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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6499

Chapter 6499 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Stirm S., 1984: Structure of the oligosaccharides sensitive to endo beta n acetylglucosaminidase h in the glycoprotein of friend murine leukemia virus

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498001

Schneider, L.; Gogala, M.; Draslar, K.; Langer, H.; Schlecht, P., 1978: Structure of the ommatidia and properties of the screening pigments in the compound eyes of ascalaphus insecta neuroptera

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498003

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498004

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498005

Gray, C. P.; Sommer, R.; Polke, C.; Beck, E.; Schaller, H., 1978: Structure of the origin of dna replication of bacterio phage fd

Jin Z., 1982: Structure of the osphradium of radix auricularia

Cernaianu E., 1985: Structure of the osseous callus formed under electric stimulation an experimental histological study

Denisov Nikol'skii Yu I., 1983: Structure of the osseous lacunar walls during the process of their formation

Matesz, K.; Foldes, I.; Modis, L., 1975: Structure of the osteocyte capsule in rats with hyper vitaminosis d and rickets

Mannella C.A., 1981: Structure of the outer mitochondrial membrane analysis of x ray diffraction from the plant membrane

Mannella C.A., 1982: Structure of the outer mitochondrial membrane ordered arrays of pore like subunits in outer membrane fractions from neurospora crassa mitochondria

Dufau M.L., 1984: Structure of the ovarian lactogen receptors analysis with bi functional cross linking reagents

Shorey C.D., 1985: Structure of the oviducal epithelium of the brush tailed possum trichosurus vulpecula

Andronova, N. N., 1977: Structure of the ovule in rubiaceae

Reed G.H., 1987: Structure of the oxalate atp complex with pyruvate kinase atp as a bridging ligand for the two divalent cations

Watenpaugh, K. D.; Sieker, L. C.; Jensen, L. H.; Legall, J.; Dubourdieu, M., 1972: Structure of the oxidized form of a flavodoxin at 2.5 angstrom resolution resolution of the phase ambiguity by anomalous scattering

Ghisla, S.; Hastings, J. W.; Favaudon, V.; Lhoste, J. M., 1978: Structure of the oxygen adduct intermediate in the bacterial luciferase reaction carbon 13 nmr determination

Kaniozskii S.S., 1980: Structure of the oxygen debt in humans after prolonged hypo kinesia

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498021

Vinter V.I., 1983: Structure of the palisade neural fibers in the sinuous hair after cutting the infraorbital nerve

Kovalsky M., 1981: Structure of the pancreas in experimental pancreatitis and possibilities of treating it by surgery

Pour P., 1980: Structure of the pancreas in syrian hamsters mesocricetus auratus scanning electron microscopic observations

Kharin G.M., 1985: Structure of the papio hamadryas spleen in ontogenesis

Malmstrom B.G., 1982: Structure of the para magnetic oxygen intermediate in the cytochrome c oxidase reaction

Pashkyavichyute A.S., 1981: Structure of the parasitocenosis of bream in kurski zaliv ussr in 1976 1978

Boquist L., 1984: Structure of the parathyroid glands as revealed by different methods of fixation a quantitative light microscopic and electron microscopic study in untreated mongolian gerbils

Winblad B., 1982: Structure of the pars flaccida after occlusion of the eustachian tube or blockade of the tympanic isthmus

Sura V.V., 1986: Structure of the pathology of the senile kidney and difficulties in its diagnosis

Chyong, K. K., 1975: Structure of the pedicel and connecting stalks of the ovariole of blood sucking mosquitoes culicidae a new additional index for determining physiological age

Bruns, W.; Hoppe, J.; Tsai, H.; Bruening, H. J.; Maywald, F.; Collins, J.; Mayer, H., 1985: Structure of the penicillin acylase ec gene from escherichia coli a periplasmic enzyme that undergoes multiple proteolytic processing

Surova, I. A.; Baratova, L. A.; Belyanova, L. P.; Stepanov, V. M., 1976: Structure of the pepsin fragment containing the functionally important aspartyl residue

Pandey, R. C.; Cook, J. C. Jr ; Rinehart, K. L-Jr, 1978: Structure of the peptide antibiotic antiamoebin ii

Sogn, J. A., 1976: Structure of the peptide antibiotic poly peptin

Koenig, W. A.; Engelfried, C.; Hagenmaier, H.; Kneifel, H., 1976: Structure of the peptide antibiotic stenothricin

