Studies on fattening of swine fed on unpolished rice 2. fattening trial with unpolished rice formula feed and dent corn formula feed combined to follow the feed for performance test of meat production of swine/

Oota, S.; Takahashi, T.; Ikarashi, H.; Ishikawa, T.; Honma, H.; Maruyama, T.; Hasegawa, N.

Journal of the Yamagata Agriculture and Forestry Society 40: 43-48


Accession: 006507053

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A fattening trial was carried out by feeding ad lib unpolished rice and dent corn which were combined with 44% of grain parts of dent corn and milo in the feed for performance test of meat production of swine. As a result of the digestion trial, DCP of the unpolished rice formula feed (experimental plot) were 12.2 and 71.9%, and in case of dent corn formula feed (control plot) were 12.3 and 72.2%, respectively; the 2 plots did not differ significantly. The daily gain and the feed conversion ratio were inclined to be better in the experimental plot than in control plot. The carcass weight and the dressed carcass quality did not differ remarkably between the 2 plots. In the case of using unpolished rice as a feed stuff of formula feed of swine, unpolished rice had more nutrient value and fattening effect than dent corn.