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Studies on kusaya part 1 comparison of composition of kusaya brine at niijima and oshima islands

Fujii, T.

Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi 43(5): 517-522


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-5392
Accession: 006508827

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Kusaya is a special brined and dried fish produced in Niijima and its neighboring islands [Japan]. Its long shelf life and peculiar flavor are reputable among consumers. Chemical and microbiological analyses of 4 samples of kusaya brine were carried out; 2 of the samples were obtained at Niijima Island and the others at Oshima Island. The pH value (6.9-7.1), ash (2.7-4.0%), water content (93.3-95.7%), NaCl concentration (2.7-3.7%), crude fat content (0.7-1.2%), amount of total N (397-467 mg/100 ml) and volatile basic N (339-427 mg/100 ml) and viable cell counts on nutrient agar plate (2.5 .times. 107-1.7 .times. 108 cells/ml) did not differ significantly among samples. Amine contents of samples from Niijima and those from Oshima were quite different; trimethylamine was detected in only Oshima samples and dimethylamine only in the samples from Niijima. Considerable differences in contents of volatile S compounds were observed.

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