Studies on ecological characteristics of solidago altissima part 1 effects of soil moisture nutrient elements and shading on the growth

Hijimoto, S.; Itani, T.

Bulletin of the Hiroshima Agricultural College 5(2): 117-124


Accession: 006506612

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Golden rod, S. altissima, seedlings propagated by cutting were studied for about 3 mo. Optimum water holding capacity for growth was 50%-70%. The seedlings grew normally even at severe conditions, i.e., at 30% and 90%. Among the nutrients applied to the granitic clay and sandy loam, K2O affected growth less than N and P2O5 did. The dry matter weights of top yields were reduced to 80-90% without K2O, 45-50% without N or P2O5 and 40-50% without any nutrient. The tested plants were tolerant to shading. The highest yields were obtained under full sunshine.