Studies on the relationship between adrenal cortico steroids and acupuncture analgesia part 2 clinical study of gluco cortico steroids

Acad-Sin-Inst-Zool-Dep-Endocrinol-Res-Group-Acupunct-Anaesth ; Peking-Res-Inst-Group-Acupunct-Anaesth ; Gen-Hosp-Pla-Group-Acupunct-Anaesth

Acta Zoologica Sinica 24(1): 81-84


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-7302
Accession: 006521149

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Experiments carried out during clinical surgery under acupuncture anesthesia consisted of the determination of plasma endogenous corticosteroid level at various intervals before and after the operation and the effect of exogenous glucocorticosteroid on the performance of acupuncture anesthesia. When acupuncture as given to patients with a high level of plasma corticosteroid, no further increase in hormone was noticed. Corticosteroid was profoundly elevated following surgical trauma. The changes were not correlated with the outcome of acupuncture anesthesia. The administration of hydrocortisone did not improve the effect of acupuncture anesthesia. Adrenal corticosteroids, especially glucocorticosteroid, apparently do not participate in clinical acupuncture anesthesia or acupuncture analgesia. This is in agreement with the results of animal experiments.