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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6528

Chapter 6528 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tiktopulo, E.I.; Privalov, P.L., 1975:
Study of rnase temperature changes

Shibata, T., 1976:
Study of root resorptions of deciduous teeth comparison of healthy and infected roots of deciduous teeth in the same dental arch

Bedeneau M.; Pages L., 1984:
Study of root rings in coppiced trees

Bhardwaj N.; Gopal B., 1979:
Study of root system of tephrosia apollinea and its survival value under arid conditions

Pathak Y.V.; Dorle A.K., 1987:
Study of rosin and rosin derivatives as coating materials for controlled release of drug

Lopez R.A.; Videla C.B.; Garcia Moreno J.; Maldonado Ballesteros A., 1983:
Study of rosoxacin in uncomplicated acute gonorrhea

Kuznetsov, A.N.; Gyul'khandanyan, G.V.; Ebert, B., 1977:
Study of rotational mobility and inter molecular interactions of serum albumin by spin probe method

German Fattal M.; Martinez L.; German A., 1984:
Study of rotavirus excretion in young infants virological and immunological aspects

Stepanova E.S.; Vertogradova T.P.; Shevnyuk L.A.; Shepelevtseva N.G.; Gol'dberg P.E., 1987:
Study of rubomycin 13 cyclohexylidene hydrazone toxicity

Paranosenkova, V.I.; Karpov, V.L., 1975:
Study of rubomycin biosynthesis

Leal, N.M., 1975:
Study of ruderal plants of the state of bahia brazil part 2 leaf anatomy of ipomoea cynanchifolia

Aoyagi N.; Hayakawa I.; Iai S.; Tsuchida T.; Furihata S., 1985:
Study of ruptured intracranial aneurysms with intracerebral hematoma with special reference to operative indication

Viennot Bourgin G.; Ale Agha N., 1985:
Study of rusts from the middle east

Herrera T.; Ulloa M., 1981:
Study of saccharomyces cerevisiae and candida valida yeasts isolated from colonche from san luis potosi mexico

Camatte R.; Lambot G., 1981:
Study of sacolene in diarrhea and colopathies

Veremeenko K.N.; Kizim A.I.; Groma S.P.; Sokolyuk T.V., 1981:
Study of salivary fibrinolysis components in patients with chronic tonsillitis

Buechner Vollmers A.; Hollenberg C.P., 1981:
Study of salivary gland specific transcripts in chironomus tentans by complementary dna analysis

Ray M.K.; Mitra A.; Mukherjee B.; Chatterjee G.C., 1987:
Study of salmonella endotoxin on the changes in lipid protein interactions of membranes using arrhenius plots of acetylcholinesterase as a tool

D.C.rtinez Y.J.M.; D.G.zman A.M.S., 1987:
Study of salmonella in slaughtered kids

Danielides V.D.; Kansouzidou Kanakoudis A.; Arvanitidou Vayonas T.; Matopoulou E., 1984:
Study of salmonella typhimurium strains isolated from patients with gastroenteritis during a seven years period

Lento F.G.; Baretti C.; Salerno R.; Tandurella S.; Cannata G., 1980:
Study of salmonellae in a school community and in waste waters of the city of gela sicily italy

Varshney, I.P.; Jain, D.C., 1977:
Study of samanin c a new saponin from pithecolobium saman wood

Meinel B.; Bode J.C.; Koenig W.; Richter F.W., 1979:
Study of sample collection and preparation methods for multi element analysis in liver tissue by proton induced x ray emission

Gurvich, L.S.; Novikov-Yu, V.; Saifutdinov, M.M., 1975:
Study of sanitary problems in connection with inter basin transfer of river runoff

H.H.; E.A., 1987:
Study of sanitary standard of exposure to sunlight for residential buildings in the beijing area china

Varshney, I.P.; Beg, M.F.A., 1978:
Study of saponins from the seeds of trigonella foenum graecum

Bobeiko, V.A.; Pkheidze, T.A.; Kintya, P.K.; Kemertelidze, E.P., 1975:
Study of saponins of agave americana leaves

Varshney, I.P.; Vyas, P.; Srivastava, H.C.; Singh, P.P., 1978:
Study of saponins samanin a and samanin b from pithecolobium saman/

Verves-Yu, G., 1976:
Study of sarcophagids diptera sarcophagidae parasitizing terrestrial gastropods

Pechatnikov V.A.; Rizvanov F.F.; Ivkova M.N.; Pletnev V.V.; Afanas'ev V.N., 1980:
Study of sarcoplasmic reticulum membrane permeability by potential sensitive fluorescent probes

Pan K.; Lin Z.; Wang Z., 1984:
Study of satellites in chromosomes of rice

Hayashi M., 1986:
Study of scabies the 1st report clinical statistics on scabies at the department of dermatology yokohama city university hospital japan for fifteen years 1970 1984

Hayashi M., 1986:
Study of scabies the 2nd report histopathologic and immunohistopathologic aspect of scabies

Rousset J., 1983:
Study of scales and otoliths of soleidae of algeria

Hebert P.; Prescott J., 1983:
Study of scent marking in the common woodchuck marmota monax in captivity

Moskalenko V.D., 1980:
Study of schizophrenia by the family and twin method

Leraut, P., 1982:
Study of scopariinae 2. new data including 2 new genera of the western palearctic zone

Leraut P., 1981:
Study of scopariineae lepidoptera pyralidae 2 new taxa from the mediterranean region

Kanikovskaya, A.A.; Sadchikov, A.P., 1985:
Study of seasonal changes in the interrelationship of phytoplankton and bacterioplankton in mozhaisk reservoir russian sfsr ussr 1. seasonal changes in the population and biomass of plankton as a function of principal hydrobiological characteristics

Kanikovskaya, A.A.; Fedorov, V.D., 1987:
Study of seasonal changes in the relationship between phytoplankton and bacterioplankton of the mozhaysk reservoir russian sfsr ussr iii. the effect of phytoplankton on bacterial consumption of various organic nitrogen and carbon sources

Belyuchenko, I.S., 1976:
Study of seasonal development of some forage plants of the tropics and subtropics

Michel C.; Perrenoud F.; Werdenberg K., 1984:
Study of seasonal dynamics in the 2 main forest subassociations from the canton of geneva switzerland

Bournoville, R., 1978:
Study of seasonal dynamics of a population of acyrthosiphon pisum in lucerne fields role of natural enemies

Lavekar, K.B.; Ballal, A.L.; Rane, D.A.; Warke, D.C., 1978:
Study of seasonal variation in physicochemical composition of mudkhed seedless santra in comparison with nagpur santra citrus reticulata

Caye G.; Rossignol M., 1983:
Study of seasonal variations in the growth of leaves and roots of posidonia oceanica

Bonhomme-Florentin, A.; Blancou, J.; Latteur, B., 1978:
Study of seasonal variations of the micro fauna of the zebu rumen

Chararas, C., 1976:
Study of secondary attraction and pheromone production by polygamous scolytidae parasites of coniferous trees

Drynov I.D.; Tarasov L.F.; Zvonarev A.Yu; Poletaev A.I., 1979:
Study of secondary structure of influenza virus rna in free form and in ribo nucleo protein

Bonfitto, A.; Sabelli, B., 1987:
Study of sediment from the southern adriatic sea proposal of analytical methods

Restituito F., 1984:
Study of sediment on an oligo mesotrophic lake of volcanic origin lake pavin france

Zamtaradze, G.K., 1976:
Study of seed morphology and germination of the genus sibbaldia

Swiatek L.; Dombrowicz E.; Kurowska A., 1986:
Study of seed oils from verbascum phlomoides and verbascum thapsiforme

Krishnasamy, V., 1986:
Study of seed quality factors among sorghum sorghum bicolor l. moench genotypes

Shanmugam A.S.; Rangasamy S.R.S.; Rathnasamy R., 1985:
Study of segregating generations of the interspecific hybrids of the genus vigna

Vlcek D.; Podstavkova S.; Miadokova E., 1981:
Study of selected characteristics of the chlamydomonas reinhardii strains with altered sensitivity to uv radiation

Koleva A., 1985:
Study of selected mahaleb form seedlings intended for cherry rootstocks in the nursery

Mudroch, A.; Capobianco, J., 1978:
Study of selected metals in marshes on lake st clair ontario canada

Meyer, J.; Radzikowski, A.; Buschmann, H.; Kraeusslich, H.; Osterkorn, K., 1978:
Study of selection for high and low phagocytic activity in mice part 2

Lopes P.S.; Silva M.D.A.E.; Ludwig A.; Soares P.R.; Torres R.D.A.; Gracas A.S.D., 1986:
Study of selection indexes for leghorn hens

Quinta M.D.; Dias M.C.S.; Rosa M.L.; Peito M.A.P.; Trigo M.J.P., 1985:
Study of selective medium for counting molds and yeasts in minced meats

Rusin, V.N.; Zhukovskaya, S.A.; Pebalk, V.L., 1975:
Study of selectivity factors of the extraction purification of penicillin

Ito K., 1987:
Study of selenite induced cataract in rats

Petrov P.D.; Piskov A., 1985:
Study of self fertility in some sunflower inbred lines hybrids and cultivars

Mndzhoyan S.L.; Kramer M.S.; Ter Zakharyan Y.Z.; Oganyan S.G., 1986:
Study of semisynthetic cephalosporins synthesis and antibacterial activity of some 7 substituted 3 methyl 3 cephem 4 carboxylic acids

Garcia Moreno J.; Maldonado Ballesteros A., 1979:
Study of sensitivity to antibiotics of entero pathogens isolated from patient stool cultures

Garcia, M.J.; Bustos, V.R., 1977:
Study of sensitivity to antibiotics of neisseria meningitidis isolated from patients and carriers part 2 sodium sulfadiazine

Tetdoeva M.T.; Petrunov B.N.; Fradkin V.A., 1982:
Study of sensitization to house dust by means of determining the neutrophil injury index

Vasil'eva, O.A.; Peretrukhina, A.T.; Menyavtseva, T.A., 1977:
Study of sensitizing properties of small pox vaccine

Vernet G.; Rue G.; Gontcharoff M., 1979:
Study of septate junctions of the body wall epithelium of lineus ruber heteronemertea by lanthane impregnation and cryo fracture techniques

Andriashvili I.A.; Gachechiladze K.K.; Pataridze T.K.; Chanishvili T.G., 1979:
Study of serological features and molecular heterogeneity of virion proteins of morphologically related bacterio phages

Ivanova E.V.; Fraikin G.Ya, 1985:
Study of serotonin effect on the yield of some damages in dna after uv and x ray irradiations

Suzuki, H.; Sata, M.; Yano, Y.; Kamoi, S.; Ikeda, H.; Sasaki, E.; Toyonaga, A.; Abe, H.; Tanikawa, K., 1988:
Study of serum 2' 5' oligoadenylate synthetase activity and nk cell activity in the patients with crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis

Rozhkov S.P.; Kyaivyaryainen A.I., 1985:
Study of serum albumin flexibility using the spin label method

Barone R.; Mancuso C.E.; Jossa Fasano A., 1985:
Study of serum alkaline phosphatase levels in 94 patients undergoing chronic psychopharmaceutical treatment in a psychiatric hospital

Romics, I.; Lengyel, L., 1984:
Study of serum and urine hydroxyproline level of patients with prostatic cancer

Mascall, G.C.; Evans, R.T., 1977:
Study of serum cholin esterase ec variants by means of 1 and 2 dimensional electrophoresis in density gradient poly acrylamide

Sarangi A.; Tripathy N.; Lal D.; Patnaik B.C.; Swain A.K., 1980:
Study of serum digoxin status in digitoxicity by radio immunoassay

Takeuchi, T., 1984:
Study of serum immuno globulin e in children 2. serum immuno globulin e levels in children and their parents

Baizhomartov M.S.; Shurtov I.Kh; Semenova V.A.; Dyuskalieva G.U.; Stetsenko O.G., 1985:
Study of serum immunoglobulins in mycoplasma pneumoniae infection

