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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6527

Chapter 6527 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sychev, V. V., 1978: Study of initial material for wood tree species selection

Korostin, V. I.; Lopatin, P. V.; Kudakova, N. A.; Kondrat'eva, T. S., 1975: Study of injections of phenesterin solutions prepared in nonaqueous solvents

Chaudhary, S. C., 1977: Study of innervation in the esophagus of monkeys

Ingle P.O., 1984: Study of innovation attributes related to the use of insecticides

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526004

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526005

Salganik R.I., 1988: Study of insecticide detoxication enzymatic systems in the permetrin resistant population of the colorado potato beetle

Magomedov M.A.G., 1984: Study of insertion of adenine into apurinic dna catalyzed by extracts from radio resistant and thermo resistant plants

Prozorov A.A., 1987: Study of insertional mutagenesis in bacillus subtilis marmur

Bondareva V.M., 1982: Study of insulin receptor interactions in plasma membrane of rat liver using antibodies against insulin

Levchenko T.P., 1984: Study of insulin sensitivity in patients with diabetes mellitus

Mikhaelyants L.M., 1984: Study of integral indices of electrocardiopotentials of the heart in initial rheumocarditis in children

Khanin, A. A.; Arakelov, G. C.; Chopikyan, S. K.; Tevosyan, A. V., 1978: Study of integration of various types of bone implants using radio phosphorus indication in experiment

Kantonistova, N. S., 1980: Study of intellectual activity in twins 1. characteristics of development

Kantonistova, N. S., 1980: Study of intellectual activity in twins 2. heredity and environment

Williams W.O., 1987: Study of intellectual performance of children in ordinary schools after certain serious complications of whooping cough

Kashiya I.I., 1981: Study of inter cellular relationships in dog thyroid gland during alloxan diabetes

Podladchikova O.N., 1983: Study of inter cortical connections between groups of neurons in the somato sensory cortex of the rat brain by the method of retrograde horseradish peroxidase transport

Komarov E.V., 1981: Study of inter molecular interaction of purines and purine ribosides by gel filtration

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526019

Bergel'son L.D., 1988: Study of interaction between antibodies and cells by means of lipid fluorescent probes

Severin E.S., 1986: Study of interaction between cyclic amp dependent protein kinase subunits and structural components of the nucleus

Switalski L., 1979: Study of interaction between immuno globulin g and immuno globulin m antibodies against rubella virus by the immuno fluorescence method

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526023

Sklyadneva, V. B.; Chekanovskaya, L. A.; Nikolaeva, I. A.; Tikhonenko, T. I., 1978: Study of interaction between sodium bi sulfite and bacterio phage sd dna

Egorov A.M., 1983: Study of interaction of antibodies immobilized on silochrome with antigen enzyme conjugate

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526026

Mirzoyan, S. A.; Mkheyan, E. E.; Sekoyan, E. S.; Sotskii, O. P.; Akopov, S. E., 1978: Study of interaction of gangliosides with membrane structures by fluorescent probes

Permogorov V.I., 1980: Study of interaction of gene 5 protein of bacterio phage f 1 with synthetic poly nucleotides by circular dichroism

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526029

Pozina I.M., 1987: Study of interaction of human albumin with immobilized dye adsorbents

Haerdi W., 1986: Study of interaction of polymeric aluminum hydroxide with fluoride

Ogurtsov, S. I.; Kuznetsov, A. N., 1978: Study of interaction of steroids with bovine serum albumin by spin probe technique

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526033

Bastide J., 1981: Study of interactions with environment of herbicide compounds analogous to propyzamide as a function of their structure product plant relation

Vaidyanathan C.S., 1987: Study of interfering substances in a simple new spectrophotometric assay for phenylalanine ammonia lyase

Lee W.Y., 1985: Study of interferon assay by hep 2 and vesicular stomatitis virus system

Suzuki M., 1985: Study of interferon production during pregnancy in mice and antiviral activity in the placenta

Filatov A.V., 1979: Study of internal motion within globular proteins by temperature dependence of proton spin lattice relaxation time

Vanneuville G., 1981: Study of internal tensions at the inter vertebral junction in extreme postures experimental material and preliminary results

Pomogaibo V.M., 1981: Study of interrelation between characters in blue hybrid alfalfa medicago sativa

Kocharyan-Sh, M.; Arutyunyan, D. G.; Alikhanyan, S. I., 1980: Study of interrelations of phage pf 16 with bacteria pseudomonas putida 1. unstable transductants and mutants of pseudomonas putida ppg 1 resistant to pf 16

Palanichamy, K.; Siddiq, E. A., 1977: Study of interrelationship among a genome species of the genus oryza through iso enzyme variation

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526043

Rinaudo G., 1988: Study of interrelationships between sesbania rostrata hirschmanniella oryzae and rice yields

Moibenko, A. A.; Povzhitkov, M. M.; Grabovskii, L. A.; Kuz'minskii, N. P., 1976: Study of interrelationships between the cardiac function and the tonicity of resistive vessels in an experimental disturbance of coronary circulation

Kubokawa M., 1986: Study of interstitial connective tissue in human carcinoma evaluation of the role of collagen and of glycosaminoglycan components

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526047

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526048

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526049

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526050

Naumova, L. P.; Pressman, E. K.; Sandakhchiev, L. S., 1976: Study of intra cellular distribution of rna in acetabularia mediterranea

Lungu N., 1981: Study of intra cellular freezing in normal and tumorous tissues by means of the nmr technique

Polakowski I., 1980: Study of intra clonal conjugation in chilodonella steini evidence of abortive conjugation

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526054

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526055

Diebold J., 1981: Study of intra cytoplasmic immuno globulins in epoxy embedded tissues by direct immuno fluorescent technique

Barreras R., 1982: Study of intra nasal ostium external dacryocysto rhinostomy

Kawashiro, T.; Sikand, R. S.; Adaro, F.; Takahashi, H.; Piiper, J., 1976: Study of intra pulmonary gas mixing in man by simultaneous washout of helium and sulfur hexa fluoride

Nakajima S., 1984: Study of intra venous hyper alimentation effect of selected amino acids on the stability of intra venous fat emulsions

Swamy R.P., 1981: Study of intra vesical instillation of 15s 15 methyl prostaglandin f 2 alpha in patients with neurogenic bladder dys function

Zhirmunskaya, N. M.; Markina, L. G., 1975: Study of intra vitam staining of isolated roots of plants from different species depending on their sensitivity to 2 4 d and its derivatives

Kawasato S., 1986: Study of intrahepatic cholestasis induced by alpha naphthylisothiocyanate in relation to liver asialoglycoprotein receptor

Kutal C., 1985: Study of intramolecular sensitization and other excited state pathways in orthometallated azobenzene complexes of palladium ii

Ojeda Ramirez L., 1986: Study of intrapartum fever in our clinic

Sorokoumov V.A., 1987: Study of intraspecies behavior of animals with the aid of an experimental ischemic stroke model

Ohmori H., 1988: Study of intratubular androgen levels report 1

Okado, M.; Matsumoto, Y.; Hamada, Y.; Hidaka, R., 1985: Study of intravesical stick i. preparative method and intravesical stick dissolution examination of active ingredient

Slavnov, V. N.; Epshtein, E. V., 1975: Study of iodine 131 insulin metabolism in the body

Aleksandrovskaya E.I., 1979: Study of iodine behavior in soil

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526071

Shostenko Yu V., 1986: Study of ion exchange in tropane alkaloids

Magalhaes J.R., 1987: Study of ionic balance affecting nutrient uptake by corn

Mel'nik, V. P.; Sabodash, V. M., 1976: Study of ionic permeability of cytoplasmic membranes in the cyprinus carpio early embryogenesis

Bergel'son L.D., 1981: Study of ionophoric properties of prostaglandins by nmr spectroscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526076

Shirodkar V., 1985: Study of ipil ipil leucaena plants as scavenger for air pollutants

Trofimov A.R., 1982: Study of ir spectra correlations of some cholinolytics and their structural analogs by the method of automatic classification

Afchar, D.; Vaquette, J., 1980: Study of iranian licorice 1. flavonoids of glycyrrhiza glabra var glanulifera

Fuzzi, S., 1978: Study of iron iii catalyzed sulfur di oxide oxidation in aqueous solution over a wide range of ph

Gorobets, V. F.; Gabuniya, R. I., 1977: Study of iron metabolism in humans after oral administration of iron 59

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526082

Lu F J., 1987: Study of ischemic effect on canine pancreas

Akopyan, L. P.; Shcherbakova, L. N., 1978: Study of iso immunization to formal elements of fetal blood in women with uncomplicated and pathologic pregnancy

Coleno A., 1984: Study of isoenzymes of the polygalacturonases and endoglucanases of rhizopus spp and mucor spp and differentiation of isolates in southeastern france

