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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6526

Chapter 6526 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Yin W F., 1986: Study of chemical components in leaves of amentotaxus argotaenia hance pilger native to china

Komisarenko, V. P.; Nechayeva, K. B.; Trubnikov, V. I.; Hasanov, S. H.; Shevchenko, O. V.; Nechayev, O. P.; Malofyeyeva, L. S., 1977: Study of chemical composition and biological activity of splenin part 1 chemical composition of splenin lipid components

Ladygina E.Ya, 1983: Study of chemical composition of guelder rose viburnum opulus fruits

Malashenko, A. M.; Semenov-Kh-Kh ; Selezneva, G. P.; Surkova, N. I., 1978: Study of chemical compound mutagenic effect on laboratory mice

Babkin, I. V.; Butorin, A. S.; Ivanova, E. M.; Rait, A. S., 1988: Study of chemical conversions of radioactive 4 n 2 chloroethyl n methylaminobenzyl 5' phosphorus 32 phosphamides of oligodeoxyribonucleotides in vivo

Kalinovskii, V. E.; Levina, V. S.; Bovenko, V. N.; Koshevaya, V. P., 1977: Study of chemical resistance of vessels for blood and blood substitutes

Bolton, W. K.; Atuk, N. O.; Kirkpatrick, P. R.; Turner, S. M., 1978: Study of chemical sympathectomy in endo toxin induced lethality and fibrin deposition

Rossi P., 1979: Study of chemo taxis by a modified method of migration under agarose gel

Tuberc Res Cent (India), 1983: Study of chemo therapy regimens of 5 and 7 months duration and the role of cortico steroids in the treatment of sputum positive patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in south india

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525010

Dvorak, F., 1987: Study of chenopodium acerifolium andrz. and chenopodium missouriense aellen

Dvorak F., 1987: Study of chenopodium diversifolium aellen dvorak and of some hybrids with this species

Dvorak F., 1986: Study of chenopodium ficifoliiforme

Sargent E.N., 1986: Study of chest radiographs and pulmonary ventilatory function in perlite workers

Zaretskii, I. Z.; Petukhova, M. B.; Ershov, F. I., 1978: Study of chicken and mouse interferons using iso electro focusing

Kumar P., 1987: Study of childhood renal tumors using a monoclonal antibody to tamm horsfall protein

Calabuig Crespo M.C., 1986: Study of childhood renal tumors using antisera to fibronectin laminin and epithelial membrane antigen

Morris Jones P.H., 1986: Study of childhood renal tumors using peroxidase conjugated lectins

Tarcal E., 1982: Study of children of parents operated on for congenital cardio vascular malformations

Luss, E. V.; Volkova, L. V.; Moiseenko, E. V.; Petrova, O. N.; Shapiro, N. I., 1981: Study of chinese hamster cells carrying mutations in gprt locus 2. some characteristics of hybrids showing intra genic complementation

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525021

He, H.; Shen, X.; Ponte, J. G. Jr, 1987: Study of chinese you tiao deep fried twisted dough sticks i. relationship of leavening agents to frying temperature resting time and quality of the product

He, H.; Shen, X.; Ponte, J. G. Jr, 1987: Study of chinese you tiao deep fried twisted dough sticks ii. effects of flour quality shortening and dough development

Nieto-Acosta, O. M.; Enriques-Rodriguez, R. D.; Vitovskaya, G. A.; Elinov, N. P., 1977: Study of chitin from skeletons of panulirus argus

Hanley, M. J.; Kokko, J. P., 1978: Study of chloride transport across the rabbit cortical collecting tubule

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525026

Perraud R., 1985: Study of chlorine ethylene interactions in a simulated industrial atmosphere

Maister A., 1980: Study of chlorophyll a state in synthetic pigment protein complex by derivative spectrophotometry

Yaronskaya E.B., 1987: Study of chlorophyll precursor content in the mutant of chlamydomonas reinhardtii deficient in chlorophyll b

Rubin A.B., 1979: Study of chloroplast aging by the fluorescent probe method

Wilczok T., 1986: Study of chloroquine binding to melanins by pyrolysis gas chromatography and esr spectroscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525032

Miller W.L., 1986: Study of cholesterol side chain cleavage 20 22 desmolase deficiency causing congenital lipoid adrenal hyperplasia using bovine sequence p 450 scc oligodeoxyribonucleotide probes

Hegner D., 1979: Study of cholic acid conjugation by isolated rat hepatocytes

Vaccarezza, J. R.; Loro-Marchese, J. H.; Ruiz, D. C., 1975: Study of cholin esterase activity in pleural fluids

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525036

Gmiro V.E., 1982: Study of cholino receptive membrane in sympathetic ganglion by analysis of structure activity relationship

Llewellyn, D. J.; Smith, G. D., 1979: Study of chorismate mutase prephenate dehydrogenase ec in crude cell extracts of escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525039

Kazaryan R.R., 1980: Study of chromatin and its components during fasting

Lavin M.F., 1986: Study of chromatin structure in ataxia telangiectasia cells

Lin S., 1983: Study of chromosomal replication of red muntjac muntiacus muntjak

Sevan-Kaev, A. V.; Bykhovskii, A. V.; Bochkov, N. P., 1969: Study of chromosome aberrations in persons working under occupational radiation conditions

Shevchenko N.M., 1980: Study of chromosome aberrations in the lymphocytes of patients treated with phenazepam and sydnocarb

Vasil'ev, V. P.; Makeeva, A. P.; Ryabov, I. N., 1978: Study of chromosome complexes in cyprinid fish and their hybrids

Zimina N.V., 1985: Study of chromosome disjunction in female drosophila melanogaster heterozygous for translocation

Dutrillaux B., 1984: Study of chromosome lesions induced by gamma rays during the g 2 and mitotic phases of the cell cycle

Nechiporenko, V. Kh ; Oprishko, N. N., 1977: Study of chromosomes in pig embryos at early stages of embryogenesis part 1

Mikhailova, G. R.; Gorshunova, L. P., 1975: Study of chromosomes in the bone marrow cells of mice inoculated successively with various vaccines

Markaryan, D. S.; Gvaramiya, I. A.; Agrba, V. Z.; Vasil'eva, V. A.; Sanguliya, I. A.; Timanovskaya, V. V., 1977: Study of chromosomes of 7 continuous lines of hemopoietic cells of macaques and baboons producing herpesvirus type epstein barr virus and oncornavirus type c

Ling L., 1986: Study of chromosomes of a transplantable lung adenocarcinoma

Dvorak, F.; Dadakova, B., 1975: Study of chromosomes of angiosperms part 2

Dvorak, F., 1977: Study of chromosomes of angiosperms part 5

Dvorak, F., 1977: Study of chromosomes of angiosperms part 6

Cea, C. G.; Marin, S. O., 1976: Study of chromosomes of cratomelus armatus orthoptera gryllacrididae using hemocyte cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525057

Nosik, N. N.; Fine, D. L.; Priori, E. S.; Arthur, L.; Gonda, M. S.; Plouman, D. T.; Ershov, F. I., 1978: Study of chronic infection caused by simian mason pfizer virus in primate cell cultures

Zhdanov V.M., 1982: Study of chronic tick borne encephalitis virus infection in human lymphocyte continuous lines by molecular hybridization methods

Dupuis, C.; Genduso, P., 1981: Study of cimicophage phasiinae 40. 2 diptera phasiinae new parasites of aelia rostrata in sicily italy diptera tachinidae heteroptera pentatomidae

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525061

Zaffarana V., 1986: Study of circannual variations of femur proximal extremity fractures

Sidorov, G. V.; Usatyi, A. F.; Myasoedov, N. F., 1979: Study of circular dichroism spectra of bromo substituted fragments of nucleic acids 1. circular dichroism spectra of 8 bromo substituted purine nucleotides

Myasoedov, N. F.; Sidorov, G. V.; Usatyi, A. F., 1979: Study of circular dichroism spectra of bromo substituted fragments of nucleic acids 2. circular dichroism spectra of 5 substituted pyrimidine nucleotides

Gerard, H.; Kohler, F., 1977: Study of circulating blood modifications in chick embryo following the grafting of fowl spleen fragments part 1 the effect on the blood volume

Williams R.C.Jr, 1981: Study of circulating immune complex size in systemic lupus erythematosus