Kuo, P.T.; Feng, L.Y., 1970:
Study of serum insulin in athero sclerotic patients with endogenous hyper tri glyceridemia types iii and iv hyper lipo proteinemia

Souka A.R.; Saleh F.; Mikhail M.M., 1980:
Study of serum iron iron binding capacity and some other hematological changes during normal pregnancy

Okada, K., 1978:
Study of serum leucine amino peptidase in lung cancer with particular reference to its isozyme fraction

Chaudhuri, S.; Sundaram, K.P., 1977:
Study of serum lipids and enzymes in myo cardial infarction and hypertension

Nakamura, T., 1978:
Study of serum lipo protein in pregnant women

Gutman, E.K. ; Plaude, R.K.; Pirogova, T.F.; Vorob'eva, L.F., 1978:
Study of serum proteins in oncological patients

Barone, R.; Mancuso, C.E.; Molinaro, G.; Galimberti, V.; Fasano, A.I., 1985:
Study of serum values of sodium potassium chlorine phosphorus and magnesium in 20 women with chronic schizophrenic disorders under psychopharmacological treatment with 10 45 years' stay in a psychiatric hospital

Serkerov, S.V., 1982:
Study of sesqui terpene lactones by the method of carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy 1. carbon 13 nmr spectra of badkhysin and its derivatives

Serkerov, S.V., 1982:
Study of sesqui terpene lactones using carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy 2. carbon 13 nmr spectra of alkhanin acetyl artemisin and tauremisin

Serkerov, S.V., 1983:
Study of sesqui terpenic lactones by the method of carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy 3. carbon 13 spectra of artemin and its derivatives/

Ekert B.; Giocanti N.; Sabattier R., 1986:
Study of several factors in rna protein cross link formation induced by ionizing radiations within 70s ribosomes of escherichia coli mre 600

Locker, D.; Prud'homme, N., 1973:
Study of several factors producing a variation of the reversion frequency at the bobbed locus in Drosophila melanogaster

Passera, L., 1972:
Study of several factors regulating the fecundity of the queens of plagiolepis pygmaea hymenoptera formicidae

Mihail A.; Repanovici R., 1982:
Study of several genetic markers of 2 recombinants derived from autochthonous influenza virus type a strains

Pedregal C.; Trigo G.G.; Espada M.; Elguero J.; Vincent E J.; Faure R., 1984:
Study of several n 3 substituted derivatives and n 1 n 3 disubstituted derivatives of cyclohexanospirohydantoin

Soos A., 1985:
Study of several psilid types from the zetterstedt collection with the description of a new species diptera psilidae

Sharma S.; Deora R.K., 1982:
Study of sex pheromones in sitophilus oryzae coleoptera curculionidae

Sethi R.K.; Sharma A., 1983:
Study of sex ratio in murrah buffaloes

Pintureau B., 1979:
Study of sexual dimorphism in lymantria dispar and lymantria japonica lepidoptera lymantriidae

Ramos J.; Ramos E., 1985:
Study of sexual dimorphism in the sole solea solea pisces soleidae of the coasts of castellon spain western mediterranean

Trabalon, M.; Campan, M., 1984:
Study of sexual receptivity of the female of calliphora vomitoria diptera calliphoridae during the 1st gonadotropic cycle 1. behavioral and physiologic approaches

Taha O.M.A.; Ali M.H.; Omer E.E.; Ahmed M.A.; Abbaro S.A., 1979:
Study of sexually transmitted diseases in patients attending venereal disease clinics in khartoum sudan

Beisembaeva, R.U.; Dzhusupova, R.Z., 1975:
Study of sheep blood serum hapto globin

Parkhomenko, L.V.; Matsykov, K.I., 1977:
Study of shigella growth under the effect of different types of intestinal wall cells

Utrilla L.S.; Rodrigues V.C.; Sabbag Y., 1984:
Study of sialic acid in human umbilical cords of term pre term and post term newborns

Zamtaradze, G.K., 1976 :
Study of sibbaldietum from the aragvi gorge ussr

Larionova A.Ya; Milyutin L.I., 1981:
Study of siberian larch intraspecific differentiation using iso enzyme patterns

Grouzis J P.; Gibrat R.; Rigaud J.; Grignon C., 1987:
Study of sidedness and tightness to proton of corn root plasmalemma vesicles preparation of a fraction enriched in inside out vesicles

Serrano-Caballero, J.M.; Cabanas, L.F.; Santiago-Laguna, D., 1984:
Study of silymarin binding to plasma proteins 2. proteins of the pig sheep goat cattle and man

B"chvarova R.; Atanasova B.; Filipov I., 1988:
Study of sim carnations new for bulgaria

Quillevere, D.; Razet, P.; Le-Piver, M.M., 1976:
Study of simulium damnosum complex in west africa part 3 study of larval morphology of cytotypes occurring in the ivory coast

Chelyshev-Yu, A.; Vinter, R.I.; Gataullin, R.R., 1978:
Study of single mechano receptors of pacinian corpuscles after colchicine nerve treatment

Tamura O.; Abe M.; Inoue S.; Inoue S., 1986:
Study of sisomicin ophthalmic solution used alone for preoperative sterilization and prevention of postoperative infection

Liu Y.; E.A., 1984:
Study of sister chromatid exchange in patients with esophageal cancer

Yano, K.; Koga, H.; Umezaki, N.; Kawakami, K., 1977:
Study of skin contamination with radioactive substances a role of horny layer of skin part 1

Yano, K.; Koga, H.; Umezaki, N.; Kawakami, K., 1978:
Study of skin contamination with radioactive substances part 2 influence of ph

Gutierrez D.L.S.lana Dumas J.; Alvarez Mesa M.; Manzur Katrib J., 1983:
Study of skin larva migrans outbreak

Matsunaga, K.; Hayakawa, R., 1985:
Study of skin safety of kindavate ointment 0.05 percent clobetasone 17 butyrate

Chen C D.; Chang D W.; W.C.C., 1984:
Study of skin tests in asthmatic patients in taiwan

Perret J.L.; Jouvet M., 1980:
Study of sleep in progressive supranuclear palsy

Gandolfo, G.; Glin, L.; Gottesmann, C., 1985:
Study of sleep spindles in the rat: a new improvement

Evtushenko V.I.; Kozlov A.P., 1984:
Study of small nuclear rna in organisms of different taxonomic groups

Bhat, B.R.; Friedman, S.; Adimoolam, S.; Schneider, A.T.; Chiaramonte, L.T., 1978:
Study of social, educational, environmental and cultural aspects of childhood asthma in clinic and private patients in the city of New York

Bilenko, M.V.; Ugryumov, A.I.; Rossel's, A.N., 1975:
Study of sodium accumulation by the cells of the renal cortical substance and erythrocytes under different conditions of their preservation

Sidorenko, B.A.; Rossel's, A.N.; Kharchenko, V.I.; Evsikov, E.M., 1976:
Study of sodium metabolism in the body by sodium 22 dilution

Gondzhilashvili-Ya, I.; Abulashvili, I.G., 1978:
Study of sodium potassium atpase system using multiple regression analysis

Orekhov D.A.; Bulavik I.M., 1979:
Study of soil activity in relation to the fungus fomitopsis annosa

Pillay, A.R.; Tchan, Y.T., 1972:
Study of soil algae part 7 adsorption of herbicides in soil and prediction of their rate of application by algal methods

Balsan J.; Zatko A.J., 1982:
Study of soil cultivation after different preceding crops as related to grain yield in winter wheat cultivar novosadska rana

Robert J.; Fischer S.; Freuler J., 1985:
Study of soil fauna in relation to carrot crop

Arevalo Morales A.; Martinez Barroso C.; Alvarez Gonzalez C.E., 1987:
Study of soil fertility and mineral nutrition of strawberries in tenerife island spain

Hrtanek B.; Gasparovic J., 1981:
Study of soil reaction as influenced by reclamative doses of phosphorus plus potassium and liming and verification of some methods of determining liming need/

Jat, R.L.; Das, D.K.; Naskar, G.C., 1978:
Study of soil water depletion in wheat field under different moisture regimes and nitrogen levels by using neutron moisture meter

Morlat, R., 1978:
Study of soils developed on glauconitic chalk in the saumurois area and agronomical characters for vineyards

Recio-Espejo, J.M.; Corral-Moral, L.; Paneque-Guerrero, G. , 1986:
Study of soils from the los pedroches zone cordoba spain i. analysis of environmental factors and relationships with the chemical fertility of soils

Recio-Espejo, J.M.; Corral-Mora, L.; Paneque-Guerrero, G., 1986:
Study of soils from the los pedroches zone cordoba spain ii. cartography and classification of soils

Pereyaslova N.K.; Nazarova M.N.; Petrenko I.E., 1983:
Study of solar cosmic radiation characteristics by meteor satellites

Khurgin-Yu, I.; Medvedeva, N.V.; Roslyakov, V.Y., 1977:
Study of solid state enzyme reactions part 2 chymotryptic hydrolysis of n succinyl l phenyl alanine p nitro anilide

Vol'gram E.N., 1985:
Study of solubility and conditions of extraction of cordanum by organic solvents

Krishnamurthy M.; Dogra S.K., 1986:
Study of solvent and ph dependence of the absorption and luminescence characteristics of 2 hydroxycarbazole

Brunk, G.R.; Martin, K.A.; Nishimura, A.M., 1976:
Study of solvent effects on the phosphorescence properties of flavines

Xie Y.; Chen L.; Dai J., 1986:
Study of somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in maize

Ohta Y.; Fujimoto O.; Nan'no H.; Asao H.; Fujii H., 1985:
Study of somatosensory evoked response in patients with occupational vibration disease effect on somatosensory evoked response induced by load of hot and cold water and depressing the brachium

Vagin Y.E.; Vagina L.V.; Batsyuro S.G., 1985:
Study of somatovegetative functions in rabbits under the effect of an ultra high frequency electromagnetic field on acupuncture points

Marcelin, J.; Erulin, F., 1975:
Study of some anthropometric variables in a sample of 8203 job applicants

Dutu A.; Parasca I.; Vidrasan R.; Sovrea D., 1984:
Study of some antiviral antibodies in rheumatoid polyarthritis

Erznkatsyan M.P., 1985:
Study of some aspects of azotic metabolism in chronic intoxication by 3 4 dichloro 1 butene

Lebedev, E.A.; Aleshchenko, A.V.; Nikolaeva, N.V.; Itkin, B.Z.; Shishkov, V.P.; Belov, A.D., 1978:
Study of some aspects of lymphocyte population kinetics in normal and chronic lymphatic leukemic cattle

Shima S.N.; Gobbi N., 1981:
Study of some aspects of the biology of ascia monuste orseis lepidoptera pieridae in laboratory and field conditions

Hernandez Sanchez M.; Cabrera Trujillo J.F.; Jimenez Chavez G., 1987:
Study of some aspects of the life style in adolescents attending a senior high school in the countryside

Auger, P.; Joly, J., 1975:
Study of some aspects of the pathogenesis of candida albicans infections

Trujillo L.R.; Mallo M.C., 1981:
Study of some aspects related to the glucide metabolism of the species penaeus notialis and penaeus schmitti

Jemmali, A., 1987:
Study of some aspects relative to the contamination of pepper seeds capsicum annuum l. by tobacco mosaic virus tmv

Popova N.V.; Poletaeva I.I., 1983 :
Study of some behavioral features in mice selected for varying brain weight

Mikeladze, E.G.; Georgobiani, E.L.; Gvamichava, N.E., 1975:
Study of some biochemical indices in grapes in connection with grafting

Kadzhoyan, V.S., 1975:
Study of some biochemical indices of saliva and their correlation with tooth decay in athletes before and after physical exertion

Liu Y.; X.X.E.; Zhang B.; Ling T., 1987:
Study of some biochemical values in cord and maternal venous blood

Zaloguev S.N.; Moroz A.F.; Antsiferova N.G.; Glatman L.I.; Popov V.L.; Il'in V.K.; Kirillova F.M.; Kats L.N.; Bragina M.P.; E.A., 1985:
Study of some biological characteristics of bacteria during soviet french space experiment cytos 2