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526086

Tamura, M., 1980: Study of isolation and characterization of bone marrow derived lymphocytes membrane specific protein

Lobachev A.Ya, 1986: Study of isoperoxidases of quince and of its intergeneric hybrid

Bonnemain B., 1987: Study of isotonic contrast media in intravenous digital subtraction angiography

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526090

Polge, H.; Lemoine, M.; Deret, E., 1977: Study of juvenile oak wood structure specific and infraspecific variability by using an image analyzing computer

Grewal S.P.S., 1985: Study of juvenile retinal detachment

Tirmizi, N. M.; Javed, W., 1976: Study of juveniles of metapenaeus stebbingi decapoda penaeidae with particular reference to the structure and development of the genitalia

Filatova L.S., 1979: Study of karyosphere in rana temporaria oocytes

Androshchuk, O. F.; Kostynenko, L. D.; Khmel, N. V., 1978: Study of karyotypes in representatives of the genus achillea from the flora of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Turkov, V. D.; Shelepina, G. A.; Pimenov, M. G.; Tikhomirov, V. N., 1978: Study of karyotypes of some species from the genus ferula apiaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526097

Ferre P., 1987: Study of ketone body kinetics in children by a combined perfusion of carbon 13 and deuterium tracers

Vardanian I.A., 1980: Study of kidney bean biochemical mutants

Kazaryan P.A., 1985: Study of kidney phospholipids in the dynamics of inflammatory bronchopulmonary process

Kaurov B.S., 1985: Study of kinetic and thermodynamic properties of secondary quinone acceptor of photosynthetic reaction center in chromatophore membranes of nonsulfur purple bacteria

Markovich D.S., 1986: Study of kinetic manifestation of slow conformational transitions in lactate dehydrogenase experiments and mathematical model

Varfolomeev S.D., 1984: Study of kinetic regularities of molecular hydrogen formation by the formate hydrogen lyase complex of citrobacter freundii

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526104

Ogura, Y., 1985: Study of kinetic vitreous fluorophotometry with computer simulation 2. estimation of the permeability of the blood retinal barrier in normal subjects

Mal'yan, A. N.; Makarov, A. D., 1976: Study of kinetics and mechanism of atp hydrolysis by soluble atpase of chloroplasts in the presence of magnesium ii ions

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526107

Rotomskis R.I., 1984: Study of kinetics of excited state deactivation in antenna of chromatophores from rhodospirillum rubrum studied by picosecond difference spectrophotometry

Pirnazarova, N. F.; Sagdullaev-Kh-Kh ; Ismailov, A. I.; Abrarov, A. A., 1978: Study of kinetics of free radical states in cotton plants differing in wilt resistance

Lupatov, V. M., 1978: Study of kinetics of the final stage in oxygen formation during photosynthesis

Zav'yalova O.S., 1987: Study of kinetics of thermoinactivation of intracellular cholesterol oxidase

Silva R.D.O., 1987: Study of kininase activity during normal labor and puerperium

Illarionova, N. G.; Petrov, L. N.; Olennikova, L. V.; Roshchin, S. N.; Pasechnik, V. A.; Khalyapin, B. D.; Polotskii, A. E.; Voinova, N. E.; Shtukina, T. B., 1980: Study of l asparaginase ec secondary structure in a wide ph region

Divies, C.; Siess, M. H., 1976: Study of l malic acid catabolism by lactobacillus casei cells immobilized in poly acrylamide gel lattice

Orekhov A.A., 1982: Study of l sorbose dissolution stage in the process of acetonation

Kondrat'eva A.M., 1981: Study of laboratory and newly isolated bordetella pertussis and bordetella parapertussis strains by the method of disc electrophoresis in poly acrylamide gel

Korochkin L.I., 1981: Study of lactate dehydrogenase activity in eggs and early mouse embryos of balb c c 57bl 6 strains and their reciprocal f 1 and f 2 hybrids

Anda, E.; Nagy, I.; Baranyai, P.; Kurcz, M., 1976: Study of lactate dehydrogenase ec activity and iso enzyme distribution in rat anterior pituitary neuro hypophysis hypothalamus and in the pineal gland

Novoselska, L.; Zhelev-Zh ; Ivanov-Ya, 1978: Study of lactate dehydrogenase isozymes in trichinella larvae of different ages

Yadav, M. C.; Katpatal, B. G.; Kaushik, S. N., 1977: Study of lactation curve in hariana and its friesian crosses

Deshmukh S.N., 1986: Study of lactation curve in sahiwal breed of cattle

Bell L., 1986: Study of lactation in holstein friesian and zebu cows and some of their crossbreeds in cuba

Heap H.A., 1984: Study of lactic streptococcal phages isolated on 1 starter strain

Cano, P.; Goicoechea, A.; Jimenez-Perez, S., 1986: Study of lactose evolution in ultrafiltered permeate of sheep's milk

Kudeyarova, A. Yu ; Bashkin, V. N., 1984: Study of landscape agro geochemical balance of nutrients in agricultural regions 1. phosphorus

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526126

Kudeyarov, V. N.; Bashkin, V. N., 1984: Study of landscape agrogeochemical balance of nutrients in agricultural regions 3. nitrogen

Magtymov A., 1983: Study of landscapes in the southwest turkmen ssr ussr using remote photographic methods/

De-Marzo, L., 1977: Study of larvae of dytiscid coleoptera part 7 some remarks on the evolutionary meaning of the mandibular characters in the larvae of some species of the subfamily dytiscinae

Perez Vila J., 1985: Study of late relapses

Shiomi, Y., 1981: Study of lattice degeneration of the retina 2. clinical features of lattice degeneration of the retina

Shiomi, Y., 1981: Study of lattice degeneration of the retina 3. familial occurrence of lattice degeneration of the retina

Cirugeda-Delgado, C.; Cirugeda-Delgado, M. E.; Santos-Diaz, M. D., 1988: Study of lead and cadmium content in basic foods i. fresh and canned vegetables

Sanchez M., 1986: Study of lead in people exposed to lead contamination

Anon, 1986: Study of lead standard in the air

Mancheva E., 1985: Study of leaf aphids on walnut trees and measures for their control

Srivastava, A. K., 1978: Study of leaf epidermis in the genus digitaria gramineae

Kamegai T., 1985: Study of left ventricular function and myocardial viability in patients with left ventricular aneurysm developed after myocardial infarction a comparative study of medical and surgical therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526139

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526140

Traill, T. A.; Gibson, D. G.; Brown, D. J., 1978: Study of left ventricular wall thickness and dimension changes using echo cardiography

Ponirovskii E.N., 1980: Study of leishmania tropica major cultures isolated from the red tailed libyan jird meriones libycus in the turkmen ssr ussr

Kaufman, J. H.; Hanjura, G. L.; Mittelman, A.; Aungst, C. W.; Murphy, G. P., 1976: Study of leo 1031 prednimustine nsc 134087 in lymphocytic lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526144

Pussard, M.; Pons, R., 1976: Study of leptomyxa and gephyramoeba protozoa sarcodina part 1 leptomyxa reticulata

Dresco E., 1979: Study of leptoneta description of leptoneta fouresi new species of cavernicolous spider of french pyrenees leptonetidae

Dresco E., 1986: Study of leptoneta leptoneta corsica fage araneae leptonetidae

Toth, I.; Roth, E.; Torok, B., 1974: Study of lesions in re implanted kidneys preserved by hypo thermic storage and perfusion with solution of the extracellular type

Skibinski D.O.F., 1986: Study of lethals in selection lines in drosophila melanogaster

Gelpi E., 1982: Study of leucine enkephalin in rat brain by a new high performance liquid chromatographic method

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526152

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526153

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526154

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526155

Kanitakis, C.; Chrysomallis, F.; Ktenides, M. A., 1978: Study of lichen planus by direct immuno fluorescence

Tarasova, O. D.; Tolpysheva, T. Yu, 1978: Study of lichens in juniper forests of the crimea ussr

Afchar, D.; Cave, A.; Vaquette, J., 1984: Study of licorices from iran 2. flavonoids from glycyrrhiza glabra var glandulifera and glycyrrhiza glabra var violacea

Afchar, D.; Cave, A.; Guinaudeau, H.; Vaquette, J., 1984: Study of licorices from iran 3. flavanoids from the roots of glycyrrhiza echinata

Orfila, C.; De-Graeve, P.; Guilhem, A.; Suc, J. M., 1978: Study of light electron and immuno fluorescence microscopy of urinary sediment in amyloidosis

Pigulevskaya T.K., 1984: Study of light induced changes in the cytochromes of photosynthetic electron transport chain under continuous light

Hyos, A.; Gonzalez-Parra, J.; Fernandez-Bermejo, M. C.; Ruano, S., 1984: Study of light sand fraction in soils with a little development 1. the hematein stain

