Study of l malic acid catabolism by lactobacillus casei cells immobilized in poly acrylamide gel lattice

Divies, C.; Siess, M.H.

Annales de Microbiologie (Paris) 127B(4): 525-539


Accession: 006526114

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A study on L-malic acid catabolism by L. casei cells immobilized in polyacrylamide gel lattice showed that the pH profile of malic acid decarboxylase activity does not differ significantly from that of free cells. The apparent enzymatic constant value as determined by the Warburg manometric method is 5 .times. 10-3 M for free cells and 1.25 .times. 10-2 M for immobilized cells. Malic acid decarboxylase activity can be preserved in immobilized cells over a 12 mo. period if the reaction vessel is fed continuously with the growth medium. It is noteworthy that the reaction vessel is similar to a constant activity reactor whose apparent enzymatic constant value, 6.25 .times. 10-3 M, does not differ significantly from that of free cells. Labeling of the cells with 14C-glycine showed that the immobilized cells released 14% of the radioactivity over a 65 h period, indicating that the cells are possibly in a nonproliferating state. After 9 mo., a large fraction of viable bacterial cells can be isolated again. The use of such a reactor for producing metabolites is proposed.