Section 7
Chapter 6,509

Studies on iron metabolism and iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women theoretical discussion on the relation between serum iron level and iron dose clinical results after iron therapy

Kurabayashi, M.

Acta Obstetrica et Gynaecologica Japonica (Japanese Edition) 32(7): 833-841


Accession: 006508720

Animal and clinical studies were performed to establish a criterion for diagnosis of Fe-deficiency anemia and a standard dose of the i.v. Fe treatment, based on properties of serum transferrin (Tr) in Fe metabolism during gestation. 59Fe-labeled large molecular colloid Fe-solution (CSA[chondroitinsulfate]-Fe) was injected in pregnant rats: the Fe transferring to the fetuses originated from the mothers' serum Fe isolated from CSA-Fe. There was no difference of Fe supplying abilities of Tr across to maternal and fetal tissues of rat, in anemia in the latter stage of gestation (A) and in non-pregnant Fe-deficiency anemia (B), but there was significant difference in nature of Tr between rat and woman. There was no difference in 59Fe-uptake into the rat reticulocytes from Tr between A and B. In the clinical study, Fe utilization rate was correlated with serum Fe saturation rate both in A and B. CSA-Fe was clinically given for A and B according to the original formulas, and utility of the formulas were confirmed.

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