Kamalyan L.A.; Movsesyan E.A.; Ovanesbekova G.G.; Gevorkyan R.A.; Bagramyan M.G.; Feldmane G.Ya; Bazikyan G.K., 1984:
Study of some biological effects of interferon inducer double helical rna on patients with uterine and ovarian cancer

Bukhalo A.S.; Kosman E.G.; Kachurovskaya V.P., 1985:
Study of some biological features of panus tigrinus using multiple culture passages

Agrba V.Z.; Onishchuk F.D.; Bubenik Ya; Lapin B.A.; Yakovleva L.A.; Prakhova K.; Vonka V., 1983:
Study of some biological properties of lymphoid cell lines producing lymphotropic primate herpesviruses

Pokrovskii, V.I.; Sirina, L.K.; Smirnova, V.K., 1975:
Study of some biologically active substances in patients with meningococcal infection

Capiro Leon P.; Perez Ruiz A.; Otero Fernandez R.; Perez Ruiz A.M.; Hernandez A., 1985:
Study of some blood parameters in the rabbit during the course of anemia brought on by severing of the sciatic nerve

Hernandez A.; Molina J.R.; Capiro P.; Perez Ruiz A., 1985:
Study of some blood variables in umbilical cord specimens of normal newborns

Georgiev S.; Pilev A., 1988:
Study of some bulgarian cotton cultivars

Blasco, M.; Lucena, J., 1975:
Study of some cephalic plates of lacerta hispanica originating from andalusia spain

Kogan, A.B.; Burikov, A.A.; Stavitskii, S.M., 1978:
Study of some characteristics of the 2 frequency oscillatory process in the thalamo cortical nonspecific system

Valdes Miranda V.V.; Manzur Katrib J.; Alvarez Mesa M.; Perez Batista C.; Baez Muniz G.; Hernandez Vitor M.A., 1986:
Study of some clinical aspects of urticate tinea versicolor

Brugere H.; Mikhail M.; H., 1987:
Study of some closing factors of goat esophagus groove

Dagna L.; Gasparini G.; Sesia E.; Icardi M.L., 1982:
Study of some components of the unsaponifiable fraction in the skin of grapes vitis vinifera

Garrido Fernandez A.; Quintana M.C.D.; Garcia Garcia P., 1986:
Study of some conservative methods for changing the color of olives of manzanilla variety

Rodriguez Fuentes A.; Bisse J., 1982:
Study of some cuban representatives of the genus helicteres

Kirillova G.A.; Sosnikhina S.P., 1982:
Study of some cyto genetic and cytochemical features of inbred lines of di ploid rye

Tohme H.; Tohme G.; Hossari A., 1982:
Study of some details of the biological cycle of thaumetopoea wilkinsoni lepidoptera and the influence of certain ecological factors on this cycle

Traore D., 1981:
Study of some ecological parameters of cypereae from ivory coast

Bruno C.; Cuppini R.; Cuppini C., 1986:
Study of some electrophysiological feature of the rat neuromuscular junction in the course of the light dark rhythm

Vaidya, B.S., 1967:
Study of some environmental factors affecting the occurrence of charophytes in western india algae

Lemonnier, F.; Moatti, N.; Brivet, M.; Domange, C.; Gautier, M., 1979:
Study of some enzymatic activities in human liver cell cultures

Bryzgalova, T.E.; Orlova, N.V., 1976:
Study of some enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism in the active strain and inactive mutant of the oxytetracycline producer in connection with antibiotic biosynthesis

Sarto F.; Trevisan A.; Gasparotto G.; Rosa A.; Fabbri L., 1979:
Study of some erythrocyte and serum enzyme activities in workers exposed to low ozone concentrations for a long time

Cheţa, N.; Cheţa, D., 1979:
Study of some erythrocytic enzymes in extracorpuscular hemolytic anemias

Zezulkova M., 1987:
Study of some factors affecting cloning of red clover

Auger, P.; Joly, J., 1976:
Study of some factors affecting the colonization of the digestive tract of white mice by candida albicans

Harvalia A.; Bena Tzourou I., 1982:
Study of some factors affecting the color of greek red wines

Kr"stev S., 1986:
Study of some factors affecting the sugar content and chemical composition of sugar beets

Valli, G.; Vio, E., 1975:
Study of some factors conditioning the activity of monodonta turbinata gastropoda prosobranchia at aurisina trieste italy

Clouet, P.; Henninger, C.; Bézard, J., 1986:
Study of some factors controlling fatty acid oxidation in liver mitochondria of obese Zucker rats

Bernard, S., 1977:
Study of some factors controlling in vitro androgenesis of hexa ploid triticale

Basset M.; Koenig H.; Midoun M., 1980:
Study of some factors favoring the production of red pigment of trichophyton rubrum

Choudhary, C.S.; Rao, D.N., 1977:
Study of some factors in plants controlling their susceptibility to sulfur di oxide pollution

Kobakhidze, L.A., 1975:
Study of some factors influencing formation of the endosperm and endosperm haustoria in sweet basil ocimum basilicum

Dumenil G.; Andriantsoa M.; Laget M.; Cremieux A., 1983:
Study of some factors influencing growth and vitamin b 12 production of a facultative methylotrophic corynebacterium

Genard M.; Bereyziat T.; Lanusse D.; Aucher F., 1987:
Study of some factors influencing the use of space by cranes grus grus wintering on farmlands in the captieux region gironde and landes france

Periquet G., 1979:
Study of some factors maintaining the atrophie gonadique character in experimental populations of drosophila melanogaster

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Study of some functional relationships between the primary and secondary cortical somesthetic areas

Zarenkov M.I.; Lebedeva S.A.; Degtyarev B.M., 1986:
Study of some functions of plasmids of yersinia pestis using their cointegrates with heterologous plasmids

Steyaert R.L., 1980:
Study of some ganoderma species

Wittmer, W.; Magis, N., 1978:
Study of some genera related to cantharis coleoptera cantharidae

Alegre M.L.; D'almeida J.M.; Barata G.N., 1987:
Study of some genetic parameters in the selection for productive and reproductive abilities in the alentejana cattle breed

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Study of some growth factors and toxicity of some antibiotics on corynebacterium sepedonicum

Bliznakov V.; Mikhailov M.A., 1984:
Study of some hemodynamic indices under the influence of small doses of ionizing radiation

Simiti, I.; Marie, A., 1982 :
Study of some hetero cycles 51. preparation of some 2 phenyl 5 r thiazolo 3 2 b 1 2 4 triazoles

Papay Z.; Duca C.; Miclea M.; Muresan E., 1987:
Study of some histochemical indices in the mid intestine of apis mellifica carpatica i

Bailly, J.R.; Tittonel, E., 1972:
Study of some humic acids on dextran gel part 2

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Study of some humoral immunity characteristics in patients with chronic alcoholism

Ivanov T., 1984:
Study of some hydrolytic pollen enzymes

Ovsyannikova I.G.; Voronkin N.I.; Gervazieva V.B.; Pershin B.B., 1987:
Study of some immunological characteristics in patients with ambrosia pollinosis

Rueva Kh; Nyagolova D., 1986:
Study of some immunological parameters in patients with contagious forms of syphilis in the course of treatment

Romagnani, S.; Amadori, A.; Maggi, E.; Biagiotti, R.; Ricci, M., 1977:
Study of some immunological parameters in untreated patients with Hodgkin's disease

Botros, S.S.; el-Badrawy, N.; Metwally, A.A.; Khayyal, M.T., 1986:
Study of some immunopharmacological properties of praziquantel in experimental schistosomiasis mansoni

Shams Z.I.; Iqbal M.Z., 1986:
Study of some important climatic and bioclimatic parameters of karachi city center pakistan

Bhattacharya, S., 1978:
Study of some indian members of the genus salvia with references to the cytological behavior

Davet, P., 1976:
Study of some interactions between fusarium oxysporum and pyrenochaeta lycopersici on tomato roots

Davet, P., 1976:
Study of some interactions between the fungi associated with the corky root disease of tomato part 1 the saprophytic phase

Davet, P., 1976:
Study of some interactions between the fungi associated with the corky root disease of tomato part 2 the parasitic phase

Aznar Saliente M.T.; Luque Infantes M.R.; Rios Melchor S.; Ruiz Ruiz M.D., 1986:
Study of some interactions of clinical significance in hospital geriatric pharmacotherapy

Makambila C., 1984:
Study of some interactions of light and temperature on linear growth and sporulation in colletotrichum manihotis

Fiol, J.B.; Billon-Grand, G., 1978:
Study of some intra cellular enzymes in the genera dekkera and brettanomyces systematic consequences

Cailleux R.; Joly P., 1987:
Study of some italian stations of pleurotus eryngii mycelial progression and structure of populations

Dominguez A.; Vidaud Z., 1985:
Study of some lipidic components of the cell walls of the mycobacterium habana strain 230

Cheţa, D.; Cheţa, N.; Mihalache, N.; Micu, D.; Ionescu-Tîrgovişte, C.; Mihăilescu, E.; Mincu, I., 1982:
Study of some lymphocyte metabolic parameters in diabetes mellitus

Makarchenko, A.F.; Zlatin, R.S.; Roitrub, B.A.; Plesskaya, T.N.; Kostyuk, O.I., 1978:
Study of some mechanisms of hypothalamo cortical effects

Pagotto, G., 1977:
Study of some meristic data of individual adults pertaining to the pegusa impar pegusa nasuta complex of the genus pegusa of the western adriatic the heterosomata of the adriatic part 4

Abdel-Aal, H.; Soliman, A.A.; E.M.hdy, H.; E.S.iee, L., 1976:
Study of some minerals in scalp hair and blood sera of psoriatics

Garriz P.I., 1986:
Study of some morphological characters of nanche byrsonima crassifolia l

Leraut, P., 1982:
Study of some neuroptera type specimens described by j. lacroix and by l. navas belonging to the museum national d'histoire naturelle in paris

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Study of some new cases of slow type bis albuminemia

Vasilevskaya, L.S., 1978:
Study of some new inhibitors of gastric secretion

Patel, N.B.; Jindal, M.N.; Patel, V.K., 1977:
Study of some newly synthesized glutarimide compounds on skeletal muscle

Huddar P.H.; Limaye P.A., 1981:
Study of some nitrogenous materials for application as fertilizers

Sokkar, S.M.; Mohammed, M.A.; Zubaidy, A.J.; Mutalib, A., 1979:
Study of some non-leukotic avian neoplasms

Ilcheva E.; Berchev G.; Rainova L., 1987:
Study of some overwintering and spring forms of pea and vetch cultivars

Fandeur T.; Dedet J.P., 1986:
Study of some parameters affecting the in vitro cultivation of plasmodium falciparum within saimiri sciureus red blood cells

Petrescu R.; Racutanu M., 1984:
Study of some parameters of polwarth sheep with a view to improving indigenous wools

Iannetta O.; Urbanetz A.A.; Silva J.A.F.D.; Banegas B.W.A.; Schiavonni R.H., 1985:
Study of some parameters to evaluate thyroid function in 222 patients of climacteric

Gendraud M., 1981:
Study of some parenchyma properties of in vitro grown jerusalem artichoke helianthus tuberosus shoots correlated with their morphogenetic potentialities

Hurpin, B.; Robert, P.H., 1975:
Study of some pathological characters and of specificity of the lethargy of melolontha melolontha

Kadysheva L.V.; Gracheva E.V.; Zhuravleva E.E.; Sorokin L.V.; Dombrovskii V.A.; Belai V.E., 1987:
Study of some pharmacological properties of heterocyclic prostaglandin analogues

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Study of some physical and chemical properties of an oklahoma soil profile with clay iron bands

Chichua, A.I.; Magaltadze, V.A.; Dzhinchvelashvili, B.G., 1978:
Study of some physical chemical parameters in complex formation of gangliosides and calcium ions