Hoyos, A.; Gonzalez-Parra, J.; Fernandez-Bermejo, M. C.; Ruano, S., 1984: Study of light sand fraction in soils with little development 2. the cobalt nitrite stain

Saito Y., 1986: Study of light source for laver culture vessel

Drew S.W., 1986: Study of lignin biotransformation by aspergillus fumigatus and white rot fungi using carbon 14 labeled and unlabeled kraft lignins

Khymeryk, T. Yu, 1977: Study of lignin chemical composition after inoculation with fungi aspergillus flavus and aspergillus niger

Bilai, V. I.; Losyakova, L. S.; Serebrennikov, V. M.; Shkol'nyi, O. T.; Stryzhevs'ka, A. Ya ; Lizak-Yu, V.; Kozlova, R. H.; Aizenberh, V. L.; Bochkar'ova, N. H., 1977: Study of lignin destroying ability of soil microscopic fungi

Abduazimov Kh A., 1982: Study of lignin from gossypium mexicanum cultivar tashkent 1 cotton

Abduazimov Kh A., 1986: Study of lignin from the cotton cultivar an bayaut 2 1

Abduazimov Kh A., 1986: Study of lignin from the fine fibered cotton cultivar s 6030 affected with fusarium wilt

Abduazimov Kh A., 1983: Study of lignin in rice

Abduazimov Kh A., 1983: Study of lignin of fine fibered cotton cultivar c 6030

Sarukhanyan R.V., 1987: Study of limbic mechanisms of inhibition of the jaw opening nociceptive reflex

Verkhoturov V.N., 1981: Study of linear dichroism spectra and polarization of chlorella fluorescence by the method of fixation of oriented samples

Trobbei E., 1987: Study of linguistic lateralizations in three groups of children normal with learning disabilities and with rolandic paroxysmal discharges through use of dichotic listening

Gerasimova, N. M.; Le, Z. L.; Bekhtereva, M. N., 1975: Study of lipid composition of cunninghamella elegans grown on n alkanes

Kargapolov A.V., 1981: Study of lipid composition of rat mitochondrial and endoplasmic membranes by horizontal flow chromatography

Bergel'son L.D., 1982: Study of lipid dependence of cytochrome p 450 activity in rat liver microsomes using lipid exchange proteins

Bergel'son L.D., 1979: Study of lipid dependence of glucose 6 phosphatase from rat liver and hepatoma using lipid transporting proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526180

Kubis, M.; Hamalova, J., 1976: Study of lipid metabolism in descendants of patients with myo cardial infarction

Chekulaeva L.N., 1987: Study of lipid mobility in the internal and external monolayers of a bacterial membrane

Kosova G.N., 1985: Study of lipid multilayers by moessbauer spectroscopy

Emerit J., 1986: Study of lipid peroxidation in human and experimental atheroma by measurements of plasma malondialdehyde

Sims R.J., 1979: Study of lipid protein interaction using pulsed nmr

Bogdanov, M. V.; Tsfasman, I. M.; Nesmeyanova, M. A., 1985: Study of lipid protein interactions during protein transfer across bacterial membranes ii. phospholipids in the translocation site of alkaline phosphatase across escherichia coli membrane

Das S.K., 1984: Study of lipids in human amnion and chorion

Hanna R., 1986: Study of lipids in the ant tapinoma simrothi phoenicea

Sorochan V.D., 1979: Study of lipo poly saccharide protein complex from yersinia pseudotuberculosis by light scattering

Kasyanchuk, N. V., 1979: Study of lipo poly saccharides of cell membranes of the pseudomonas genus bacteria 1. chemical composition

Kuznetsov A.S., 1979: Study of lipo protein conversion in blood vessel wall using ultra centrifugation of aorta extract in stepwise density gradient

Ruggeri P., 1982: Study of lipo protein x in subjects with a giardia lamblia infection

Kazantsev Yu E., 1987: Study of lipogenesis in psychrophilic yeasts

Jurczak M.E., 1984: Study of lipolysis in milk derived from cows with mastitis and subjected to shakes and vibrations

Glenza, A.; Jaballah, L. B., 1985: Study of lipolytic system of penicillium verrucosum var cyclopium ii. conditions of production of lipasic system

Gan D., 1988: Study of liposome prepared in various sizes and its effects on reconstitution of hcg binding substance from pseudomonas maltophilia

Smorodintsev A.A., 1986: Study of live recombinant cold adapted influenza bivalent vaccine of type a for use in children an epidemiological control trial

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526198

Milyagin V.A., 1979: Study of liver hemodynamics by means of hepatotropic radio pharmaceutical drugs

Leonard J.V., 1988: Study of liver metabolism in glucose 6 phosphatase deficiency glycogen storage disease type 1a by phosphorus 31 magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Travo P., 1988: Study of living single cell in culture automated recognition of cell behavior

Pesak, M.; Kopecky, F.; Stankovicova, M.; Cizmarik, J.; Borovansky, A., 1985: Study of local anesthetics lxxviii. physico chemical properties of heptacaine

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526203

Kopecky, F.; Pesak, M.; Macek, J.; Borovansky, A., 1985: Study of local anesthetics part 79. physico chemical properties of piperidinoethyl esters of alkoxymethylcarbanilic acids

Kageyama N., 1986: Study of local shiftings of the brain stem in increased intracranial pressure by a supratentorial balloon

Rozemblyum A.S., 1982: Study of localization function and differential sensitivity of the auditory system in patients with cerebral lesions

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526207

Panteleeva N.S., 1982: Study of localization of the atpase site of nitrogenase by isotopic oxygen exchange

Batirov, E. Kh ; Khamidkhodzhaev, S. A.; Malikov, V. M.; Yunusov, S. Yu, 1976: Study of lolium cuneatum alkaloids

Weist B., 1984: Study of long eared owl asio otus pellets from bad nauheim a contribution to the study of the small mammal fauna from wetterau west germany

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526211

Kwan K.K., 1984: Study of long term effects of oil and oil dispersant mixtures on fresh water microbial populations in man made ponds

Zemanek, J.; Sterba, R., 1976: Study of long term effects of repeated herbicide applications and different crop rotation systems on weeds

Seits I.F., 1980: Study of low molecular weight nuclear rna in tumors of the stomach in humans

Andzhaparidze, A. G.; Lotte, V. D.; Stepanova, L. G.; Shukhmina, N. R., 1976: Study of lpv oncornavirus reproduction in mixed cell cultures

Soutar C.A., 1985: Study of lung function data by principal components analysis

Schiraldi C., 1986: Study of lung function in drug addicts some remarks about pathogenesis

Thombre, D. P.; Krishnan, B.; Srinivasan, V.; Bhatnagar, O. P.; Rao, A. S., 1978: Study of lung surfactant activity in guinea pigs after vagotomy

Gataulina, G. G., 1987: Study of lupine biology the creation of new forms and development of the agricultural technology of lupine in the timiryazev academy ussr

Krasnobaeva, N. N.; Atanasov, B. P., 1978: Study of lupine leg hemo globin affinity to ligands the effect of ph and buffer nature

Melik-Sarkisyan, S. S.; Bashirova, N. F.; Vladzievskaya, L. P.; Karpilenko, G. P.; Kretovich, V. L., 1975: Study of lupine nodule lego globin by iso electric focusing

Hiki Y., 1983: Study of lupus nephritis its classification and the significance of subendothelial deposits

Et Al, 1986: Study of lymphatic flow of mammary gland by application of activated carbon emulsion ch 44

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526224

Hennessy E.J., 1984: Study of lymphocyte interaction in human mesenteric lymph nodes in vitro

Hernandez Guio C., 1986: Study of lymphocyte populations in patients with virus b hepatitis relation with other etiologies

Talasman V., 1980: Study of lymphocyte reactivity in various stages of chronic liver disease following acute viral hepatitis

Mahajan R.C., 1981: Study of lymphocyte sub populations in giardia infected mice

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526229

Onoscuri M., 1988: Study of lymphocyte subpopulations in a group of patients with tuberculosis unresponsive to antibiotic treatment

Apolone G., 1981: Study of lymphocytic atpase activity in women at the end of the fertile age

Makarenko, I. G.; Bogdanov, K. M.; Yanovskii, K. A., 1977: Study of lymphoid tissue cells by optical structural computer analysis

Lozovoi V.P., 1980: Study of lymphokine synthesizing cell function in rheumatism

Iurascu C., 1984: Study of lymphokines inducing suppression capacity in macrophages of guerin tumor bearing rats

Kirdeev V.K., 1984: Study of lysogeny in vibrio cholerae nag

Valyakina, T. I.; Gabrielyan, N. D.; Komaleva, R. L.; Khorlin, A. Ya, 1977: Study of lysosomal neuraminidase ec beta galactosidase ec and beta n acetyl glucosaminidase ec in the regenerating rat liver