Tomasz A., 1987: Structure of the peptide network of pneumococcal peptidoglycan

Otroshchenko O.S., 1981: Structure of the peptide part of verticillin

Mizuno, T., 1981: Structure of the peptido glycan associated lipo protein of the proteus mirabilis outer membrane 1. isolation and characterization of fatty acid containing peptides from peptido glycan associated lipo protein

Mizuno, T., 1981: Structure of the peptido glycan associated lipo protein of the proteus mirabilis outer membrane 2. sequence of the amino terminal part of the peptido glycan associated lipo protein

Burge, R. E.; Fowler, A. G.; Reaveley, D. A., 1977: Structure of the peptido glycan of bacterial cell walls part 1

Burge, R. E.; Adams, R.; Balyuzi, H. H. M.; Reaveley, D. A., 1977: Structure of the peptido glycan of bacterial cell walls part 2

Warth, A. D.; Strominger, J. L., 1969: Structure of the peptido glycan of bacterial spores occurrence of the lactam of muramic acid

Horisberger, M., 1977: Structure of the peptido glycans of moraxella glucidolytica and moraxella lwoffi grown on hydro carbons

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498045

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498046

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498047

Hoess, R. H.; Landy, A., 1978: Structure of the phage lambda att sites generated by int dependent deletions

Bollen K.A., 1983: Structure of the philadelphia geriatric center morale scale a re interpretation

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498050

Mikhailov E.A., 1984: Structure of the photic layer in the atlantic ocean in the area of the continental slope of the guinean coast based on the chemical biochemical and optical observations

Wildhaber I., 1988: Structure of the photosynthetic unit of rhodopseudomonas viridis

Dem'yanov, V. A., 1986: Structure of the phytogenic field of larix gmelinii rupr. rupr

Deeva N.M., 1987: Structure of the phytomass of forest phytocenoses in the northwestern putorana plateau russian sfsr ussr

Gavilanes J.G., 1987: Structure of the pigeon lysozyme and its relationship with other type c lysozymes

Haberly, L.; Behan, M., 1983: Structure of the piriform cortex of the opossum 3. ultrastructural characterization of synaptic terminals of association and olfactory bulb afferent fibers

Haberly, L. B., 1983: Structure of the piriform cortex of the opossum didelphis virginiana 1. description of neuron types with golgi methods

Haberly, L. B.; Feig, S. L., 1983: Structure of the piriform cortex of the opossum didelphis virginiana 2. fine structure of cell bodies and neuropil

Shugar D., 1983: Structure of the planar complex of n 4 methoxy cytosine with adenine and its relevance to the mechanism of hydroxylamine mutagenesis

Godson G.N., 1983: Structure of the plasmodium knowlesi gene coding for the circumsporozoite protein

Bennett J.S., 1987: Structure of the platelet membrane glycoprotein iib homology to the alpha subunits of the vitronectin and fibronectin membrane receptors

Abdalla A.B., 1980: Structure of the poll glands of the dromedary

Saenger W., 1981: Structure of the poly 2 thio uridylic acid duplex

Occolowitz, J. L.; Dorman, D. E.; Hamill, R. L., 1978: Structure of the poly ether antibiotic k 41 by mass and nmr spectrometry

Fedoroff, N. V.; Zinder, N. D., 1971: Structure of the poly guanosine polymerase component of the bacterio phage f 2 replicase

Babiuk L.A., 1984: Structure of the poly saccharide chain of pasteurella haemolytica serotype 4 lipo poly saccharide

Roy Burman P., 1984: Structure of the polymorphic feline c myc oncogene locus

Okuyama T., 1985: Structure of the polysaccharide moiety of the klebsiella o 3 lipopolysaccharide isolated from culture supernatant of decapsulated mutant klebsiella o 3 k 1 negative

Gutin L.I., 1986: Structure of the population genetic of the chum salmon from the northeast ussr and problems in the correct use of its resources

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498070

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498071

Rees, D. C.; Lipscomb, W. N., 1980: Structure of the potato inhibitor complex of carboxy peptidase a ec at 2.5 angstrom resolution

Mains R.E., 1987: Structure of the precursor to an enzyme mediating carboxyl terminal amidation in peptide biosynthesis

Timonin A.K., 1984: Structure of the primary conducting system of the stem of certain amaranthus spp

Lutz M., 1986: Structure of the primary donor of rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides difference resonance raman spectroscopy of reaction centers

