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Studies on beta-propiolactone inactivated suckling mouse brain antirabies vaccine

Studies on beta-propiolactone inactivated suckling mouse brain antirabies vaccine

Indian Journal of Medical Research 68: 197-203

ISSN/ISBN: 0971-5916

PMID: 721195

The preparation of 5% .beta.-propiolactone (BPL) inactivated suckling mouse brain antirabies vaccine (SMB vaccine) was undertaken on an experimental scale. The immunogenicity of the vaccine was tested by Habel's test and serum neutralization test in vaccinated mice with different dosage schedules (7, 10 and 14 days) and by the active protection test against a fixed virus challenge. The results obtained were compared with those of BPL inactivated sheep brain antirabies vaccine. Habel's potency test carried out on these vaccines (Vaccine I-SMB homogenized in distilled water, Vaccine II-SMB homogenized in PBS [phosphate buffered saline] and Vaccine III-SMB sonicated) showed that SMB vaccine gave 3.4-4.3 log protection while 2.7 log protection was observed with freeze dried reference vaccine. An antibody response greater than 1:16 was achieved with 7 injections of all 3 types of SMB vaccine, whereas with the sheep brain vaccine the response was lower. The active protection test carried out with a fixed challenge virus dose (100 LD50) in immunized mice showed that 100% protection could be achieved by whole brain SMB vaccine after 7 injections. The maximum protection obtained by sheep brain vaccine was 80% with 14 injections.

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Accession: 006504845

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