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Studies on litter fungi part 1 myco flora of atlantia monophylla and gymnosporia emarginata litter

Vittal, B.P.R.

Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences Section B 83(4): 133-138


Accession: 006509115

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The mycoflora colonizing the litter of A. monophylla Corr. and G. emarginata Laws. was analyzed at monthly intervals during a 1-yr period. The fungi were grouped as dominant, common, frequent, occasional and rare depending on their percentage frequency. Only a few fungi appeared to be dominant on each plant species and nearly half the number of species recorded occurred sporadically. Each plant had its own characteristic dominant mycoflora which included mostly host specific forms. Many species were found to be common to both plant species, but the frequency and percentage occurrence of these species was different on both litter types.

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