Weeks, O. B.; Montes, A. R.; Andrews, A. G., 1980: Structure of the principal carotenoid pigment of cellulomonas biazotea

Weinberg R.A., 1981: Structure of the pro virus within nih 3t3 cells transfected with harvey sarcoma virus dna

Kruminya S.K., 1979: Structure of the process of reflection of time in the visual system

Meyer, E. F-Jr ; Radhakrishnan, R.; Cole, G. M.; Presta, L. G., 1986: Structure of the product complex of acetylalanylprolylalanine with porcine pancreatic elastase at 1.65 angstrom resolution

Tulyaganov N., 1983: Structure of the products of metabolism of deoxy peganin and deoxy vasicinone

Abyshev A.Z., 1980: Structure of the products of the photo reaction of osthole

De Crombrugghe B., 1981: Structure of the promoter for chicken alpha 2 type i collagen gene

Lodish H.F., 1985: Structure of the promoter of the dictyostelium discoideum prespore eb 4 gene

Yamada Y., 1985: Structure of the promoter of the rat type ii procollagen gene

De Vos N.R., 1981: Structure of the prostate and the pelvic urethra in barrows and the changes induced by di ethyl stilbestrol

Robinson, J. B. Jr ; Singh, M.; Srere, P. A., 1976: Structure of the prosthetic group of klebsiella aerogenes citrate pro 3s lyase ec

Marvin D.A., 1981: Structure of the protein and dna in fd filamentous bacterial virus

Bishop J.M., 1986: Structure of the protein encoded by the chicken proto oncogene c myb

Michel H., 1985: Structure of the protein subunits in the photosynthetic reaction center of rhodopseudomonas viridis at 3 angstrom resolution

Dickens P.A., 1984: Structure of the proteo lipid protein extracted from bovine central nervous system myelin with nondenaturing detergents

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498098

Tkachenko V.S., 1980: Structure of the provalsk steppe ukrainian ssr ussr reservation plants according to data of large scale geobotanical mapping

Clardy J., 1985: Structure of the psammaplysins

Hunt A.H., 1983: Structure of the pseudo aglycon a 35512b

Barnhart M., 1984: Structure of the pseudo aglycon of actaplanin

Witholt B., 1987: Structure of the pseudomonas putida alk bac operon identification of transcription and translation products

Landis, D. M. D.; Reese, T. S., 1977: Structure of the purkinje cell membrane in staggerer and weaver mutant mice

Unger S., 1985: Structure of the quinone antibiotic em 5519 and the behavior of quinones in fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry

Dooner, H. K.; Kermicle, J. L., 1971: Structure of the r r tandem duplication in maize m

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498107

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498108

Atanasiu P., 1981: Structure of the rabies virus spatial relationships of the proteins g m 1 m 2 and n

Karausheva A.I., 1980: Structure of the radiation field of a forest steppe oak grove phytocenosis

Andersen, R. D.; Apgar, P. A.; Burnett, R. M.; Darling, G. D.; Lequesne, M. E.; Mayhew, S. G.; Ludwig, M. L., 1972: Structure of the radical form of clostridial flavodoxin a new molecular model

Gedamu L., 1988: Structure of the rainbow trout metallothionein b gene and characterization of its metal responsive region

Ericson, M. L.; Rodin, J.; Lenman, M.; Glimelius, K.; Josefsson, L. G.; Rask, L., 1986: Structure of the rapeseed 1.7s storage protein napin and its precursor

Smuckler E.A., 1985: Structure of the rat alpha 1 acid glycoprotein gene

Marie J., 1987: Structure of the rat l type pyruvate kinase gene

Mori M., 1987: Structure of the rat ornithine carbamoyltransferase gene a large x chromosome linked gene with an atypical promoter

Rosenberg R.D., 1987: Structure of the rat platelet factor 4 gene a marker for megakaryocyte differentiation

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498119

Mynzhanova G.R., 1984: Structure of the rat thyroid gland during hypokinesia and after its elimination

Feher G., 1987: Structure of the reaction center from rhodobacter sphaeroides r 26 membrane protein interactions

Rees D.C., 1987: Structure of the reaction center from rhodobacter sphaeroides r 26 the cofactors

Rees D.C., 1987: Structure of the reaction center from rhodobacter sphaeroides r 26 the protein subunits

Yagi Y., 1981: Structure of the reaction product of germanium di oxide and l cysteine

