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Studies on the essential oils of the pakistani species of the family umbelliferae part liii. the essential oil of bupleurum tenue buch seed

Ahmad, M.; Maqbool, J.R.; Sabir, A.W.; Bhatty, M.K.

Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research 30(8): 603-604


ISSN/ISBN: 0030-9885
Accession: 006516369

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The essential oil of Bupleurum tenue Buch growing wild in Pakistan, has been characterized and studied with respect to its physico-chemical properties and chemical composition. The percentage composition of the oil as determined by column chromatography coupled with gas liquid chromatography of the hydrocarbons and the oxygenated components have been reported. The composition thus obtained is santene (8.70%), p-cymene (1.81%), .beta.-phellendrene (2.11%), camphene (3.95%), .alpha.-pinene (1.68%), .alpha.-thujene (1.97%), limonene (2.99%), geranyl acetate (9.78%), citronellyl acetate (8.39%), borneol (3.02%), mixture of unknown hydroxy compounds and coumarins (22.80%) and tarry matter (9.70%).

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