Stetsenko O.G., 1985: Study of circulating immune complexes in the diagnosis of mycoplasma pneumoniae infection

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525068

Hors J., 1988: Study of cis and trans interactions between extended hla haplotypes in insulin dependent diabetes

Pinedo, H. M.; Vendrik, C. P. J.; Staquet, M.; Sylvester, R., 1978: Study of cis di ammine di chloro platinum in advanced soft tissue sarcoma

Renaud M., 1984: Study of clarifying by flotation applied to cellulosic fiber suspensions

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525072

Prost R., 1981: Study of clay oxide associations fabric of a ferrallitic material

Iqbal, M. Z.; Qadir, S. A., 1974: Study of climate and micro climate of industrial area of karachi

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525075

Georgieva, D.; Lozanov, L.; Kamburov, P., 1986: Study of clinical characteristics and pathomorphological changes of lambs in acute experimental ovine cysticercosis

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525077

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525078

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525079

Lautier, J.; Chanal, J. L.; Guibert, J.; Lagarrigue, J. G., 1977: Study of clofibric acid distribution metabolism and model in crab pachygrapsus marmoratus decapoda brachyura

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525081

Burkhardt, H.; Zellner, P. R., 1977: Study of clotting proteins in the content of burn blisters after severe burns

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525083

Tranfaglia, A.; Marotta, S., 1982: Study of coccidean homoptera 6. 2 new south african cochineals on geranium cultivations pelargonium spp and geranium spp

Algarra J.M., 1981: Study of cochlear microphonics

Nakamura, R.; Littarru, G. P.; Folkers, K.; Wilkinson, E. G., 1974: Study of coenzyme q 10 enzymes in gingiva from patients with periodontal disease and evidence for a deficiency of coenzyme q 10

Sugahara M., 1988: Study of cold induced vasodilation due to cold exposure

Bhowal J.G., 1985: Study of coleoptile length in wheat

Ivanova L.A., 1987: Study of collagen ointment bases

Rudakov S.S., 1986: Study of collagen proteins of human hyaline cartilage at normalcy and under systemic bone dysplasias

Flaud P., 1987: Study of collapse into two and three lobes in an elastic tube

Delhotal, P.; Grand-Pernot, F. L.; Lecoq, H., 1976: Study of colletotrichum lindemuthianum viruses part 2 transmission of the viral particles

Vladimirskaya, E. B., 1977: Study of colony forming activity of bone marrow stroma in children with acute leukemia

Tsveibakh A.S., 1982: Study of colony forming capacity of precursor cells of granulo monopoiesis using various culture media

Zaslavskaya, P. L.; Zhukov, V. G.; Kuznetsov, V. D., 1975: Study of colony structure of active and inactive variants of actinomyces parvulus by light microscopy and scanning microscopy

Mahajan, O. P.; Gogna, R. S., 1977: Study of color blindness in school children

Couturier-Bhaud, Y., 1975: Study of color change in lysmata seticaudata crustacea decapoda physiological adaptation

Katasonov, V. Ya, 1978: Study of color in hybrids of common and ornamental japanese carp part 3 inheritance of blue and orange color types

Florschutz-De-Waard, J.; Florschutz, P. A., 1979: Study of columbian cryptogams 3. annotated list of columbian mosses

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525100

Pchelkina, A. A.; Korenberg, E. I.; Suvorova, L. G.; Nikitina, N. A.; Kovalevskii-Yu, V.; Medvedeva, G. I.; Kuksgauzen, 1975: Study of combined foci of tick borne encephalitis and q rickettsiosis in the udmurt assr russian sfsr ussr

Jain, R. P.; Singh, R. B., 1976: Study of combining ability and genetic parameters for physio morphological characters in bread wheat triticum aestivum

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525103

Semenov, S. G.; Braudo, E. E.; Yaroshenko-Yu, F.; Zharikova, G. G.; Tolstoguzov, V. B., 1982: Study of commodity properties of food emulsions 1. the effect of dispersion medium composition on kinetic stability of oil water emulsions containing proteins acidic poly saccharides and calcium salts

Laplante L.S., 1983: Study of communication as a basic paradigm of social psychology

Bukhari I.A., 1984: Study of community health volunteers scheme in the district of ajmer rajasthan india

Narkevich, A. N.; Beletskii, Y. D.; Dorofeenko, G. N.; Zhdanov, Y. A.; Razoriteleva, E. K., 1968: Study of comparative cyto genetic activity of some pyrylium salts

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525108

Rolleri, C., 1976: Study of comparative leaf morphology of species and interspecific hybrids of the genus blechnum subgenus blechnum blechnaceae pteridophyta

Gorgiladze, G. I., 1978: Study of compensatory processes during unilateral loss of vestibular function

Debouzie, D., 1977: Study of competition among ceratitis capitata larvae diptera trypetidae

Robert J., 1984: Study of competitive binding of gallium and iron by tumor cells

Boehm, U.; Meretey, K.; Falus, A.; Jancso, A.; Bozsoky, S., 1978: Study of complement c 3 and complement c 4 of synovial fluids in connective tissue diseases

Rodic B.D., 1984: Study of complement effects on kinetics of immune precipitation

Someda, K.; Tsuji, Y.; Kawamoto, K.; Kawamura, Y., 1976: Study of complementarity by the preliminary impression replica

Vales M., 1985: Study of complete resistance to pyricularia oryzae of oryza sativa x oryza longistaminata hybrids and their oryza longistaminata parent

Sawada Y., 1986: Study of complete right bundle branch block in childhood

Yatsymyrs'kyi, K. B.; Davydenko, N. K.; Manoryk, P. A., 1978: Study of complex formation in ternary systems containing copper ii or nickel ii glycine and atp

Il'ina, E. V.; Smirnov, V. D.; Shabarova, Z. A.; Prokof'ev, M. A., 1976: Study of complex formation of synthetic oligo nucleotides 1 of which is immobilized on a carrier

Maquestiau, A.; Van-Haverbeke, Y.; Flammang, R.; Mispreuve, H.; Kaisin, M.; Braekman, J. C.; Daloze, D.; Tursch, B., 1978: Study of complex marine sterol mixtures by mass analyzed ion kinetic energy spectrometry

Razakov, R. R.; Kasimov, A. K.; Aslanov-Kh, A.; Sadykov, A. S., 1980: Study of complex mixtures of natural compounds by de focusing and direct analysis of daughter ions 1. repellents of the darkling beetle blaps

Razakov, R. R.; Sadykov, A. S., 1986: Study of complex mixtures of natural compounds by defocusing and direct analysis of daughter ions vi. components of the preanal gland secretion of some venomous snakes

Razakov, R.; Kasimov, A. K.; Aslanov-Kh, A.; Sadykov, A. S., 1981: Study of complex mixtures of natural substances by de focusing and direct analysis of daughter ions 2. phyto sterols associated with beta sito sterol

Raukas E., 1981: Study of complexes of poly l histidine with dna by the method of hyper chromic spectra

Tiwari, K. A.; Chakravarti, P. B., 1976: Study of compounds of penicillin g with metallic ions

Sergovskaya, N. L.; Kornienko, N. I.; Shekhter, O. V.; Tsizin-Yu, S.; Pridantseva, E. A.; Vladimirova, V. V.; Rasnitsyn, S. P., 1984: Study of compounds with juvenile activity 16. activity of 4 substituted 2 6 di tert butylphenols

Hamada N., 1986: Study of concentration correction for the first pass method application to right ventricular ejection fraction

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525128

Piette M., 1981: Study of concomitant cell changes in peritoneal fluid colony stimulating factor release

Yunusova, L. S.; Drugova, N. A., 1977: Study of concomitant micro flora during prolonged substrate free cultivation of beets

Semkin B.I., 1980: Study of concrete and partial floras using mathematical methods

Scott, P. M.; Kennedy, B. P. C.; Harwig, J.; Blanchfield, B. J., 1977: Study of conditions for production of roquefortine and other metabolites of penicillium roqueforti

Debov S.S., 1986: Study of conditions of activation and stabilization of dna methylases of shigella sonnei 47 during fractionation purification and storage

Kudryavtseva, M. V.; Shalakhmetova, T. M., 1978: Study of conditions of glycogen retention in isolated cell smears part 2 cyto fluorometric study of the effect of fixation on glycogen content in cells

Suarez Batista R., 1980: Study of conditions of the work place an example of its importance and application

