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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6525

Chapter 6525 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Nagarajah, S.; Ratasooriya, G. B., 1977: Studies with anti transpirants on tea camellia sinensis

Takaku F., 1988: Studies with antipeptide antibody suggest the presence of at least two types of glucose transporter in rat brain and adipocyte

Soeiro R., 1982: Studies with aphidicolin on the fv 1 host restriction of friend murine leukemia virus

Linial, M.; Malamy, M. H., 1970: Studies with bacterio phage phi ii events following infection of male and female derivatives of escherichia coli k 12

Groener, A.; Huber, J.; Krieg, A., 1978: Studies with baculoviruses on mammals

Feutrill, G. I.; Mirrington, R. N., 1978: Studies with bi cyclo 2 2 2 octenes part 8 synthesis of the tri cyclo 5 2 2 0 1 5 undecane skeleton related to eremo lactone

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524006

Winchester, R. J.; Wang, C. Y.; Halper, J.; Hoffman, T., 1976: Studies with bone marrow derived cell allo anti sera and hetero anti sera parallel reactivity and special properties

Rogers, R.; Ellis, D. S.; Denham, D. A., 1976: Studies with brugia pahangi part 14 intra uterine development of the microfilaria and a comparison with other filarial species

Oothuman, P.; Denham, D. A.; Mcgreevy, P. B.; Nelson, G. S., 1978: Studies with brugia pahangi part 15 cobalt 60 irradiation of the worm

Desowitz, R. S.; Oothuman, P.; Denham, D. A., 1978: Studies with brugia pahangi part 16 precipitation antibody in infected cats detected by counter immuno electrophoresis

Denham, D. A.; Suswillo, R. R.; Rogers, R.; Mcgreevy, P. B., 1978: Studies with brugia pahangi part 17 the anti helminthic effects of di ethyl carbamazine

Denham, D. A.; Suswillo, R. R.; Rogers, R., 1978: Studies with brugia pahangi part 18 anti helminthic effects of stibocaptate

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524013

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524014

Moza, P.; Scheunert, I.; Klein, W.; Korte, F., 1979: Studies with carbon 14 labeled 2 4' 5 tri chloro bi phenyl and 2 2' 4 4' 6 penta chloro bi phenyl in carrots sugar beets and soil

Rhodes R.C., 1980: Studies with carbon 14 labeled hexazinone in water and bluegill sunfish lepomis macrochirus

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524017

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524018

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524019

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524020

Unger A.L., 1986: Studies with chymotrypsin and rnase showing a heterooligomeric structure of the glucocorticoid receptor complex from rat liver which is stabilized by a low molecular weight factor

Roizin Towle L., 1981: Studies with cis di ammine di chloro platinum ii and exogenous poly amines using mammalian cells in culture

Weitzman, I.; Crist, M. Y., 1979: Studies with clinical isolates of cunninghamella 1. mating behavior

Nakaue, H. S.; Koelliker, J. K., 1981: Studies with clinoptilolite in poultry 1. effect of feeding varying levels of clinoptilolite zeolite to dwarf single comb white leghorn pullets and ammonia production

Nakaue, H. S.; Pierson, M. L.; Koelliker, J. K., 1974: Studies with clinoptilolite in poultry 2. effect of feeding broilers and the direct application of clinoptilolite zeolite on clean and reused broiler litter on broiler performance and house environment

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524027

Greenwood, B. M.; Greenwood, A. M.; Bradley, A. K.; Ball, P. A. J.; Lapeyssonnie, L.; Fayet, M. T.; Gilles, H. M., 1981: Studies with combined meningococcal vaccines 1. a combined meningococcal measles and tetanus vaccine

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524029

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524030

Herberg L., 1979: Studies with crystalline insulin from obese and lean mice of the bl 6j strain

Tew, K. D.; Taylor, D. M., 1977: Studies with cyclo phosphamide labeled with phosphorus 32 nucleic acid alkylation and its effect on dna synthesis in rat tumor and normal tissues

Gaull G.E., 1982: Studies with cystathionase deficient lymphoid cell lines in culture

Bellocq J., 1980: Studies with dasypus hybridus dasypus novemcinctus and chaetophractus villosus

Sutton, W. D.; Jepsen, N. M., 1975: Studies with detached lupine root nodules in culture part 1 maintenance and induction of acetylene reduction activity

Dean, B. J.; Thorpe, E., 1972: Studies with dichlorvos vapor in dominant lethal mutation tests on mice

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524037

Kung, S. D.; Moscarello, M. A.; Williams, J. P., 1972: Studies with dna from blue green algae

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524039

Joyner L.P., 1980: Studies with eimeria acervulina and eimeria mivati pathogenicity and cross immunity

Della Porta A.J., 1988: Studies with elisa for the serodiagnosis of bluetongue and epizootic hemorrhagic disease of deer

Goldhagen, P. E.; Freeman, M. L.; Hall, E. J., 1982: Studies with encapsulated iodine 125 sources 1. apparatus and dosimetry for determination of relative biological effectiveness

Freeman, M. L.; Goldhagen, P.; Sierra, E.; Hall, E. J., 1982: Studies with encapsulated iodine 125 sources 2. determination of the relative biological effectiveness using cultured mammalian cells

Kliauga, P. J.; Rossi, H. H., 1982: Studies with encapsulated sources of iodine 125 3. micro dosimetry using a nonmetallic wall less proportional counter

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524045

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524046

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524047

Gayda R., 1988: Studies with ftsa lacz protein fusions reveal ftsa located inner outer membrane junctions

Wenz, A.; Ghisla, S.; Thorpe, C., 1985: Studies with general acyl coenzyme a dehydrogenase ec from pig kidney inactivation by a novel type of suicide inhibitor 3 4 pentadienoyl coenzyme a

Spector, T., 1975: Studies with gmp synthetase ec from ehrlich ascites cells purification properties and interactions with nucleotide analogs

El Bannany A.A.A., 1987: Studies with heterocyclic hydrazidic halides new pyrazolo 5 1 c 1 2 4 triazoles and pyrazolo 5 1 c 1 2 4 triazines

Sutton, E. I.; Bowland, J. P.; Mccarthy, J. F., 1977: Studies with horses comparing 4 normal hydro chloric acid insoluble ash as an index material with total fecal collection in the determination of apparent digestibilities

Valentine, W. N.; Paglia, D. E., 1983: Studies with human erythrocyte pyruvate kinase ec effects of modification of sulfhydryl groups

Bell, D. A.; Thiem, P. A.; Vaughan, J. H.; Leddy, J. P., 1975: Studies with human leukocyte lysosomes evidence for anti lysosome antibodies in lupus erythematosus and for the presence of lysosomal antigen in inflammatory diseases

Davis H.R., 1980: Studies with implantable artificial capillary units containing rat islets on diabetic drugs

Mumford, J.; Wood, J. M.; Scott, A. M.; Folkers, C.; Schild, G. C., 1983: Studies with inactivated equine influenza vaccine 2. protection against experimental infection with influenza virus a equine newmarket 79 h 3n 8

Li J.S., 1984: Studies with inhibitors of oligo saccharide processing indicate a functional role for complex sugars in the transport and proteolysis of friend mink cell focus inducing murine leukemia virus envelope proteins

Hudson, D. R.; Hunter, R. A.; Peter, D. W., 1981: Studies with intra ruminal selenium pellet 2. the effect of grain size of selenium on the functional life of pellets in sheep

Peterson, C. M.; Lu, Y. S.; Herbert, J. T.; Cerami, A.; Gillette, P. N., 1974: Studies with intra venous sodium cyanate in patients with sickle cell anemia

Damus P., 1980: Studies with iodine 131 labeled anti thrombin iii in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524062

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524063

Winson, I. G.; Smit, J. M.; Potter, C. W.; Howard, P., 1977: Studies with live attenuated influenza virus in chronic bronchitis

Baba, K.; Yabuuchi, H.; Okuni, H.; Takahashi, M., 1978: Studies with live varicella vaccine and inactivated skin test antigen protective effect of the vaccine and clinical application of the skin test

Rhodes, R. C., 1977: Studies with manganese carbon 14 ethylene bis di thio carbamate carbon 14 maneb fungicide and carbon 14 ethylene thio urea in plants soil and water

Odashima, S.; Sturgess, J. M.; Rothstein, A., 1976: Studies with mature rat hepatocytes in mono layer culture part 1 propagation of isolated hepatocytes morphological and biochemical characteristics in culture

