adenovirus 7 sv 40 hybrid e 46 plus by electron microscopy

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Structure of the dominance hierarchy and dominance determining group factors in melanochromis auratus pisces cichlidae

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Structure of the dominant connector layer in the vegetative cover of the zailiiskii ala tau kazakh ssr ussr

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Structure of the dorsal eye region of the moth adoxophyes reticulana hb. lepidoptera tortricidae

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Structure of the ductuli efferentes of the domestic pig sus scrofa domestica

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Structure of the dynein 1 outer arm in sea urchin sperm flagella 2. analysis by proteolytic cleavage

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Structure of the dynein 1 outer arm in sea urchin tripneustes gratilla sperm flagella 1. analysis by separation of subunits

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Structure of the dysprosium glycocholate complex in submicellar aqueous solution paramagnetic mapping by proton nmr spectroscopy an approximation for the intrinsic bound relaxation rates in the case of nondilute paramagnetic systems

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Structure of the egg membrane surface in teleosts

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Structure of the egg shell of globodera rostochiensis nematoda tylenchida

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Structure of the elastase ec cathepsin g ec inhibitor of the leech hirudo medicinalis

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Structure of the elastic tissue in the walls of large human arteries

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Structure of the electro cardiac space

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Structure of the embryonic integument and its relation to the mode of hatching in cephalopods

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Structure of the ensemble of macroorganisms on a beach of pebbles and boulders of wollaston island cape horn archipelago chile

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Structure of the epi spore in the stemonitales myxomycetes as seen with the scanning electron microscope

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Structure of the epidermal and subepidermal cells of some desert plants of israel anabasis articulata and calligonum comosum

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Structure of the epidermis and ontogeny of stomata in reinwardtia indica linaceae

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Structure of the epidermis in Ayrshire bullocks

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Structure of the epigeal biomass of vaccinium vitis idaea

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Structure of the epithelial - mesenchymal interface during early morphogenesis of the chick duodenum

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Structure of the escherichia coli k 12 regulatory gene tyr r nucleotide sequence and sites of initiation of transcription and translocation

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Structure of the escherichia coli pyr e operon and control of pyr e expression by a utp modulated intercistronic attenuation

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Structure of the escherichia coli rna polymerase transcription termination site

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Structure of the eukaryotic genome a unique pseudogene lacking introns and poly a tail as a member of the human beta tubulin gene family

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Structure of the eukaryotic transcription apparatus features of the gene for the largest subunit of drosophila melanogaster rna polymerase ii

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Structure of the excretory system in ophryotrocha dimorphica polychaeta eunicida

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Structure of the external apparatus of the proprioceptor organs situated at the base of the legs of pterygote insects polyneoptera

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Structure of the external female genitalia of proctotrupoidea

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Structure of the extracellular ferredoxin from Rhodospirillum rubrum: close similarity to clostridial ferredoxins

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Structure of the extracellular glucan produced by botrytis cinerea/

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Structure of the eyes of the pea aphid acyrthosiphon pisum

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Structure of the facial lobe in cyprinus auratus optical observations

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Structure of the far eastern ussr gastropod ansola angustata

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Structure of the fbj murine osteo sarcoma virus genome molecular cloning of its associated helper virus and the cellular homologue of the v fos gene from mouse and human cells

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Structure of the feeding apparatus in the houbara bustard chlamydotis undulata

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Structure of the female reproductive tract of the apple snail pomacea paludosa 2. scanning electron microscopy

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Structure of the fetal sheep brain in experimental growth retardation

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Structure of the fibers of sickle cell hemo globin in the presence of 2 3 di phospho glycerate

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Structure of the fibrillar matrix in the stalk of carchesium polypinum

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Structure of the filamentous bacterio phage f 1 location of the a c and d minor coat proteins

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Structure of the finger like gland of vaginula borelliana gastropoda pulmonata

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Structure of the FIRA gene of Plasmodium falciparum

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Structure of the fish communities in the coastal lagoons of tunas de zaza cuba

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Structure of the flexor digitorum superficialis

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Structure of the flora of basidial wood decomposing fungi of the eurasian part of the holarctic ussr

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Structure of the flower and inflorescence of houttuynia cordata/

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Structure of the flowers and capitula of moscharia and related genera of the compositae mutisieae

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Structure of the foot skeleton and grasping ability in anthropoidea

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Structure of the free base capped porphyrin 5 10 15 20 pyrromellitoyltetrakis o oxyethoxyphenyl porphyrin

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Structure of the fruits of some giant fennel species of the subgenus narthex in connection with their taxonomy

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Structure of the fungal siderophore iso triornicin

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Structure of the ganglionic retinal layer in some mammals

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Structure of the gastric mucosa after experimental antrectomy

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Structure of the gene encoding the circumsporozoite protein of Plasmodium yoelii. A rodent model for examining antimalarial sporozoite vaccines

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Structure of the gene for human beta 2 adrenergic receptors expression and promoter characterization

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Structure of the gene for mouse thymidylate synthase. Locations of introns and multiple transcriptional start sites

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Structure of the generative cell wall complex after freeze substitution in pollen tubes of nicotiana and impatiens

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Structure of the germinal centers in the chicken cecal tonsil light microscopic and electron microscopic and auto radiographic studies

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Structure of the gills and lungs of the arid zone crab holthuisana transversa brachyura sundathelphusidae including observations on arterial vessels within the gills

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Structure of the gills of barbus sophor a cyprinid with tertiary lamellae

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Structure of the gluco mannan isolated from the leaves of aloe barbadensis

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Structure of the glycan moiety of tora bean phaseolus vulgaris lectin

