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Studies on nitrate accumulation in forage crops part 1 content of nitrate nitrogen in forage turnip

Yoshida, S.; Kayama, R.

Grassland Science 22(2): 104-109


ISSN/ISBN: 1744-6961
Accession: 006510099

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The nitrate-N contents in both the top and the root of turnip are high in the early stage of growth and are about 10 mg in average as NO3-N/g in dry matter. These contents decrease rapidly and are kept constantly at a low level in the later stages of growth. Nitrate-N content of the root is higher than that of the top in the later stage. The ratios of nitrate-N in both parts of turnip are high in the early stage of growth. This ratio in the top gradually decreases with aging, whereas the ratio in the root increases again at harvesting. The nitrate-N content of the petiole is higher than that of the blade, and that of tuber root is lower than that of the fibrous root. The older or outer leaves are the lowest in total-N content. The application of barnyard manure does not necessarily increase the nitrate N content in the top and the root of turnip. The possibility of nitrate poisoning in ruminants fed with large amounts of forage turnip with young leaves is indicated.

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