Studies in neotropical leptoceridae trichoptera ii. amphoropsyche new genus a new genus and species of leptocerinae from northern south america

Holzenthal, R.W.

International Journal of Entomology 27(3): 254-269


Accession: 006499518

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Amphoropsyche, n. gen. (Trichoptera: Leptoceridae: Leptocerinae), from northern South America is described and illustrated. Nine new species are placed in the new genus: A. ayura, A. cauca, A. choco, A. flinti, A. quebrada, and A. stellata from Colombia; A. napo from Ecuador; and A. aragua and A. refugia from Venezuela. Brachysetodes insularis is transferred to the new genus. Amphoropsyche is diagnosed by the presence of a large internal gland in the preanal appendages and by a tuft of closely appressed setae on the inferior appendages of the male genitalia. Its phylogenetic position is near the base of the Leptocerinae.