Walsh C., 1979: Studies with mechanism based inactivators of lysine epsilon trans aminase from achromobacter liquidum

Siddiqi, F. A.; Beg, M. N.; Khan, M. I. R.; Haq, A.; Saksena, S. K.; Islam, B., 1978: Studies with model membranes part 24 evaluation of thermodynamic activation parameters effective fixed charge density and test of the theory of bi ionic potential based on the thermodynamics of irreversible processes

Mccluskey R.T., 1985: Studies with monoclonal antibodies against brush border antigens in heymann nephritis

Johnson K.S., 1979: Studies with mucor spp causing post harvest decay of fresh produce

Minato K., 1982: Studies with multiple markers on malignant lymphomas and lymphoid leukemias

Frondoza C.G., 1979: Studies with murine lpc 1 plasma cytoma using 6 carbon 14 arginine

Shulman, M.; Sadove, M. S., 1970: Studies with myfadol a new analgesic agent

Berdyshev G.D., 1984: Studies with native and trypsin treated oligomers of histones h 3 h 4 2 tetramer and h 2a h 2b dimer

Read, W. W. C.; Mclaren, D. S.; Tchalian, M.; Nassar, S., 1969: Studies with nitrogen 15 labeled ammonia and urea in the mal nourished child

Miwa G.T., 1988: Studies with nitrogen containing steroids and freshly isolated rat hepatocytes role of cytochrome p 450 in detoxication

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524078

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524079

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524080

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524081

Younger, D. R.; Gilmore, J. M., 1978: Studies with pasture grasses on the black cracking clays of the central highlands australia part 1 species evaluation

Younger, D. R.; Gilmore, J. M., 1978: Studies with pasture grasses on the black crackling clays of the central highlands of queensland part 2 sowing methods

Gupta V., 1980: Studies with poly styrene based zinc and ferric phosphate membranes evaluation of effective fixed charge density and test of recent theory of membrane potential based on nonequilibrium thermodynamics

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524085

Broeze, R. J.; Dougherty, J. P.; Pichon, J.; Jayaram, B. M.; Lengyel, P., 1981: Studies with pure mouse ehrlich ascites tumor interferons alpha and beta patterns of induction of 2' 5' oligo adenylate synthetase and of a double stranded rna dependent protein kinase in mouse cells and human cells

Saez J.M., 1983: Studies with purified immature porcine leydig cells in primary culture

De-Serres, F. J., 1971: Studies with purple adenine mutants in neurospora crassa part 6 the effects of differences in genetic background on ad 3a x ad 3b crosses

Hoffmann, L.; Klein, M.; Schiemann, R., 1986: Studies with rats on the dependence of energy maintenance requirement on the kind of nutrient 1. dependence of energy requirement for maintenance of fully grown rats on the kind of nutrient offered as sole energy source

Hoffman, L.; Klein, M.; Schiemann, R., 1987: Studies with rats on the dependence of energy maintenance requirement on the nutrients 4. the influence of the protein level of the feed on the energy maintenance requirement of rats in the course of growth and after the phase of intensive growth

Hoffmann, L.; Klein, M.; Schiemann, R., 1986: Studies with rats on the dependence of the energy maintenance requirement on the kind of nutrients 2. influence of the protein content in the feed and of the ambient temperature on the energy maintenance requirement and heat production of fully grown rats

Klein, M.; Hoffmann, L.; Schiemann, R., 1986: Studies with rats on the dependence of the energy maintenance requirement on the nutrients 3. influence of the protein level of the feed on the energy maintenance requirement of growing rats

Rweyemamu M.M., 1982: Studies with recent type o foot and mouth disease isolates from southeast asia

Schroeder W.R., 1984: Studies with sand culture for bentgrass agrostis palustris cultivar penncross greens

Del Soldato P., 1984: Studies with specific agonists and antagonists of the role of histamine h 1 and h 2 receptor activation in the pathogenesis of gastric lesions in rats

Dummel, R. J.; Kun, E., 1969: Studies with specific enzyme inhibitors resolution of dl erythro fluoro citric acid into optically active isomers enz aconitase rat kidney

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524097

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524098

Browne, T. R.; Greenblatt, D. J.; Harmatz, J. S.; Evans, J. E.; Szabo, G. K.; Evans, B. A.; Schumacher, G. E., 1985: Studies with stable isotopes 3. pharmacokinetics of tracer doses of drug

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524100

Setty, B. S.; Kar, A. B.; Roy, S. K.; Chowdhury, S. R., 1970: Studies with subtoxic doses of alpha chlorohydrin in the male monkey macaca mulatta

Udenfriend S., 1980: Studies with sulfur 35 labeled methionine indicate that the 22000 dalton methionine enkephalin containing protein in chromaffin cells is a precursor of methionine enkephalin

Ash, A. J.; Norton, B. W., 1987: Studies with the australian cashmere goat i. growth and digestion in male and female goats given pelleted diets varying in protein content and energy level

Ash, A. J.; Norton, B. W., 1987: Studies with the australian cashmere goat ii. effects of dietary protein concentration and feeding level on body composition of male and female goats

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524105

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524106

Da-Costa, M.; Rothenberg, S. P., 1976: Studies with the folate binding protein in chronic granulocytic leukemia cells part 1 synthesis and release of binder by cells in short term culture

Scott, G. L.; Guillery, R. W., 1974: Studies with the high voltage electron microscope of normal degenerating and golgi impregnated neuronal processes

Simon, S.; Toth, M.; Wallerstein-Gy ; Remeny, Z., 1976: Studies with the international pyrogen standard on the sensitivity and reproducibility of pharmacopeial pyrogen testing

Hunter, R. A.; Peter, D. W.; Hudson, D. R.; Chandler, B. S., 1981: Studies with the intra ruminal selenium pellet 1. some factors influencing the effectiveness of the pellet for selenium supplementation of sheep

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524111

Greven, J.; Defrain, W.; Glaser, K.; Meywald, K.; Heidenreich, O., 1980: Studies with the optically active isomers of the new diuretic drug ozolinone 1. differences in stereoselectivity of the renal target structures of ozolinone

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524113

Mulcahy D.E., 1981: Studies with the selectrode determination of oxalate ion activity

Hamanaka Y., 1985: Studies with the total artificial heart using sheep as an adult animal model

Madan S.M., 1979: Studies with timed pregnant squirrel monkeys saimiri sciureus

Schwalbe, P.; Arndt, D.; Mueller-Hermelink, H. K., 1978: Studies with tissue extracts of malignant human lymphomas in the leukocyte migration test

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524118

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524119

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524120

Amer, M. S.; Abdel-Daim, M. H.; Abdel-Tawab, G. A., 1968: Studies with tryptophan metabolites in vitro kynurenine metabolism in kidneys of mice infested with schistosoma mansoni human neopl bladder tumor enz kynureninase enz kynurenine trans aminase

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524122

Cheffins R.C., 1986: Studies with zeranol implantation of grazing cattle in central western queensland australia

Lopetegui Careaga C., 1987: Study about deep planting in tomato by direct sowing method

Castellana G., 1986: Study about sensitizations to the olive pollens cross reactivity between olive and ash pollens

Zasukhina, G. D.; Frolova, M. M.; Rapoport, I. A., 1969: Study about the effect of ethylenimine mutagen and chloro ethylenimine mutagen on the virus of the tick borne encephalitis complex mouse

Bauknecht K J., 1982: Study about the healing of anastomoses in the irradiated colon animal experimentation

Richard A., 1982: Study after cryo fracture of the merozoite of the coccidia aggregata eberthi

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524130

Miquel, J. T., 1977: Study and characterization of high efficiency packing for the absorption of nitrogen oxides/

Garcia Olivares E., 1985: Study and characterization of lipid factors that inhibit cell proliferation in t lymphoma of the mcg3 mouse

Lavrent'ev, L. N., 1975: Study and comparative evaluation of radiation lesions and recovery processes in the large intestine affected by radio nuclides of the rare earth group

Rodier, F. J. L., 1978: Study and comparison of the polarity of 3 serine protease active sites with a fluorescent probe

Requejo E., 1986: Study and control of arterial hypertension in a health sector

Aguirregabirria L., 1985: Study and control of ischemic cardiopathy in a health sector

Lopez G., 1985: Study and description of the plant communities of the hato el frio the llanos of venezuela

