Studies of glucose isomerase 2. nitrogen sources of the medium for large scale production of glucose isomerase from streptomyces sp

Lai, C.L.

Report of the Taiwan Sugar Research Institute 91: 67-73


Accession: 006501159

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Use of defatted soybean and fodder yeast extracts as nitrogen sources for large scale production of glucose isomerase from Streptomyces sp. S41-10 was investigated. The effect of defatted soybean extract on the enzyme production varied with the method of extraction. The extract obtained with water at room temperature was more effective than those extracted with alkaline liquor and/or at elevated temperature. Extraction at high temperature was preferable for yeast extract. The enzyme activity of the cells produced from a medium using the mixture of these 2 extracts at a proper ratio was higher than that of the cells produced from the basal medium. The growth of Streptomyces cells was inhibited by the acid hydrolyzates obtained from high concentration of bagasse pith. Pretreatment of the hydrolyzate with lime was effective to eliminate the inhibition.