Jones G.V., 1983: Structure of the recall process

Mass, A. M., 1976: Structure of the receptive fields of the superior colliculus neurons in the squirrel sciurus vulgaris

Et Al, 1986: Structure of the receptor for platelet derived growth factor helps define a family of closely related growth factor receptors

Kalishevich O.O., 1980: Structure of the receptor part of the eye and localization of screening pigments in some sea of japan decapods

Shimizu K., 1983: Structure of the reducing end groups in spruce picea abies xylan

Murray R.G.E., 1982: Structure of the regular surface layer of aquaspirillum serpens mw 5

Murray R.G.E., 1983: Structure of the regular surface layer of bacillus polymyxa

Murray R.G.E., 1980: Structure of the regular surface layer of spirillum putridiconchylium

Stewart, M.; Beveridge, J. T., 1980: Structure of the regular surface layer of sporosarcina ureae

Bolousova G.N., 1984: Structure of the renal artery wall during a restricted motor activity

Delius, H.; Howe, C.; Kozinski, A. W., 1971: Structure of the replicating dna from bacterio phage t 4

Meneghini R., 1979: Structure of the replication fork in uv light irradiated human cells

Petho, B., 1977: Structure of the residual dimension some observations by a controlled 5 year follow up study in schizophrenics

Hughes G.M., 1986: Structure of the respiratory air sac of heteropneustes fossilis bloch heteropneustidae pisces an electron microscope study

Sokol E.A., 1985: Structure of the respiratory cycle under excessive intrapulmonary pressure and various oxygen contents in a breathing mixture

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498140

Moxham S.E., 1983: Structure of the resting spore wall of plasmodiophora brassicae revealed by electron microscopy and chemical digestion

Vicentini C.A., 1984: Structure of the rete testis in the zebu cattle bos indicus

Mathies R.A., 1987: Structure of the retinal chromophore in the hr l intermediate of halorhodopsin from resonance raman spectroscopy

Anadon A., 1983: Structure of the rhabdom of the adult naupliar eye of artemia anostraca

Compans, R. W.; Content, J.; Duesberg, P. H., 1972: Structure of the ribo nucleo protein of influenza virus

Mclaughlin L.W., 1984: Structure of the ribo tri nucleoside di phosphate codon upupc bound to phenyl alanine transfer rna from yeast a time dependent transferred nuclear overhauser enhancement study

Stauffacher C., 1981: Structure of the rna in tobacco mosaic virus

Drygin Yu F., 1980: Structure of the rna ligase adenylate complex

Okazaki T., 1979: Structure of the rna portion of the rna linked dna pieces in bacterio phage t 4 infected escherichia coli cells

Dem'yanov V.A., 1983: Structure of the root systems of woody plants in the mountains of northern siberia ussr

Friis R., 1982: Structure of the rous sarcoma virus glyco protein complex in vitro phenotypic mixing of rous sarcoma virus

Sentandreu R., 1984: Structure of the saccharomyces cerevisiae cell wall mannoproteins released by zymolyase and their contribution to wall architecture

Herskowitz I., 1986: Structure of the saccharomyces cerevisiae ho gene and analysis of its upstream regulatory region

Lacroute F., 1988: Structure of the saccharomyces cerevisiae ura4 gene encoding dihydroorotase

Broach J., 1984: Structure of the sad mutation and the location of control sites at silent mating type genes in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Vikhert A.M., 1981: Structure of the sarcolemma of sub endo cardial purkinje fibers of the dog heart in the late stage of experimental myo cardial infarction

Rosenbluth J., 1986: Structure of the satellite cell sheath around the cell body axon hillock and initial segment of frog rana pipiens dorsal root ganglion cells

Strichartz G., 1982: Structure of the saxi toxin binding site at sodium channels in nerve membranes exchange of tritium from bound toxin molecules

Berger H., 1981: Structure of the scaffold in bacterio phage lambda pre heads removal of the scaffold leads to a change of the prehead shell

Senft A.W., 1979: Structure of the schistosome egg shell amino acid analysis and incorporation of labeled amino acids

Hall B.D., 1982: Structure of the schizosaccharomyces pombe cytochrome c gene

Nemirovich Danchenko E.N., 1983: Structure of the seed coat in representatives of the family bromeliaceae

Noll M., 1986: Structure of the segmentation gene paired and the drosophila prd gene set as part of a gene network

