Studies on the relationship between adrenal cortico steroids and acupuncture analgesia part 1 effect of gluco cortico steroids in rats


Acta Zoologica Sinica 24(1): 71-80


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-7302
Accession: 006521148

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An animal model of acupuncture analgesia using conscious albino rats was devised to investigate the relationship between corticosteroids and acupuncture analgesia. The plasma corticosterone rose markedly after the rats were placed in fixing cases and the tail stimulated mechanically, but the rat's pain threshold was not affected by such stress. Exogenous glucocorticosteroid (hydrocortisone and corticosterone) had no effect on the pain threshold and acupuncture analgesia. No difference in pain threshold and acupuncture analgesia effect was noticed before or after bilateral adrenalectomy in the absence of corticosteroid supplement, although their plasma corticosterone had dropped to a very low level. No difference in pain threshold and acupuncture analgesic effect was observed before and after dexamethasone treatments. Corticosteroid, especially glucocorticosteroids, may not play a role in the mediation of acupuncture analgesia. Therefore the acupuncture analgesia is not a simple process of stress. Acupuncture analgesia and stress are 2 different physiological phenomena.