Gross P., 1979: Study and development of a recording piche evaporimeter

Chevrier L., 1979: Study and differentiation of some hydrolases active on tri glycerides and esters in anaerobic bacteria using gas liquid chromatography

Arpin, P., 1976: Study and discussion of a culture medium for mononchidae nematoda

Davidov B., 1984: Study and evaluation of the effect of hospital treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524142

Birshtein, V. Ya ; Tul'chinskii, V. M., 1976: Study and identification of poly saccharides isolated from archaeological specimens

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524144

Guzman G., 1987: Study and isolation of the fungus cultivated by the ants of the genus atta in mexico

Prat M., 1984: Study and management model of surface water nitrogen concentration in a cultivated catchment

De La Cruz U.R., 1985: Study and management of the fern pterididium aquilinum var arachnoideum

Sciandra A., 1986: Study and modelling of a simple planktonic system reconstituted in an experimental microcosm

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524149

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524150

Lazaro-Carrasco, M. J.; Rebuelta, M.; Vivas, J. M.; Broncano, F. J., 1987: Study and quantification of tannins from osmunda regalis l. rhizomes

Noirfalise A., 1985: Study and quantitative determination of the glycyrrhizin in food commodities using high performance liquid chromatography

Peries X., 1987: Study and realization of a new shoulder joint prosthesis

Perez-Carrion, R.; Baena-Herrera, L.; Guardiola-Delegido, L.; Velasco-Ortiz-De-Taranco, A., 1976: Study and review of 50 cases of oophorectomy in advanced mammary cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524155

Iskenderov, A. T., 1986: Study and selection of stocks for various groups of cultivated roses from rosa spp. introduced in apsheron azerbaijan ssr ussr

Almeida A.L.D., 1985: Study and statistical evaluation of patients subjected to vascular arterial surgery anesthetic implications

Pobedimsky D.G., 1985: Study and theoretical modeling of the drying of the amino acids the products of microbial synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524159

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524160

Azuara P., 1980: Study and use of the poly ethylene glycols on experiments with plants

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524162

Goichot, J.; Dodin, A., 1978: Study at the cellular level of the mode of action of 2 antigenic extracts from vibrio cholerae in mice

Francois, J.; Victoria-Troncoso, V.; Maudgal, P. C.; Victoria-Ihler, A., 1977: Study at the scanning microscope of tissue cultures of macular dystrophy of the cornea

Braga F.M.D.S., 1986: Study between condition factor and length weight relation for some marine fishes

Gonzalez, A.; Boudoux, M.; Hubert, G., 1977: Study by analysis of principal components of the chemical properties of a forest soil 10 years after thinning

Wroblewski, H.; Ratanasavanh, D., 1976: Study by bi dimensional immuno electrophoresis of the antigenic composition of the membrane of some strains of mycoplasmas

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524168

Loucheux Lefebvre M H., 1979: Study by circular dichroism of soluble fragments of elastin from porcine and normal and pathological human aortas

Zagury D., 1980: Study by cryo fracture of the zone of contact between cytolytic cells and target cells

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524171

Aristarkhova, V. I., 1976: Study by electron microscopy of nocardia rubra growing on a medium containing phenol

Krupsky S., 1987: Study by epifluorescence of the fate of the total bacterial flora in a bottled mineral water

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524174

Baeckeland E., 1983: Study by immuno fluorescence of the different constituents of the rat lids before during and after their closure

Vicente V., 1984: Study by lectins of the effect of thrombin on platelet membrane glycoproteins

Sunami, S.; Okamoto, T.; Yasunaga, K.; Ogata, M., 1977: Study by literatures on the changes in the mortality from diabetes mellitus

Miquel J F., 1982: Study by means of correspondence analysis of structure activity relationship of di phenyl ethylene and tri phenyl ethylene in 2 biochemical tests

Vigier G., 1986: Study by means of internal friction measurements of the vitreous transition in aqueous 1 2 propanediol solutions

Cancela Da Fonseca J.P., 1986: Study by means of the principal component analysis of the beech litter mesofauna from four forest plots managed differently

Artigas, J. N.; Reyes, E., 1977: Study by numerical taxonomy of spermathecae in the genus mallophora and their phylogenetic relationships

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524182

Chichua, A. I.; Mikeladze, D. G., 1978: Study by radioactive tracing of complex formation between gangliosides and calcium ions

Gamot, A. P.; Vergoten, G.; Fleury, G., 1981: Study by raman spectroscopy of some anorexigenic agents 1. n substituted anorexigenic drugs

Mercadier D., 1979: Study by spark source mass spectrometry of the mineral composition of isolated pear pyrus communis leaf cuticle cultivar passe crassane

Ruiz-De-Pereda, G., 1976: Study by the golgi cox sholl method of the distribution of dendritic spines of the cerebral cortex of the kitten part 1 1st 15 post natal days

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524187

Douat J., 1984: Study by tracer experimentation of the hydraulic behavior of a waste stabilization pond influence of the basin geometry

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524189

Proux, J.; Buscarlet, L. A., 1976: Study by use of tritiated water of the role played by the median subocular neuro secretory cells in regulating the body water content of male locusta migratoria migratorioides

Velikov V.P., 1982: Study concerning some fattening and carcass qualities of camborough hybrid pigs

Kirov M., 1981: Study concerning the culling of pigs raised under industrial conditions

Ahrens D., 1981: Study concerning the heat island and the mixing height of a city

Salinas C.S., 1982: Study contamination and self purification of the rio aconcagua chile

Loewenberg B., 1985: Study design of the acute myelogenous leukemia 6 and 7 trial for treatment of acute myelogenous leukemia cyclic alternating chemotherapy during remission and remission duration and survival in elderly patients

Boffa J., 1984: Study design to reduce biases in estimating the percentage of carious lesions that do not progress within a time period

Harrison W., 1986: Study duration in antidepressant research advantages of a 12 week trial

Kaminski, H., 1977: Study for a european surveillance system for the determination of air and water pollution by means of environment and earth research satellites

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524199

Tsutsui J., 1987: Study for clinical application of short latency visual evoked potential svep

Anma G., 1985: Study for development of an acoustic telemetry system for salmon

Takemoto T., 1985: Study for development of ultra high magnifying fibergastroscope

Anma, G.; Sano, N., 1977: Study for estimating the existence of salmon resources by means of echo sounding techniques part 3 on the trial production and use of the towing type echo sounder recording echo pattern under the sea surface

Anma, G.; Sano, N., 1975: Study for estimating the existent amount of salmon resources by means of echo sounding techniques part 1 on a preparative experiment for the use of the vertical echo sounder in the bering sea

Sano, N.; Anma, G., 1976: Study for estimating the existent amount of salmon resources by means of echo sounding techniques part 2 on a model of system for the estimation of standing crop

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524206

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524207

Yang S.J., 1987: Study for somaclonal variation in rice oryza sativa l

Krylov M.V., 1987: Study for the presence of genetic exchange in crithidia oncopelti trypanosomatidae by means of the markers of medicinal resistance

Hawley C.W., 1982: Study habits and eysencks theory of extraversion introversion

Moreau N., 1982: Study in 3 sterile individuals of translocations touching chromosome

Serrou B., 1981: Study in a french reference population of cutaneous delayed hyper sensitivity using the 1mc multi test device

Korkodinova, L. M.; Vakhrin, M. I.; Kozhevnikov-Yu, V.; Zalesov, V. S.; Mardanova, L. G.; Drovosekova, L. P., 1986: Study in a series of 4 3h quinazolone 16. synthesis the structure activity toxicity correlation and antiinflammatory activity of 13' chlorobuten 2' yl 2 methyl 3 aryl 4 3h quinazolinonium perchlorates

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524214

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524215

Grochmalicka Mikolajczyk J., 1987: Study in a static system on the elimination of benzo a pyrene from the water by means of granular active charcoal

Kaneda K., 1987: Study in accommodation under change of luminance of visual object

Viala, A.; Cano, J. P.; Durand, A.; Paulin, R.; Roux, F.; Placidi, M.; Pinhas, H.; Lefournier, C., 1977: Study in animals of the trans cutaneous penetration of labeled active principles of the titrated extract of centella asiatica applied on the skin in 2 topical forms

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524219

Boulanger P., 1987: Study in dynamic conditions on the adsorption of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from the water by means of activated carbon

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524221

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524222

Antonioni P., 1980: Study in rats of the effect of prostaglandins prostaglandin e 1 on entamoeba histolytica

