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Studies on male and female meiosis in indiana allium 2. auto tetra ploid allium tuberosum

Gohil, R.N.; Kaul, R.

Chromosoma 82(5): 735-740


ISSN/ISBN: 0009-5915
Accession: 006509270

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Male meiosis in autotetraploid A. tuberosum (4 .times. = 32) is fairly regular, keeping in view its cytological status, with 81% of the chromosomes associated in quadrivalents and trivalents. Approximately 5% of the cells have 32 univalents. Anaphase segregation is slightly irregular. While 48% of the pollen mitoses show 16 chromosomes, 87% of the mature pollen is viable as indicated by carmine or I staining. Megaspore mother cells have 64 chromosomes associated in 32 bivalents at metaphase I. Anaphase segregation is normal. In 3 of 56 cells studied, multivalents, bivalents and univalents are observed as in male meiosis. The species reproduces by pseudogamous parthenogenesis made possible by meiotic modification. This modification is almost perfect and almost completely specific for female meiosis. Slight effects are observed in male meiosis.

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