Studies of the effect of mitoxantrone on adjuvant induced arthritis in rats

Sloboda, A.E.; Oronsky, A.L.; Kerwar, S.S.

Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology 40(2): 236-243


ISSN/ISBN: 0090-1229
PMID: 3720025
DOI: 10.1016/0090-1229(86)90026-7
Accession: 006502576

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When rats with developing or established adjuvant arthritis are treated with mitoxantrone, the hind paw inflammation associated with the disease is inhibited. Radiographic analysis of the hind paws indicates that the agent suppresses joint destruction associated with the lesion. Comparative studies with cyclophosphamide indicate that mitoxantrone is more efficacious and at least 20 times more potent than cyclophosphamide. Mitoxantrone also appeared more effective when given by the subcutaneous route than the peritoneal route of administration.