Donadini, J. C., 1987: Study in sarcoscyphaceae senso stricto le gal 1. sarcosomataceae and sarcoscyphaceae senso stricto korf. the genus pseudoplectania emendatio nova pseudoplectania ericae new species pezizales

Pellieux L., 1982: Study in situ and in vivo of the acceleration of lumbar vertebrae of a primate exposed to vibration in the z axis

Laushnyk, H. M.; Skrypnyk, S. I., 1975: Study in specific poly saccharides of enterobacteria forming alkali part 1 selection of hydrolysis conditions for poly saccharide from bacterium faecalis alcaligenes strain 6

Mohri, S., 1987: Study in sporotrichosis i. statistical study in sporotrichosis review of reports published from 1984 to 1985 and 100 cases from our clinic

Mohri, S., 1987: Study in sporotrichosis ii. histological and immunohistochemical study in sporotrichosis

Mohri, S., 1987: Study in sporotrichosis iii. histological and immunohistochemical study in experimental cutaneous sporotrichosis in man

Ling, E. A., 1976: Study in the changes of the proportions and numbers of the various glial cell types in the spinal cord of neo natal and young adult rats

Sopova, M.; Starova, U.; Matveeva, J., 1984: Study in the genus gagea 1. cytotaxonomy of some gagea species from macedonia (yugoslavia )

Sopova, M.; Starova, U.; Sekovski, Z., 1984: Study in the genus gagea 2. cytology and distribution of 7 gagea species from macedonia

Kerr Y., 1986: Study in the lower rhone valley france of the value of vegetation indices obtained from noaa avhrr satellites for monitoring crop growth

Sattarova, O. E.; Kozhevnikov-Yu, V.; Zalesov, V. S.; Nikulina, S. N.; Semyakina, N. V., 1984: Study in the series of 3h quinazol 4 one 14. synthesis and properties of 1 ethoxalylmethoxysuccinyl 3 aryl 1 2 3 4 tetrahydroquinazolin 4 ones

Chernobrovin, N. I.; Kozhevnikov-Yu, V.; Zelesov, V. S.; Gradel', I. I., 1984: Study in the series of 4 3h quinazolone 12. synthesis and the biological activity of 1 benzyl 4' nitrobenzyl 2 methyl 3 alkylaryl 4 3h quinazolinonium perchlorates

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524236

Kolocouris N., 1984: Study in the series of pyrrolidinones mannich reaction of diethylglutamate

Crokaert F., 1980: Study in vitro of the anti microbial activity of various antibiotics single and associated on the poly microbial flora isolated from abdominal pus

Person-Dedryver, F., 1987: Study in vitro of the factors responsible for the development of female populations of french pathotypes of heterodera avenae woll. on wheat and barley varieties

Pernin, P., 1976: Study in vivo of an amoeba with pseudopods filosa nuclearia simplex protozoa rhizopodea filosia aconchulinida

Lindner Szotyori K., 1986: Study into the effect of diets containing various amounts of soy fiber and fat in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524242

Frey, H. H., 1977: Study into the mechanism of acetyl salicylic acid induced broncho constriction

Ivashchenko, A. T., 1978: Study investigation of the atpase activity of rat liver and thymus cell nuclei

Shenbrot, G. I., 1976: Study method of some characteristics of reproduction and age structure of rodent populations based on paleontological data

Vladyshevkii, D. V., 1976: Study methods for food availability for birds on different substrates

Arendell, R.; Lawson, J. D.; Petracek, M. R.; Meacham, P. W.; Hollifield, J. W.; Dean, R. H., 1978: Study of 1 sarcosine 8 alanine angiotensin ii saralasin responsiveness in hypertension of renal origin

Martos P.N., 1982: Study of 1 stage infant formulas on the spanish market

Simon J.M., 1982: Study of 10 year floods of small forest catchments in tropical africa

Michel, L.; Francois, R., 1986: Study of 100 cases of acute anterior poliomyelitis at the national artificial limb supply center of dakar senegal

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524263

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524322

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Conson M., 1985: Study of a method for evaluating the plumage of laying hens when the animal material at hand is of varying origin and has been structured by various treatment

Goichon J., 1980: Study of a method of global evaluation of the precursors of the haloform reaction

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524389

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524414

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Schroh R.G., 1986: Study of a patient with squamous cell epithelioma that appeared in 1984 on acne conglobata dating from 1954

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524430

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Turek K., 1986: Study of a personal passive multielement dosimeter for neutron dosimetry

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524438

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524441

Barange M., 1986: Study of a population of epibiont hydropolyps on halimeda tuna

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524443

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Zholner L.G., 1985: Study of a preparation of the lytic enzymes of bacillus sp 86

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Saint Blancard J., 1986: Study of a pyridoxylated and polymerized hemoglobin solution of controlled viscosity

Agozzino L., 1981: Study of a rare case of poly neuropathy in a patient with malignant intra cranial melanoma

Blaedel, W. J.; Jenkins, R. A., 1976: Study of a reagentless lactate electrode

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524450

Astrom, G., 1987: Study of a reed bunting's territory abandoned male helped by its rival

Archimbaud, M.; Trouve, C., 1976: Study of a relationship between chemical and bacteriological pollution in the coastal zones

Yoshii M., 1987: Study of a rhombic flap and a flap for a one third circle under the method of taking circle and its diameter

Morel, G., 1977: Study of a rickettsiella rickettsia pathogen of the spider pisaura mirabilis

Aguilera M., 1985: Study of a rodent pest community in a rice field

Yanchapaxi G.A., 1981: Study of a sequence of ecuadorian soils developed in humid subtropical volcanic mountain and tropical flatland quevedo ecuador

Espiau, P., 1978: Study of a series of soils from the mountain formation of corsica france contribution of clay mineralogy and exchange acidity in the interpretation of pedogenesis

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524458

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Ghannudi S.A., 1985: Study of a shallow carp cyprinus carpio pond and its relevance to inland fish farming in libyan jamahiriya

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524461

Tomioka S., 1980: Study of a simultaneous lobe vertex and membrane vertex recording technique in auditory brain stem response

Lumaret R., 1987: Study of a situation of sympatry between diploids and tetraploids of dactylis glomerata gramineae on the basis of enzyme and phenolic polymorphism

Lourenco W.R., 1983: Study of a small collection of scorpions from nicaragua with the description of centruroides mahnerti new species buthidae

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524465

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524466

Toponi M.A., 1979: Study of a soluble protein fraction related to iaa treatment in pea pisum sativum internodes

Vishnyakova, L. A., 1975: Study of a specificity of different classes of immuno globulins immuno globulin m and immuno globulin g during an ornithosis infection

Ray U., 1979: Study of a suppressor of mut in escherichia coli

Thierry-Mieg, D., 1976: Study of a temperature sensitive mutant grandchildless like in drosophila melanogaster

Gallwitz D., 1988: Study of a temperature sensitive mutant of the ras related ypt1 gene product in yeast suggests a role in the regulation of intracellular calcium

Tichadou J L., 1985: Study of a ternary diagram of a gel according to a methodology of experimental research

Morel-Marechal, C., 1975: Study of a tertiary treatment of phosphorus removal on the waste water treatment plant of thonon evian france

Lemeunier F., 1981: Study of a thermo sensitive revertant of vg ultravestigial in drosophila melanogaster

Farias R.N., 1985: Study of a time lag in the assay of escherichia coli membrane bound dehydrogenases based on tetrazolium salt reduction

Bouchat A., 1982: Study of a topographical transect in the old cutoff meander of the sambre river at gozee belgium prince forest for the delimitation of the eco sociological forest species groups

Rosillon D., 1985: Study of a trout calcareous river phenology of ephemeroptera

Pedroli J C., 1982: Study of a trout population salmo trutta fario in a small watercourse in the area of neuchatel switzerland

Takimoto M., 1985: Study of a tumor associated antigen on a rat fibrosarcoma cell line chemical structure of an antigen reactive to a rat natural antibody

Lamy M., 1983: Study of a typical case of equine post anesthetic myopathy

Godenir J., 1982: Study of a vaccine against animal rabies using an inactivated virus prepared from sheep brain

Dubost, M.; Begue, R. J.; Desgres, J.; Rifle, C.; Putelat, R.; Moriniere, M.; Padieu, P., 1977: Study of a virilizing adrenal tumor urinary steroid analysis by gas liquid chromatography and gas liquid chromatography mass spectrometry

