Studies on the function of the fertilizer trees 11. effect of manuring on the nutrient absorption and the growth of some fertilizer trees

Nakajima, Y.; Tsujita, A.; Imon, Y.

Bulletin of the Ehime University Forest 16: 173-192


Accession: 006516959

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The effect of fertilizing Yamahannoki (Alnus hirsuta Turcz. var. Sibirica C.K.Schn) and Ooba-Yashabushi (A. Sieboldiana Matsum) [so-called 'fertilizer-trees'] were studied. A manuring test with 6 treatments, (manured with NPK, NP, PK, NK, N and non-fertilizer) was put in practice. (15NH4)2SO4 was used as N-fertilizer to explain the N-absorption of those species from the N-fertilizer applied. In case of the fertilizer-trees, they owe the greater part of N absorption to their root-nodules and owe little to the N-fertilizer applied. The growth of the fertilizer-trees is greatly affected by N adsorption like other common species. Therefore, on the occasion of manuring to the fertilizer-trees, it seems most important to attempt to increase the growth and the activity of root-nodules. For this purpose, manuring P may be most effective and manuring N or K has scarcely any effect.