Divakar B.L.; Shukla P.D.; Adhikari K.S., 1983:
Study of some physico chemical changes during fruit development and maturation of apple variety red delicious

Lindenbaum, G.M.; Bogacheva, T.I.; Mirgorodskaya, O.A.; Moskvichev, B.V.; Tereshin, I.M., 1977:
Study of some physicochemical and enzymatic properties of dextran based polymer derivatives of trypsin

Korolev, A.M.; Frolov, O.Y. ; Mazmanidi, N.D., 1978:
Study of some physicochemical characteristics of mucus from the black sea pickerel in conditions of petroleum toxicosis

Pathak S.R.; Patel N.K., 1980:
Study of some physicochemical characteristics of salt affected soils of kaira district gujarat state india

Strzelecka E.; Zalesna G.; Koceva Chyla A., 1985:
Study of some physicochemical properties of dna from lymphocyte chromatin after heparin treatment

Seguin, A., 1976:
Study of some physicochemical properties of iaa and iaa comparison of their effects on growth and the peroxidase activity of wheat coleoptile fragments

D.S.lva M.P.; Karunatileka R.; Thiemann W., 1988:
Study of some physicochemical properties of nilwala river waters in southern sri lanka with special reference to effluents resulting from anthropogenic activities

Bukolova Orlova T.G.; Burstein E.A.; Chorbanov B.P.; Aleksiev B.A.; Atanasov B.P., 1979:
Study of some physicochemical properties of the neuro toxic complex and its components from the venom of bulgarian sand viper vipera ammodytes ammodytes part 1 luminescence of tryptophan residues

Armenteros Polo E.A.; Diaz Rodriguez P.A.; Musa Gomez E.; Paz Paula C.M.; Diaz Narvaez V.P., 1987:
Study of some physiologic changes in young handball athletes 13 14 year old players of the team of the eide pinar del rio cuba

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Study of some physiological patterns and determination of taxonomic position of bacteria lysing the cell wall of the algae genus chlorella

Nikolov, C., 1981:
Study of some properties of ABO test sera by using the method of phagocytosing erythrocytes treated with formaldehyde in vitro

Treton, B.; Heslot, H., 1978:
Study of some properties of aconitase ec of the yeast saccharomycopsis lipolytica

Zedlets, I.I.; Kireichuk, A.A.; Chugaevskaya, I.S., 1976:
Study of some properties of daucarine as an object of desiccation

Datunashvili, E.N.; Tyurina, S.S.; Kardash, N.K., 1976:
Study of some properties of grape pectin esterase

Lunts, M.G.; Limborskaya, S.A., 1976:
Study of some properties of hemocyto blastosis reticulosis mazurenko virus of mice

Moiseeva, M.V.; Meshkova, N.P., 1975:
Study of some properties of pyruvate kinase from the rat heart muscle during adrenaline myo carditis

Sakharov Y.I.; Dukhanina E.A.; Danilov S.M.; Sakandelidze O.G., 1987:
Study of some properties of the angiotensin converting enzyme from the seal phoca groenlandica

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Study of some properties of the new okhotsky orbivirus rna

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Study of some properties of the receptor for immuno globulin m on human lymphocytes

Mijatovic K.; Veljkovic B., 1984:
Study of some properties of the weed association of alfalfa during herbicide use

Serov G.D., 1986:
Study of some properties of various haemophilus spp for their systematization

Mladenov G., 1981:
Study of some regimens of preservation during the period of aestivation of silkworm seed from summer and fall silkworm feedings

Bournoville, R., 1977:
Study of some relationships between the plant species variety phenological stage and the pea aphid acyrthosiphon pisum homoptera aphididae

Cheţa, D.; Mihalache, N.; Sântu, E.; Mincu, I., 1981:
Study of some serum protein fractions in various clinical forms of diabetes mellitus

Larraz M.; Bech M.; Campoy A., 1981:
Study of some species of mollusks of the massif of quinto real navarre spain

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Study of some species of the genus lamprospora discomycetes using numerical taxonomic techniques

Ortega A.; Buendia A.G., 1985:
Study of some species with oblong spores in the genus bovista

Ghendon, Y.; Yakobson, E.; Mikhejeva, A., 1972:
Study of some stages of poliovirus morphogenesis in macaca mulatta monkey tonsil mio cells

Gafarov V.V.; Feigin V.L.; Savina O.M.; Svetlov V.I., 1985:
Study of some statistical characteristics of acute cardiovascular pathology in an open population

Ermakov A.I.; Voronin V.G.; Nelyubin V.I.; Oblapenko E.I.; Sorokin A.A.; Epshtein N.I.; Muravskaya I.D., 1985:
Study of some structural features and properties of 8 hydroxyquinoline derivatives

Kotovska N., 1987:
Study of some sunflower cultivars and hybrids grown in central north bulgaria

Todorov T.S.; Dakova D.; V"lkanov V.S.; Dimitrov S., 1987:
Study of some sunflower cultivars and hybrids grown in northeastern bulgaria

Dvorak F., 1986:
Study of some taxa from the genus chenopodium l

Patel K.V.; Bhattacharya P.K., 1986:
Study of some trinuclear copper ii complexes involving catechol aldehyde and heteroaromatic nitrogen bases

Botosaneanu L., 1980:
Study of some types of west palearctic trichoptera deposited at the paris museum france insecta trichoptera

Lauvergne J.J.; Canope I., 1979:
Study of some variants in the creole pig of guadeloupe french west indies

Kiselev, F.L.; Sadogurskaya, E.M.; Gorshunova, L.P., 1977:
Study of some virological and biochemical aspects of vaccination with polio myelitis vaccine the fate of the parental virus

Sadogurskaya, E.M.; Gorshunova, L.P.; Kiselev, F.L., 1977 :
Study of some virological and biochemical aspects of vaccination with the polio myelitis vaccine some characteristics of intra cellular virus specific structures

Pyatnitskaya I.N.; Bogdanov N.G.; Saprunova M.M., 1982:
Study of some vitamin b 6 indices in healthy children and in children with constitutional exogenous obesity

Egorov, I.A.; Pisarnitskii, A.F.; Zinkevich, E.P.; Gavrilov, A.I., 1976:
Study of some volatile components of oak wood

Todorov T.S.; V"lkanov V., 1986:
Study of some winter bread wheat cultivars in northeastern bulgaria

Zelepukha S.I.; Zemlerub I.L.; Yaroshevskaya N.V., 1979:
Study of sorption of some microorganisms by coal particles in mine water

Demertzis P.; Kontominas M.G., 1986:
Study of sorption of vinylchloride on unplasticized polyvinylchloride in model food systems by classical partition effect of monomer concentration temperature and polymer particle size

Araujo, D.C.F., 1985:
Study of south american material of pareiasauroidea ii. osteologic description of the cranium of pareiasaurus americanus

Araujo, D.C.F., 1986:
Study of south american pareiasauroidea material iii. osteological description of the scapula coracoid of pareiasaurus americanus

Araujo, D.C.F., 1986:
Study of south american pareiasauroidea material iv. osteological description of the propodium and epipodium of the anterior and posterior members of pareiasaurus americanus

D'arcy-Lameta, A.; Jay, M., 1987:
Study of soybean and lentil root exudates iii. influences of soybean isoflavonoids on the growth of rhizobia and some rhizospheric microorganisms

D'arcy-Lameta, A., 1986:
Study of soybean glycine max cultivar amsoy 71 and lentil lens culinaris cultivar anicia root exudates ii. identification of some polyphenolic compounds relation with plantlet physiology

Shi J.; E.A., 1987:
Study of spa coagglutination in detection of bacteroides fragilis

Nunes, W.D.O.; Britto, D.P.P.D.S.; De-Arruda, N.B.; De-Oliveira, A.B., 1976:
Study of spacing for cassava manihot esculenta in low fertility soils in rio de janeiro brazil

Nakagawa, J.; Marchi, M.J.D.; Machado, J.R., 1985:
Study of spacings in pigeon pea cajanus cajan v. effects on quality of seeds harvested in different dates

Olmedo, R.G.; Vazquez, C.B., 1984:
Study of spanish cow milk fat unsaponifiable composition 1. sterol and alcohol fractions

Olmedo, R.G.; Vazquez, C.B., 1984:
Study of spanish cow milk fat unsaponifiable composition 2. hydrocarbons fraction

Belyaev N.N.; Sukhodoeva G.S.; Shuratov I.Kh, 1982:
Study of spastic reactions of lung smooth muscles to soluble immune complexes with microbial antigens

Ganin, A.F.; Gakhov, N.Y. ; Mosolov, A.N., 1975:
Study of spatial arrangement of the y chromosome fluorescent body in interphase nuclei of a human embryonic kidney culture

Thomas M.; Kenis B.; Lamberts L.; Petit D., 1985:
Study of speciation of heavy metals in dated lacustrine sediments

Laburthe M.; Couvineau A.; Rouyer Fessard C., 1986:
Study of species specificity in growth hormone releasing factor interaction with vasoactive intestinal peptide receptors using growth hormone releasing factor and intestinal vasoactive intestinal peptide receptors from rat and human evidence that acetyl 1 tyrosine human growth hormone releasing hormone is a competitive vasoactive intestinal peptide antagonist in the rat

Konstantinova N.A.; Akinshina G.E.; Lavrent'ev V.V.; Koval'chuk L.V.; Petrov R.V., 1980:
Study of specific complex formation of different human immuno globulins with antibodies against them

Machida Y., 1981:
Study of specific dynamic action on some fresh water fishes

Chen, M.L.; Xia, M.; Wang, D.G.; Du, Z.L.; Li, L.; Lan, T.H., 1987:
Study of specific HCG binding to Pseudomonas maltophilia

Dupouy Camet J.; Van Knapen F.; Ancelle T.; V.Q.ang D.; Lavarde V.; Lapierre J., 1988:
Study of specific immunoglobulins igg igm iga ige in forty cases of trichinosis by means of the indirect immunofluorescence and elisa test over a nine month period

Herich R., 1983:
Study of specific programs of cyto differentiation and degradation of tapetal cells

Fuks, B.B.; Zakharova, V.P.; Van'ko, L.V.; Malaitsev, V.V.; Khazanova, I.V., 1976:
Study of specific retention of antigen activated lymphocytes in the antigen containing lymph node

Orlov M.M.; Savchenko O.N.; Skopichev V.G.; Proimina F.O., 1983:
Study of specific tritium labeled estradiol binding by the uterus of androgen sterile rats using biochemical and auto radiographic methods

Screm M.C.; D.B.asi F.; Englaro G.C., 1987:
Study of specificity of a second generation tumor marker in a patient with gastric carcinoma

Pozsgay, M.; Szabo, G.C.S.; Bajusz, S.; Simonsson, R.; Gaspar, R.; Elodi, P., 1981:
Study of specificity of thrombin ec with tri peptidyl p nitroeanilide substrates

Ganago I.B.; Klimov V.V.; Krasnovskii A.A., 1985:
Study of spectral and functional properties of the photosystem ii reaction center

Genkin, M.V., 1978:
Study of spectral characteristics of immobilized peroxidase

Masarskii, L.I., 1978:
Study of spectral characteristics of the dose field by the thermo luminescent method

Mironenko, N.I.; Demchenko, A.P.; Degtyar, R.G.; Gulyi, M.F., 1978:
Study of spectral properties of prosthetic group of penicillium vitale catalase

Nosseir, M.K.; Koffler, N.F., 1978:
Study of spectral reflectance of molasses grass melinis minutiflora during a growth cycle

Hamaguchi T.; Matsumoto O.; Kamidono S., 1986:
Study of sperm fertilizing ability on male infertility using zona free hamster egg penetration assay

Schwartz D.; Mayaux M.J.; Guihard Moscato M.L.; Spira A.; Jouannet P.; Czyglik F.; David G., 1984:
Study of sperm morphologic characteristics in a group of 833 fertile men

D.T.K.; Maiti B.R., 1987:
Study of spermatogenesis with its duration in the soft shelled turtle