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524483

Tavitian A., 1980: Study of a virus produced by human embryonic cells infected by moloney mouse sarcoma virus

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524485

Garcia-Olmedo, R.; Zapata, M. A., 1986: Study of a volatile fraction from spanish brandies ii. homogeneity of different spanish brandies

Feuillat M., 1982: Study of a yeast micro flora of the champagne region france

Lederer F., 1981: Study of a zone highly sensitive to proteases in flavo cytochrome b 2 from saccharomyces cerevisiae

Stozharov A.N., 1985: Study of ability of mitochondrial protein to interact with actin

Sumida H., 1988: Study of abnormal formation of the aortic arch in rats by methacrylate casts method and by immunohistochemistry for appearance and distribution of desmin myosin and fibronectin in the tunica media

Kato T., 1981: Study of abnormal growth of di methylamino azo benzene induced hepatic carcinoma

Saito S., 1984: Study of abnormal hemoglobin in ehime japan 2 structural variants of hemoglobin a hemoglobin i and hemoglobin j iran and structural and synthetic variants of delta chain

Gaydos, J. C.; Morrison, A. S., 1975: Study of abnormal laboratory findings in workers exposed to di azo developer chemicals

Fless, G. M.; Wissler, R. W.; Scanu, A. M., 1976: Study of abnormal plasma low density lipo protein in rhesus monkeys with diet induced hyper lipidemia

Moskova, D. D., 1976: Study of abscisic acid content in green and mature tomato fruits

Fedorova, A. I.; Gagulaeva, A. P.; Molokova, N. I., 1976: Study of abscisic acid in the siberian larch and its growth rate

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524497

Seracu D.I., 1988: Study of absorption in uv and vis of amino acid complexes using ninhydrin

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524499

Trakhanova M.N., 1985: Study of accompanying steroid compounds in progesterone

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524501

Semin B.K., 1979: Study of accumulation iron absorption by isolated rat liver mitochondria by gamma resonance spectroscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524503

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Arnaud, A.; Galzy, P.; Jallageas, J. C., 1977: Study of aceto nitrilase from a strain of brevibacterium

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524512

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524516

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524522

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524525

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524528

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524529

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524536

Churnratanakul S., 1984: Study of acute noncalculous cholecystitis

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524538

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524539

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524540

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524541

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524549

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524551

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524552

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524558

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Gonzalez Broche R., 1988: Study of age of cultures of romanomermis culicivorax ross and smith 1976 rhabditida mermithidae in the infestation of mosquito larvae culex quinquefasciatus say 1823 under laboratory conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524561

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Martinez-Massanet, G.; Montiel, J. A.; Pando, E.; Rodriguez-Luis, F., 1986: Study of agricultural by products ii. fatty acid composition of palomino grape seed oil

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524572

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524573

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524593

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524613

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524618

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Gasc J P., 1982: Study of an asymmetrical gait the gallop

Cauderon Y., 1982: Study of an auto tri ploid pelargonium odoratissimum

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524626

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524637

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524645

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524646

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524651

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524655

Konstantinov L.K., 1980: Study of annual cycle periods and their bio meteorological characteristics in fruit and berry plants

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524662

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524667

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Et Al, 1986: Study of anti cancer human monoclonal antibody

Drouhet E., 1980: Study of anti cryptococcus neoformans antibodies by the immuno enzymatic technique of smears using raiforts peroxidase

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524671

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524672

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524679

Section 7, Chapter 6525 , Accession 006524680

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524681

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524698

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Shilenko E.I., 1985: Study of antioxidant activity of some astragalus species astragalus variabilis astragalus melilotoides and astragalus galactites

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Khorvat A., 1980: Study of arsenic content in ground waters

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Duca, C.; Imreh, I.; Uray, Z., 1975: Study of arterial flow in the chicken oviduct

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524716

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524718

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524726

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524727

Lesnyak O.M., 1985: Study of associations of histocompatibility system antigens in loci a and b in systemic lupus erythematosus

Simpson K.L., 1987: Study of astaxanthin diester extracted from adonis aestivalis

Baldi A., 1985: Study of astigmatism after penetrating keratoplasty for keratoconus

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524732

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Viswanadham Y., 1982: Study of atmospheric diffusion using landsat images

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Sytnyans'ka, N. P.; Oleinykova, T. M., 1975: Study of atpase activity in cellular fractions of meristem tissue of vicia faba and pisum sativum rootlets

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Trpin L., 1981: Study of atpase lymphocytic activity during menstrual cycle

Maiti B.R., 1986: Study of atresia in the ovary during the annual reproductive cycle and nesting cycle of the pied myna sturnus contra contra

Uchida T., 1982: Study of auditory middle latency response

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524744

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524745

Termeh, F.; Moussavi, M., 1976: Study of autumnal vegetation of dasht e lut

Karpova O.V., 1987: Study of avian adenovirus dna infectivity in chick embryos

Grigor'yan, G. A., 1976: Study of avoidance mechanisms during self stimulation

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Lanzrein C., 1984: Study of b lymphocyte and t lymphocyte surface markers in breast cancer patients using anti b and anti t cell mono clonal antibodies

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Berland, B. R.; Maestrini, S. Y., 1969: Study of bacteria associated with marine algae in culture part 2 action of antibiotic substances

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524758

Prieur, D., 1976: Study of bacteria associated with the rearing of larvae of marine bivalves

Douka, C. E., 1977: Study of bacteria from manganese concretions precipitation of manganese by whole cells and cell free extracts of isolated bacteria

Vejlsgaard R., 1984: Study of bacteria in the nasal cavity and nasopharynx during naturally acquired common colds

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Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524763

Courtieu A.L., 1988: Study of bacterial contamination in ventilator inspiratory phase tubing influence of frequency of tubing changes and duration of ventilation

Berthold S., 1979: Study of bacterial population in sludge samples obtained from the sewage treatment plant of pinheiros brazil counting of anaerobic and facultative bacteria in anaerobic digesters

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Serkerov, S. V., 1977: Study of badkhysinin

Fazilov T.I., 1979: Study of barkhan sands as a substrate to be fixed by astringents

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Muthukrishnan S., 1986: Study of barley hordeum vulgare cultivar himalaya endonucleases and alpha amylase genes

Wang, X.; Ma, D.; Pei, M.; Zhang, Y.; Qi, G., 1986: Study of barley stripe mosaic virus from xinjiang of china iii. amino acid composition and amino terminal of coat protein

Cervantes Valdes S., 1987: Study of basal levels of hdl cholesterol in a cuban population sample

Miyoshi A., 1984: Study of basal narcosis for myringotomy in patients with acute or exudative otitis media

Gumilevskaya, N. A.; Alekhina, S. K.; Chumikina, L. V.; Kretovich, V. L., 1977: Study of basic proteins of 60s and 40s subunits of pea seed ribosomes to 2 dimensional poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524776

Rasulov M., 1980: Study of bees apoidea in zarafshan valley uzbek ssr ussr

Palm T., 1981: Study of beetles during a return visit in abisko sweden coleoptera

Homolka M., 1985: Study of behavior in field roe deer capreolus capreolus

Stepanyuk S.N., 1987: Study of belladonna tincture stability using accelerated ageing method

Pepe R., 1981: Study of benthic populations of hard substrate of the port of ischia naples italy operculate cirripedia statistical mathematical analysis

Brunetti R., 1985: Study of benthic populations of the hard substrate of the port of ischia italy ascidia

Scardi M., 1984: Study of benthic populations of the hard substrate of the port of ischia italy photophilic infralittoral polychaetes 2

Orlowski, R. C.; Walter, R.; Winkler, D., 1976: Study of benzhydrylamine type polymers synthesis and use of p methoxy benzhydrylamine resin in the solid phase preparation of peptides

Solionova L., 1988: Study of benzo a pyrene degradation in soils of the city of havana province cuba depending on climatic factors

Martinez R., 1987: Study of benzotriazepins and quinazolines obtained by synthesis on bacterial populations

Murat J.C., 1985: Study of beta adrenoceptors and beta adrenergic responsiveness in cultured preneoplastic like and neoplastic rat hepatocytes

Rashid, S.; Naqvi, S. N. H.; Ashrafi, S. H.; Quraishi, A. H., 1974: Study of beta di methylamino propiophenone hydro chloride as prospective anti fertility agent for mosquitoes