Dikhtyarev, S. I.; Chernobai, V. T., 1978: Study of conditions of urease extraction from citrullus vulgaris

Molle L., 1987: Study of conessine content of holarrhena floribunda stem bark in burkina faso

Dzhinoriya K.Sh, 1985: Study of conformational acid denatured hemoglobin using the method of hydrogen exchange proton deuteron

Guha S., 1985: Study of conformational aspects of several gamma aminobutyric acid uptake inhibitors by molecular orbital method

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525140

Kerimov, T. M.; Mil'grom-Ya, M.; Kozlov, I. A.; Ruuge, E. K., 1978: Study of conformational changes in soluble mitochondrial atpase by the spin label method

Rudenko, T. I.; Klimov, A. A.; Makarov, A. D., 1975: Study of conformational changes in the chloroplasts by television laser microscopy

Zav'yalov V.P., 1987: Study of conformational changes in the mechanism of cryoprecipitation of human monoclonal immunoglobulin m

Nottoli, E. M.; Lambert, J. B.; Letsinger, R. L., 1977: Study of conformational changes induced on substituting imide for oxygen at carbon 5 of thymidine nucleosides and nucleotides

Zaalishvili M.M., 1980: Study of conformational changes of rna polymerase c by the fluorescent method

Bol'bukh T.V., 1984: Study of conformational dependent isotherms of dna hydration

Yakovleva E.S., 1987: Study of conformational properties of lupine leghemoglobin by the spin label method

Artyukh, R. I.; Atanasov, B. P.; Vol'kenshtein, M. V., 1977: Study of conformational properties of sperm whale myo globin modified by a spin label on the histidine residues

Lavrent'ev V.V., 1982: Study of conformational stability of immuno globulin g in mono molecular layers at aqueous sodium chloride solution octane interfaces

Fasman G.D., 1981: Study of conformational states and reversibility of histone complexes

Ivanov, V. T.; Lavrinovich, I. A.; Portnova, S. L.; Spassov, S. L.; Meshcheryakova, E. A.; Senyavina, L. B.; Ovchinnikov-Yu, A., 1975: Study of conformational states of cyclo peptide systems part 13 spatial structure of sporidesmolides i iv

Genkin, M. V.; Davydov, R. M.; Krylov, O. V., 1978: Study of conformations of cytochrome c adsorbed on various surfaces

Zink, S.; Beckel, C. L.; Larson, A. C., 1980: Study of conformations of the adenosine phosphates 1. amp

Zink, S.; Beckel, C. L.; Larson, A. C., 1980: Study of conformations of the adenosine phosphates 2. atp and adp

Perrin, R., 1978: Study of conidium release and asco spore discharge of nectria ditissima cause of the beech canker

Danilovskii, M. A., 1978: Study of constitutive proteins of brain structures by electrophoresis in the continuous gradient of poly acrylamide gel in capillaries

Mariat, F.; Chatelain, J.; Rouffaud, M. A., 1976: Study of contamination by dermatophytic fungi in a population of small wild mammals in alsace france

Martin, J. L. M., 1977: Study of contamination of carcinus maenas using iron 59

Riman, L.; Rakoczi, L., 1977: Study of content and technological properties of a selected assortment of triticale

Zak B., 1983: Study of continuous flow automation for serum iron on comparing several sensitive reagents

Mueller Wilmes U., 1986: Study of continuous winter barley hordeum vulgare cultivation in parabrown earth loess loam

Golyzhnikov, V. A., 1976: Study of contractile function of the left ventricle in myo cardial infarction patients by echo cardiography

Falcao, W. F. D. A.; Falcao, J. I. D. A., 1978: Study of convolvulaceae of pernambuco brazil

Egorov A.M., 1987: Study of cooperative effects during interaction of monoclonal antibodies with the insulin dimer

Bhattacharya P.K., 1984: Study of copper ii and nickel ii ternary complexes involving tertiary amines and phenyl or hydroxylphenyl substituted amino acids

Granda M., 1987: Study of copper ii complex compounds with bismuthiol derivatives in butanone

Velican D., 1985: Study of coronary intimal thickening

Gladysheva N.M., 1981: Study of correlated variability of quantitative characters in winter rye di ploid forms and their tetra ploid analogs by means of the factor analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525170

Demidova S.A., 1984: Study of correlation between some indices of immunity and virus elimination in cytomegalovirus infection

Mishneva L.G., 1986: Study of correlation between temperature and the reduction of free radicals in mitochondria

Vrancken L., 1982: Study of correlations between bone blood urine of guinea pigs and hydrogen fluoride inhaled during long and short exposure

Artemov A.A., 1985: Study of correlations between chronic noninfectious diseases of the cardiovascular system and nutritional factors

Titov, A. F.; Drozdov, S. N.; Olimpienko, G. S., 1978: Study of correlations between commercially valuable and morpho physiological characteristics of meadow fescue

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525176

Kandeikina, V. I.; Trushechkin, V. G.; Ostreiko, S. A., 1977: Study of correlations in the shoot fruit seed system of black currants in connection with the use of preparation succinic acid n n di methyl hydrazide

Bondar' A.T., 1987: Study of cortical electrical activity and of the time of response to sound signals and light stimuli

Terrier, G.; Gottesmann, C., 1978: Study of cortical spindles during sleep in the rat

Mojica A., 1982: Study of corticolous lichens collected from montane rain forest and coniferous forest of hidalgo state mexico

Lahir, Y. K.; Dhage, K. P., 1979: Study of corvus splendens 4. proteolytic activity of the alimentary canal

Lahir, Y. K.; Dhage, K. P., 1973: Study of corvus splendens part 3 amylolytic activity in the alimentary canal

Lahir, Y. K.; Dhage, K. P., 1975: Study of corvus splendens part 5 some hematological observations

Veksler, N. A.; Smirnova, L. S.; Abduazimov-Kh, A., 1976: Study of cotton dioxane lignin part 5

Shadrina, T. Yu ; Yunusov, T. S.; Yuldashev, P. Kh, 1979: Study of cottonseed globulins 20. stability of 11s globulin quaternary structure

Yadgarov, E. G.; Asatov, S. I.; Yunusov, T. S.; Yuldashev, P. Kh, 1978: Study of cottonseed globulins part 19 chymotryptic and tryptic peptides of subunit c of 11s globulin

Nuriddinov R.N., 1982: Study of cottonseed gossypium hirsutum high molecular weight ribosomal rna

Pullmann R., 1986: Study of cough in anesthetized cats with experimental pulmonary edema

Glandian, R.; Corneteau, H.; Drouet, S.; Rouzet, M., 1978: Study of coumarins from an essential oil of lemon from the ivory coast part 5 isolation and identification of a furo coumarin bergamottin

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525190

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525191

Frisina W., 1984: Study of cradle and pendulum motion for applications to health care

Tseitlina V.N., 1985: Study of craniocerebral temperature using decimetric radiothermometry

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525194

Sergienko G.D., 1983: Study of crimean oribatids ukrainian ssr ussr

Machanicek J., 1981: Study of criteria determining suitability of forest seeds for long term storage

Bona M., 1985: Study of critical damage to the neurons in dog cerebral cortex in the presence of different degrees of ischemia and after subsequent recirculation

Semenova E.N., 1980: Study of cross reactions between antigens of group a streptococci and fibroblasts of heart interstitial connective tissue of different mammalian species

Kaverina K.G., 1988: Study of cross reactions between staphylococcus aureus and neisseria meningitidis

Mauri A., 1985: Study of cross resistance to beta lactam antibiotics in a population of recently isolated hospital staphylococci

Maksina A.G., 1981: Study of cryogenic damage to spermatozoa by epr spectroscopy of spin probes in membranes

Brugerolle, G., 1975: Study of cryptopleuromitosis and morphogenesis of division in trichomonas vaginalis and various genera of primitive trichomonadida

Platonov, E. S.; Evseev, L. P.; Konyukhov, B. V., 1975: Study of crystallin synthesis in the lens of new born mice

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525204

Watanabe, A., 1986: Study of crystalline drugs by means of a polarizing microscope viii. a simple and rapid method to measure the thickness of a crystalline drug and its application to the quality testing of poorly soluble drugs

Watanabe, A.; Yamaoka, Y.; Kuroda, K.; Yokoyama, T.; Umeda, T., 1985: Study of crystalline drugs by means of polarizing microscope 7. polarizing microscopy of crystalline drugs listed in the japanese pharmacopeia x

