Section 7
Chapter 6,511

Studies on neotropical pompilidae hymenoptera part 10 supplementary notes

Evans, H.E.

Psyche 83(3-4): 263-270


ISSN/ISBN: 0033-2615
Accession: 006510019

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Additional distributional data for Neotropical pompilids include a female Mystacagenia albiceps Evans from Jacareacanga, Para, Brazil, a female Epipompilus tacumanus Evans from Buena Vista, Santa Cruz Department, Bolivia, and a male E. nigribasis (Banks) from Bar del Isle, St. Lucia, Lesser Antilles, West Indies. Anoplius (Arachnophroctonus) cteniphagus sp. nov. is described from 1 female from Fortin de las Flores, Veracruz, Mexico at 3350 ft elevation. It was found dragging a stunned ctenid spider, Ciupinnius foliatus. It has dense hair, an emarginate clypeus and an angulate pronotum. Epipompilus jamaicensis sp. nov. is described from 1 female from Hardwar Gap, Jamaica at 4000 ft elevation. It resembles most closely E. insolitus Evans and E. delicatus Turner but differs from them in the possession of only 2 submarginal cells and in having the head ferruginous, the postnotum extremely short and the tibae wholly without spines. E. quinquenotatus sp. nov. is described from a female from Saavedra, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. An allotype and an additional 16 male and 2 female paratypes are described from the same location. White spots on tergites 2 and 3 are distinctive in the males. E. morosus sp. nov. is described from 1 female from Saavedra, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. It is considerably different from all related species and is a member of the E. azteca species group.