Studies of the conditioned reflex of fish in groups 3. conditioned reflex in a schooling fish the golden trevally caranx speciosus and appearance of aggressive behavior upon conditioning

Yamagishi, H.

Zoological Magazine (Tokyo) 90(2): 182-188


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-5118
Accession: 006502481

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A group of 4 young golden trevallies, a typical schooling fish, was conditioned to a sound (700 Hz) by means of a food-getting method (swimming into the feeding place). All fish succeeded in establishing stable positive reactions to the conditioned stimuli on the 5th day after the beginning of experiment. Slight individual differences were shown in the daily occurrence of a positive reaction to the conditioned stimuli. One of the 4 fish played a leading role in swimming into the feeding place upon application of the conditioned stimulus during the 1st half of the course of conditioning. Another of the 4 fish was observed to attack its schooling partners within and in front of the feeding place at the time of the experiment. This dominant fish often appeared as if it momentarily beat its partner with its whole body. These attacks did not lead to inhibition the conditioned behavior of the subordinates, because the dominant fish left the feeding place soon after every food reinforcement and began schooling with its partners as before.