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Chapter 6,506

Studies on body length composition of captured habu trimeresurus flavoviridis on amami oshima island japan

Minakami, K.; Nakamoto, E.; Matsushita, N.; Toriire, Y.; Takehara, K.; Fukushima, H.

Snake 12(1-2): 8-10


Accession: 006505014

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The mean total body length of captured habus on Amami Oshima Island may be shorter than past records indicate. The mean total body length of the male was 138 cm, which was 10 cm shorter than that recorded 18 yr before. The captured ratio of the longer habus has probably decreased. Although every month's and every year's sex ratio of habus was 7:3 (male:female) constantly, the ratio of female over 146 cm decreased gradually and the ratio of female more than 176 cm became zero. The lifespan of the female habu was possibly shorter than the male.

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