Monge, R. H., 1975: Structure of the self concept from adolescence through old age

Smith, W. W.; Burnett, R. M.; Darling, G. D.; Ludwig, M. L., 1977: Structure of the semi quinone form of flavodoxin from clostridium strain mp extension of 1.8 angstrom resolution and some comparisons with the oxidized state

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498167

Jann K., 1986: Structure of the serine containing capsular polysaccharide k 40 antigen from escherichia coli o 8 k 40 h 9

Furner R.L., 1987: Structure of the serotype f polysaccharide antigen of streptococcus mutans

Kao J.P.Y., 1980: Structure of the sesqui terpene aplysistatin

Steinegger E., 1979: Structure of the sesqui terpenes of petasites hybridus derivatives of neo petasol

Engel P., 1979: Structure of the sesqui terpenes of petasites hybridus petasol and iso petasol derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498174

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498175

Packard G.C., 1979: Structure of the shell and tertiary membranes of eggs of soft shell turtles trionyx spiniferus

Meyer Rochow V.B., 1982: Structure of the shell from eggs of the tuatara sphenodon punctatus

Tibor F., 1980: Structure of the shell membrane and development of the chorion allantois membrane in goose during incubation

Granados L.C., 1979: Structure of the shoot and ontogenesis of the cauline diaphragms in phytolacca icosandra

Pautov A.A., 1984: Structure of the shortened and lengthened shoots of populus alba salicaceae

Dyatlovitskaya, E. V.; Novikov, A. M.; Bergel'son, L. D., 1975: Structure of the sialo oligo saccharide moiety of a di sialosyl ganglioside from rat hepatoma 27

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498183

Hignett R.C., 1987: Structure of the sidechain of lipopolysaccharide from erwinia amylovora t

Hignett R.C., 1985: Structure of the sidechain of lipopolysaccharide from pseudomonas syringae pathovar morsprunorum c 28

Ottensmeyer F.P., 1985: Structure of the signal recognition particle by electron microscopy

Shcherbach T.A., 1981: Structure of the simple receptive field of the cat visual cortex

Leslie, A. G. W.; Arnott, S., 1978: Structure of the single stranded poly ribo nucleotide poly 2 o methyl cytidylic acid

Arnott, S.; Chandrasekaran, R.; Leslie, A. G. W., 1976: Structure of the single stranded poly ribo nucleotide poly cytidylic acid

Yohro, T., 1977: Structure of the sinus hair follicle in the big clawed shrew sorex unguiculatus

Raviola E., 1985: Structure of the sinus lining cells in the popliteal lymph node of the rabbit

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498192

Mittal A.K., 1986: Structure of the skin of agonus cataphractus teleostei

Rubets I.V., 1982: Structure of the sleep wakefulness cycle in experimental cerebral circulatory insufficiency

Georgiev G.P., 1986: Structure of the small polyadenylated b2 rna

Schroeder H.E., 1979: Structure of the soft palate and composition of the oral mucous membrane in monkeys

Malan'in A.N., 1987: Structure of the soil cover of kizil kum russian sfsr ussr saxaul communities

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498198

Alberro M., 1982: Structure of the spanish friesian bovine population and dissemination of genetic improvement through the spanish cattle industry

Solov'eva G.A., 1984: Structure of the spawning stock growth and fecundity of the peled coregonus peled salmonidae in bratsk reservoir russian sfsr ussr

Klein W.H., 1985: Structure of the spec 1 gene encoding a major calcium binding protein in the embryonic ectoderm of the sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus

Shin J.E.N., 1981: Structure of the specific oligo saccharides from the glyco peptido lipid antigens of serovars in the mycobacterium avium mycobacterium intracellular mycobacterium scrofulaceum complex

Correas, I.; Speicher, D. W.; Marchesi, V. T., 1986: Structure of the spectrin actin binding site of erythrocyte protein 4.1

Witalinski W., 1985: Structure of the spermatophore in the mite trombidium holosericeum acari trombidiformes

Clark, S. A.; Shepherd, A. M., 1977: Structure of the spicules and caudal sensory equipment in the male of aphelenchoides blastophthorus nematoda tylenchida aphelenchina

Meier, N. R.; Chamara, L. P., 1978: Structure of the sporoderm in psoralea drupacea leguminosae fabaceae

Prada-Moral, C.; De-Rivas, C. S., 1978: Structure of the sporoderm of the spanish species of the genera isoetes isoetales and cheilanthes filicales

