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Studies on the temperate bacteriophages from bacillus licheniformis ii. molecular biological characterization of dna

Acta Genetica Sinica 13(3): 179-183

Studies on the temperate bacteriophages from bacillus licheniformis ii. molecular biological characterization of dna

DNA was extracted from a group of phages: Blp7, Blp11, and Blp16. By using electron microscopic measurement, the contour length of Blp7 DNA was determined to be 62.75 .+-. 1.47 kb. These phages contained a cos site, and the similarity between them and .lambda. phage was identified. After DNA partial denaturation with alkaline, the R- end or L-end of Blp7 DNA was recognized under the electron microscope. Blp7 and Blp16 DNA were digested with restriction endonuclease EcoRI and BamHI, and the DNA polymorphism was observed.

Accession: 006522428

Related references

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