Studies on effect of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium fertilizers singly and in combination with pesticides on cowpea vigna unguiculata infected with meloidogyne javanica

Verma, K.K.; Gupta, D.C.

Indian Journal of Nematology 16(1): 51-55


ISSN/ISBN: 0303-6960
Accession: 006506655

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Effect of aldicarb and carbofuran at different dosages individually and in combination, with different NPK fertilizers on population development of Meloidogyne javanica and also on extent of damage to cowpea variety, Pusa dofasali was investigated. Plants, inoculated one week after germination, with 1,000 seed stage larvae of M. javanic along with 20 kg K/ha resulted in significant increase in plant growth, maximum number of galls, minimum number of egg masses. Aldicarb at 1 kg a.i./ha recorded minimum number of eggs/egg mass.