Section 7
Chapter 6,506

Studies on certain aspects of root surface fungi 1. fungi on living roots of pennisetum typhoides

Kanaujia, R.S.

Acta Mycologica 17(1-2): 5-26


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-625X
Accession: 006505371

The succession of fungi on the root regions of living P. typhoides (Burm f.) Stapf. et Hubb. July-Nov. 1970 and 1971 is described. A succession of fungi from nonrhizosphere .fwdarw. rhizosphere .fwdarw. cortical portion of rhizoplane .fwdarw. stele portion of rhizoplane was observed. The fungal population and number of species in the crown, middle and distal regions of roots in these 4 regions also exhibited a definite pattern. The presence and amounts of amino acids and sugars in root exudates (July-Oct.) and root extracts (July-Nov.) were studied. The amount of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin components, the pH and moisture content of nonrhizosphere soils from vertical zones were determined and the effect of root exudates on 15 rhizosphere fungi was studied.

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