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Studies on genetic improvement of korean native cattle 3. heterosis between korean native brahman and santa gertrudis cattle

Cheong, S.K.

Research Reports of the Office of Rural Development (Suweon) 20(LIVEST): 55-66


Accession: 006507459

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Additive, non-additive and maternal effects were estimated on the 4 body measurements [body weight, withers height, body length and chest girth] of single crossbred and backcrossbred with Brahman (B) and Santa Gertrudis (S) bulls to Korean native (K) cows. Average of additive and non-additive effect of singlecrossbred (BK,SK) were 95.2-98.9 and 1.1-4.8%, respectively. Additive, non-additive and maternal effects of backcrossbred (B.cntdot.BK, S.cntdot.SK) were 96.29-97.12, 0.93-1.96 and 0.96-2.61%, respectively. Crossbreds increased 29.1-40.1% over Korean native cattle in the body weight.

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