Conti F., 1981: Structure of the squid axon membrane as derived from charge pulse relaxation studies in the presence of absorbed lipophilic ions

Dahr, W.; Gielen, W.; Beyreuther, K.; Krueger, J., 1980: Structure of the ss blood group antigens 1. isolation of ss active glyco peptides and differentiation of the antigens by modification of methionine

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498210

Amako K., 1987: Structure of the staphylococcus aureus cell wall determined by the freeze substitution method

Kuwahara Y., 1984: Structure of the stem and seta in the leafy hepaticae as correlated to their evolution

Keeler R.F., 1982: Structure of the steroidal alkaloid muldamine and its deacetyl derivative

Hoshita T., 1985: Structure of the steroidal lactone isolated from turtle amyda japonica bile 22s 25r 3 alpha 7 alpha 12 alpha trihydroxy 5 beta cholestano 26 22 lactone

Timonin A.K., 1985: Structure of the stomatal complex in some members of the family amaranthaceae

Nielsen, E. T., 1978: Structure of the stridulation of orchelimum orthoptera tettigoniidae

Hohtola A., 1980: Structure of the strobili of scotch pine pinus sylvestris from initiation to opening

Couteaux R., 1981: Structure of the subsynaptic sarcoplasm in the inter folds of the frog neuro muscular junction

Tojo A., 1986: Structure of the subunit protein of bipyramidal delta endotoxin produced by bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki strain hd 1

Zwolinski, G. K.; Bowien, B. U.; Harmon, F.; Wood, H. G., 1977: Structure of the subunits of trans carboxylase and their relationship to the quaternary structure of trans carboxylase ec

Werr, W.; Frommer, W. B.; Maas, C.; Starlinger, P., 1985: Structure of the sucrose synthase ec gene on chromosome 9 of zea mays

Kato, A.; Hirata, S.; Kobayashi, K., 1978: Structure of the sulfated oligo saccharide chain of ovo mucin/

Grano D., 1979: Structure of the surface layer protein of the outer membrane of spirillum serpens

Berdnikov V.R., 1986: Structure of the surface layers of gelatin gels

Dell B., 1981: Structure of the surface root system of eucalyptus marginata and its infection by phytophthora cinnamomi

Le Nguyen Khieu, 1983: Structure of the symbiotic algae from different species of hermatypic corals

Raviola G., 1982: Structure of the synaptic membranes in the inner plexiform layer of the retina a freeze fracture study in monkeys and rabbits

Folk W.R., 1982: Structure of the syrian hamster ribosomal dna repeat and identification of homologous and nonhomologous regions shared by human and hamster ribosomal dna species

Crews S.T., 1987: Structure of the t15 v h gene subfamily identification of immunoglobulin gene promoter homologies

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498230

Forst G., 1987: Structure of the tear film during the blinking process

Souza L.A.D., 1982: Structure of the tegument and its influence on the germination of the cassia cathartica leguminosae seeds

Kucherenko R.P., 1983: Structure of the terminal parts of the mono aminergic afferent system in the cortical parietal area of the rat brain

Szabo L., 1984: Structure of the terminal reducing hepta saccharide of poly saccharide 1 isolated from the bordetella pertussis endo toxin

Ronald K., 1979: Structure of the testis in neo nate and adult harp seals pagophilus groenlandicus

Aida K., 1983: Structure of the testis of the goby glossogobius olivaceus

Antosiewicz J., 1988: Structure of the tet repressor and tet repressor operator complexes in solution from electrooptical measurements and hydrodynamic simulations

Haque S., 1981: Structure of the tetrahymena pyriformis ribosomal rna gene nucleotide sequence of the transcription initiation region

Jain R., 1981: Structure of the tetrahymena pyriformis ribosomal rna gene nucleotide sequence of the transcription termination region

Suwa, K., 1976: Structure of the thoracic duct wall in human

Staehelin L.A., 1983: Structure of the thylakoids and envelope membranes of the cyanelles of cyanophora paradoxa

Panchenko N.A., 1983: Structure of the thymus and the bone marrow lymphocytes in explants

Podosinnikov I.S., 1985: Structure of the thymus iliac and mesenteric lymph nodes in rats during various periods of pregnancy

Chernyavskii F.B., 1980: Structure of the thyroid gland in lemmings dicrostonyx torquatus in connection with seasonal fluctuation and population abundance