Sapis J.C., 1988: Study of beta glucosidase activity in the grape

Lalegerie P., 1988: Study of beta glucosidase from helix pomatia by active site directed inhibitors

Chakravarti R.N., 1984: Study of beta n acetyl d glucosaminidase activity and glomerular basement membrane thickening in a primate model of experimental diabetes

Carsky, J.; Lazarova, M.; Beno, A., 1978: Study of beta resorcylidene amino guanidine part 1 spectral and acid basic properties of the onium compounds

Courseille, C.; Leroy, F.; Hospital, M.; Barbet, J., 1977: Study of bi intercalants of nucleic acids part 1 crystal structure of 1 10 di 2 methoxy 6 chloro 9 acridinyl 1 5 10 tri aza decane

Courseille, C.; Leroy, F.; Busetta, B.; Barbet, J., 1977: Study of bi intercalants of nucleic acids part 2 crystalline structure of 1 14 di 2 methoxy 6 chloro 9 acridinyl 1 5 10 14 tetra aza tetra decane

Courseille, C.; Geoffre, S.; Hospital, M.; Barbet, J., 1977: Study of bi intercalants of nucleic acids part 3 crystalline structure of 1 9 di 2 methoxy 6 chloro 9 acridinyl 1 5 9 tri aza nonane

Badr M.M., 1980: Study of bilharzial uropathy by means of hippuran iodine 131 extended renography

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524797

Carreras Delgado J.L., 1986: Study of biliodigestive anastomoses with isotopic controls

Kamisaka K., 1985: Study of bilirubin metabolism by high performance liquid chromatography stability of bilirubin glucuronides

De Gandarias J.M., 1987: Study of binding of benzylthiouracil to human serum albumin by gel filtration chromatography

Mital, R.; Ray, K. S.; Srivastava, T. S.; Bhattacharya, R. K., 1986: Study of binding of some amino acid derivatives of 2 2' bipyridineplatinum ii to calf thymus dna

Ogurtsov, S. I.; Vesela, I. V.; Kamernitskii, A. V.; Moshkovskii-Yu-Sh ; Terekhina, A. I.; Kharakhonycheva, N. V.; Kuznetsov, A. N., 1978: Study of binding of spin labeled progesterone to serum albumin

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524803

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524804

Kepes A., 1983: Study of binding protein ligand interaction by ammonium sulfate assisted adsorption on cellulose esters filters

Murai Y., 1984: Study of binocular interaction in static random dot pattern visual evoked potentials

Radenovic, C.; Vucinic, Z.; Pencic, M., 1977: Study of bio electric potential on the primary root of maize zea mays

Zrazhevs'kyi, M. N.; Lavrynenko, V. I.; Ponomar'ova, I. D.; Tsepkov, H. V., 1977: Study of bio electric reaction of winter wheat in insufficient mineral nutrition

Takebe, K., 1977: Study of bio feedback treatment of hemiplegic patients with foot drop

Metayer C., 1984: Study of bio geochemical cadmium cycle with the aid of experimental culture systems application to the agricultural use of muds from water purification plants

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524811

Bhakoo O.N., 1987: Study of biochemical asphyxia at birth

Feldmann G., 1984: Study of biochemical behavior of some exported and nonexported hepatic proteins during an acute inflammatory reaction in the rat

Bleikh, S. A., 1975: Study of biochemical composition of euglena gracilis

Pyl'neva, P. N.; Girlya-Yu, I., 1978: Study of biochemical heterogeneity in protein of common and high lysine corn in different degrees of ripeness

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524816

Dobrynin-Ya, V.; Nikolaeva, T. G.; Mukhanov, V. I.; Yartseva, I. V.; Miniker, T. D.; Ektova, L. V.; Tolkachev, V. N.; Chkanikov, N. D.; Preobrazhenskaya, M. N., 1978: Study of biological activity of indole nucleosides relationship between structure and biological activity

Fedotov, V. P.; Seid-Guseinov, A. A.; Ivanov, A. I.; Zakhzarova, N. S.; Ivanova, A. I., 1977: Study of biological activity of insulin in connection with the design and clinical application of an artificial pancreas

Chirakadze, I. G.; Chanishvili, T. G., 1978: Study of biological characteristics of phages isolated from strains of salmonella typhimurium

Giannazzo E., 1984: Study of biological images by using a personal computer

Kisin M.V., 1981: Study of biological material a source of personal identification

Strizhachenko, N. M.; Graevskaya, N. A.; Karmysheva, V. Ya ; Levenbuk, I. S.; Abramova, V. P.; Syurin, V. N., 1975: Study of biological morphological and immunological features of cells transformed in vitro by bovine adenovirus type 3

Yu X P., 1988: Study of biological properties of cell lines transformed by herpes simplex virus

Fleer G.P., 1982: Study of biological properties of tick borne encephalitis virus strains isolated in different parts of its distribution area

Paabo M., 1983: Study of biological samples obtained from victims of mgm grand hotel las vegas nevada usa fire

Bryzhina, T. M., 1977: Study of biological value of the blood substitute geossen

Badetskii B.Yu, 1984: Study of biomass of some chaetomium fungi to discover toxic metabolites

Herberts, C.; Quignon, M.; Golvan, Y. J.; De-Frescheville, J., 1986: Study of biomphalaria glabrata reaction to infection with schistosoma mansoni i. hemolymph proteic composition of noninfected mollusks comparison between natural and laboratory strains

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524829

Viel C., 1980: Study of birchs reaction in iso quinoline and 8 13 di aza steroid series

Gorski, W., 1976: Study of birds wintering in the fields near poznan poland

Lyashenko, N. I., 1978: Study of bitter substance content in hop lupulin and their effective use

Mondet, B.; Poinar, G. O-Jr ; Bernadou, J., 1977: Study of black fly parasitism diptera simuliidae by mermithidae nematoda in west africa part 4 description of isomermis lairdi new species parasite of simulium damnosum

Singh, S. M.; Gupta, N. P.; Wadhwa, S. N., 1977: Study of bladder tumors in north india

Berceanu S., 1988: Study of blasts in acute leukemia using monoclonal antibodies

Kilimov, N.; Linke, D., 1977: Study of blink reflex after trigeminal neurotomy

Dhondt, J. L.; Farriaux, J. P., 1977: Study of blood amino acids in experimental hyper phenyl alaninemia

Leonardo, A. M. C.; Landim, C. D. C., 1978: Study of blood cells in camponotus rufipes hymenoptera formicidae

Roy, A. K.; Srivastava, G. N.; Mukherjee, S. K.; Sharma, K. M., 1978: Study of blood coagulation in experimental diabetes

Bykova I.A., 1981: Study of blood erythrocytes with preparative electrophoresis

Batkin, I. Z.; Krasnaya, A. A., 1978: Study of blood flow in the bronchi using photo electro plethysmography

Bach J.F., 1983: Study of blood group b antigen with a specific mono clonal antibody anti b b 183

B"rzev G., 1988: Study of blood group loci in horse populations bred in bulgaria

Torkhovskaya T.I., 1980: Study of blood plasma state by spin probe

Laeuter J., 1981: Study of blood pressure during physical training in patients with hypertension

Zhurabaev V.N., 1985: Study of blood pressure in adolescents and their parents in a rural area an epidemiological survey

Borisov, M. M.; Mukhammedov, A.; Romanova, L. G., 1978: Study of blood pressure in rats sensitive to sound stimulation after de sympathization

Khodakovskaya, O. A.; Yakovlev, V. A., 1975: Study of blood serum cholin esterase using a spin labeled inhibitor

Nalbandyan G.T., 1981: Study of blood serum protein spectrum in patients with eczema and contact dermatitis aggravated by occupational factors

Kopylova N.V., 1980: Study of blood serum proteins in phenyl ketonuric children by disc electrophoresis in poly acrylamide gel

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524851

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524852

Pahuja A.N., 1981: Study of blooming process and stigma receptivity in a male sterile line and its maintainer in pearl millet pennisetum americanum

Ryepka, V. P.; Kulyk, A. P.; Semyenov, V. F.; Palii, I. S.; Lomova, H. P.; Kosenko, V. A.; Rosovs'ka, L. H., 1976: Study of blue green algae hydrolysis using the experiment mathematical planning method

El Kaschab S., 1979: Study of body changes in delta camel in egypt

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524856

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524857

Senyukov M.V., 1979: Study of body composition for evaluation of the effectiveness of complete parenteral feeding

