Section 7
Chapter 6,514

Studies on the antigenic relationship between grass and rye pollens by skin test radio allergo sorbent test and radio allergo sorbent test inhibition test in patients with pollinosis

Kalveram, K.J.; Forck, G.

Archiv fuer Dermatologische Forschung 260(1): 17-28


Accession: 006513464

Skin tests on patients suffering from pollinosis frequently suggest an antigenic relationship between various grass and rye pollens. This problem was further studied using the RAST [radioallergosorbent test] and RAST inhibition test. The tests were performed with commercial grass pollen discs as well as with self-prepared discs labeled with rye pollens and a combination of various grass antigens. Good agreement was found between self-made and commercial (single antigen) grass pollen discs (95.9%). RAST and skin test correlated also extremely well (92.3%). Mutual inhibition between grass and rye pollens was measured by RAST inhibition test using self-prepared discs. A significant antigenic relationship was found between grass and rye pollens. The antibody pattern varies and contains grass-specific antibodies.

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