Padron Duran R.S.; Zamora Esnard R.; Licea Puig M.; Mallea Sanchez L., 1986 :
Study of spermogram in patients with primary hyperlipoproteinemia

Kocherginskii N.M.; S"yakste N.I.; Berkovich M.A.; Binyukov V.I.; Devichenskii V.M., 1981:
Study of spin labeled microsomal membrane proteins by the reaction with ascorbic acid

Fung B.M.; Mcgaughy T.W., 1979:
Study of spin lattice and spin spin relaxation times of proton deuteron and oxygen 17 in muscle water

Gerard, H.; Kohler, F.; Mur, J.M., 1976:
Study of spleen enhancement reactions of the chick embryo following the chorio allantoic graft of fowl spleen fragments

Forero B.I.C.; Gonzalez R.C.; Olarte C.J., 1979:
Study of spondias cytherea

Smirnova V.A.; Aslanyan M.M., 1986:
Study of spontaneous and n nitroso n ethylurea induced visible mutations in mei 9 11 stock defective in excision repair

D.V.s L.; Van D.V.ver G., 1981:
Study of spontaneous contractions in the fresh water sponge ephydatia fluviatilis cultivated in vitro

Evgen'ev, M.B., 1975:
Study of spontaneous oogonial crossing over in f 1 drosophila virilis x drosophila texana hybrids

Kozlowska K.; Zurawska Czupa B., 1985:
Study of spontaneous rosette formation and changes of sialic acid content in the surface glycoproteins of macrophages induced by hamster transplantable melanomas

Filina N.I., 1980:
Study of sporoderm sculpture of some species of betula from sections nanae and fruticosae by scanning electron microscopy

Vergara U.; Pizarro O.; Zuniga C., 1982:
Study of ss and slp proteins in wild mice mus musculus

Alekseev S.B.; Mamaev V.B.; Zgurskii A.A.; Stepanova L.G.; Avakova A.N.; Kalinina L.I.; Andzhaparidze O.G., 1979:
Study of stability of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase in human cells cultivated in vitro

Grabovskii, P.M.; Kozlovskaya, G.I.; Tarantseva, L.P., 1976:
Study of stabilized erythrocytes in the direct hem agglutination test with influenza viruses by means of multi factorial planning of the experiment

Shixian M.; E.A., 1987:
Study of standardization of inquiring psychological developmental screening for preschool children in shenyang china

Gonzalez-Arencibia, C.; Gonzalez-Arencibia, J.A., 1982:
Study of standards for persian lime citrus aurantifolia 7. iso enzymatic characterization

Kushnaryov, V.M.; Bergdoll, M.S.; MacDonald, H.S.; Vellinga, J.; Reiser, R., 1984:
Study of staphylococcal toxic shock syndrome toxin in human epithelial cell culture

Yudaev, N.A.; Smirnova, N.B., 1976:
Study of stepwise conversion of pregnenolone into androgen in virilizing tumor of the adrenal gland in humans

Kaplun, A.P.; Kalugin, V.E.; Shvets, V.I.; Evstigneeva, R.P., 1975:
Study of stereospecificity of glycosylation in the synthesis of glucosyl glycerols

Belov A.P.; Balashova L.D.; Davidova E.G., 1987:
Study of stereospecificity of triglycerides and phospholipid synthesis in microsomes of psychrophilic yeasts

Sawada, S., 1978:
Study of sterile type cool injury in rice plants with special reference to the mechanism and inheritance of sterility

Beitia F.; Garrido A., 1985:
Study of sterilization of cales noacki hymenoptera aphelinidae by the application of pesticides

Akhrem A.A.; Sviridov O.V.; Strel'chenok O.A.; Prishchepov A.S., 1981:
Study of steroid binding site in human transcortin using tryptophan specific reagents

Iqbal, M.J.; Johnson, M.W., 1977:
Study of steroid protein binding by a novel 2 tier column employing cibacron blue f 3g a sepharose 4b part 1 sex hormone binding globulin

Basset, M.; Defaye, G.; Chambaz, E.M., 1977:
Study of steroid protein interactions by esr spectroscopy binding of a spin labeled di hydro testosterone to bovine serum albumin

Francisco, C.; Combaut, G.; Teste, J.; Maume, B.F., 1977:
Study of sterols from brown seaweeds of the genus cystoseira identification by gas liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry

Chernyavs'kyi, V.I.; Lysenko, A.I.; Kulakova, H.S.; Kalmykov, K.K., 1976:
Study of stimulating effect of poly anions in the immunization of animals with corpuscular and soluble antigens

Fabo J., 1985:
Study of stocking rate of lambs housed on deep litter during the intensive fattening

Fabo J., 1982:
Study of stocking rate of lambs housed on slatted stalls during the intensive fattening

Smailov S.K.; Kakhniashvili D.G.; Gavrilova L.P., 1984:
Study of stoichiometry of gtp hydrolysis during peptide synthesis on the ribosome stoichiometry of gtp hydrolysis during misreading elongation of polyleucine on polyuridylic acid

Bauminger E.R.; Cohen S.G.; Ofer S.; Bachrach U., 1982:
Study of storage iron in cultured chick embryo fibroblasts and rat glioma cells using moessbauer spectroscopy

Badillet G.; Panagiotidou D.; Coco O.; Sene S., 1984:
Study of strains of trichophyton rubrum with diffusible black pigment isolated in 1982 1983 in paris france and salonika greece

Dong, K.; Li, Y.; Zhuang, Z.; Xue, Y., 1986:
Study of streptomyces promoter i. cloning and expression of streptomyces griseus promoters in escherichia coli

Kornitskaya, E.Y. ; Tovarova, I.I.; Soifer, V.S.; Khokhlov, A.S., 1976:
Study of streptomycin biosynthesis regulation using a blocked mutant actinomyces streptomycini

Karaivanov L.; Koleva P.; Yurukov M., 1981:
Study of streptomycin dependent mutants of a pasteurella multocida strain isolated from birds

Kamei, H.; Watanabe, T.; Terabe, K.; Kojima, T.; Kondo, T., 1985:
Study of stroma in scirrhous gastric carcinoma

Ishikawa, M., 1977:
Study of stromal aspect of stomach cancer in rat induced by n methyl n nitro n nitroso guanidine in special reference of morphological change of basement membrane

Del-Valle, M.T.; Alemany, P.; Breza, M., 1975:
Study of strongylata and strongyloides papillosus of the digestive tract of cattle by diagnosis of invasive larvae

Prokhorov, A.F.; Isupov-Yu, I.; Golovan', T.V., 1978 :
Study of strongyloidiasis foci in a specialized boarding school for people with psychic disorders

Shnyrov V.L.; Tarakhovskii Y.S.; Borovyagin V.L., 1981:
Study of structural alterations in the purple membranes of halobacterium halobium during heat and alkaline denaturations

Schroeder, E.; Magdon, E., 1977:
Study of structural alterations of dna using alkaline elution analysis

Greene, R.S., 1978:
Study of structural analysis comparing differential diagnoses based on psychiatric evaluation the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory and structural analysis of the hand test and rorschach

Rapyan Y.A.; Dzhingozyan A.K.; Tonoyan G.A.; Oganesyan R.S.; Martirosyan A.A., 1985:
Study of structural changes in collagen fibers of albino rat tendons as they depend on the influence of an electrostatic field by x ray diffraction

Fomenko B.S.; Agafonova T.A.; Dovgii I.E., 1986:
Study of structural changes in irradiated erythrocytic membranes by the use of 2 6 tolyidinonaphthalene sulfonate

Borovikov-Yu, S., 1984:
Study of structural changes in muscle contractile proteins by polarization uv fluorescent microscopy 8. effect of phalloidin and glutaraldehyde on the conformation of f actin

Fedin V.A.; Korolev A.M.; Zhangel'dina G.T.; Shaiko A.G., 1979:
Study of structural changes of synaptic membranes under the action of specific anti sera using the spin probe technique

Tabak, M.; Smirnova, I.N.; Ruuge, E.K.; Tverdislov, V.A., 1977:
Study of structural characteristics of membrane preparations of sodium potassium atpase using spin labels

Artemova L.G.; Torkhovskaya T.I.; Shcherbakova I.A.; Chernyshova N.P.; Suchkova S.N.; Azizova O.A.; Vladimirov Y.A., 1979:
Study of structural characteristics of plasma lipo proteins using spin labeled fatty acids

Danilov, V.S.; Obraztsov, V.V.; Rebrov, V.G.; Orlov, S.N., 1977:
Study of structural lability of bio membranes and their components by fluorescent analysis part 5 liposomes

Orlov, S.N.; Rebrov, V.G.; Malkov-Yu, A.; Fedin, V.A.; Danilov, V.S., 1976:
Study of structural lability of bio membranes and their components by fluorescent probes part 3 kinetics of the complex formation between molecules of bovine serum albumin and high saturated fatty acids

Baev K.V.; Bezerovskii V.K.; Esipenko V.B., 1987:
Study of structural organization and connections of the bulbar locomotor strip in cat

Duzhak A.B.; Lokhov S.G.; Zakabunin A.I.; Podgornyi V.F., 1985:
Study of structural organization of double stranded rna from killer yeasts saccharomyces cerevisiae by the thermal denaturation method

Eshba I.R.; Kochanova N.A.; Popov K.M.; Bulargina T.V.; Severin E.S., 1987:
Study of structural peculiarities of the regulatory subunit of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase type ii using monoclonal antibodies

Nesterova, N.V.; Pylypenko, V.H.; Mendzhul, M.I.; Votselko, S.K., 1975:
Study of structural proteins of lpp 1a cyanophage

Novikov I.A.; Ivannikov A.I.; Kobelev V.S.; Volkov V.Ya, 1985:
Study of structural transition in the system of dna water in the interval of physiological temperatures by means of nmr

Biryukova T.B.; Sukhikh A.P.; Shakhporonov M.I., 1980:
Study of structure of sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase isolated from skeletal and cardiac muscles

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Study of structure of troponin i by measuring the relative reactivities of lysines with acetic anhydride

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Study of sub populations of t lymphocyte through mono clonal antibodies

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Study of subacute toxicity of manganese di oxide in monkeys

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Study of subcellular distribution of enzymes in yeast candida boidinii cells grown on methanol

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Study of subglottal air pressure during Hindi stop consonants

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Study of submerged aquatic vascular plants in northern glacial lakes new york state usa

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Study of subretinal inter cellular space

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Study of subspecies iio of rna polymerase ii in monkey kidney cells high proportion of iio subunit determined by immunoblotting

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Study of substances from marine algae with extraordinary antimicrobial properties from the colombian atlantic littoral 1. evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of substances extracted from hypnea musciformis enteromorpha sp and caulerpa mexicana and preliminary studies on the seasonal production cycles and the spectra of antimicrobial activity

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Study of substances related to carcino embryonic antigens carcino embryonic antigen nonspecific cross reacting antigen and association with alpha 1 anti chymotrypsin

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Study of substances responsible for tea aroma

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Study of substrate specificity of mono amine oxidase ec in rat liver mitochondria using an air gap electrode

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Study of substrate specificity of peptidases of the rat hypothalamus liver and heart degrading luliberin

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Study of subunit species of human serum low density lipo proteins by bi dimensional immuno electrophoresis

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Study of sulfamethoxazole in rheumatoid arthritis

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Study of sulfur metabolism by the method of perfusion of isolated rat liver

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Study of sunflower diseases in auvergne france for 1974

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Study of superficially invasive carcinoma of the cervix

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Study of supplementary value of mustard green brassica campestris sag to maize

Sakaguchi, K.; Okuda, M.; Ushijima, K.; Sakaguchi, Y.; Tanigaito, Y., 1985:
Study of surface basophilic cells in patients with nasal polyp

Thubrikar M.; Reich T.; Cadoff I., 1980:
Study of surface charge of the intima and artificial materials in relation to thrombogenicity

Boltovskoy, D., 1974:
Study of surface shell features in thecosomata pteropoda mollusca by means of scanning electron microscopy