Krupina, T. N.; Yarullin-Kh-Kh ; Tizul, A. Ya ; Barkhatova, V. P.; Aleksandrova, M. P.; Belyakov, N. P., 1978: Study of body reactivity by some pharmacological tests

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524860

Zimmermann H.W., 1980: Study of bond geometry of intercalated ethidium bromide with polarized light using a micro spectrophotometer theory for the light absorption of oriented birefringent fibers

Tsai F L., 1983: Study of bone marrow dose in breast cancer treatment using cobalt 60 tele therapy unit

Meunier F.J., 1984: Study of bone mineralization in teleosts using the quantitative microradiography preliminary results

Karpenko, H. F.; Kastrykina, T. F.; Tsyperovych, O. S., 1977: Study of bone tissue insoluble collagen hydrolysis by streptomyces griseus protease by n terminal analysis

Aleksi-Meskhishvili, L. G., 1978: Study of book myco flora

Mishra G.S., 1979: Study of bos taurus trypano tolerance in boundiali area ivory coast

Gracheva, N. K.; Kharitonenkov, I. G., 1978: Study of bound insulin of blood sera of donors and patients with diabetes mellitus by circular dichroism

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524868

Ridella S., 1986: Study of bound water of polyadenine using high frequency dielectric measurements

Panciera R.J., 1980: Study of bovine pulmonary response to pasteurella haemolytica pulmonary macrophage response

Panciera R.J., 1980: Study of bovine pulmonary response to pasteurella haemolytica specificity of immuno globulins isolated from the bovine lung

Vega R., 1986: Study of bowel habits in two populations

Konyukhov, B. V.; Malinina, N. A.; Kindyakov, B. N.; Sazhina, M. V., 1987: Study of brachypodism h mutant gene expression in mouse aggregation chimeras

Kawabata M., 1987: Study of brain atrophy using x ray computed tomography measurement of csf space cranial cavity ratio ccr

Mamarou A., 1983: Study of brain edema by infusion edema model biophysical changes of white matter for the movement of edema fluid

Horoupian D.S., 1983: Study of brain edema by infusion edema model its method and characteristics

Garishvili, T. G.; Gorkin, V. Z., 1978: Study of brain mono amine oxidases modified in lipid per oxidation processes

Amin, Z.; Akram, M.; Barque, A. U. R.; Rafique, M., 1986: Study of broiler's ration comparative nutritive value of expeller and solvent extracted decorticated cottonseed cake and rapeseed cake in broiler's ration

Prokof'ev V.N., 1979: Study of bromthymol blue prealbumin in rat serum under hyperbaric oxygenation

Kobayashi S., 1987: Study of bronchial asthmatic patients provoked by steroidal products

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524881

Kuznetsov, A. N.; Ebert, B.; Gyul'khandanyan, G. V., 1975: Study of brownian rotation of the alpha chymotrypsin molecule by the spin probe method

Lassmann G., 1981: Study of brownian rotational motion in dense solutions of hemo globin

Kato H., 1984: Study of bulbocavernosus reflex using electrostimulation electromyography

Kashiwagi H., 1986: Study of c myc expression in the activation of human t cells

Perdicaro R., 1984: Study of cadmium chromium copper iron lead mercury and nickel bioaccumulation in crassostrea gigas ostrea edulis and venerupis decussata in breeding in an experimental park situated in venice italy lagoon

Bamba D., 1985: Study of caffeine catechin association in lyophilized fresh seeds and in stabilized extract of cola nitida

Birge, S. J.; Peck, W. A.; Berman, M.; Whedon, G. D., 1969: Study of calcium absorption in man a kinetic analysis and physiologic model

Moshkovskii Yu Sh, 1979: Study of calcium atpase of the sarcoplasmic reticulum by para magnetic label para magnetic probe

Scott, I. R.; Ellar, D. J., 1978: Study of calcium di picolinate release during bacterial spore germination by using a new sensitive assay for di picolinate

Bokina, A. I.; Fadeeva, V. K.; Vikhrova, E. M., 1976: Study of calcium metabolism among children in the city of shevchenko

Sudo T., 1987: Study of calcium phosphate crystalluria

Boutin B., 1985: Study of cambial reactivation in a tree having wood with porous zones castanea sativa and 2 others having wood with diffuse pores betula verrucosa acer campestre

Li T., 1986: Study of campylobacter jejuni

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524895

Lazar R., 1984: Study of cancer mortality in smaller regions with different structures and varying conditions of air quality

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524897

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524898

Puelles, L.; Malagon, F.; Martinez-De-La-Torre, M., 1976: Study of capillary buds during formation in the interior of the embryonal central nervous system by the method of golgi

Karabaev M.K., 1984: Study of carboanhydrase activity in wheat leaves in relation to ontogenetic changes in photosynthesis and the warburg effect

Agneray J., 1983: Study of carbohydrate material isolated from ultra filtrates in patients with chronic renal failure

Murat J.C., 1985: Study of carbohydrate metabolism in glycogen storing cell lines derived from cultured rat hepatocytes

Vereshchakova, E. P., 1976: Study of carbohydrate metabolism in rats following administration of myo cardium damaging doses of adrenaline

Lugovaya N.A., 1983: Study of carbohydrate tolerance and the insular apparatus function in patients with different hypo thyreosis forms

Zakharova, I. Ya ; Varbanets, L. D., 1977: Study of carbohydrates in cytoplasmic membrane of pseudomonas syringae

Nikol'skii, L. M.; Levitov, M. M., 1975: Study of carbohydrates in the mycelium of penicillium chrysogenum and its inactive mutant

Dzhardemaliev Zh K., 1984: Study of carbon di oxide assimilation by wheat leaves in connection with functioning of the photochemical system and the effect of oxygen on photosynthesis

Gavrilenko, V. F.; Rubin, B. A.; Avsievich, N. A.; Zhigalova, T. V., 1976: Study of carbon di oxide assimilation systems in wheat seedlings of different productivity

Impens I., 1979: Study of carbon di oxide exchange processes resistances to carbon di oxide and chlorophyll content during leaf ontogenesis in poplar populus cultivar unal 2

Kunz, A. L.; Kawashiro, T.; Scheid, P., 1976: Study of carbon di oxide sensitive vagal afferents in the cat lung

Kretova L.G., 1980: Study of carbon metabolic pathways during yeast incubation on carbon 14 labeled undecane and carbon 14 labeled octa decane

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524913

Meares, C. F.; Bryant, R. G.; Baldeschieler, J. D.; Shirley, D. A., 1969: Study of carbonic anhydrase using perturbed angular correlations of gamma radiation

Stoltz, J. F.; Nicolas, A., 1977: Study of carboxyl groups on the human blood platelet membrane

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524916

Kollai, M.; Koizumi, K.; Yamashita, H.; Brooks, C. M., 1978: Study of cardiac sympathetic and vagal efferent activity during reflex responses produced by stretch of the atria

Cuesdean, L.; Teganeanu, S.; Tutu, C.; Raiciu, M.; Carp, C.; Coatu, S., 1977: Study of cardio vascular and auditory patho physiological implications in a group of operatives working in noisy industrial surroundings

Macdonald N., 1986: Study of cardiovascular autonomic insufficiency in advanced cancer patients

Do Couto Neto A.V., 1985: Study of cardiovascular symptoms levels of blood pressure and electrocardiogram in 108 patients of the climacteric

Chuchalina N.P., 1979: Study of carminomicin effect on energy metabolism of rat liver

Severin, S. E.; Bushuev, V. N.; Shnol, S. E.; Vishnevskaya, Z. I.; Golovanov, I. B.; Kayushin, L. P.; Sibel'dina, L. A., 1976: Study of carnosine nucleotide complexes by an nmr method of high resolution

Chechuga, B., 1976: Study of carotenoids in some fish species of lake baikal ussr

Baux S., 1986: Study of carpal synostoses phylogenesis

Restrepo, S. G.; Lobo, A. C. A.; Arbelaez, R. G.; Zuniga, A. I., 1978: Study of carriers of foot and mouth disease virus in the north of choco colombia preliminary report

Sutherland I., 1984: Study of case finding for pulmonary tuberculosis in out patients complaining of a chronic cough at a district hospital in kenya

Zamora Rojas C., 1987: Study of cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis in patients of the neily city hospital corredores puntarenas costa rica

Machida T., 1987: Study of cases of prostatic cancer showing so called super bone image

Chizh M.V., 1980: Study of cases of working capacity loss detected during a mass prophylactic examination of the population