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498245

Spicer S.S., 1981: Structure of the tight junctions of the human eccrine sweat gland

Budtz, P. E.; Larsen, L. O., 1975: Structure of the toad epidermis during the molting cycle part 2 electron microscopic observations on bufo bufo

Chauvin, C.; Witz, J.; Jacrot, B., 1978: Structure of the tomato bushy stunt virus a model for protein rna interaction

Potapova, E. G., 1976: Structure of the tongue in some dipodoidea

Mellema J.E., 1983: Structure of the top adenine thymine component of alfalfa mosaic virus a nonicosahedral virion

Blondet M., 1986: Structure of the total health test and its relationship to various factors study in the workplace

Jardetzky O., 1986: Structure of the toxic domain of the escherichia coli heat stable enterotoxin st i

Barrett, A. G. M.; Barton, D. H. R.; Russell, R. A.; Lindley, P. F.; Mahmoud, M. M., 1976: Structure of the toxisterols 2 x ray crystal structure of toxisterol 2 d epoxide

Peirone S.M., 1980: Structure of the tracheal mucosa in gallus gallus observations by scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy morphological and functional considerations

Lee-Chen, G. J.; Bourgeois, N.; Davidson, K.; Condit, R. C.; Niles, E. G., 1988: Structure of the transcription initiation and termination sequences of seven early genes in the vaccinia virus hin d iii d fragment

Preis L.H., 1986: Structure of the transcriptionally repressed phosphate repressible acid phosphatase gene pho 5 of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Mcdougall J.K., 1984: Structure of the transforming region of human cytomegalovirus ad 169

Ogawa K., 1981: Structure of the transparent layer in carious dentin

Hazelbauer G.L., 1984: Structure of the trg protein homologies with and differences from other sensory transducers of escherichia coli

Yanofsky C., 1983: Structure of the tri functional trp 1 gene from neurospora crassa and its aberrant expression in escherichia coli

Takahashi K., 1986: Structure of the trypsin binding domain of bowman birk type protease inhibitor and its interaction with trypsin

Hudson B.G., 1979: Structure of the tryptic glyco peptide isolated from rabbit transferrin

Luduena, R. F.; Shooter, E. M.; Wilson, L., 1977: Structure of the tubulin dimer

Baker, T. S.; Amos, L. A., 1978: Structure of the tubulin dimer in zinc induced sheets

Nielsen, T. B.; Lad, P. M.; Preston, M. S.; Kempner, E.; Schlegel, W.; Rodbell, M., 1981: Structure of the turkey erythrocyte adenylate cyclase ec system

Kaziro Y., 1986: Structure of the two genes coding for polypeptide chain elongation factor 1 alpha ef 1 alpha from saccharomyces cerevisiae

Bishop C.T., 1980: Structure of the type 33 streptococcus pneumoniae pneumococcal capsular poly saccharide

Bennett, L. G.; Bishop, C. T., 1977: Structure of the type xxvii streptococcus pneumoniae pneumococcal capsular poly saccharide

Sjoberg B M., 1982: Structure of the tyrosyl radical in bacterio phage t 4 induced ribo nucleotide reductase

Miyoshi S., 1987: Structure of the upper teeth of the filefish stephanolepis cirrhifer

Diaz-Cosin, D. J., 1975: Structure of the ureteral primary cells of theba pisana

Yamamoto K., 1987: Structure of the urinary bladder in the pacific cod

Shorey C.D., 1985: Structure of the uterine luminal epithelium of the brush tailed possum trichosurus vulpecula

Martonosi A., 1984: Structure of the vanadate induced crystals of sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase

Kuminova A.V., 1982: Structure of the vegetation of khakasia ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498277

Castro M.A., 1984: Structure of the vessel parenchyma membrane in persea americana var drymifolia lauraceae

Castro M.A., 1985: Structure of the vessel parenchyma pit membrane in some species of lauraceae

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Kamikura, M., 1986: Structures of subsidiary colors isolated from food green no. 3 and their separation and determination by high performance liquid chromatography studies on subsidiary colors in synthetic food colors ii

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Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498817

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Funatsu G., 1988: Structures of sugar chains of ricin d

Funatsu G., 1988: Structures of sugar chains of ricinus communis agglutinin

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Kobata A., 1979: Structures of the asparagine linked sugar chains of human chorionic gonadotropin

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Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498891

