Studies on cystic ovarian disease in dairy cattle part 2 therapeutic efficacy of an intra muscular injection of cortico steroids

Nakao, T.; Ono, H.; Sato, K.; Miyake, M.

Research Bulletin of Obihiro University Series I 9(3): 417-422


Accession: 006506092

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An average of 1.9 i.m. injections of betamethasone 10-40 mg or dexamethasone 10-20 mg resulted in a 74% pregnancy rate within 71.1 .+-. 46.4 days after the initial treatment in 100 cows with COD . Corticosteroids can be recommended for the treatment of COD. Pregnancy rates and the intervals from the 1st treatment to conception differed among the groups and subgroups. Recovery rates and their confidence limits (P LEQ 0.05), and the mean intervals from treatment to conception in each group are as follows: 83.3%, 92.7-71.7 and 56.8 .+-. 31.6 days in cows showing anestrus, 73.3%, 86.1-57.1 and 75.4 .+-. 50.6 days in cows exhibiting continuous or intense estrus, and 64.3%, 76.4-49.2 and 84.1 .+-. 53.7 days in cows showing irregular estrus. Among subgroups the highest pregnancy rate (100%) was obtained after an average of 57.0 .+-. 27.4 days in cows showing anestrus since calving.