Watanabe, A., 1986: Study of crystalline drugs by means of polarizing microscope ix. preparation of the charts for simultaneous analysis identification and measurement of thickness of crystalline drugs listed in the japanese pharmacopeia x

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525208

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525209

Rose I.A., 1981: Study of crystalline hexo kinase glucose complexes by isotope trapping

Roques, R.; Djakoure, L. A.; Rossi, J. C., 1978: Study of crystalline structure using x ray diffraction and study of absolute configuration in the alkaloid laurelliptine

Chen W., 1987: Study of csf enzymatic activity in 42 cases of central nervous system diseases

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525213

Eric Z., 1980: Study of cucumber mosaic virus from sugar beet plants beta vulgaris var saccharifera

Mikhalevskaya L.I., 1986: Study of culture fluid filtration on drum vacuum filters with filter cakes

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525216

Friedman, G.; Stein, O.; Halperin, G.; Kimchi, A.; Stein, Y., 1978: Study of cultured skin fibroblasts from patients with and without ischemic heart disease metabolism of low density lipo protein and cholesterol ester synthesis of cellular lipids and effect of chloroquine on accumulation of cholesterol ester

Stevens D.A., 1985: Study of current and new drugs in a murine model of acute paracoccidioidomycosis

Gianik T., 1981: Study of current voltage characteristics of ionic channels using trans membrane current harmonics

Cardot, J. C.; Bazin, R.; Baud, M.; Agache, P.; Bidet, R., 1977: Study of cutaneous micro circulation by epi cutaneous diffusion of xenon 133

Weil J., 1983: Study of cuttings of some clones of sugarcane grown in tissue culture

Akimenko V.K., 1979: Study of cyanide resistant respiration in the bacterium pseudomonas aeruginosa

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525223

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525224

Chizhikov B.A., 1985: Study of cyclic nucleotides in the cancer and polyps of the large intestine and nonspecific colitis a preliminary communication

Garcia-Olmedo, R.; Valls-Dalles, G.; Diaz-Marquina, A., 1979: Study of cyperus esculentus tubers oil 1. fatty acids composition

Garcia-Olmedo, R.; Valls-Dalles, G.; Diaz-Marquina, A., 1979: Study of cyperus esculentus tubers oil 2. unsaponifiable fraction

Dekhtyarenko, T. D.; Boyin, L. F.; Matselyukh, B. P., 1977: Study of cysteine deficient mutants of actinomyces olivaceus v kx

Sova, O.; Pastorova, B., 1976: Study of cystinamino peptidase heterogeneity in animal sera by the iso electric focusing method

Arutyunyan R.M., 1980: Study of cyto genetic change levels in production of poly vinyl acetate

Grigor'eva G.A., 1979: Study of cyto genetic effect of oxygen in crepis capillaris seeds subjected to long term storage

Zalinian G.G., 1980: Study of cyto genetic parameters under fotrin effect modification

Longly, B.; Waterkeyn, L., 1977: Study of cyto kinesis part 1 the callose stages of the somatic cell plate

Sharrock, M.; Yonetani, T., 1976: Study of cytochrome oxidase ec co binding site using low temperature flash photolysis

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525235

Haladjian J., 1979: Study of cytochromes c from desulfovibrio vulgaris strain hildenborough and desulfovibrio desulfuricans strain norway by differential pulse polarography and spectro electrochemical method

Sarkisyan T.F., 1987: Study of cytogenetic disturbances in the cells of allergy patients

Longly, B.; Waterkeyn, L., 1979: Study of cytokinesis 3. simultaneous and successive partitions in micro sporocytes

Longly, B.; Waterkeyn, L., 1978: Study of cytokinesis part 2 structure and isolation of micro sporocyte cellular plates

Bernard, M., 1976: Study of cytological morphological and agro technical characteristics of 6 wheat rye addition lines

Kalsy, H. S.; Sharma, D., 1972: Study of cytoplasmic effects in reciprocal crosses of divergent varieties of maize zea mays

Ivanova, D. I.; Shcherbakov, V. G.; Fedorova, S. A.; Idashkina, T. B., 1976: Study of cytoplasmic protein bodies of rice endosperm

Polishchuk, A. S.; Korotkoruchko, V. P., 1977: Study of cytoplasmic rna in rat regenerating liver tissue and in liver of rats with hepatoma pc 1

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525245

Toguchi Y., 1985: Study of cytotoxic islet cell surface antibodies in patients with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus a comparison between japan and usa

Horvath J., 1986: Study of cytotoxicity against adenovirally transformed cells in patients with tumors of the urinary tract

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525260

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Matorin D.N., 1985: Study of delayed fluorescence in spring wheat in connection with productivity

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525264

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525278

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525283

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525293

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525297

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525300

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Bennett T.E., 1986: Study of differentiation of fresh myeloid leukemic cells by physiologic agents that induce a human promyelocytic leukemic line hl 60 to differentiate

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525312

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525313

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525317

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Donadini, J. C., 1985: Study of discomycetes iii. a natural macroscopic element useful in taxonomy the color of the spore print

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525327

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525330

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525338

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525345

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525349

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Santhanakrishnan B.R., 1984: Study of dog bite in children

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Ukurihara Y., 1983: Study of domestic sewage waste treatment by the polychaetes neanthes japonica and perinereis nuntia var vallata on an artificial tidal flat

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Et Al, 1988: Study of drug consumption in working environment in france

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525366

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Bruchet G., 1981: Study of dryas octopetala ecto mycorrhizae mycorrhizal synthesis and hebeloma alpinum and hebeloma marginatulum carpophores

Turk J.L., 1987: Study of dth and resistance in mycobacterium lepraemurium infection using a t cell line isolated from mice infected with mycobacterium bovis bcg

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525370

Natl-Coop-Group-Pathol-Progn-Colorectal-Cancer, 1986: Study of dukes' staging of colorectal carcinoma by the prognosis

Pratap B., 1984: Study of duodenal ulcer disease in 100 families using total serum pepsinogen as a genetic marker

Sinel'shchikova, V. V., 1977: Study of duration of mitosis in thymus cortex cells of normal mice and after antigen injection at different times of the day

Lalev T., 1985: Study of durum wheat fusariosis

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525375

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525376

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525377

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Bousquet, J.; Vanhems, E., 1975: Study of dysgenesic ovaries of rats treated with gonadotropic stimulants

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De-Marzo, L., 1976: Study of dytiscid coleoptera larvae part 5 morphological notes on 3 species of genus laccophilus

De-Marzo, L., 1976: Study of dytiscid coleoptera larvae part 6 survey for systematic purposes of the morphology of the mandibles in the larvae of some species of the subfamily colymbetinae

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525383

Matoses S., 1986: Study of early variations in plasma amino acids after temporary hepatic devascularization in an experimental model of ischemic hepatitis in the dog

Ivanovic D., 1986: Study of eating habits of high school graduates in the metropolitan area of santiago chile

Jocu I., 1985: Study of echographic aspects in 90 cases of chronic lithiasic cholecystitis

Ma Z., 1988: Study of ecology of sand badger

Ratnikova T.N., 1984: Study of economic coefficients in the batch and multicyclic cultivation of clostridium perfringens type a

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Salcedo-Olavarrieta, N.; Ortega, M. M.; Marin-Garcia, M. E.; Zavala-Moreno, C., 1978: Study of edible algae of the valley of mexico a comparative chemical analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525392

Pillar, J., 1977: Study of effect of copper molybdenum and boron on amino acid contents of lucerne

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Maiskii V.A., 1986: Study of efferent vestibular neurons in guinea pigs by retrograde axonal transport of horseradish peroxidase and fluorochromes

Takanashi K., 1987: Study of efficacy and safety of micronomicin administered by intravenous drip infusion in treatment against complicated urinary tract infections

Peligrad I., 1984: Study of efficiency of the treatment with antiallergic globulin and bronhodin in chronic respiratory diseases

Nival P., 1983: Study of egg laying and embryonal development in relation to temperature and diet in temora stylifera copepoda calanoida

Robert L., 1986: Study of elastase type activity in blister fluids of recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525401

Tul'skii S.V., 1979: Study of electric characteristics of the regeneration of human bone tissue