Pauwels-Sulten, E., 1978:
Study of surface waters of the meuse basin belgium evaluation of the water quality of the haute semois by various methods applicable to protozoans

Descy, J.P., 1978:
Study of surface waters of the meuse basin belgium preliminary study of populations of benthic diatoms from haute semois in order to evaluate the biological quality of the water

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Study of surface zoo plankton collected off the egadi islands sicily italy from may to july 1970

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Study of surgical treatment of chronic angle closure glaucoma

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Study of susceptibility of laboratory strains of tsetse flies glossina tachinoides glossina palpalis gambiensis and glossina fuscipes fuscipes to some insecticides oms 1998 oms 1821 oms 2 oms 1825 oms 595 and oms 570 decamethrin permethrin fenthion phosphorothioate tetrachlorvinphos and endosulfan

Shakhbazyan P.T.; Tamrazyan R.K., 1986:
Study of suspension stability of blood in extreme conditions

Mitolo Chieppa D.; Cagnazzo F., 1979:
Study of sympathetic mediation of spontaneous and induced motility of the pyelo ureter in vitro

Baidan L.V.; Tishkin S.M.; Shuba M.F., 1984:
Study of synaptic transmission action of noradrenaline and atp in smooth muscle cells of the intestine in potassium free solution

Vidal, F.; Navarro, J.; Templado, C.; Egozcue, J., 1986:
Study of synaptonemal complexes in human semen: results in the first 26 consecutive cases

Pilko P.; Kuran J., 1985:
Study of synchronizing effect of agelin and chronogest preparations

Lebrun, P., 1976:
Study of synergetic action of chemical and biological insecticides on an experimental population of tenebrio molitor coleoptera tenebrionidae

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Study of synthesis of l aspartic acid from ammonium fumarate by free and immobilized escherichia coli cells

Shim Y.S.; Choi J.W.; Kim W.J.; Park H.K.; Park Y.S., 1986:
Study of synthesis of methyl 7 iodoheptanoate

Bergmann, E.D.; Pinsky, I.; Aizenshtat, Z.; Bar-Zeev, M., 1976:
Study of synthetic compounds as repellents against the mosquitoes culex pipiens molestus and aedes aegypti

W.J., 1986:
Study of system and distribution of chinese takin budorcas taxicolor

Veselova, T.A.; Vishnyakova, L.A., 1982:
Study of systemic and local humoral immunity in patients with chronic inflammatory pulmonary diseases by indirect immuno fluorescence 2. results of serological studies with the use of haemophilus influenzae auto strains and their comparison with the level of anti pneumococcal systemic immunity

Vishnyakova, L.A.; Veselova, T.A.; Dzharak'yan, O.T., 1981:
Study of systemic and local humoral immunity in patients with chronic inflammatory pulmonary diseases by means of the indirect immuno fluorescence test 1. results of serological studies with the use of autologous streptococcus pneumoniae strains

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Study of systemic immunity in experimental animals immunized with cholera vaccines

G.S.Q.; Petrini B.; Wasserman J., 1984:
Study of t lymphocyte subpopulations the t gamma cells and leu 2a plus cells

Suarez Hernandez M.; Cotelo Alfonso A.; Hernandez Jimenez L.; D.L.s Reyes Farias J.; Rodriguez Menendez G., 1988:
Study of taeniasis and cysticercosis in ciego de avila province cuba during 1981 1983 triennium

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Study of target gas excitation accompanying collisional activation of large polyatomic ions

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Study of tear film flow and break up time in trachoma

Vichev Z.; Saldzhiev I.; Mikhailov J., 1986:
Study of technology and machines used in cotton growing on a ridged surface

Dresco, E.; Celerier, M.L., 1976:
Study of tegenaria tegenaria ligurica new record araneae agelenidae

Dresco, E.; Celerier, M.L., 1976:
Study of tegenaria tegenaria tyrrhenica new record araneae agelenidae

Chamorovskii, S.K.; Noks, P.P.; Remennikov, S.M.; Kononenko, A.A.; Rubin, A.B., 1976:
Study of temperature dependence of the kinetics of dark reduction of bacterio chlorophyll p 870 oxidized by pulsed laser and continuous light in photosynthetic reaction center preparations from rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides strain 1760 1

Vladyko G.V.; Tsilinskii Y.Y., 1979:
Study of temperature sensitive mutants of venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus in complementation tests

Bernard Dagan C.; Carde J.P.; Gleizes M., 1979:
Study of terpene compounds during maritime pine needle growth comparison of biochemical and ultrastructural data

Chuiko V.A.; Manukov E.N.; Chizhov Y.V.; Timoshenko M.M., 1985:
Study of terpene hydrocarbons of the carane series by means of photoelectron spectroscopy

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Study of testosterone binding rabbit globulin and its use in competitive protein binding analysis

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Study of tetanus in korea 1. a 10 year epidemiological study

Kim, Y.S.; Kim, M.H., 1985:
Study of tetanus in korea 2. a clinical investigation

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Study of tetra methyl thiuram di sulfide toxicity during its simultaneous entrance with water and air into rats

Powell M.F.; Pai E.F.; Bruice T.C., 1984:
Study of tetra phenyl porphinato manganese iii catalyzed epoxidation and demethylation using p cyano n n di methyl aniline n oxide as oxygen donor in a homogeneous system kinetics radiochemical ligation studies and reaction mechanism for a model of cytochrome p 450/

Tschermak Woess E., 1980:
Study of tetrasporopsis fuscescens

Delacourte A.; Filliatreau G.; Boutteau F.; Biserte G.; Schrevel J., 1980:
Study of the 10 nanometer filament fraction isolated during the standard micro tubule preparation

Naumova R.P.; Amerkhanova N.N.; Shaikhutdinov V.A., 1979:
Study of the 1st stage in tri nitro toluene transformation under the influence of pseudomonas denitrificans

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Study of the 2 phase method for fermenting after yeast molasses stillage by methane forming bacteria

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Study of the 6th chromosome nor chromosome of bufo bufo gargarizans 1. the occurrence of the giant satellites and their heredity

Chan Kam Van; Kuzin Y.Y.; Kozlovskii Y.E.; Prozorov A.A., 1985:
Study of the ability for genetic transformation among the bacillus strains isolated from soil which are close to bacillus subtilis

Reznikova Z.I.; Ryabko B.Ya, 1987:
Study of the ability of ants to transmit information on the number of objects

Azarashvili A.A.; Arkhipov V.I.; Budantsev A.Yu; Prozorovskii V.B., 1987:
Study of the ability of reversible cholinesterase inhibitors to provide dissociated learning of rats

Nikitina N.A.; Nikolaeva G.A., 1979:
Study of the ability of some rodents to get rid of their fleas

Ibraimov, A.I.; Baiburina, S.K. ; Kozhukhova, A.S., 1977:
Study of the ability to taste phenyl thio carbamide test among the population of the kirgiz ssr ussr

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Study of the aboveground part of aerva lanata 1. flavonoid o acylglycosides

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Study of the absorption capacity of blood neutrophils using inert latex particles

Kaneniwa, N.; Funaki, T.; Furuta, S.; Watari, N., 1986:
Study of the absorption site of cimetidine

Nochevnyi V.T.; Osidze D.F.; Eremets N.K.; Baikieva N.G.; Blekherman B.E.; Irskii A.G., 1984:
Study of the absorptive physicochemical and adjuvant properties of aluminum hydroxide gel for the inactivated vaccine against aujeszkys disease

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Study of the accelerated oxidation of low and high erucic rapeseed oil

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Study of the accumulation of para magnetic centers in protein solutions under the action of uv light

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Study of the acetamidase from a strain of brevibacterium

Oparin D.A.; Shurinov A.S.; Kondakov V.I.; Ostrovskii Y.M., 1986:
Study of the acid base changes in oxodihydrothiochrome

Martin, A.M.; Bailey, V.I., 1984:
Study of the acid hydrolysis of peat 1. extraction of carbohydrates

Machado M.M.; Sant'anna G.L.Jr, 1987:
Study of the acidogenic phase of the anaerobic fermentation of stillage from ethanol distilleries

Bakaert, A.; Fournier, G.; Paris, M.; Plat, M., 1988:
Study of the acids in the seeds of different kiwi cultivars actinidia chinensis planch. dilleniaceae

Descamps, M., 1975:
Study of the acridian population of the state of veracruz mexico

Laszlo W., 1985:
Study of the acrosomic abnormality in boar sperm cells associated with reduced fertility

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Study of the action mechanism of d amino acid oxidase part 1 evidence for the free radical mechanism of the reaction catalyzed by the dimer form of the enzyme

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Study of the action mechanism of fasciolacides using bi molecular phospho lipid membranes

Chagin, K.P.; Gol'berg, A.M.; Ganushkina, L.A., 1975:
Study of the action of antibiotics of the streptothricin group on blood sucking mosquitoes part 2 the action of phytobacteriomycin on mosquitoes of the genera anopheles aedes and culex

Gol'berg, A.M.; Chagin, K.P.; Makarova, G.Y. ; Petrukhina, M.T.; Ganushkina, L.A., 1976:
Study of the action of antibiotics of the streptothricin group on blood sucking mosquitoes part 3 residual action of aqueous solutions of phytobacteriomycin on culex pipiens larvae

Fillette F.; Lebrun S.; Malkawi K., 1985:
Study of the action of betaxolol on ventricular arrhythmias analysis of the effectiveness and tolerance by repeated holter electrocardiogram recordings

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Study of the action of cdp choline on patients with motor disorders of cerebral origin

Collinge, J.; Roberts, C.J., 1987:
Study of the action of cicletanine in hyperuricemic patients

Trebaticka, M.; Kovacova, I., 1978:
Study of the action of di methyl urea and di ethyl urea on 4 wild lines of drosophila melanogaster part 1 toxic effect

Kovacova, I.; Trebaticka, M.; Grolmus, J., 1978:
Study of the action of di methyl urea and di ethyl urea on 4 wild lines of drosophila melanogaster part 2 mutagenic effect

Gabovich, R.D.; Uzhva, N.F., 1975:
Study of the action of drinking water of different mineral compositions in a sanitary gerontological experiment

Wang J.; Zhang J.; Chen W., 1985:
Study of the action of ganoderma lucidum on scavenging hydroxyl radical from plasma

Clanet, H.; Salles, J.C., 1976:
Study of the action of gibberellic acid on the development of flower primordia in the peach tree practical consequences

Gadzhibekova E.A., 1985:
Study of the action of malathion on mosquitoes

Leskov V.P.; Pisarev V.M.; Arshinova S.S., 1984 :
Study of the action of mouse spleen syngeneic cells treated with diuciphon on the immune response

Osnyach, V.S.; Kudrin, V.S.; Matyushin, A.I., 1976:
Study of the action of narcotic analgetics phenanthrene derivatives on the physicochemical properties of nucleic acids

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Study of the action of phenasal on different parts of the cestode strobila

Ahmed N.A.; E.A.a K.S.A.; Shehata Z.H., 1986:
Study of the action of reserpine on the heart rate of chicks

Gvinepadze, M.S. ; Gvadzhava, N.A., 1978:
Study of the action of some fungicides against the causative agent of mulberry tree shoot blight

Acuña, C.; Canedo, A.; Domínguez, R., 1979:
Study of the action of the nucleus accumbens septi electrical stimulation upon the unitary activity of the amygdaloid complex of waking cats

Blinkova L.P.; Butova L.G.; Elagina N.I., 1985:
Study of the action of tomitsid on bacterial cells bacteriostatic bactericidal and bacteriolytic properties of tomitsid

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Study of the action of vegetable extracts on natural immunity characteristics of animals

Usanov S.A.; Enig G R.; Rukpaul' K., 1984:
Study of the active site of cytochrome p 450 lm 2 using chemical modification of tyrosine residues by tetranitromethane

Horie T.; Vanderkooi J.M.; Paul K G., 1985:
Study of the active site of horseradish peroxidase isoenzymes a and c by luminescence