Toucas, M.; Vieu, J. F., 1978: Study of lysotype modifications following in vitro transfer of resistance plasmids part 1 lysotyping of salmonella typhi

Lebedev Ya S., 1987: Study of lysozyme by spin labels of two millimeter range

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526239

Konovalov, S. A.; Vorotilo, S. P., 1977: Study of lytic enzymes and prospects for their use

Stone, M. J.; Metzger, H., 1968: Study of macro molecular interactions by equilibrium inst molecular sieving antigen antibody complex

Sharma Y.K., 1985: Study of macromineral and micromineral nutrient contents of some cultivars of ragi eleusine coracana

Reisser D., 1985: Study of macrophage cytolytic activity from 5 rat strains

Kondo T., 1985: Study of macrophage in animals treated with immunochemotherapeutic agents

Lacombe, M.; Descamps, B.; Feuillet, M. N.; Camus, A. M.; N'guyen, T. T., 1979: Study of macrophages infiltrating rat cardiac allo grafts 1. description of the technique of heterotopic cardiac transplantation in the rat and morphological analysis of the cells infiltrating the graft

Feuillet, M. N.; Descamps, B.; Camus, A. M.; N'guyen, A. T.; Lacombe, M., 1979: Study of macrophages infiltrating rat cardiac allo grafts 2. cyto enzymatic analysis of cells infiltrating the grafts and of peritoneal macrophages in iso graft and allo graft recipients

Sarbu A., 1985: Study of macrosporogenesis in citrullus lanatus 3n

Speich, M.; Mainard, F.; Nicolas, G.; Bousquet, B., 1977: Study of magnesium level in myo cardium and aorta tissues from subjects free of ischemic necrosis

Yin W F., 1982: Study of major chemical components of pseudotaxus chienii

Rivera F.A., 1985: Study of malathion residues in commercially available natural and processed foodstuffs in joao pessoa brazil

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526251

Kojima M., 1979: Study of malignant lymphomas from the aspect of immuno globulin production

Legoux R., 1981: Study of mandibular mechanics employing current methods for assessing resistance of material recent concepts relative to mandibular mechanical structure

Lavelle C.L.B., 1983: Study of mandibular shape in the mouse

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526255

Weber F., 1980: Study of manufacturing failures due to the development of mucorales molds in soft cheese manufacture review and conclusions

Leung-Tack-Kit, D., 1975: Study of marine fauna from rocky substrates in the zone of sewage outfall of the city of marseille france

Islam, A. K. M. N.; Aziz, A., 1975: Study of marine phyto plankton from the northeastern bay of bengal bangladesh

Mirksya E.E., 1987: Study of marine pollution by determination of the mutagenic activity of bottom sediments

Seluyanov V.N., 1981: Study of mass inertia characteristics of human body segments by gamma scanning during 6 month hypo kinesia

Poindron, P.; Signoret, J. P., 1977: Study of maternal behavior in sheep mechanisms involved in mother young recognition

Mericli A.H., 1985: Study of matricaria chamomilla specimens from turkey for chamazulene

Kirk R.G., 1982: Study of maturation of membrane transport function in red blood cells by x ray micro analysis

Shteinberg L.Sh, 1983: Study of measles antigen persistence in the central nervous system of monkeys infected with clone variants of the vaccine leningrad 16 strain of measles virus

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Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526268

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Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526270

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526271

Chuich G.A., 1980: Study of mechanical properties of the liver by the method of compression deformation visco elastic properties

Chuich G.A., 1980: Study of mechanical properties of the liver by the method of deformation by compression effect of increased osmotic pressure and trypsin

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Et Al, 1987: Study of mechanisms and effects of sodium 5 hydroxydecanoate on experimental ischemic ventricular arrhythmia

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Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526289

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Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526313

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Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526320

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Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526324

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Oliver G., 1981: Study of microcotyle labracis monogenea polyopisthocotylea microcotylidae using the scanning electron microscope

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Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526337

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Konev S.V., 1985: Study of microtubule role in regulation of high permeable contact membrane activity

Li H., 1986: Study of microwave remote sensing of soil moisture

Meunier P., 1983: Study of micturition parameters in healthy young adults using a uro flowmetric method

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526343

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Vorob'eva O.N., 1979: Study of migration and decomposition of treflan in the soil under conditions of the moscow oblast ussr

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Riman, L.; Rakoczi, L., 1977: Study of milling baking properties of a selected assortment of triticale

Rajcheva L., 1987: Study of mineral and symbiotically fixed nitrogen effectiveness on peanut yield and quality

Ranger J., 1981: Study of mineral mass and biological cycle in 2 stands of corsican pine pinus nigra ssp laricio fertilized or unfertilized when planted

Morel, J. L.; Jacquin, F., 1976: Study of mineralization in an agricultural soil of residual muds of various origins

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526355

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Lapchine L., 1985: Study of minimal inhibitory concentration of antibiotics on bacteria cultivated in vitro in space cytos 2 experiment

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526358

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Giroud J P., 1983: Study of mitogenic factors for macrophages present in inflammatory exudate and serum from normal and athymic animals

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526362

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Chen L C., 1984: Study of models of total lead exposures of battery workers

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526368

Pfister P., 1986: Study of modification in weightlessness contribution of a hypokinetic animal model

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526370

Cherepanova N.P., 1984: Study of mold fungi causing damage to the glass parts of optical instruments

Kovachev V., 1986: Study of moldboard less soil cultivation and direct seeding of winter wheat on highly leached chernozem soil in northeastern bulgaria

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Krasnovskii A.A., 1979: Study of molecular mechanism of self assemblage of aggregated bacterio chlorophyll c

Likhtenshtein G.I., 1987: Study of molecular mobility in biological membranes by two millimeter band esr spectroscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526376

Yurchenko O.P., 1979: Study of molecular structure and function mechanisms of choline receptors of pond snail neurons by chemical modification in vivo

Souza C.P.D., 1986: Study of molluscs of the genus biomphalaria from state of minas gerais brazil in regard with host parasite adaptation and importance in epidemiology of schistosomiasis

Groscolas, R., 1978: Study of molt fasting followed by an experimental forced fasting in the emperor penguin aptenodytes forsteri relationship between feather growth body weight loss body temperature and plasma fuel levels

Agrba V.Z., 1985: Study of monkey b lymphocyte subpopulations transformed by baboon herpesvirus in vivo and in tissue cultures

Sedova, L. S., 1976: Study of mono carbonyl compounds in volatile components of salted siberian cisco during maturation

Gao, Q.; Jiang, S. C.; Ma, W. Y.; Dai, D. S.; Wang, M. X., 1985: Study of monoclonal antibodies directed against herpes simplex virus iv. production of hybridoma cell lines against herpes simplex virus 2 and the use of human umbilical cord serum

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526383

Sugawa T., 1981: Study of monocyte function in patients with cervical cancer by using t lymphocyte monocyte interaction in response to phyto hem agglutinin

Koike H., 1987: Study of monolayer culture method on collagen substrate for pancreatic islet cell transplantation

Macias Betancourt J., 1987: Study of morbidity in port workers

Rusanova A.K., 1986: Study of morbidity rate in acute respiratory diseases with a view to evaluating indications for prophylactic medical examination in an outpatient clinic for students

El Marrakchi A., 1987: Study of moroccan dairy products iben and smen

Zaitseva, O. V.; Kovalev, V. A.; Bocharova, L. S., 1978: Study of morpho functional interrelationships between sensory epithelium and stato cones in the statocyst of the mollusk lymnaea stagnalis

Nadzhafov M.G., 1984: Study of morphogenetic features of the hair covering of rabbit breeds and their hybrids raised in the azerbaijan ssr ussr

Parshikova, S. M.; Filippova, N. A.; Bogatyreva, I. I., 1986: Study of morphologic features and biological properties of melanoma in children

Rumpler Y., 1986: Study of morphological and cytological parameters indicating estrus in lemur fulvus mayottensis

Kuliev V.A., 1987: Study of morphological changes in rabbit liver cells in the course of bacterial infection

Bizeau, C.; Bastide, M.; Galzy, P.; Bastide, J. M.; Jallageas, J., 1975: Study of morphological mutants of saccharomyces cerevisiae by immuno fluorescence

Tetart J., 1981: Study of morphological variation of the shell of eucypris virens ostracoda cyprididae

Leet T., 1988: Study of mortality among chemical workers in the kanawha valley of west virginia usa

Peyrot Clausade M., 1979: Study of motile reef crypto fauna tulear madagascar malagasy republic

Schircks A., 1981: Study of motivation in the firm

Revina, S. K.; Shuranova-Zh, P., 1976: Study of motor representation of the extremities in the rabbit cerebral cortex

De-Carvalho, V. C., 1976: Study of motor units and arrangement of myons of human musculus plantaris

Pai V.D., 1986: Study of motor units of musculus pectineus of the dog canis familiaris