Trifonov Yu A., 1980: Study of electrical properties of the syncytium of the retinal horizontal cells by uniform polarization

Kardontchik A., 1984: Study of electro cardiography gated thallium 201 myo cardial scintigraphy is imaging time a limiting factor

Chey W.Y., 1984: Study of electro mechanical activity of the stomach in humans and dogs with particular attention to tachygastria

Rickards A.F., 1984: Study of electro physiologic ischemic events during coronary angio plasty

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525407

Queinnec, Y.; Campan, R.; Gallo, A., 1971: Study of electro retinographic responses to different light stimuli in locusta migratoria migratorioides comparison between the different phases

Itoh S., 1980: Study of electrogenic electron transfer steps in chromatophore membrane of chromatium vinosum by the response of mero cyanin dye

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525410

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525411

Suzuki K., 1986: Study of electromyogram as a diagnostic tool of occlusal vertical dimensions

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Gao Y., 1984: Study of electrophoresis of isozymes and soluble proteins of diploid perennial teosinte and its hybrid f 1 with maize

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Blad Holmberg D., 1979: Study of electrophoretic mobility of cellular membranes isolated from rat liver

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Scacchi, R.; Lanzara, P.; De-Angelis, G., 1987: Study of electrophoretic variability in epipactis helleborine l. crantz epipactis palustris l. crantz and epipactis microphylla ehrh. swartz family orchidaceae

Khuluzauri O.V., 1980: Study of element composition of red cell membranes in healthy donors and erythro leukemia patients

Gutierrez Galindo E.A., 1980: Study of elimination of cadmium by mytilus edulis in presence of edta and phosphate

Korneva E.I., 1986: Study of embryonal processes in steroid containing solanum spp

Madorskii S.V., 1982: Study of emotional tone of sensations induced by electrical cutaneous stimuli in patients with damaged mediobasal structures of the brain temporal lobe

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Zhukovskaya S.A., 1987: Study of emulsion separation in antibiotic extraction from fermentation broth filtrates

Seiller M., 1985: Study of emulsions of pharmaceutical interest by light scattering

Yata N., 1981: Study of enamine derivatives of phenyl glycine as adjuvants for the rectal absorption of insulin

Cathala F., 1986: Study of endemic scrapie in a flock of ile de france sheep

Elyakova L.A., 1983: Study of endo beta 1 3 glucanase by affinity inhibition

Feria Velasco A., 1982: Study of endo cardial surface of right atrium of mouse by means of scanning electron microscopy

Varfolomeev S.D., 1982: Study of endo per oxide prostaglandin synthetase from the microsomal fraction of human platelets

Bousquet D., 1985: Study of endocrine factors associated with the number and the quality of bovine embryos

Marconi G., 1985: Study of endocrine function in myotonic dystrophy

Mataix J., 1979: Study of endogenous fecal nitrogen in pregnant rats

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525441

Schwartz J C., 1985: Study of endogenous tyrosylglycylglycine a putative enkephalin metabolite in mouse brain validation of a radioimmunoassay localization and effects of peptidase inhibitors

Noguchi K., 1981: Study of endometrial hyperplasia employing the method of micro electrophoresis of cultured cells of hyperplastic endometrium

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525444

Rivera Fillat F., 1986: Study of endometrial steroid receptors in fertile and sterile women with lutein defects effects of substitution therapy with gestagens

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Gorbunova, M. P., 1975: Study of endostyle of lamprey larvae associated with the problem of thyroid gland evolution

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525448

Zhuk R.A., 1984: Study of energy characteristics of 5 fluoro uracil derivatives by photo ionization mass spectrometry

Denis, P.; Colin, R.; Le-Grix, A.; Pasquis, P.; Geffroy, Y.; Lefrancois, R., 1976: Study of energy intake in relation with foodstuff metabolized in diarrheic patients

Sakamoto S., 1982: Study of energy metabolism in the oocyte by cycling method

Tikhonov A.N., 1979: Study of energy migration and electron transport processes in the photosynthesis of higher plants enhancement effects and action spectra

Leblanc R.M., 1987: Study of energy storage processes in bundle sheath cells of zea mays

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525454

Savitskii, I. V.; Karpovich, G. A., 1978: Study of entero peptidase of the small intestine of albino rats after x irradiation and thio phosphamide administration

Richard, C.; Joly, B.; Sirot, J.; Stoleru, S. H.; Popoff, M., 1976: Study of enterobacter strains belonging to a particular group related to enterobacter aerogenes

Bodryagina A.B., 1984: Study of enterobacteriaceae strains isolated from chronic carriers of salmonella typhi and salmonella schottmuelleri and healthy persons

Drozdov S.G., 1980: Study of enteroviruses in the environment using guanidine dependent variants

Kakaliev, K.; Saparliev, K., 1975: Study of entobacterin pathogenicity for termite control in nature

Bochkareva N.G., 1980: Study of enzymatic hydrolysis of sawdust from different kinds of wood depending on the method of their pre treatment

Girard, P.; Palabost, L., 1976: Study of enzymatic polymorphism in 15 natural populations of drosophila melanogaster

Boisselier Dubayle M.C., 1981: Study of enzymatic polymorphism in a pleurotus from umbelliferae

Qureshi, I. A.; Letarte, J.; Ouellet, R., 1978: Study of enzyme defect in a case of ornithine trans carbamylase deficiency

Laverycheva, I. G., 1978: Study of enzyme function in the hill reaction and its temperature dependence

Relan, N. K.; Mehta, S.; Nain, C. K.; Chakravarti, R. N., 1978: Study of enzymes in synapses of the brain of young rhesus monkey

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525466

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525467

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525468

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525469

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525470

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525471

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525472

Shuklinov V.A., 1982: Study of epithelial cells of the uterine cervix mucosa using the integral 1 cyto analyzer

Hirsch, I.; Suchankova, A.; Zavadova, H.; Vonka, V., 1978: Study of epstein barr virus determined nuclear antigen by chromatography on fixed cell nuclei

Taniuchi, H.; Parker, D. S.; Bohnert, J. L., 1977: Study of equilibration of the system involving 2 alternative enzymically active complementing structures simultaneously formed from 2 overlapping fragments of staphylococcal nuclease

Prokopova Zh V., 1983: Study of equilibrium dynamics of cell protein structure by room temperature tryptophan phosphorescence

Stepanov, V. M.; Lavrenova, G. I.; Rudenskaya, G. N.; Gonchar, M. V.; Lobareva, L. S.; Kotlova, E. K.; Strongin, A. Ya ; Baratova, L. A.; Belyanova, L. P., 1976: Study of equine pepsins

Bolis P.F., 1985: Study of erythrocyte deformability in physiological pregnancy

Vazquez Garcia J.A., 1985: Study of erythrocyte deformability in type 1 diabetes mellitus

Simon, N.; Kiss, M., 1979: Study of erythrocyte delta amino levulinic acid dehydratase ec activity in porphyria cutanea tarda

Cupa M., 1979: Study of erythrocyte lipids after infusion of modified fluid gelatin

Delage J M., 1984: Study of erythrocyte mean corpuscular volume during cytotoxic therapy as a predictive parameter of the risk of secondary leukemia in hodgkins disease

Bustamante V., 1984: Study of erythrocyte rosettes in patients with carcinomatosis and modifications induced by serum immunosuppressive factors

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525485

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525486

Lu D., 1987: Study of escherichia coli galk and gpt gene introduced into mouse fertilized eggs

Czirok, E.; Milch, H.; Stverteczky, Z.; Herman, G.; Losonczy, G., 1975: Study of escherichia coli o 114 associated with a hospital outbreak

Kovalenko, E. O.; Vasyl'yev, V. M.; Zakharova, I. Ya, 1976: Study of escherichia coli o 20 k 61 h o specific lipo poly saccharide o antigen part 1 oxidation of the o specific lipo poly saccharide by sodium per iodate and its reduction by sodium borohydride

Braga L.M., 1981: Study of esophageal de nervation determined by superselective vagotomy

Mishurova, S. S.; Abbasov, R. M.; Malinovskaya, T. A., 1986: Study of essential oil and its antimicrobial activity in some zanthoxylum l. spp. introduced on apsheron peninsula azerbaijan ssr ussr

Rybal'chenko, A. S.; Fursa, M. S., 1978: Study of essential oil of valeriana nitida and valeriana exaltata using gas liquid chromatography

