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Studies on mutagenicity of commercial smoke flavors 2. cyto genetic effects on chromosomes of the bone marrow cells of male mice

Watanabe, K.; Dogasaki, C.; Watanabe, S.

Bulletin of Azabu University Veterinary Medicine 4(1): 77-84


Accession: 006509903

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Eight wood smoke flavor samples, available in the market, were studied for their cytogenetic effects on chromosomes of the bone marrow cells of male mice. Mutation assays utilizing microbial systems detected mutagenicity from 4 of these product samples. All 8 samples were studied, each in 3 doses, i.e. the maximum tolerated dose (for acute: 1.5-5.5 ml/kg, for subacute: 0.6-3.1 ml/kg; determined by i.p. administration), the dose of usage level (for acute: 0.004 ml/kg, for subacute: 0.004 ml/kg; calculated from the estimated human intake of wood smoke flavor in Japan), and the intermediate dose (for acute: 0.75-2.75 ml/kg, for subacute: 0.3-1.55 ml/kg). Each dose was given in a single administration and 1/day for a period of 5 days for the subacute study. None of the samples produced chromosome aberrations in any of the test groups, and there were no significant differences between the test groups and the negative control groups.

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