Section 7
Chapter 6,514

Studies on the artificial reproduction of tricholoma matsutake 7. antibiotic activities of volatile substances extracted from a shiro of tricholoma matsutake

Tsuruta, T.; Kawai, M.

Nippon Kingakukai Kaiho 20(2): 211-219


Accession: 006513595

Volatile organic substances were extracted with steam distillation or ethylether from an active mycorrhiza of T. matsutake. The extracts, fractionated with gas chromatography, contained various volatile substances; 6 fractions (A-F) were main components. Components A-D were more abundant in the ether extracted fractions; component F was higher in the steam distillated fractions. These extracts suppressed growth of Bacillus subtilis in vitro; no effect on the growth of Penicillium citrinum or Trichoderma viride was noticeable. By comparison of retention times between each component and authentic terpenes, component A was probably .alpha.-pinene, component B was possibly .beta.-pinene and limonene was assumed to be contained in the extracts. .alpha.-Pinene had a strong antibiotic activity against B. subtilis and when added to soil, number of soil bacteria and fungi in the soil were reduced.

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