Mehta, L.; Shetty, V.; Antia, N. H., 1976: Study of mouse sciatic nerve morphometry and ultrastructural changes following crush injury

Rogoz S., 1987: Study of mouse spleen natural cytotoxic nc cell activity related to in vivo administration of b 4 coxsackievirus

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526404

Endo J., 1986: Study of movements of soft tissues surrounding a denture teeth trial construction of 3 dimensional transducer

Sakai N., 1988: Study of mri in patients with acoustic tumor

Dexheimer, J., 1978: Study of mucilage secretion by the cells of the digestive glands of drosera capensis ultrastructural localization of neutral phosphatases and atpase

Dexheimer, J., 1978: Study of mucilage secretion by the cells of the digestive glands of drosera capensis using staining of the plasmalemma and mucilage by phospho tungstic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526410

Durlach N.I., 1981: Study of multi channel amplitude compression and linear amplification for persons with sensori neural hearing loss

Sobolev A.S., 1984: Study of multiple forms of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase from mouse thymocytes

Chakravarty A.K., 1983: Study of murine lymphoid cells in situ after stimulation with concanavalin a

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Okajima K., 1984: Study of muscularis propria gastric cancer

Fonshtein L.M., 1979: Study of mutagenic action of platinum and palladium compounds on bacteria

Sauzieres J., 1987: Study of mutagenic activity of troxerutin a flavonoid derivative

El Kirsh T., 1986: Study of mutagenic carcinogenic activity of certain commercial medicinal teas in egypt as determined by the salmonella test

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Chaubal K.A., 1984: Study of mutagenic pollution in bombay india

Shimizu H., 1987: Study of mutagenicity of epoxy resin hardeners by fluctuation test

Konyukhov, B. V.; Kindyakov, B. N.; Malinina, N. A.; Sazhina, M. V., 1986: Study of mutant gene expression in mouse aggregation chimeras 6. analysis of the white gene effects by means of a histochemical marker

Filippov, V. D.; Zagoruiko, E. E., 1978: Study of mutation frequency decline in bacillus subtilis

Filippov V.D., 1986: Study of mutation frequency decline type repair in locus determining resistance of escherichia coli to streptomycin

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526427

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Payghami E., 1984: Study of mycoflora of apricot foliage and their antagonism with stigmina carpophila casual agent of shot hole disease

Fuks P.P., 1981: Study of mycoplasma bovirhinis pathogenic properties

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526433

Aida H., 1982: Study of myo potential inhibition of uni polar qrs inhibited demand pacemakers

Shishkin S.S., 1987: Study of myocardial proteins in the inbred murine line with an autosomal recessive form of generalized myodystrophy

Ruuge, E. K.; Medvedeva, N. V.; Vilenkina, M. N.; Blyumenfel'd, L. A., 1976: Study of myosin conformational transformations using 2 types of spin labels

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526437

Kharitonenkov, I. G.; Khristova, M. L.; Ruuge, E. K., 1977: Study of myxovirus structure by the spin probe method part 1 thermostability of the lipid membrane of influenza and sendai viruses

Kihara K., 1987: Study of n acetyl beta d glucosaminidase nag activity in the human semen

Bulovskaya A.N., 1984: Study of n acetyltransferase activity during the growth of transplantable pliss lymphosarcoma and in pregnancy in rats

Oga, S.; Valle, L. De, S.; Yasaka, W. J., 1975: Study of n demethylation of n methyl aniline derivate in vitro using hepatic microsomes of rats

Nehiyevych, L. O.; Kaspers'kyi, V. O.; Kachan, O. O. , 1977: Study of nad interaction with water hydroxyl ions under heterogeneous conditions

Telepneva V.I., 1987: Study of nad kinase interaction with glutamate dehydrogenase

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526444

Lartigue-Mattei, C.; D'athis, P.; Lhoste, F.; Tillement, J. P., 1978: Study of naftidrofuryl pharmaco kinetics and its bio availability to man in the form of gelatin capsules

Ohkuma M., 1981: Study of nail color by color difference meter

Kuo, P. T.; Feng, L. Y.; Pamintaun, J., 1970: Study of nailfold capillaries in hyper tri glyceridemia type iii and type iv hyper lipo proteinemia

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526448

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526449

Sidorova, K. K., 1975: Study of natural and induced mutability of mutants exemplified by pisum sativum mutants

Fuks B.B., 1985: Study of natural killer activity in children with systemic lupus erythematosus

Helaine P., 1980: Study of natural starters prepared in normandy france dairy plants by inhibition of gram negative bacteria

Laverdure, A. M., 1976: Study of necessary conditions for the development of the ovary of the nymph of tenebrio molitor in vitro culture study

Andrew D.F., 1987: Study of need achievement motivation among hawaiian usa college students

Hosoi J., 1983: Study of negatively stained images of sendai virus nucleo capsids using minimum dose system

Garcia, M. J.; Bustos, V. R.; Prat, M. S.; Corey, G.; Rodriguez, H.; Canepa, I., 1977: Study of neisseria meningitidis carriers in a population of young children of the area north of santiago chile part 1

Bhujwala R.A., 1981: Study of neo natal listeriosis in north india

Karan S., 1987: Study of neonatal kidney functions in preterm and term babies

Prasad S., 1985: Study of neonatal septicemia

Talukder G., 1985: Study of neonatal twinning in a calcutta hospital india

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526461

Dajoz R., 1984: Study of neotropical genera pseudaulonium and anarmostes coleoptera colydiidae

Papy, J. J.; Conte-Devolx, J.; Pelissier, J. F.; Faugere, M. C.; Corriol, J., 1977: Study of nervous and neuro muscular conduction during simulated diving experiments in the dog and rabbit histo pathologic correlations

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Makarchenko, O. F.; Zlatin, R. S.; Roitrub, B. A., 1976: Study of neuro humoral regulation mechanisms

Kanayama, T.; Suzuni, H.; Tai, K.; Ogawa, S.; Saitoh, H.; Yazaki, S.; Ohshima, Y.; Ninomiya, K.; Kanbe, H., 1980: Study of neuro muscular transmission using evoked electro myography 9. fade of train of 4 ratio during de polarizing block

Chauvin T., 1984: Study of neuroaxial morphogenesis in the chick embryo

Howell L., 1987: Study of neuromotor reaction times under the influence of trh

Gvozdikova Z.M., 1979: Study of neuronal excitatory responses appearing at different time periods after application of an electrical stimulus to the cerebral cortex

Rangnekar P.V., 1981: Study of neurosecretory cells of the marine crab portunus pelagicus

Trishin E.V., 1985: Study of neurotoxins from the venom of central asian scorpion buthus eupeus

Tonkin, N.; Damyanova, G.; Tonkin, E., 1987: Study of neurotrophic osseous changes in some skin diseases

Fleischer S., 1983: Study of neurotrophism in normal dystrophic parabiotic mice

Cahour, A.; Hartmann, L., 1978: Study of neutral and amino mono saccharides by gas liquid differential chromatography application to 3 reference glyco proteins

Antonov V.K., 1980: Study of neutral matrices effect on thermostability of immobilized trypsin and chymotrypsin

Sariaslan M., 1981: Study of neutrophilic function by the nitro blue tetrazolium test in glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency

Karanov E., 1986: Study of new retardants preventing wheat lodging

Duplesssis H., 1985: Study of new varieties vitis vinifera in west germany

Lobov, V. P.; Bondar', P. I., 1978: Study of newly synthesized rna of potato tuber amyloplasts

Corstvet R.E., 1980: Study of nictitating membranes and genitalia of dogs with reference to lympho follicular hyperplasia and its cause

Bader C., 1984: Study of nilotonia acari hydrachnellae

Parkash V., 1981: Study of nitrate reductase activity in different protein lines of wheat triticum spp during vegetative and grain development period

Aulakh M.S., 1979: Study of nitrate sulfate interaction on the growth and nutrient uptake by maize using sulfur 35

Kon' I.Ya, 1986: Study of nitrogen and fat balance in premature infants of the first days of life

Brekhov P.T., 1986: Study of nitrogen and phosphorus geochemical flows in the experimental plot taezhnii log valdai russian sfsr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526486

Traore, T. M.; Roger, P. A.; Reynaud, P. A.; Sasson, A., 1978: Study of nitrogen fixation by cyanobacteria in a sudanese sahel rice paddy field

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526488

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Palacios Mayorga S., 1985: Study of nitrogen fixing strains of klebsiella oxytoca isolated from zoogleas called tibicos

Teller, E.; De-Baere, R.; Lousse, A., 1977: Study of nitrogen metabolism in cows with low nitrogen requirements

Druzhinin S.Yu, 1983: Study of nitrogenase iron molybdenum cofactor by a novel fluorometric method of thio compound analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526493

Chang P Y., 1987: Study of noise exposure and high blood pressure in shipyard workers

