Studies on the bacterial flora of nasser's lake egypt notes on the distribution of unclassified mesophilic species of genus bacillus in the lake water

Elwan, S.H.; El-Hoseiny, M.M.; Haroun, B.M.; Meki, M.A.

Egyptian Journal of Microbiology 20(2): 271-276


Accession: 006513690

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An attempt has been made to study the bacterial flora of Nasser's lake along about150 km at various depths and localities. Nutrient agar medium and blood agar medium were used for isolation and purification of used bacterial isolates. Stress was made on the description and identity of five mesophilic isolates related to genus Bacillus. Identification studies revealed that one isolate is similar to less extent to B. circulans, one to B. coagulans, one is intermediate in its characters between B. circulans, B. stearothermophilus and B. coagulans and two are kept as unidentifiable species of genus Bacillus. Results have also shown that the identification of these isolates according to the conventional classification studies is problematic and still needs efforts suggested to deal with numerical taxonomy in association with the conventional classification studies that should incorporate biochemical, biophysical and serological investigations in addition to the morphological differentiation studies.