Baritaux O., 1986: Study of essential oils of two species of moroccan origanums origanum compactum and origanum elongatum

Budashkina E.B., 1987: Study of esterase in the caryopsis of the interspecies wheat hybrid triticum aestivum x triticum timpheevi

Minina L.S., 1980: Study of estrogen binding to estrogen receptor systems of guinea pig hypothalamo hypophyseal structures

Mcintyre G.J., 1985: Study of ethanol lysozyme interactions using neutron diffraction

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525497

Ivanova A.V., 1985: Study of ethmozine toxicity under extreme conditions

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525538

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525544

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525545

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525549

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525550

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525551

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525564

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525565

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525571

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525572

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525592

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525593

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525594

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525595

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525611

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525612

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525624

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525625

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525626

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525640

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525641

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525665

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525666

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525672

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525674

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Al-Bassam, R.; Bonaly, R., 1987: Study of glucan chitin complex isolated from cell wall of wild type and mutant strains of saccharomyces cerevisiae iii. glucan study

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525713

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525726

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Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525752

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Bisset J.A., 1986: Study of hematophagic activity of culex quinquefasciatus say 1823 diptera culicidae

Lanesky J.R., 1983: Study of hematuria in a general urology practice

Jacquy, J.; Descamps, L.; Joquet, P.; Collard, M.; Noel, G., 1977: Study of hemiplegic hypertensive patients by rheo encephalography and emi scan

Tandon, K. N.; Naik, S. N., 1976: Study of hemo globin and hapto globin in indian dog

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525782

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525783

Degtyarev, V. A.; Doroshev, V. G.; Kalmykova, N. D.; Kirillova, Z. A.; Lapshina, N. A.; Lepskii, A. A.; Ragozin, V. N., 1978: Study of hemodynamics and cardiac cycle phasic structure of the salyut 4 crew members

Konyaeva V.S., 1986: Study of hemoglobin structure by turbidimetric methods

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525786

Boros, G.; Gofman, L.; Deak, G.; Hamori, A., 1972: Study of hemostasis in nephropathies associated with pulmonary hemorrhage

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525788

Cortes L.M.D.C., 1985: Study of hepatic lesions in mice inoculated with the herpes simplex virus as a biological marker for differentiation of types 1 and 2

Smerdov G.N., 1985: Study of hepatitis a foci in groups of children with the use of clinico biochemical virological and serological diagnostic methods

Et Al, 1979: Study of hepatitis b in hemo dialysis

Kim S.H., 1979: Study of hepatitis b surface antigen in liver tissues by immuno peroxidase staining

Tumanyan N.A., 1979: Study of hepatitis b surface antigen in patients of psychiatric and tuberculosis hospitals

Tandurella S., 1980: Study of hepatitis b surface antigen in the feces of patients subjected to periodic dialysis treatments and in pupils of elementary school

Trepo C., 1986: Study of hepatitis b virus replication and hepatic manifestations in 7 cases of periarteritis nodosa

Pastucha L., 1986: Study of herbicide effects in the protection of soybean growths

Gligorijevic S., 1985: Study of herbicide effects on the intensity of soil respiration in wheat

Sengalevich G., 1987: Study of herbicide zeazin doses for maize grown for silage under irrigation and of their aftereffect on wheat

Herschkowitz N., 1987: Study of hereditary fructose intolerance by use of phosphorus 31 magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Rasulov E.M., 1984: Study of hereditary glutathione peroxidase deficiency in erythrocytes in the azerbaijan ssr ussr

Hsia, D. Y. Y., 1970: Study of hereditary metabolic diseases using in vitro techniques

Lavault, M.; Cabalion, P.; Bruneton, J., 1982: Study of hernandiaceae 4. alkaloids of hernandia peltata

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525803

Cassai E., 1985: Study of herpes simplex virus type 1 populations obtained from recurrences and primary infections

Dvorak F., 1982: Study of hesperis matronalis from the belanske tatry mountains czechoslovakia

Tikhonovich, I. A.; Fadeeva, T. S., 1976: Study of hetero chromatin in karyotypes of forms of the genetic collection of rye

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525807

Zakstel'skaya L.Ya, 1984: Study of heterogeneity of monospecific antibodies to influenza virus h 3n 2 hemagglutinin by radioimmunoassay

Konev S.V., 1986: Study of heterogeneity of physical properties of rat brain synaptic lipid phase of membrane using the fluorescent probe pyrene

Kolotilova, A. I.; Glushankov, E. P.; Voinova, N. E., 1978: Study of heterogeneity of transketolase isomerase and epimerase of pentose phosphates in bone marrow and erythrocytes

Gratton E., 1984: Study of heterogeneous emission of parinaric acid isomers using multifrequency phase fluorometry

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525812

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525813

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525814

Popova, D.; Mikhailov, L., 1969: Study of heterosis in tomatoes d lycopersicon esculentum d and peppers d capsicum annuum d

Lefort-Buson, M.; Dattee, Y., 1985: Study of heterosis in winter oilseed rape brassica napus 1. comparison of homozygous and heterozygous populations

Lefort-Buson, M.; Dattee, Y., 1985: Study of heterosis in winter oilseed rape brassica napus 2. genetic structure of the population

Zakharov, I. A.; Naumov, G. I., 1969: Study of heterozygosity of race xii of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Chauve C., 1986: Study of hexamidine antifungal activity in vitro against the yeast pityrosporum canis malassezia pachydermatis

Hanif M., 1986: Study of hexaminecobalt iii tricarbonatocobaltate iii as analytical reagent determination of catechol

Hernandez J., 1979: Study of high mountain soils on carbonate rocks

Troshikhin V.A., 1979: Study of higher nerve activity with the pnn 2 apparatus

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525823

Kurbanov-Kh, 1978: Study of histidase activity of guinea pig skin melanosomes

Mnatsakanyan-Yu, A.; Egorov, I. K., 1975: Study of histo compatibility mutations in mice part 5 expression of mutations m 505 hz 1 and m 506 in graft vs host reaction

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525826

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525827

Yano S., 1987: Study of histological findings and regional blood flow of the kidney in cases of primary vesicoureteral reflux

Moisa, I.; Olteanu, V.; Demetrescu, R., 1975: Study of histological modifications from pollutants in guinea pigs and rats

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525830

Khrapunov, S. N.; Berdyshev, G. D.; Dragan, A. I., 1978: Study of histone structure and aggregation part 2 structure of oligomers formed in mixed solutions of histone h 2a and histone h 4

Troup, G. M.; Schanfield, M. S.; Singaraju, C. H.; Harvey, R. L.; Jameson, J.; Capper, J.; Baker, B., 1982: Study of hla allo antigens of the navaho indians of north america 2. hla a hla b hla c hla dr and other genetic markers

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525833

Kalidi, I.; Fofana, Y.; Rahly, A. A.; Bochu, V.; Dehay, C.; Gony, J.; Hors, J., 1988: Study of hla antigens in a population of mali west africa

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525835

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525836

Et Al, 1988: Study of hla antigens in systemic lupus erythematosus in the french west indies

Raffoux C., 1985: Study of hla antigens of the martinican population

Weston W.L., 1986: Study of hla dr synthesis in cultured human keratinocytes

De Cordoba S.R., 1981: Study of hla polymorphisms bf and glo in the spanish population

Riera C.M., 1984: Study of hla system in a mataco population a geographically isolated american indian tribe

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525842

Ferguson, J. A.; Reeves, W. C.; Milby, M. M.; Hardy, J. L., 1978: Study of homologous and heterologous antibody responses in california horses vaccinated with attenuated venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis vaccine strain tc 83

Jatene A.D., 1984: Study of homologous dura mater implanted in the outflow tract of the right ventricle with its periosteal or arachnoidal aspect facing the cavity

Solomko, O. P., 1975: Study of homology between nuclear and polysomic viral specific rna in nuclear polyhedrosis in galleria mellonella

Ishay, J.; Fischl, J.; Alpern, G., 1976: Study of honey bee caste differentiation by glucose level differences during development

Xiang H., 1984: Study of hooktip moths in yunnan province china lepidoptera drepanidae

Park K K., 1985: Study of horizontal and vertical transmission of hantaan virus in apodemus agrarius and rats

Eliot J., 1983: Study of horizontal line mazes

Villalobos J., 1980: Study of horizontal opto kinetic nystagmus in the pigeon role of accessory optical system