Machin T.H.E.G., 1980: Study of noise exposure risk at a textile industry

Nefelova, M. F.; Sverdlova, A. N.; Karelina, I. Yu ; Egorov, N. S., 1985: Study of nonactin biosynthesis i. incorporation of precursors into the antibiotic molecule

El'tsefon B.S., 1986: Study of nonelectrolyte transport through cellulose hydrate membranes

Rossi M.E., 1983: Study of nonisoprenoid hydro carbons of the latices of the genus euphorbia

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526499

Lishko V.K., 1985: Study of nonnacain block of voltage dependent sodium channels in neuroblastoma cells

Sudakov, V. L., 1977: Study of nonphotochemical reactions of phytochrome in etiolated pea seedlings

Shuratov I.Kh, 1982: Study of nonspecific anti influenza inhibitors and the lymph cofactor of guinea pig lymph nodes

Kostina L.A., 1986: Study of nonspecific gamma esterase in tissues with cancer of the endometrium

Socha J., 1979: Study of nonspecific interactions of carbonyl groups of chlorophyll a in solutions by ir spectroscopy

Romics, I.; Horvath, J., 1978: Study of nonspecific lymphocyte transformation in urologic cancer patients

Priezzhev, A. V.; Romanovskii-Yu, M.; Tikhomirov, A. G.; Pentegova, L. I., 1978: Study of nonstationary protoplasmic flow in a myxomycete plasmodium using laser doppler anemometry

Schmitt D., 1980: Study of normal and pathological keratinization using anti keratin poly peptide sera

Goessens G., 1981: Study of normal human synovial cells in culture

Curran R.C., 1982: Study of nuclear diameters in non hodgkins lymphomas

Driss Ecole D., 1979: Study of nuclear dna content in the apical meristem of celosia cristata amaranthaceae stems as a function of the photoperiod

Richard, M.; Tytgat, F.; Louisot, P., 1978: Study of nuclear mannosyl transferase lipid intermediates

Tumanishvili G.D., 1982: Study of nuclear sap factor stimulating transcription

Jalouzot, R., 1971: Study of nucleic acid and protein metabolism during initiation of adventitious roots

Sadykhova S.Kh, 1979: Study of nucleic acids by the ultrasonic method effect of ph

Chatterjee S.K., 1986: Study of nucleic acids of the nematode parasite strongyluris bengalensis and its host calotes versicolor

Meignoz R., 1981: Study of nucleo cytoplasmic male sterility in the faba bean vicia faba presence of cytoplasmic particles containing rna

Sarsenov, A. S.; Ertaev, E. E., 1976: Study of nucleo protein composition of sheep liver sub cellular fractions in relation to heterosis

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526518

Sheveleva I.S., 1981: Study of nucleotide conformation in aqueous solutions by the method of lanthanide shift of nmr spectra

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526520

Kang, Y. H.; Chun, Y. Ja, 1976: Study of nurses attitudes toward nursing records

Kovacs M., 1980: Study of nutrient transport in the soil of the turkey oak sessile oak forest

Gichev Yu P., 1981: Study of nutrition aspects in the multi factor evaluation of miner health status

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Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526526

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Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526731

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Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526784

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Holmberg K., 1985: Study of precipitation reactions to actinomyces israelii antigens in uterine secretions

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526792

Navarro J., 1983: Study of pregnancies of women with copper intra uterine devices

Horne C.H.W., 1979: Study of pregnancy associated alpha 2 glyco protein in relation to populations of human blood leukocytes

Yue, L.; Et-Al, 1983: Study of premature chromosome condensation 1. comparison of different methods of inducing premature chromosome condensation

Mi, F.; Et-Al, 1985: Study of premature chromosome condensation ii. x ray effect on premature chromosome condensation damage of hela cell and progress of cell cycle

Zhou X., 1986: Study of prenatal diagnosis on first trimester of pregnancy six enzymes determination for chorionic villi samples

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526798

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526799

Timosca, G.; Barna, M.; Stroia, M.; Vicol, C.; Gilca, M., 1987: Study of pretherapeutic staging of malignant tumors of the salivary glands

Kazaryan, K. A.; Tat'yan, M. V.; Kirakosyan, S. D.; Fontalin, L. N., 1977: Study of primary and secondary immune responses in animals after spontaneous tolerance loss

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526802

Uteshev B.S., 1983: Study of primary immune response kinetics in the regional lymph node of mice immunized with sheep red cells

Aliev D.A., 1986: Study of primary photosynthetic processes in various wheat genotypes

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526805

Vilcek P., 1987: Study of production abilities of annual fodder crops in mountain areas

Kuhn, J. M.; Cazor, J. L.; Isaac, R.; Nivez, M. P.; Ardaillou, R.; Fillastre, J. P., 1976: Study of production and renal excretion of cyclic amp after intra venous perfusion of salmon calcitonin in humans

Gaborcik N., 1979: Study of production of a perennial grass stand with different conditions of nitrogen nutrition

Pristas, J., 1979: Study of production of aboveground dry matter of hybrid sudan grass as affected by increasing nitrogen doses by the method of growth analysis 1. production and increment rate of aboveground dry matter leaf cover index increment rate of leaf surface relative leafiness of aboveground dry matter

Barbosa, S. B. P.; Pereira, C. S.; Fonseca, C. G. D.; Carneiro, G. G., 1986: Study of productive traits from a guzera herd in the dry region of pernambuco state brazil i. milk yield

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526811

Khmel'nitskii R.A., 1988: Study of products of the interaction between sodium humate and simazine using pyrolytic mass spectrometry and scanning electron microscopy

Toya K., 1988: Study of profile analysis on urinary free steroids using high performance liquid chromatography with spectrophotometric scanning by photodiode array application of girard reagent t for sample preparation

Gugushvili M.E., 1980: Study of prognostic significance of head down tilt

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526815

Vanderhart D.L., 1984: Study of proline peptide bond conformation and ring dynamics in crystalline cyclic peptides using carbon 13 magic angle spinning nmr/

Gabriel, M.; Ng, H. K.; Allan, W. G. L.; Hill, L. E.; Nunn, A. J., 1977: Study of prolonged hypo sensitization with dermatophagoides pteronyssinus extract in allergic rhinitis

Popadich, I. A.; Mirovich, A. I.; Martynenko, N. S.; Petrova, O. T., 1975: Study of properties of heat activated enzymic preparations

Samoshina, N. M.; Motina, L. I.; Oreshchenko, L. I.; Fokina, S. S.; Nakhapetyan, L. A., 1978: Study of properties of immobilized acid proteinase from aspergillus awamori

Oreshkova S.F., 1981: Study of properties of phospho di esterase from vipera lebetina venom immobilized on agarose

Severin E.S., 1987: Study of properties of tyrosine specific protein kinase from rat sarcoma cells

Gadzhiev A.G.O., 1987: Study of properties of uv light fixed informosomes

Brozovic, M.; Kirkwood, T. B. L.; Robertson, I., 1976: Study of proposed international standard for blood coagulation factor ix

Dimitrijevic M.R., 1982: Study of proprio spinal inter neuron system in man cutaneous exteroceptive conditioning of stretch reflexes

Benko G., 1984: Study of prostacyclin like activity in the rat blood vessel changes in prostacyclin production related to body weight

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526828

Lambert C.R., 1982: Study of prostaglandin e 1 and prostaglandin f 2 alpha on isolated mammalian cardiac tissue

Murthy, R. C., 1977: Study of proteases and esterases in the digestive system of macrobrachium lamarrei crustacea decapoda

Zhang S B., 1986: Study of protective effect of outer membrane proteins of vibrio cholerae with monoclonal antibodies

Asaoka A., 1984: Study of protein adsorption on glass surfaces with a hydrophobic fluorescent probe

Akoev I.G., 1980: Study of protein amino groups of the external surface of rat erythrocyte membranes by tri nitro benzene sulfonic acid application

Dimitrov S., 1984: Study of protein and lysine content in triticale grain depending on conditions of growing

Belenkii B.G., 1986: Study of protein association and micelle formation in surfactants by microcolumn exclusion chromatography

Giffels J., 1982: Study of protein characteristics that influence entry into the cerebro spinal fluid of normal mice and mice with encephalitis

Begishvili-Ts, K.; Machavariani, M. Z.; Ramishvili, N. M., 1977: Study of protein components of rhizobium leguminosarum cells

Suzdalev I.P., 1987: Study of protein dynamics by moessbauer spectroscopy methods

Kostyshin, S. S.; Diakovskaya, O. K., 1976: Study of protein fractions of corn heterotic hybrid seeds

Carpena Artes O., 1984: Study of protein fractions of different almond varieties prunus amygdalus

Likhtenshtein G.I., 1985: Study of protein ligands of nitrogenase iron molybdenum cofactor using the spin labeling technique