Komov, V. P.; Kopylov, P. Kh ; Rakhmanina, T. F., 1978: Study of catalase biogenesis in different sub cellular fractions of regenerating rat liver cells

Taleborovskaya I.K., 1986: Study of catalytic properties of alpha amylase of morphological variants of bacillus subtilis r 623

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524932

Izumrudov V.A., 1984: Study of catalytic properties of glucose oxidase immobilized in polymeric semiconductor carriers

Nazaruk, M. I.; Sybirnyi, V. A., 1977: Study of catechol biosynthesis by klebsiella aerogenes/

Sakamoto H., 1979: Study of catecholamine acetyl choline and brady kinin in buccal circulation in dogs

Samratova S.V., 1985: Study of catecholamine metabolism in a highland environment

Villanueva E., 1987: Study of cathepsin a b and d activities in the skin wound edges its application to the differential diagnosis between vital and postmortem wounds

Kazakova, O. V.; Orekhovich, V. N.; Vikha, G. V., 1977: Study of cathepsin d carbohydrate component

Poglazov B.F., 1982: Study of cation binding to myosin subfragment i using the fluorescent probe europium iii

Deshmukh R.B., 1984: Study of cause and effect relationship among quantitative traits of cowpea vigna unguiculata

Zanchi R., 1986: Study of cecal microflora in the rabbit the genera bacteroides and clostridium 1st note

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524942

Gouveia A.M.G., 1982: Study of cell culture propagated fowl poxvirus in chicken

Smadja-Joffe, F.; Klein, B.; Kerdiles, C.; Feinendegen, L.; Jasmin, C., 1976: Study of cell death in friend leukemia

Bongrand P., 1985: Study of cell deformability by a simple method

Appelbaum, F. R.; Herzig, G. P.; Graw, R. G.; Bull, M. I.; Bowles, C.; Gorin, N. C.; Deisseroth, A. B., 1978: Study of cell dose and storage time on engraftment of cryo preserved autologous bone marrow in a canine model

Hooper C., 1980: Study of cell kinetics within evolving secondary haversian systems

Jalgaonkar S.V., 1980: Study of cell mediated immune status in malignancy

Garcia-Gonzalez, J.; Diaz-Almeida, J.; Mayea-Milian, L.; De-La-Cruz-Castillo, F., 1978: Study of cell mediated immunity in a group of lepers the leukocyte migration inhibition test

Traditi, F.; Rossi, F.; Cirelli, A., 1975: Study of cell mediated immunity in acute hepatitis type b by means of the leukocyte migration inhibition test

Valentova N., 1981: Study of cell mediated immunity in b 77 tumor bearing rats by chromium 51 release assay

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524952

Sie T., 1982: Study of cell mediated immunity of tuberculosis patients using radio isotopes labeled in vitro

Kalafati T.I., 1984: Study of cell membrane fc receptors in the placenta at varying stages of its development

Velikanov, G. A.; Gordon, L. Kh ; Volkov, V. Ya ; Barysheva, T. S., 1977: Study of cell membrane permeability for water in vivo by the nmr method

Desnitskii, A. G., 1978: Study of cell proliferation at different stages of gastrulation in axolotl embryos

Ghyka, G.; Mutiu, A.; Cajal, N., 1979: Study of cell surface antigens induced by herpes simplex virus 2. some properties of the antigens

Petrov G.I., 1985: Study of cell wall antigenic determinants in the ribosomal preparations of group a streptococcus

De-Chastellier, C.; Hellio, R.; Ryter, A., 1975: Study of cell wall growth in bacillus megaterium by high resolution auto radiography

Ikeda Y., 1986: Study of cellular immune mechanism in diabetes mellitus leukocyte migration inhibition test in diabetics with jhpi 1 cells as antigen

Landais A., 1981: Study of cellular immunity by the nuclear refringence test during general anesthesia

Koch M.C.M., 1981: Study of cellular immunity in an experimental ascites tumor tumoral immuno stimulation by splenic lymphocytic cells

Okuda K., 1985: Study of cellular immunity in experimental autoimmune hepatitis in mice transfer of spleen cells sensitized with liver proteins

Smyrnova, I. A., 1976: Study of cellular rna in viral leukemogenesis

Mukhopadhyay A.N., 1984: Study of cellulolytic and pectolytic enzymes in 9 biological forms of cercospora beticola

Zamtaradze, G. K., 1977: Study of cenotic characteristics and interrelationship of some vegetation groups in upper svanetiya

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524967

Tarasov N.F., 1980: Study of central and regional hemodynamics during lower body negative pressure tests by the isotope and impedance methods

Klinger, P. U., 1976: Study of central european sphagna section cuspidata with a view to questions of moor stratigraphy

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524970

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524971

Ishii R., 1986: Study of cerebral blood flow in patients with cerebral infarction by xenon 133 inhalation method comparison between affected and unaffected hemispheres and sequential changes

Tsutsumi S., 1980: Study of cerebral micro circulation by softex cases of traumatic intra cerebral hematoma

Larina V.N., 1982: Study of cerebral micro vessels by automatic image analysis

Yamasaki, S., 1977: Study of cerebro spinal fluid formation and bulk absorption rates by means of perfusion method part 1 dynamic change in dog during ketalar anesthesia

Yamasaki, S., 1977: Study of cerebro spinal fluid formation and bulk absorption rates by means of perfusion method part 2 clinical investigation in the patients of so called normal pressure hydrocephalus

Vignaud J., 1987: Study of cerebrospinal fluid dynamics by mri of intravoxel incoherent motions ivim

Et Al, 1987: Study of certain feeding factors influencing the return of estrus after parturition in beef breed cows

Skvorcov M., 1983: Study of certain parameters in the use of pulsators

Mal'tseva, N. M.; Votselko, S. K.; Ivanyts'ka, L. M.; Kihel, N. F., 1977: Study of certain physical properties of exo poly saccharides of oligo nitrophilic bacteria

Rubasheva L.M., 1986: Study of certain physicochemical properties of octamycin

Rogozhin S.V., 1980: Study of certain physicochemical properties of water soluble proteins from spirulina platensis

Anan'eva, O. N.; Rudyuk, V. F., 1978: Study of certain properties of lipases from castor oil plant ricinus communis and sunflower helianthus annuus seeds/

Bata, J.; Colobert, L.; Biron, A.; Brune, J., 1977: Study of certain serum proteins in primary carcinoma of the lung immuno globulin a immuno globulin g immuno globulin m hapto globin alpha 1 anti trypsin alpha 2 macro globulin

Lichkov A., 1987: Study of certain weed reserves of potato virus infection

Sodi F., 1979: Study of cesium 137 absorption by lemna minor

Rego, A. A., 1975: Study of cestodes of fishes of brazil 2nd note revision of the genus monticellia cestoda proteocephalidae

Section 7, Chapter 6525, Accession 006524988

Portnoi V.F., 1985: Study of changes in the rhythmo inotropic dependence in guinea pig myocardium under the effect of ischemia of varying duration

Chrenkova, M.; Ceresnakova, Z.; Sommer, A.; Flak, P., 1986: Study of changes of properties in thermically and hydrothermically treated feeds 1. changes in crude protein solubility and amino acid content

Lishko V.K., 1984: Study of channel forming properties of steatoda paykulliana spider venom

Kolesnikova, A. V.; Mal'tseva, O. M., 1976: Study of characteristic body reactions in young carpet factory workers to industrial and occupational factors

Mashkovskii M.D., 1984: Study of characteristic pharmacologic properties of some antidepressants administered repeatedly

Gudynas E., 1986: Study of characteristics and congruence between classifications of two lizard species tropidurus etheridgei and tropidurus catalanensis from temperate south america lacertilia iguanidae

Raynaud, C., 1976: Study of characteristics for the revision of the genus helianthemum in the section brachypetalum

Tonkopii, V. D.; Prozorovskii, V. B., 1976: Study of characteristics of the interaction of galanthamine with acetyl cholin esterase of the mouse brain in in vivo experiments

Vasconcellos M.E.D.C., 1979: Study of characters correlated with dry fruit yield in the guarana tree paullinia cupania var sorbilis

Frankevich E.L., 1982: Study of charge separation in the reaction centers of photosystem ii of higher plants by the method of fluorescence magnetic modulation

Snigireva G.P., 1981: Study of chemi luminescence of rat blood serum after total body irradiation

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