Studies on the control of di ploid like meiosis in poly ploid taxa of chrysanthemum 4. colchi ploids and the process of cyto genetic di ploidization

Watanabe, K.

Theoretical and Applied Genetics 66(1): 9-14


ISSN/ISBN: 0040-5752
Accession: 006515041

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Chromosome pairing during meiosis was studied in colchiploids of C. japonense 6X and C. boreale 2X. In both species chromosomes paired predominantly as bivalents, even though because of complete homology they possess the ability to pair as multivalents. Multivalent formation is prevented by restriction of pairing initiation to a single site (= zygomere) per chromosome. Multivalent suppressor systems in polyploids may evolve through gradual reduction in number of zygomeres, and differentiation in their homology recognition and regulation system.