Romanova E.M., 1984: Study of protein membrane components of rabbit red cells during aging

Bohatier, J.; Kink, J., 1977: Study of protein synthesis during the morphogenetic processes of division and regeneration in dileptus anser action of cyclo heximide

Satav, J. G.; Katyare, S. S.; Fatterpaker, P.; Sreenivasan, A., 1977: Study of protein synthesis in rat liver mitochondria use of cyclo heximide

Matheson, R. R-Jr ; Van-Wart, H. E.; Burgess, A. W.; Burgess, A. W.; Weinstein, L. I.; Scheraga, H. A., 1977: Study of protein topography with flash photolytically generated nonspecific surface labeling reagents surface labeling of rnase a

Konarev A.V., 1986: Study of proteinase inhibitors from wheat grain by the gelatin replica method

Baidulova Babko T.Yu, 1983: Study of proteins and multiple molecular forms of enzymes in wheat grain with different cytoplasm

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526848

Mitat A., 1981: Study of proteins of f 1 holstein zebu and zebu cow colostrum serum

Bassi A.M., 1981: Study of proteins phospho lipids and cholesterol of rat bile during chronic drainage

Malaney G.W. , 1986: Study of proteins secreted by growing saccharomyces cerevisiae

Sipotenko G.V., 1985: Study of proteinuria in diabetes mellitus patients prior to and after treatment using the biostator apparatus

Shishkin S.S., 1984: Study of proteoglycan aggregates components of human hyaline cartilage

Popov, M. P.; Karpilenko, G. P.; Glinskaya, E. N., 1976: Study of proteolysis products of human albumin and barley endosperm proteins by barley acid proteinase

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526855

Veremeenko, K. N.; Lositskaya, V. M.; Goloborod'ko, O. P.; Kostyuchenko, E. S.; Vishnyak, I. E., 1978: Study of proteolytic enzymes in human blood leukocytes

Jefferis R., 1981: Study of proteolytic removal of fab delta and fc delta determinants of lymphocyte membrane immuno globulin d using a direct rosette assay

Wang J S., 1984: Study of proton chemical shifts and couplings with fluorine 19 in 9 alpha fluorocortisol application of a novel proton carbon 13 chemical shift correlation technique with homonuclear decoupling

Kiselev F.L., 1987: Study of protooncogenes in human teratocarcinoma cells

Chernyaeva E.B., 1982: Study of protoplasm mobility in the cells of nitella by means of optical doppler spectroscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526861

Chanishvili T.G., 1982: Study of pseudomonas aeruginosa bacterio phages isolated in a surgical hospital

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526863

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526864

Arshavskii V.V., 1984: Study of psychopathological states from the viewpoint of functional specialization of the cerebral hemispheres

Skvortsova, I. N.; Panikova, E. L., 1977: Study of psychrophilic soil pseudomonas

Torizuka K., 1981: Study of pulmonary blood flow with determination of the pleural edge by gamma ray transmission computed tomography

Urunbaev S.U., 1987: Study of pulmonary circulation and gas and energy exchange in albino rats during the healing of an aseptic wound and nerve regeneration affected by a helium neon laser

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526870

Antonov, O. S.; Vlasov-Yu, A.; Litasova, E. E.; Obukhov, V. N.; Pinegin, S. L.; Narstissov, V. S.; Rezepin, S. A., 1977: Study of pulmonary vessel response to administration of carbon di oxide gas and nitro glycerin in patients with congenital heart defects complicated by high pulmonary hypertension

Domracheva M.V., 1980: Study of pulse blood filling and regional vascular tone during the 1st and 2nd expeditions of the orbital station salyut 6 soyuz

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526873

Trinkler-Yu, G., 1976: Study of pure photosynthesis productivity in the major growth period of potatoes

Tets V.V., 1979: Study of purine and pyrimidine bases occurring in dna and rna by gas liquid chromatography

Bradford, M.; Krakoff, I. H.; Leeper, R.; Balis, M. E., 1968: Study of purine metabolism in a xanthinuric female

Vales, M.; Tokpa, G.; Ollitrault, P., 1987: Study of pyricularia oryzae cav. polymorphism by electrophoresis

Solov'ev, V. N.; Samoilov, V. O., 1977: Study of pyridine nucleotide and flavo protein fluorescence in the receptor epithelium zone of the frog tongue

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526879

Kulaev I.S., 1981: Study of pyro phosphatase in wheat seedlings general characteristics multiple forms and activity changes in the course of development

Sekistova S.V., 1985: Study of quanta of goal oriented behavior of the workers manufacturing electron optical systems

Toompuu, O.; Shcherbakov, V., 1976: Study of quantitative aspects of genetic recombination in t 4 phage part 2 analysis of data on standard 2 factor crosses

Toompuu, O.; Shcherbakov, V., 1976: Study of quantitative aspects of genetic recombination in t 4 phage part 3 analysis of data on 3 factor crosses

Toompuu, O.; Sizova, S.; Efremova, O.; Lichina, M.; Plugina, L.; Kudryashova, E.; Chirkov, G.; Shcherbakov, V., 1976: Study of quantitative aspects of genetic recombination in t 4 phage part 4 marker effect of 3 factor crosses

Arbuzova, V. S.; Maistrenko, O. I., 1986: Study of quantitative characters in the series of monosomic lines of spring common wheat cultivars saratovskaya 29 and diamant 1 under various conditions of vegetation i. the number of spikelets and grains of the main ear

Arbuzova, V. S.; Maistrenko, O. I., 1987: Study of quantitative characters in the series of monosomic lines of spring common wheat cultivars saratovskaya 29 and diamant 1 under various vegetation conditions ii. weight of grains of the main ear and that of the caryopsis

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526887

Redondo A., 1988: Study of quantitative variations in the carbohydrate fraction due to culinary processes

Lasskaya, O. F.; Tolkachev, O. N., 1978: Study of quaternary benzophenanthridine alkaloids 9 10 di methylene sanguinarine derivatives

Tishchenko, V. M., 1978: Study of quaternary structure of butyryl cholin esterase from horse blood serum

Cammaerts M.C., 1981: Study of queens aggregative power in myrmica rubra

Herbert D.A., 1981: Study of quick test wechsler adult intelligence scale and premorbid estimates of intelligence for neuro psychiatric patients

Kuzin, A. M.; Kopylov, V. A.; Vernigorova, L. A.; Revin, A. F.; Yurov, S. S.; Krylov, K. P.; Glushkov, V. A.; Shchelkaeva, V. V.; Vagabova, M. E.; Nesterova, T. A., 1987: Study of quinoid radiotoxins in gamma irradiated dog blood

Satija C.K., 1984: Study of r d chromosome substitutions and their effects in triticale triticosecale

Chanh A.P.H., 1979: Study of rabbit myo cardium activity on the thromboxane synthetase

Cruciere C., 1983: Study of radial hemolysis method for the detection of anti influenza equi antibodies in equine sera reliability and expression of the results

Kishore, K.; Moorthy, P. N.; Rao, K. N., 1976: Study of radiation damage and protection of some vitamins in aqueous media

Zheleznyakova, N. Yu ; Koval'tsova, S. V.; Suslova, N. G.; Fedorova, I. V., 1975: Study of radio sensitive double mutant ha ploids of yeast

Zherbin, E. A.; Kolesnikova, A. I.; Konoplyannikov, A. G.; Khoptynskaya, S. K., 1978: Study of radio sensitivity of human bone marrow cells forming colonies in agar cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526900

Riva G., 1985: Study of radiologic immunologic and functional parameters in subjects exposed to thermophilic fungi

Kuznetsov, A. V.; Fomichev, V. N., 1976: Study of radioprotective and radio sensitizing effectiveness of some chemical compounds in vivo under aerobic and anaerobic conditions

Allotey J., 1985: Study of radiosensitivity of the immature stages of corcyra cephalonica lepidoptera galleriidae

Casal, M., 1977: Study of rapid growing scotochromogenic mycobacteria

Frolova N.A., 1987: Study of rare and disappearing woody plants in mangyshlak kazakh ssr ussr and the selection of commercially valuable species

Chikhachev, A. S.; Khlobystov, V. V.; Prokov'ev, V. N.; Sichichkin, A. A.; Mogil'nitskaya, L. V., 1975: Study of rat brain nucleo proteins

Colard-Torquebiau, O.; Bereziat, G.; Polonovski, J., 1975: Study of rat liver plasma membranes phospho lipase a

Nelson A.C., 1987: Study of rat lung alveoli using corrosion casting and freeze fracture methods coupled with digital image analysis

Petit M., 1981: Study of rat lymphocytes by use of peanut agglutinin

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526910

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526911

Strocchi R., 1980: Study of rat tail tendon by x ray diffraction and freeze etching techniques

Krushinskii L.V., 1987: Study of rational behavior extrapolation reaction in the bottlenose dolphin

