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Studies of monoclonal antibodies against human chorionic gonadotropin i. characterization of monoclonal antibody specific to beta subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin

Chow, S.N.; Ouyang, P.C.; Lee, C.L.; Lee, C.Y.G.

Journal of the Chinese Biochemical Society 14(1): 1-9


Accession: 006501647

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Monoclonal antibodies to human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) were generated with a modified hybridoma technique using a semi-solid medium containing methylcellulose for the initial cloning and recloning. One of the monoclonal antibodies designated as beta-hCG-4D6 was characterized biochemically and immunologically. This monoclonal antibody was shown to be IgG1 and specific to the beta-subunit of hCG as well as whole hCG. It exhibits little cross reactivity (< 1%) to alpha-subunit of hCG,LH,FSH and TSH. By competitive radioimmunoassay and Scatchard plot, the association constant between this monoclonal antibody and hCG was determined to be 8x 1010 M-1. The unusually high affinity of this antibody to hCG makes it feasible for application in the determination of low hCG concentrations by competitive radioimmunoassay and solid-phase sandwich immunoassays.

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