Klesov, A.A.; Galaev, I.Y. ; Shvyadas, V.Y., K., 1977:
Study of the active site topography of penicillin amidase from escherichia coli part 1 a kinetic analysis

Klesov, A.A.; Shvyadas, V.Y., K.; Galaev, I.Y., 1977:
Study of the active site topography of penicillin amidase from escherichia coli part 2 role of hydrophobicity in specificity of enzyme inhibition

German E.N.; Guseinov E.M., 1986:
Study of the activity and selectivity of a new catalyst for the oxidative ammonolysis of alkylpyridines

Pravdina, N.F.; Nikishina, V.I.; Dikii, V.V.; Galegov, G.A.; Zhdanov, V.M., 1975:
Study of the activity and some properties of rna dependent rna polymerase induced in cell culture infected with venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus

Forconi, S.; Guerrini, M.; Di-Perri, T., 1977:
Study of the activity of a flavonoid o b hydroxyethyl rutoside at high dose levels on venous tone measured by strain gauge plethysmography

Clouet P.; Henninger C.; Bezard J., 1982:
Study of the activity of an erucic acid chain shortening system in rat liver mitochondria

Il'chevych, M.V.; Nishchymenko, O.V., 1975:
Study of the activity of immuno globulin m and immuno globulin g of anti testicular cyto toxic serum antibodies in serological and cyto toxic reactions

Medina M.M.; Cerezo A.; Sanchez Morcillo J.; Osuna A., 1986:
Study of the activity of ketoconazole against leishmania donovani in hamsters

De-Giorgi, C.; Saccone, C., 1978:
Study of the activity of messenger rna extracted from rat liver mitochondria part 1 stimulation of the cell free system of escherichia coli by mitochondrial rna containing poly adenylic acid

De-Giorgi, C.; Zuccaro, G.; Saccone, C., 1978:
Study of the activity of messenger rna extracted from rat liver mitochondria part 2 partial purification of mitochondrial messenger rna

Semenova, V.A.; Stetsenko, O.G.; Dyuskalieva, G.U.; Baizhomartov, M.S., 1987:
Study of the activity of mycoplasma pneumoniae glycoprotein antigenic fractions in immunological reactions

Kuzin, A.M.; Klemparskaya, N.N.; Kryukova, L.M.; Isichenko, I.B.; Shikhodyrov, V.V., 1975:
Study of the activity of plant radio toxins in the capacity of allergens for skin tests in irradiated animals

Gessler N.N.; Bezzubov A.A., 1988:
Study of the activity of s methylmethionine sulfonium salt hydrolase in plant and animal tissues

Sokolov, V.A.; Ivan'kina, T.Y., 1978:
Study of the activity of some enzymes in wheat wheat grass and incomplete amphi di ploids of wheat wheat grass under low temperature

Bekina, R.M.; Lysenko, G.G., 1978:
Study of the activity of some photo respiratory type processes in wheats of different productivity

Gulyaeva L.F.; Mishin V.M., 1985:
Study of the activity of the rat liver tissue monooxygenase system induced by phenobarbital in the early neonatal period

Garcia Roldan J.L.; D.L.T.rre Brasas F.; Sanchez Jimeno B.; Velasco Martin A., 1988:
Study of the acute and chronic effects of ethanol on the atpase activity and consumption of associated oxygen in hearts of adult and newborn rats

Kovalszki P.; Benedek G.; Cotoi S.; Abert I.; Brassai Z.; Rapolski M.; Hintea A., 1984 :
Study of the acute hemodynamic effects of nifedipine in hypertensive subjects

Shafik A.; Mahran S.; Darwish M.; Hamed A.; Kandil A., 1987:
Study of the acute toxicity of cid 85

Belkaniya G.S., 1984:
Study of the adaptive features of the mechanism of glucose regulation in rhesus monkeys

Kulinskii V.I.; Kulinskaya I.L.; Chesmochakova E.I., 1980:
Study of the adreno reactive system sensitivity of different types in humans

Goormaghtigh E.; Brasseur R.; Huart P.; Ruysschaert J.M., 1987:
Study of the adriamycin cardiolipin complex structure using attenuated total reflection ir spectroscopy

Koretskaya, N.G.; Piruzyan, E.S., 1978:
Study of the adsorption ability of bacterio phage mu on escherichia coli k 12 strains with deletions in phage att lambda region

Moiseeva, L.N.; Pavlovskaya, T.E.; Kamenskii, O.I., 1975:
Study of the adsorption of proteins by polymer surfaces by the method of ir spectroscopy

Thivolle P.; Mathieu L.; Thevenard P.; Galy G.; Berger M., 1986:
Study of the adsorption of technetium pyrophosphate on hydroxyl apatite by back scattering of 2 mev alpha particles

Sukhorukov, A.M.; Ponomareva, A.M., 1987:
Study of the adsorption properties of polystyrene plates used in the enzyme immunoassay

Alencar M.M.D.; Bugner M., 1986:
Study of the age at first calving of canchim breed cattle

Dil'man V.M.; Razorenov G.I.; Poddubskii G.A.; Ostroumova M.N.; Poroshina T.E.; Reeskoi S.Yu; Tsyrlina E.V., 1986:
Study of the age related dynamics of a metabolic and immune complex of indices by statusometry

Levtov, V.A.; Levkovich-Yu, I.; Potapova, I.V.; Ashkinazi, I.Y., 1978:
Study of the aggregative properties of blood

Delgado Calvo Flores G.; Aguilar Ruiz J., 1984:
Study of the agrologic capacity of the soils at the area of linares spain based on a soil map

Perez Garcia V.; Falcon Fernandez M.; Jimenez Iglesias E., 1985:
Study of the agronomic characteristics of recovered sewage water and its utilization in agriculture

Bochkova N.G.; Zhezmer V.Yu; Trukhina A.G.; Gusarova N.A.; Pogodina V.V., 1985:
Study of the aina 1448 serotype of tick borne encephalitis virus

Datunashvili E.N.; Ezhov V.N.; Chirva V.Ya; Rcheulishvili V.I.; Vinogradov B.A., 1985:
Study of the alcohol insoluble fraction of the juice of grape cultivars cabernet and saperavi

Planes R.L.; Hernandez L.; Sanjurjo R.; Gonzalez M., 1979:
Study of the alkali pre treatment of pith and its effect on bacterial growth

Savchenko, L.N.; Murav'eva, D.A., 1978:
Study of the alkaloid content of securinega suffruticosa cultivated in the vicinity of pyatigorsk ussr

Pol'shakov V.I.; Dvoryantseva G.G.; Sheinker Y.N.; Chernov V.A.; Safonova T.S., 1985:
Study of the alkylating capacity of prospidin in its model reactions with organic phosphates

Vieitez J.; Ballester A., 1980:
Study of the allelopathic potential of erica tetralix

Shpilyuk G.F.; Ten'kova T.V.; Subbotina T.I.; Shapiro N.I., 1986:
Study of the allergenic action of inactivated influenza vaccine

Agaronova D.A.; Avetikyan M.B.; Gasparyan E.I.; Baiburtyan S.A., 1982:
Study of the allergogenic properties of deaminated nad

Tarazona-Lafarga, M.T., 1977:
Study of the alliance cisto lavandulion pedunculatae using factorial analysis of correspondences

Pacheco Y.; Douss T.; Pujol B.; Revol A.; Vergnon J.M.; Biot N.; Brune J.; Perrin Fayolle M., 1985:
Study of the alterations in respiratory function and alveolar biochemistry under the action of cdp choline in the context of interstitial lung disease pulmonary fibrosis and sarcoidosis

Artis J.P., 1987:
Study of the alveolar ligament radicular surface junction at the level of the adult jugal tooth in the guinea pig cavia porcellus l

Kido Y.; Sugiyama K.; Nakao S.; Kashiyama E.; Suda T.; Miyamoto G.; Shimizu T.; Shintani S.; Kohri H., 1986:
Study of the ameliorating effects of an enteral nutrient for liver failure on hepatic encephalopathy effects of sf 1008c on plasma and brain free amino acids intracerebral amine concentrations and electroencephalogram in portacaval shunted rats with ammonia loading

Belov, A.P.; Davidova, E.G.; Rachinskii, V.V., 1976:
Study of the amino acid and lipid reserves in candida tropicalis vacuoles

Semikhov V.F., 1986:
Study of the amino acid composition and protein complex of seeds of the tribe andropogoneae gramineae

Kaushik, S.; Luquet, P., 1976:
Study of the amino acid digestibility of zein diets in rainbow trout

Chemli R.; Boukef K.; Balansard G.; Gayte Sorbier A., 1986:
Study of the amino acids of calendula arvensis arvensis maire

Prevedourakis, C.N.; Psaroudakis, A.; Garidi, M.; Kaskarelis, D.B., 1974:
Study of the amniotic fluid and maternal serum creatinine in normal and abnormal pregnancies

Starodubtseva L.I.; Taisova A.S.; Danilenko V.N., 1985:
Study of the amplification of the kanamycin resistance determinant kan r in constructed hybrid plasmids of streptomyces lividans

Vovan A.; Tribouilloy C.; Courbet Andrejak M.T.; Brunel P.; Lesbre J.P., 1986:
Study of the amplitude variations of the r wave in v5 during a computerized stress test its value in the diagnosis of coronary insufficiency

Aleksandrova G.M.; Zoryan E.V.; El'tsova Z.I.; Efremova G.N.; Milogradova G.P., 1985:
Study of the analgesic action of gidifen and its combinations with analgesics

Martin, M.J.; De-La-Lastra, C.A.; Marhuenda, E.; Jimenez, B., 1987:
Study of the analgesic and antipyretic activity of dittrichia viscosa l. w. greuter

Catalina-Herrera, C.J., 1987:
Study of the anatomic metric values of the foramen magnum and its relation to sex

Tskhakaya, K.E.; Mirianashvili, E.I.; Gokieli, E.V., 1978:
Study of the anatomical structure of single stemmed multi cob corn

Prives M.G.; Kosourov A.K.; Karpov A.P.; Dundukov N.N.; Perlei V.E., 1987:
Study of the anatomy of the living human heart by echocardiography

Shinozaki S., 1984:
Study of the angular displacement of the hip knee and ankle joints during the gait on the slope

Daguerre-De-Hureaux, N., 1979:
Study of the annual biological cycle of a population of sphaeroma serratum isopoda flabellifera sphaeromatidae from the bassin d'arcachon bay of biscay

Saxena, S.A.; Saxena, A.K., 1975:
Study of the annual body weight cycle of the common gray quail coturnix coturnix coturnix

Cordonnier, P., 1976:
Study of the annual cycle of avi fauna by the method of listening points

Ibanez, F.; Dallot, S., 1969:
Study of the annual cycle of planktonic chaetognaths in villefranche bay france by the method of principal component analysis inst juday bogorov net

Pesheva M., 1983:
Study of the anomalies in the veining of wings under low temperature in inbred la and ha drosophila melanogaster stocks

Vereninov, A.A.; Vinogradova, T.A.; Toropova, F.V., 1976:
Study of the anomalous dependence of the membrane potential of muscle fibers with a reduced intra cellular potassium concentration on the potassium concentration in the medium part 2 rate of direct and reverse potassium 42 transport across the membrane o muscle fibers in sucrose sulfate solutions with a potassium concentration of 2.5 and 75 millimoles

Vereninov, A.A.; Vinogradova, T.A.; Toropova, F.V., 1976:
Study of the anomalous dependence of the membrane potential of muscle fibers with a reduced intra cellular potassium concentration on the potassium concentration in the medium part 3 changes in the membrane potential during prolonged incubation of muscle in sucrose sulfate media containing 2.5 or 75 millimolar potassium

Vereninov, A.A.; Vinogradova, T.A.; Toropova, F.V., 1976:
Study of the anomalous dependence of the membrane potential of muscle fibers with a reduced potassium concentration on the potassium concentration in the medium part 1 flow of potassium accompanying ions and water

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Study of the anorexic effect of hypericum caprifolium boiss