Boulet M., 1979: Study of re hydration of protein fibers containing alginate as a texturizing agent

Mieglitz J., 1988: Study of reaction kinetics for the pyrolysis of biogenic sludge

Adams F.A., 1987: Study of reaction rates of the antioxidants gallic acid bht and bha using the technique of pulse radiolysis

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526917

Laidler K.J., 1980: Study of reactivity of tryptophan residues in serum albumins and lysozyme by n bromo succinamide fluorescence quenching

Li, S. K.; Zhang, G. S.; Yang, Y. T.; Ye, M. D.; Gu, K. J., 1986: Study of reagents of biotin avidin system and their application iii. the application of monoclonal antibody detection

Poletaeva, O. G., 1976: Study of reagin like antibodies and their role in immunity mechanisms in larval ascaridiasis

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526921

Pronin V.I., 1980: Study of receptor type physiologically active substances with regard to patterns reflecting their activity under screening and the classification of those patterns

Orsi N., 1986: Study of receptors for vesicular stomatitis virus in vertebrate and invertebrate cells

Olteanu, V.; Kuznetsova, O. B.; Arman, I. P., 1970: Study of recovery phenomena in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae part 1 lethality and mitotic recombination induced by gamma rays and chemicals in uv super sensitive mutants of yeast

Masson C., 1983: Study of recruiting process among honey bee apis mellifica foragers as a function of odor signals associated with a food source

Farhud D.D., 1981: Study of red cell enzyme systems in tehran and isfahan iranians

Carenzi C., 1986: Study of red deer in a supposed high density situation spatial distribution and nutrition

Baleux B., 1980: Study of red water due to the proliferation of photosynthetic sulfide oxidizing bacteria in the lake of prevost a brackish mediterranean lagoon montpellier france

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526929

Adanin V.M., 1981: Study of reduction products of the antibiotic reumycin 6 methyl pyrimido 5 4 e 1 2 4 triazine 5 7 dione

Fiet, J.; Passa, P.; Dubos, G.; Tabuteau, F.; Dreux, C., 1977: Study of reference values and circadian rhythm of serum iron

Kozhina G.V., 1983: Study of reflex mechanisms of post inhibitory rebound by means of analysis of single human motor unit activity

Vallee, J.; Couture, R.; Joyal, R., 1976: Study of regeneration after cutting trees which make up the diet of moose

Sreenivas V., 1983: Study of registered deaths in madras city india

Soin, S. G., 1977: Study of regularities in the development of marine fishes and their significance for the elaboration of a biological basis for mariculture

Goebel W., 1984: Study of regulation and transport of hemolysin by using fusion of the beta galactosidase gene lac z to hemolysin genes

Shapiro L.A., 1987: Study of regulation by catecholamines and cyclic amp of enzymes of thiol and disulfide metabolism

Hata, S.; Kunita, H.; Yoshioka, M., 1977: Study of regulation on aldo sterone secretion in normal man effect of angiotensin ii plus acth on plasma aldo sterone

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526939

Pichugin A.V., 1982: Study of regulatory properties of glycolysis in sheep erythrocytes

Shin, J. S.; Kwon, S. W., 1977: Study of rehabilitation of the amputee

Gol'd, V. M.; Gaevskij, N. A.; Grigor'ev, J. S., 1976: Study of relation between fast and slow quenching components of chlorophyll a fluorescence at the noncyclic electron transport

Mel'nikova, Z. L., 1977: Study of relations between subthalamic and mid brain loco motor regions in rats

Janku I., 1986: Study of relationship between allogeneic transplantability of tumors and their effects on drug metabolizing system in rats

Et Al, 1986: Study of relationship between mycoplasma pneumoniae infection and asthma

Kan G.A., 1987: Study of relationship between the activity of immunoglobulin against tick borne encephalitis and the degree of its fractionation

Altukhov Yu P., 1988: Study of relationship between variability of polygenic morphological and monogenic biochemical traits exemplified by astrakhan sheep

Granier A., 1981: Study of relationships between sapwood cross sectional area and foliar mass of douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii

Tamassy J., 1980: Study of relationships in a space planting f 2 generation and f 3 stand by simple correlation and principal component analysis

Bard, F. X.; Gonzalez-Garces, A., 1976: Study of relative capturabilities of different age groups of albacore or longfin tuna thunnus alalunga in the northeast atlantic

Fokht, A. S.; Balnokin-Yu, V., 1977: Study of relative quantum yield of photobiological processes in light of various spectrum contents using interferential filters

Polonyi M., 1987: Study of release of hydrophile drugs from suppository bases by photo documentation

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526953

Ivanishvili T.K., 1981: Study of remote changes in lavsan prosthesis following substitution of the bifurcated aorta

Karsza A., 1985: Study of renal acidification in various urological clinical pictures

Seebode J.J., 1981: Study of renal blood supply and its implication in renal pelvic surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526957

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526959

Matsushita, K., 1984: Study of renovascular hypertension in rats i. the role of the contralateral non clipped kidney in two kidney 1 clip hypertension in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526961

Matsushita, K., 1987: Study of renovascular hypertension in rats iv. renal arterial blood velocity in one clip two kidney hypertensive rats

Ostrovskii D.N., 1982: Study of repair of membrane damage caused by low temperature freezing of escherichia coli cells

Krupnova, G. F.; Seregina, T. B., 1978: Study of repair of single stranded dna breaks in vicia faba cells

Sharma, N. C.; Kulshreshtha, S. B.; Kaushik, S. N.; Katpatal, B. G., 1978: Study of repeat breeder cows and their treatment with special reference to drug sensitivity of infectious agents

Montagud Montagud V., 1986: Study of repercussions of birth on scholastic performance in children and adolescents born after the 36th week of pregnancy

Montagud Montagud V., 1986: Study of repercussions of birth on scholastic performance in children and adolescents born before the 36th week of pregnancy comparison with those born after the 36th week

Takizawa, H., 1977: Study of reproduction of the pebrine sporozoan nosema bombycis of the silkworm bombyx mori

Pogorel'skaya, A. N.; Bugara, A. M.; Reznikova, S. A.; Bugorskii, P. S., 1978: Study of reserve starch in rose petals with respect to accumulation of essential oil

Huerta B.V., 1984: Study of resistance of sugarcane to rust disease in commercial precommercial and prospective varieties

Rodriguez T., 1980: Study of resistance specificity shown by peritoneal macrophages in rubella virus immune rats

Benitez J., 1985: Study of resistance to antibiotics and to the presence of plasmids in two strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa

Gaudy, R., 1975: Study of respiration in some mediterranean pelagic copepods occidental basin and ionian sea and of its variations in relation to the bathymetric character and the geographic origin of species

Seoane M., 1984: Study of respiratory center output in normal subjects at an altitude of 2240 meters over sea level ventilatory and occlusion pressure responses to the carbon dioxide stimuli

Cuomo V., 1986: Study of respiratory parameters changes in asthmatics and in normal subjects submitted to mental stress

Sabatino R., 1985: Study of retinol functionality in ophthalmoplegia plus

Doroshenko, P. A.; Kostyuk, P. G.; Tsyndrenko, A. Ya, 1978: Study of reversal potential for the slow component of inward current in mollusk neuron membrane

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526978

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526979

Fuks B.B., 1983: Study of reversible injuries to the normal killer cell membrane during contact with tumor cells

Shishkova, O. V.; Torosyan, M. V.; Rabinkova, E. V., 1976: Study of revertants of escherichia coli strain k 12 reca strains

Zoratti L.M., 1987: Study of rheumatic diseases in a general medicine division of the ospedale civile of udine italy

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526983

Spazzali J., 1987: Study of rheumatoid factors in coniosis patients

Marikhin V.A., 1980: Study of rhodotorula rubra mannan and its fractions

Cheng Y C., 1987: Study of ribonucleotide reductase in cells infected with six clinical isolates of herpes simplex virus type 2 hsv 2 with mutations in its larger subunit

Mishra N.K., 1979: Study of ribosomal dna of sea urchin

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526988

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526989

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526990

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526991

Boumezzough, A.; Musso, J. J., 1983: Study of riparian animal communities of the basin of the aille river var france 1. biological and eco ethological aspects

Banasik R., 1986: Study of risk factors in invasive cancer of the corpus uteri

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526994

Section 7, Chapter 6527, Accession 006526995

Korableva, N. P.; Ladyzhenskaya, E. P.; Metlitskii, L. V., 1975: Study of rna and protein synthesis in potato tuber meristems and the action of phenolic growth regulators on these processes

Thiry M., 1988: Study of rna distribution in the nucleolar components of ehrlich cell using rnase gold method

Lobov, V. P.; Bondar, P. I., 1976: Study of rna in potato tuber amyloplasts

Gutte, B., 1977: Study of rnase a mechanism and folding by means of synthetic 63 residue analogs

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