Studies on the ovarian development in the house fly musca domestica vicina part 4 the function of fat body related with oogenesis

Sakurai, H.

Medical Entomology and Zoology 28(2): 99-104


Accession: 006519973

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To analyze the mechanism of ovarian development in the housefly M. domestica vicina the functional role of fat body was investigated with special reference to nutrient supply to the developing ovary. Histological study of the female abdominal fat body showed that newly emerged ones possess 2 types of fat body, pupal fat body in a large quantity and adult fat body in a small quantity. The former contained more lipid and protein, the latter nucleic acid and lipid. Pupal fat body disappeared shortly after emergence as a result of cell-lysis, while adult fat body exhibited vigorous development with maturation. A correlation between cell-lysis in pupal fat body and growth of the 1st-follicle was seen, which suggested a close relationship between fat body function and ovarian development. To clarify the function of pupal fat body, the effect of a protein sugar diet on egg production was examined. Females fed a sugar diet were capable of producing mature eggs of .times. 70% of milk-fed flies. When females were hemicastrated immediately after emergence, little difference was found in egg number of the remaining ovary between milk-fed and sugar-fed flies. Pupal fat body probably reserved adequate vitellogenic substance to mature follicles of the unilateral ovary. Effects of surgery and starvation on the retention of pupal fat body were investigated. Ovariectomy resulted in retardation of cell-lysis in pupil fat body, implying an influence of ovarian growth upon cell-lysis. Cell-lysis was suppressed conspicuously in the straved, decapitated and allatectomized flies. With treatment of a juvenile hormone [JH] analogue methoprene cell-lysis of pupal fat body was accelerated remarkably in all females. JH stimulated cell-lysis of pupal fat body.