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Maeda N., 1986: Structures of two hae iii type genes in the human salivary proline rich protein multigene family

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Inouye H., 1982: Structures of unusually prenylated naphtho quinones of streptocarpus dunnii and its cell cultures

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Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498914

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498915

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Geraci G., 1986: Structuring of h 1 histone evidence of high affinity binding sites for phosphate ions

Hawksworth D.L., 1988: Structuring strain data for storage and retrieval of information on fungi and yeasts in mine the microbial information network europe

Pertuiset B.G., 1979: Struempell lorrains familial spasmodic paraplegia an anatomical and clinical review and a new case

Belot, J.; Pangui, J. L.; Samb, F., 1987: Struggle against fowl coccidiosis use of salinomycin coxistac n.d. pfizer on natural conditions in senegal

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Schlossman D., 1983: Strut fractures in debakey aortic valves

Valet, G., 1976: Struvea scoparia chlorophyceae from new caledonia and its systematic position

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Faingold C.L., 1987: Strychnine alters the fusiform cell output from the dorsal cochlear nucleus

Komisaruk B.R., 1985: Strychnine antagonizes vaginal stimulation produced analgesia at the spinal cord

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Muller, W. E.; Snyder, S. H., 1978: Strychnine binding associated with synaptic glycine receptors in rat spinal cord membranes ionic influences

Mcreynolds J.S., 1984: Strychnine blocks transient but not sustained inhibition in mudpuppy necturus maculosus retinal ganglion cells

Davis M., 1981: Strychnine brain stem and spinal mediation of excitatory effects on acoustic startle

Faingold C.L., 1980: Strychnine effects on the sensory response patterns of reticular formation neurons

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498964

Davis M., 1984: Strychnine increases acoustic startle amplitude but does not alter short term or long term habituation

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Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498967

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Blakley B.R., 1987: Strychnine poisoning of aquatic birds

Wilroy R.S., 1979: Strychnine therapy in nonketotic hyper glycinemia

Gitzelmann R., 1979: Strychnine treatment attempted in new born twins with severe nonketotic hyper glycinemia

Tavernier D., 1988: Strychnochromine an unusual c 18 indoline alkaloid from strychnos gossweileri

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498974

Schubert K., 1980: Sts 557 17 beta cyano methyl 17 beta hydroxy estra 4 9 10 dien 3 one as an interceptive in rodents and baboons

Kurischko A., 1980: Sts 557 a new orally active progestin with anti progestational and contragestational properties in rabbits

Wheeler, A. G-Jr, 1981: Stuart w. frost list of publications 1957 1980 new names proposed and species named in his honor

Shoemaker R.A., 1983: Stuartella suttonii new species the teleomorph of bactrodesmium obliquum var suttonii

Toussoun T.A., 1983: Stub inoculations do not incite fusarium wilt of chrysanthemum caused by fusarium oxysporum f sp chrysanthemi

Davies, A. B., 1975: Stub thumbs

Hertz M., 1984: Stub thumbs in israel revisited

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Papanastasis V.P., 1985: Stubble height basal cover and herbage production relationships in grasslands of northern greece

Siddoway F.H., 1980: Stubble height effects on seasonal micro climate water balance and plant development of no till winter wheat triticum aestivum

Platt A.P., 1984: Stubby winged mutants of limenitis nymphalidae their occurrence in relation to photoperiod and population size

Levenstein S., 1984: Student attachment to a general practice in cape town south africa 5 years experience

Zeppa R., 1985: Student attitudes about medical care and choice of a career in surgery

Zeppa R., 1987: Student attitudes about surgery in older patients before and after the surgical clerkship

Meredith G.M., 1985: Student based indicators of campus satisfaction as an outcome of higher education

Section 7, Chapter 6499, Accession 006498990

Campbell J.B., 1987: Student generated personality scales

Chelladurai P., 1987: Student involvement in decision making in university intercollegiate and intramural programs

Dietzer, M. L.; Annis, L. F., 1987: Student motivation capitalizing on an important classroom variable to improve learning and reduce attrition

Hansell S., 1982: Student parent and school effects on the stress of college application

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Carlson E.H., 1979: Student pilots referred to the neuro psychiatry branch usa air force school of aero space medicine 1968 1978 implications for selection

Spellacy W.N., 1986: Student response to gynecologic teaching associates

Schmitz E.D., 1986: Student taught and faculty taught seminars in undergraduate education another look

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