Studies on derivatives of 2 amino 4 p chlorophenyl thiazole 5 acetic acid 4. addition reactions of thio glycolic acid to 2 n aralkylidene derivatives of 2 amino 4 p chlorophenyl thiazole 5 acetic acid

Stankiewicz, J.; Jakobiec, T.; Zawisza, T.

Archivum Immunologiae et Therapiae Experimentalis 29(6): 827-834


ISSN/ISBN: 0004-069X
Accession: 006506228

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In the course of studies on compounds with expected antiinflammatory and immunosuppressive activity a series of new derivatives of 2-amino-4-p-chlorophenylthiazole-5-acetic acid (2-[3'-(2'-phenyl-4'-ketothiazolidin)]-4-p-chlorophenylthiazole-5-acetic acid methyl ester, 2-[3'-(2-p-hydroxyphenyl-4'-ketothiazolidin)]-4-p-chlorophenylthiazole-5-acetic acid methyl ester, 2-[3'-(2'-p-chlorophenyl-4'-ketothiazolidin)]-4-p-chlorophenylthiazole-5-acetic acid methyl ester, 2-[3'-(2'-p-methoxyphenyl-4'-ketothiazolidin)]-4-p-chlorophenylthiazole-5-acetic acid methyl ester, 2-[3'-(2'-p-dimethylaminophenyl-4'-ketothiazolidin)]-4-p-chlorophenylthiazole-5-acetic acid methyl ester, 2-o-chlorobenzylamino-.alpha.-carboxymethane mercapto-4-p-chlorophenylthiazole-5-acetic acid methyl ester) were synthesized. Several new and unexpected details of the chemical properties of these compounds were revealed. The chemical structure of the new compounds was confirmed by degradation and identification of the decomposition products and by spectral analysis.