Sikura, N. M.; Pochtar, S. I.; Kholodova-Yu, D.; Vendt, V. P., 1978: Study of hormonal activity of phyto ecdysones on house fly larvae and codling moth caterpillars

Villanucci S., 1980: Study of hormonal interrelationships in surgical patients with or without extracorporeal circulation

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525853

Mendonca, C. P.; Sole-Vernin, C., 1978: Study of hospital staphylococcus aureus

Carnevale, P.; Boreham, P. F. L., 1978: Study of host feeding preference of anopheles nili

Maruyama, Y., 1976: Study of host immunological resistance to syngeneic lymphoma using whole body irradiation

Ferran, A.; Larroque, M. M., 1977: Study of host predator relationships absorption and utilization of an aphid myzus persicae by different larval instars of the coccinellid semiadalia undecimnotata coleoptera coccinellidae

Medvedeva E.N., 1986: Study of host proteins in purified influenza virus concentrates

Katona F., 1985: Study of human albumin infusions

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525860

Nikitin Yu P., 1985: Study of human blood monocytic cholesterol esterase activity in ischemic heart disease

Brochier, J.; Bouveret, E.; Vuvan, H.; Andary, M.; Clot, J., 1980: Study of human bone marrow derived and thymus derived lymphocytes with heterologous anti sera 5. common antigens shared by thymus derived and bone marrow derived cells

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525863

Sciorra, L. J.; Lee, M. L.; Wynnyckyj, H., 1985: Study of human chromosomes iv. labeling of chromosomal proteins with the amino group specific fluorescent reagent fluorescamine

Ryskov A.P., 1981: Study of human globin and collagen genes in health and in hereditary disease

Kryukov V.A., 1980: Study of human heart sinus rhythm variability during deep respiration

Doskocil M., 1984: Study of human hip joint development

Du P., 1987: Study of human interferon alpha antibody affinity chromatography

Foidart J.M., 1986: Study of human kidney basement membranes in developing individuals and renal cystic diseases

De-Torres, M. L.; Abrisqueta, J. A., 1978: Study of human male meiosis part 2 q banding in pachytene bivalents

Chistyakov V.A., 1979: Study of human movement dynamics by means of a computer

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525872

Rogovin V.V., 1985: Study of human neutrophil peroxisomes

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525874

Shevlyagin V.Ya, 1984: Study of human papovavirus pathogenicity using a golden hamster model

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525876

Gershuni, G. V.; Bogdanov, B. V.; Vakarchuk, O. Yu, 1977: Study of human recognition of the orientation signal of audial distant communication in the monkey cebus capucinus

Santachiara Benerecetti A.S., 1985: Study of human red cell nadh diaphorase dia 1 in the italian population

Bricout F., 1981: Study of human rotavirus genome by electrophoresis attempt of classification among strains isolated in france

Templado C., 1987: Study of human sperm chromosomes by sequential transmission and scanning electron microscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525881

Brochier, J.; Abou-Hamed, Y. A.; Gueho, J. P.; Revillard, J. P., 1976: Study of human thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes with heterologous anti sera part 1 preparation specificity and properties of anti sera

Friedman, H. P.; Brochier, J.; Revillard, J. P., 1976: Study of human thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes with heterologous anti sera part 2 partial characterization of a human thymus derived lymphocyte antigen

Lamelin, J. P.; Thomasset, N.; Andre, C.; Brochier, J.; Revillard, J. P., 1978: Study of human thymus derived lymphocytes and bone marrow derived lymphocytes with heterologous anti sera part 3 immuno fluorescence studies on tonsil sections

Brochier, J.; Samarut, C.; Bich-Thuy, L. T.; Revillard, J. P., 1978: Study of human thymus derived lymphocytes and bone marrow derived lymphocytes with heterologous anti sera part 4 sub populations in tonsil and adenoid cell suspensions

Touati, B.; Guckert, A.; Valla, M., 1977: Study of humic acid montmorillonite interaction using calcium 45

Das A., 1986: Study of humic matter in characterization of hill soils

Yakovleva N.I., 1985: Study of humic preparation from peat as aggregating agents of light loamy piedmont sierozem

Yakovleva N.I., 1984: Study of humic preparations as cross linking agents in irrigated dark chestnut soils of the trans ili ala tau foothills ussr

Stith J., 1988: Study of humidification potential of a heat and moisture exchanger in tracheotomized dogs

Pospeeva N.A., 1985: Study of humoral immunity in humans immunized with tissue culture rabies vaccine in accordance with reduced immunization schedules

Sukhin, G. M.; Kovalev, B. N.; Sinel'shchikova, T. A.; Bergol'ts, V. M., 1975: Study of humoral immunity in mice with transplantable leukemia during chemo immuno therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525893

Otto S., 1984: Study of humoral immunological reactivity determination of circulating antigen

Stolba P.D., 1986: Study of humus balance in soddy podzolic soils based on mathematical modeling

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525896

Et Al, 1985: Study of hybridomas producing monoclonal antibodies to influenza viruses

Tushmalova, N. A.; Simirskii, V. N., 1977: Study of hydra attenuata reactions to the effect of combined stimuli

Maleev V.Ya, 1985: Study of hydration of double helical polyadenylic polyuridylic acid complex by ir spectroscopy and piezomicrobalance

Orvelashvili L.V., 1981: Study of hydration of poly deoxy adenylate deoxy thymidylate homo poly nucleotide in helical and random coil states by the method of low temperature scanning micro calorimetry

Maiga M.S., 1984: Study of hydric and energetic balances of some african rodents in captivity

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525902

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525903

Mdzinarashvili T.D., 1981: Study of hydrodynamic properties of phage t 2 dna solutions by a rotation viscosimeter

Rosenberg A., 1984: Study of hydrogen exchange in hemo globin as a function of fractional ligand saturation

Lian, L.; Yao, R.; Zhang, H., 1988: Study of hydrogen metabolic activity of microbes in anaerobic digestion i. mv hydrogenase activity of methanogens

Scheller F., 1983: Study of hydrogen per oxide supported n demethylations catalyzed by cytochrome p 450 and horseradish peroxidase

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525908

Leutskii, K. M.; Baran, M. M.; Gorshinskii, B. M., 1978: Study of hydrolase activity of rat small intestine mucosa with vitamin a deficiency

Arslanbekova I.G., 1979: Study of hydrolytic enzymes from brewers yeast during primary fermentation

Penna, T. C. V.; Baruffaldi, R.; Colombo, A. J., 1986: Study of hygienic and sanitary conditions and physicochemical characteristics of pasteurized milk with 3.2 percent fat content marketed in the city of sao paulo brazil

Mincou, I.; Ionescu-Tirgoviste, C.; Cheta, D.; Georgesco, M., 1977: Study of hyper lipo proteinemias in diabetes mellitus

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525913

Albertin, A.; Fabris, C.; Ferravioli, A.; Sarti, E.; Chiarini, C.; Degli-Esposti, E.; Zuccala, A.; Zucchelli, P., 1977: Study of hypertension occurring in end stage renal failure by means of a mathematical model

Onishi T., 1988: Study of hyperthermia with simultaneous treatment with irradiation using established human renal cell carcinoma

Balabanski L., 1984: Study of hyperuricemia in obesity

Churkina V.I., 1984: Study of hypnogenic activity of a delta sleep inducing peptide and its structural analogs

Kazakov A.L., 1979: Study of hypo lipidemic activity of natural iso flavones

Requena M.E., 1986: Study of hypocalcemia following thyroid surgery for non toxic nodule

Liaropoulos, C.; Louskas, C.; Canard, M.; Laudeho, Y., 1978: Study of hypogeal phase of the dacus oleae population diptera tephritidae 2. distribution and winter development of pupae in the soil

Ali M.R., 1985: Study of hypoglycemic activity of cuminum nigrum seeds in normal and alloxan diabetic rabbits

Baklavadzhyan O.G., 1987: Study of hypothalamic mechanisms of the regulation of medullary respiratory neuronal activity in hypoxia

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525923

Valpuesta, V.; Sarmiento, R.; Gonzalez, F.; Catalina, L., 1980: Study of iaa oxidase in olive leaves 1. its isolation separation from peroxidase and purification

