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Study of primary immune response kinetics in the regional lymph node of mice immunized with sheep red cells

Koroleva, N.A.; Maksimova, G.F.; Yanovskii, O.G.; Uteshev, B.S.

Patologicheskaya Fiziologiya i Eksperimental'naya Terapiya 4: 46-49


Accession: 006526803

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The kinetics of the primary immune response and the proliferative reaction in the regional lymph nodes to injection of sheep red blood cells into the pad of CBA mice were studied at 4-h intervals. The growth in the number of antibody-forming cells in the lymph node was of an interrupted character, which correlated with the wave-like increase in DNA synthesis. The immune response of the regional node was more marked than the response of the spleen. This was manifested by a 4-fold increase in the mass and a 30-fold intensification of DNA synthesis in the lymph node and a higher amplitude of the response. The results are discussed from the standpoint of the different degree of maturity of B cells in the lymph node and spleen.

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