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Structure of the glycan of hen ovo transferrin

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Structure of the glycan portion of a pure sialo glyco peptide fraction isolated from the skin of the fish labeo rohita

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Structure of the glyco peptides of a human gamma 1 immuno globulin g tem myeloma protein as determined by 360 megahertz nmr spectroscopy

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Structure of the gramicidin a channel discrimination between the pi l d helix and the beta helix by electrical measurements with lipid bi layer membranes

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Structure of the group environment scale in a seminar format educational setting

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Structure of the hair rootlets on cochlear sensory cells by tannic acid fixation

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Structure of the head and thorax in fleas of the family ischnopsyllidae siphonaptera

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Structure of the head end and system of the subfamily synonchinae nematoda enoplida leptosomatidae

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Structure of the head tail connector of bacterio phage phi 29

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Structure of the hem agglutinin membrane glyco protein of influenza virus at 3 angstrom resolution

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Structure of the hemi cellulose obtained from the fiber of sansevieria trifasciata leaves

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Structure of the hemo cyanin channel in lipid bi layers

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Structure of the hemo cyanin from the horseshoe crab limulus polyphemus the amino acid sequence of the largest cyanogen bromide fragment

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Structure of the hepatitis A virion: peptide mapping of the capsid region

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Structure of the hepatitis B virus genome

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Structure of the heptose region of lipo poly saccharides from rhodospirillum tenue

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Structure of the herbaceous layer in 2 calcareous grasslands of the mosan district france

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Structure of the high affinity binding site for noncompetitive blockers of the acetylcholine receptor serine 262 of the delta subunit is labeled by tritiated chlorpromazine

Giraudat J.; Dennis M.; Heidmann T.; Haumont P Y.; Lederer F.; Changeux J P., 1987:
Structure of the high affinity binding site for noncompetitive blockers of the acetylcholine receptor tritiated chlorpromazine labels homologous residues in the beta and delta chains

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Structure of the high mannose oligo saccharides of a human immuno globulin m myeloma protein part 1 the major oligo saccharides of the 2 high mannose glyco peptides

Chapman A.; Kornfeld R., 1979:
Structure of the high mannose oligo saccharides of a human immuno globulin m myeloma protein part 2 the minor oligo saccharides of high mannose glyco peptide i

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Structure of the histone octamer in the reconstituted polynucleosomes

Khrapunov, S.N.; Dragan, A.I.; Protas, A.F.; Berdyshev, G.D., 1984:
Structure of the histone tetramer h 3 h 4 1. characteristics of optical absorption fluorescence and light scattering in response to changes in ionic strength and ph of the medium

Khrapunov, S.N.; Dragan, A.I.; Protas, A.F.; Berdyshev, G.D., 1984:
Structure of the histone tetramer h 3 h 4 2. position of maximum wavelength in the tyrosyl fluorescence spectra and tyrosyl accessibility to quenchers

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Structure of the honeybee apis mellifera tentorium

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Structure of the horseradish peroxidase isozyme C genes

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Structure of the host specific toxin produced by helminthosporium carbonum

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Structure of the human apolipoprotein B gene

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Structure of the human duodenal mucosa in old age

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Structure of the human gamma fibrinogen gene alternate messenger rna splicing near the 3' end of the gene produces gamma a and gamma b forms of gamma fibrinogen

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Structure of the human ornithine transcarbamylase gene

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Structure of the human prealbumin gene

Kobayashi K.; Kaneda N.; Ichinose H.; Kishi F.; Nakazawa A.; Kurosawa Y.; Fujita K.; Nagatsu T., 1988:
Structure of the human tyrosine hydroxylase gene alternative splicing from a single gene accounts for generation of four messenger rna types

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Structure of the human vasoactive intestinal polypeptide gene

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Structure of the hydrogen bromide adduct of spicatine a sesqui terpenoid lactone

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Structure of the hydrophobic protein crambin determined directly from the anomalous scattering of sulfur

Nouhouayi Y.; Negulesco I.; Coujard R., 1981:
Structure of the hypogastric ganglion in adult rats

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Structure of the immunoglobulin g binding regions of streptococcal protein g

Kydyrbaev Zh, 1980:
Structure of the inferior vena cava in the guinea pig

Varghese, J.N.; Laver, W.G.; Colman, P.M., 1983:
Structure of the influenza virus glyco protein antigen neuraminidase ec at 2.9 angstrom resolution

Zanotti G.; Monaco H.L.; Foote J., 1984:
Structure of the inhibitor of aspartate transcarbamylase n phosphonacetyl l aspartate

Lak M.V., 1982:
Structure of the initial section of the shell in certain late cenozoic miliolids

Pollet R.J.; Kempner E.S.; Standaert M.L.; Haase B.A., 1982:
Structure of the insulin receptor of the cultured human lympho blastoid cell im 9 evidence suggesting that 2 subunits are required for insulin binding

Briggs, R.P., 1978:
Structure of the integument on paranthessius anemoniae a copepod associate of snakelocks anemone anemonia sulcata

Silberberg, A., 1988:
Structure of the interendothelial cell cleft

Powell M.J., 1981:
Structure of the interface between the haustorium of caulochytrium protostelioides and the hyphal cytoplasm of cladosporium cladosporioides

Dhingra M.M.; Saran A., 1981:
Structure of the intermediate species of the photo reaction cycle of bacterio rhod opsin

Weinberg, R.A., 1977:
Structure of the intermediates leading to the integrated pro virus

Makino S.; Fujioka N.; Fujiwara K., 1985:
Structure of the intracellular defective viral rna species of defective interfering particles of mouse hepatitis virus

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