Valpuesta, V.; Catalina, L.; Sarmiento, R.; Gonzalez, F., 1980: Study of iaa oxidase in olive leaves 2. differential characterization with peroxidase

Harmelin-Vivien, M. L.; Harmelin, J. G.; Vacelet, J., 1976: Study of ichthyo fauna in the zone of the warm water plume from the martiques ponteau electric generating plant

Urbain J., 1986: Study of idiotopic suppression induced by anti cross reactive idiotype monoclonal antibody in the anti p azophenylarsoniate antibody response

Ivanyi J., 1987: Study of idiotypes expressed by monoclonal antibodies to the 35 kd and 12 kd antigens of mycobacterium leprae

Jujho K., 1986: Study of ige bearing b cells by fluorescence activated cell sorter with two color immunofluorescence staining in patients with bronchial asthma

Silva A.L.D., 1986: Study of ileostomy in dogs functional aspects optic and scanning electronic microscopy

Martins, F. M. J.; Vecchio, M. C. D.; Grazia, J., 1986: Study of immatures of pentatomidae heteroptera living on rice oryza sativa l. i. mormidea quinqueluteum lichtenstein 1796

Hida M., 1985: Study of immediate causes of death in autopsied chronic glomerulonephritis patients under dialysis

Turkina M.V., 1983: Study of immobilization and transformation of sterols incorporated into poly acrylamide gel by mycobacterium phlei 1026 cells

Thomas D., 1979: Study of immobilized alpha steroid dehydrogenase in water methanol media cofactor regeneration in situ

Finch A., 1985: Study of immobilized yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae using flow microcalorimetry

Mihai E., 1987: Study of immune behavior in chronic active liver disease responsive and not responsive to corticotherapy

Baeva E.A., 1986: Study of immune response to different antigenic preparations of bordetella pertussis in whooping cough patients and convalescents by elisa

Shapiro N.I., 1985: Study of immune response to subvirion influenza vaccines with variable antigenic and sorbent load in noninbred mice

Saha K., 1980: Study of immune status of patients with severe burns

Husband A.J., 1981: Study of immunization regimes for the stimulation of local immunity in the pig intestine

Kul'berg A.Ya, 1980: Study of immuno globulin g and its proteolytic fragments by mono molecular layers

Ito, Y., 1982: Study of immuno globulin g antibody in japanese cedar pollenosis patients 1. measurement of immuno globulin g antibody to japanese cedar pollen antigens by radio immunoassay

Ito, Y., 1983: Study of immuno globulin g antibody in japanese cedar pollenosis patients 2. the effect of immuno therapy and seasonal exposure to cedar pollen on specific immuno globulin g and immuno globulin e antibodies in serum and nasal secretions

Lavrent'ev V.V., 1982: Study of immuno globulin g mono molecular layers by attenuated total reflection ir spectroscopy

Chuich N.A., 1980: Study of immuno globulin positive cells of the human spleen and thymus in embryogenesis

Sugita, Y., 1976: Study of immuno globulins in human tears

Chretien J., 1979: Study of immuno globulins in pleura and pleural effusions

Baraban E.I., 1982: Study of immuno globulins in serum and nasal secretions in patients with pollen allergy

Daveau, M.; Pavie-Fischer, J.; Rivat, L.; Rivat, C.; Ropartz, C.; Peter, H. H.; Cesarini, J. P.; Kourilsky, F. M., 1977: Study of immuno globulins in the sera of subjects with melanomas

Ogimoto, K., 1984: Study of immunofluorescence of japanese strain of trichinella spiralis iwasaki strain 1. indirect immunofluorescence with intact larvae and disrupted antigen studies on trichinellosis in japan 4

Ogimoto, K., 1984: Study of immunofluorescence of the japanese strain of trichinella spiralis iwasaki strain 3. immunological properties of soluble antigen studies on trichinellosis in japan 6

Rashidova, R. A.; Rozgon, M. I., 1978: Study of immunogenesis stimulation using coamide with levomycetin therapy in experiments

Masson P.L., 1984: Study of immunoglobulin a in the cerebrospinal fluid of neurological patients with special reference to size subclass and local production

Redhead R., 1986: Study of immunoglobulin g sub class antibodies in patients with milk intolerance

Lavrent'ev V.V., 1980: Study of immunologic reactions on silicon surface by ellipsometry

Hsieh K H., 1982: Study of immunological changes after hypo sensitization in house dust sensitive asthmatic children

Semenkov, V. F.; Bogdanov, A. P., 1975: Study of immunological competence in mice using the graft vs host reaction

Gomis F., 1988: Study of immunological markers and their correlation with the fab classification in 100 cases of acute leukemia

Kusukawa R. , 1987: Study of immunological mechanism in dilated cardiomyopathy

Bobrovnik S.A., 1986: Study of immunological memory to staphylococci using adoptive transfer system

Mastrangelo G., 1983: Study of immunological parameters in farmers lung

Konyukhov, B. V.; Malinina, N. A.; Bugrilova, R. S.; Rodionov, V. M.; Pleskova, M. V., 1976: Study of immunological specificity of the growth inhibiting factor product of the mutant gene brachypodism h in the mouse

Prokopenko L.G., 1985: Study of immunostimulatory factor secreted by splenic cells in toxic lesion of the liver

Agarwal, P. K.; Gosh, M.; Wahal, K. M.; Mehrotra, R. M., 1977: Study of imprint smears of lymph nodes

Laszlo V., 1984: Study of imprinting and overlap of insulin and concanavalin a at the receptor level in a protozoan tetrahymena model system

Thouvenot J., 1986: Study of in situ gastroduodenal electrical activity in anesthetized and awaking rats with chronically implanted electrodes

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525968

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525969

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525970

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525971

Zheng W., 1987: Study of in vivo assay of natural killer activity in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525973

Connor, J. N.; Schoenfeld, C. M.; Taylor, R. L., 1976: Study of in vivo plaque formation

Meyer P., 1987: Study of in vivo platelet activation in uncomplicated essential hypertension

Haque, M.; Mistry, S. K.; Islam, A. S., 1980: Study of in vivo pollen tube growth in the cross corchorus olitorius x corchorus aestuans corchorus aestuans

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525977

Naruyama, Y.; Bains, E.; Jett, J., 1976: Study of in vivo tumor state and response to therapy by analysis of dna distribution

Archakov A.I., 1987: Study of inactivation of sodium dithionite reduced cytochromes p 450 of different origin

Yamaguchi T., 1987: Study of incidence of anuclear oocyte in vitro in aged mouse

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525981

Ermekova, R. K.; Tsarevskii, L. P.; Tsoi, I. G.; Koval, G. P., 1978: Study of increased sensitivity to streptomycin and its association with microbial allergy

Kritenko S.P., 1982: Study of induced heat resistance in cucumis sativus cucurbitaceae

Minkov, I.; Gioshev, A.; Zagorcheva, L., 1976: Study of induced mutant forms of brassica capitata part 2 utilizing the mutant 19 p 2 in heterosis selection in cabbage

Joshi M.G., 1985: Study of induced quantitative variation in hexaploid triticale

Matorin, D. N.; Venediktov, P. S.; Timofeev, K. N.; Rubin, A. B., 1978: Study of induction curves of delayed fluorescence in green plants

Zakharov I.A., 1980: Study of induction of mitochondrial mutations by ethanol in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525988

Wang Y M., 1985: Study of infection of c 6 36 cells with japanese encephalitis virus

Bermejo Lozano J., 1985: Study of infection of wistar rats with corynebacterium kutscheri

Kocsis B., 1981: Study of infective secondary renal calculus formation in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525992

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525993

Pysina, T. V.; L'vov, D. K.; Braude, N. A.; Sorochenko, S. A.; Myasnikova, I. A.; Blinova, V. K.; Podchernyaeva, R. Ya ; Klimenko, S. M.; Ronina, M. V., 1978: Study of influenza a anas acute primor ye 695 76 virus isolated from wild ducks in the ussr

Pandey, N. K.; Gollakota, K. G., 1977: Study of inhibition of outgrowth in bacillus cereus t by ethyl picolinate

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525996

Et Al, 1988: Study of inhibitive effect of sodium selenite on hepatocarcinogenesis in ducks

Section 7, Chapter 6526, Accession 006525998

Yin H., 1983: Study of inhibitory effect of amygdaloid stimulation on auditory response of medial geniculate body and analysis of transmissive pathway of the said effect

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