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Studies of the conditions for inter conversions of exogenous chlorophylls a and b in green leaf homogenates

Goncharova, N.V.; Prudnikova, I.V.; Shlyk, A.A.

Vyestsi Akademii Navuk BSSR Syeryya Biyalahichnykh Navuk 4: 115-118


Accession: 006502483

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The greatest incorporation of exogenous 14C-Chla (chlorophyll) a into Chlb in homogenized green barley leaves is observed when dark incubation is carried out for 16 h at 37.degree. C. Addition of oxidized NADP stimulated the incorporation. Although exogenous 14C-Chlb was introduced in various ways and with 2- to 4-fold excess over unlabeled Chla in the presence of cofactors, Chlb was not transformed into Chla.

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