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Study of the anorexigenic action of a new anti depressant inkazan and its effect on basal gastric secretion in rats

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Study of the antecedents of viral hepatitis and comparatively the pathologic background in parents of children with hepatitis and other diseases

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Study of the anthuridae crustacea isopoda anthuridea from the mediterranean and the red sea

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Study of the anti arrhythmic and anti anginal properties of amiodarone in ambulatory treatment

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Study of the anti bacterial action of organs and tissues of the ticks hyalomma dromedarii hyalomma anatolicum and ixodes persulcatus

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Study of the anti bacterial activity of the extracts of the plant acalypha indica family euphorbiaceae

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Study of the anti bacterial effectiveness of some derivatives of hetero cyclic n oxides

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Study of the anti candida serology in 15 patients hospitalized for malignant hemopathy or bone marrow aplasia

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Study of the anti hypoxic activity of 1 eburnamonine towards modifications of electric cerebral activity induced by acute asphyxic anoxia in curarized rats comparison with vincamine

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Study of the anti microbial activity of a new preparation of a complex compound of cobalt chloride with nicodin

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Study of the anti microbial and anti viral activity of the essential oil from psoralea drupacea bunge and its components

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Study of the anti microbial effect of higher plants on lactic acid bacteria

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Study of the anti microbial properties of the film forming aerosol lifusol

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Study of the anti neoplastic activity of vinyl monomers containing an ester group and halogen

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Study of the anti oxidant activity of the phyllo chromanol analog in oxidizing sunflower oil

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Study of the anti tumor and toxic action of phenyl triazenes using the quantum chemical method

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Study of the anti viral effect of gentamicin

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Study of the antiaggregant effect of the anthocyanosides of vaccinium myrtillus in rabbits

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Study of the antiaggregant platelet action of asymmetric triazines

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Study of the antibiotic activity of radio mutant strain lactobacillus lactis 1621 1 m

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Study of the antibiotic sensitivity of anaerobic bacteria isolated in chile

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Study of the antibody dependent lymphocyto toxic test as a function of the antibody nature

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Study of the antibody directed against the nuclear antigen of hepatitis b by means of indirect immuno fluorescence

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Study of the antibody formation in viral hepatitis type a

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Study of the anticoagulation activity of some 1 3 indandione derivatives

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Study of the antiemetic activity of dimethpramide

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Study of the antifungal activity of higher plants 3. comparative study of techniques for isolating an antifungal saponin from the aerial parts of polygala vulgaris

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Study of the antigen component in burnt human skin by the method of disc electrophoresis in poly acrylamide gel

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Study of the antigen of inoculated cells and gastric mucosa of humans

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Study of the antigen structure of the phyto hem agglutinin stimulated mouse lymphocytes using specific anti serum

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Study of the antigenic affinity of human and cattle adenoviruses by the method of fluorescent antibodies

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Study of the antigenic affinity of viruses of hydrangea ring spot white clover mosaic potato virus x and potato aucuba mosaic by immunoenzyme methods

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Study of the antigenic and immunogenic properties of neurovaccinia virus temperature sensitive mutants

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Study of the antigenic conformity of hemagglutinins of vaccine and epidemic influenza virus strains by radioimmunoassay

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Study of the antigenic properties of allergoid from ragweed pollen

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Study of the antigenic properties of methylmethacrylate using the leukocyte migration inhibition test

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Study of the antigenic similarity of various strains of the rabies virus group

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Study of the antigenic structure of a fragment of human serum albumin

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Study of the antigenic structure of human serum albumin with monoclonal antibodies

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Study of the antigenic structure of salmonella l forms by the immunoferritin method

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Study of the antigenicity of fresh nerves and nerves preserved in a 1 in 500 part solution of cialit in the nonconsanguineous wistar rat

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Study of the antihemolytic activity of the organosilicon triethanolamine derivatives

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Study of the antihypertensive activity of ononis natrix l

Martin-Calero, M.J.; Garcia-Gimenez, M.D.; Remesal-Sanchez, M.J.; Marhuenda-Requena, E., 1987:
Study of the antihypertensive activity of ononis speciosa lag. and ononis mitissima l

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Study of the antiinflammatory activity of some pentaacetylglycyrrhizic acid ureido derivatives

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Study of the antimetabolite properties of anomeric 5 substituted 2' deoxyuridines

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Study of the antioxidative activity of antiinflammatory drugs

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Study of the antiparasitic effect of strongid plus paste in horses

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Study of the antiseptic activity on the healthy skin comparison of the swabbing technique and the cylinder technique

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Study of the antistressor effect of 2 d alanine 5 leucine 6 arginine enkephalin

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Study of the antitumor and toxic action of amotin

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Study of the antiviral effect of sodium selenite and its combinations with remantadine

Pilar Mier Durante M., 1978:
Study of the aphid fauna of zamora province spain

Dubuisson J.; Perrard C.; Serret J.; Gosselin F.; Plouviez M.T., 1982:
Study of the apo proteins a and b and of the b a ratio by laser nephelometry and radial immuno diffusion importance of different parameters necessary for screening atheromatous risk

Zhelev I., 1987:
Study of the apple root system in dense plantations

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Study of the areas of the human mitral cusps using electronic planimetry

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Study of the arrangement of crystallites in gamma irradiated human enamel by epr

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Study of the arterial vascularization of the esophagus by the micro angiography

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Study of the ascorbic acid level in rose hips in the ciscarpathian area

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Study of the ash of the trace elements of the drug from the salvia horminum plant

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Study of the assimilation of a carbon 14 labeled solution of sodium acetate by a plant

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Study of the assimilatory apparatus of the undergrowth in connection with light conditions under the canopy in the forest steppe oak forest

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Study of the association of histocompatibility antigens with rheumatic fever

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Study of the associative activity of schizophrenic patients by spatial synchronization of brain cortex bio potentials

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Study of the atherogenic dys lipo proteinemia induced by dietary cholesterol in rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

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Study of the australia antigen in madagascans of the antananarivo region madagascar

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Study of the aut oxidation of fats using uv spectrophotometric methods part 6 relationship of organoleptic characteristics to gradients of some determinations using objective methods and the significance of low temperatures for lengthening the keeping qualities of oils

Sedlacek, B.A.J., 1972:
Study of the auto oxidation of fats by uv spectrophotometric methods part 5 evaluation of changes in organoleptic properties of fats caused by auto oxidation by means of objective methods

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Study of the autolysis of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cultivated in ethanol

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Study of the avidity characteristics of salivary and serum antibodies in patients with salmonellosis

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Study of the bacillariophyceae diatomaceae of the peri lagoon island of santa catarina brazil

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Study of the bacillus subtilis 210 degree chromosomal region by the recombinant plasmid technique

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Study of the bacterial micro flora isolated from the contents of the digestive tract of abyssal fishes

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Study of the balance of iron and phosphorus transfer in podzolic soils by the method of radioactive indicators

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Study of the bases of nucleic acids by the direct analysis of daughter ions method

Ramos C.; Lopez R.; Lierena L., 1979:
Study of the batch fermentation of chemical pre hydrolysates from pith with the y 900 strain of candida utilis

Burnotte E.; Coen M., 1981:
Study of the beds of the couvinien givetien pass between the ourthe valley and aisne valley france

Thiebaut, B., 1976:
Study of the beech forest of the peri mediterranean mountain chain from the rhone to the ebre valley conclusions to be drawn from mutual ecological factor species data and from ecological profiles

Thiebaut, B., 1976:
Study of the beech woods on the peri mediterranean montane zone between the rhone and ebro valleys part 2 horizontal structure in the beech woods of the montagne noire southeast france

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Study of the beech woods on the peri mediterranean mountain zone between the rhone and ebro valleys part 3 mean mutual information between species and ecological factors

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Study of the behavior of a radiologic system by the modulation transference function analysis of the x ray focus experimental determination

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Study of the behavior of brachydanio rerio under the action of natural chemical food signals

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Study of the behavior of cefmetazole and temocillin toward strains that produce beta lactamases

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Study of the behavior of histone h 1 and its complex with dna using the spin label method

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Study of the behavior of iron in the structure on the surface of montmorillonites and by nuclear gamma resonance

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Study of the behavior of lipids in the environment

Sanz Pedrero P.; Lewin L.L., 1984:
Study of the behavior of manganese ii by polarography and impulse voltammetry

Kamiya A.; Ose Y., 1987:
Study of the behavior of mutagens in wastewater and emission gas from a municipal incinerator evaluated by means of the ames assay

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Study of the behavior of new nitroxyl radicals derivatives of benzo gamma carboline and gamma carboline in a suspension of erythrocyte membranes

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Study of the behavior of the nonesterified fatty acids of the plasma during the tolbutamide test in normal and obese subjects

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Study of the behavior of visual acuity contrast sensitivity and visual field by means of a simulated cataract experiment

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Study of the behaviour of thrombocythemia in relation to age a proposal of new reference values

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Study of the benthic communities of the shores of the estuaries of pontevedra and vigo galicia spain

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Study of the benthic macro fauna off the purification plant of rolle switzerland

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Study of the benthic population of deep silts from the gaspe strait gulf of the st lawrence canada

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Study of the benthos in roots of eichhornia azurea of the lower course of a subtropical south american river

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Study of the beta cyanin dis coloring enzyme

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Study of the binding of calcium ions by glycoprotein from bovine heart mitochondria

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Study of the binding of diuretics with biological membranes by means of a fluorescent probe

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Study of the binding of hepatitis b virus surface antigen with antibody under treatment with various denaturating agent and different methods of analysis

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Study of the bio degradation of phenol in river water

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Study of the bio electrical activity and automatic features of different parts of the 2 chambered heart

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Study of the bioavailability parameters of propranolol in patients with cirrhosis after oral administration of a long acting formulation

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Study of the biochemical and radiochemical effects of the agent mtdq

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Study of the biochemical effects of a new antidepressant metapramine rp 19560 on dopaminergic and cholinergic activities in rat striatum

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Study of the biochemical properties of enterobacteria on polystyrene plates

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Study of the biochemistry of semen in patients with primary hyperlipoproteinemia

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Study of the biodegradation of poly branched alkanes by a marine bacterial community

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Study of the biological activities of toxic shock syndrome toxin 1 ii. induction of the proliferative response and the interleukin 2 production by t cells from human peripheral blood mononuclear cells stimulated with the toxin

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Study of the biological activity and chemical composition of the aboveground part of adonis sibiricus

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Study of the biological activity of indole nucleosides part 3 effect of 1 alpha l arabinopyranosyl 6 nitro indole on the synthesis of nucleic acids in tumors and liver of animals with tumors

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Study of the biological activity of spleen extracts containing a dnase 1 inhibitor

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Study of the biological activity of thiotepa alkylated dna in the transformation system of bacillus subtilis

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Study of the biological activity of uni cellular marine algae metabolites

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Study of the biological activity of urocanic acid

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Study of the biological cycle of blastophagus piniperda coleoptera scolytidae in the field part 1 study of the development of the larval and nymphal stages in the region of toulouse france

Hueli L.E., 1979:
Study of the biological cycle of hyalomma marginatum marginatum acarina ixodidae under standard laboratory conditions

Ocete Rubio E., 1984:
Study of the biological cycle of spodoptera littoralis at different temperatures lepidoptera noctuidae

Conceicao Guimaraes M., 1984:
Study of the biological cycle of tropocyclops prasinus

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Study of the biological effect of fluoride emissions

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Study of the biological effect of vibration on plants

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Study of the biological effects of nitroso di methylamine in different experimental models in vivo and in vitro

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Study of the biological evaluation of the genus digitalis

Georgiev Z., 1985:
Study of the biological performances of some new white wine grapevine cultivars

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Study of the biological properties of clostridium perfringens type a isolated from humans in a hermetic chamber

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Study of the biological properties of gonadotropin releasing hormone analog and its use for increasing the effectiveness of cow insemination

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Study of the biological properties of thyroliberin structural analogs

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Study of the biological significance of cytochrome methylation part 1 thermal acid and guanidinium hydro chloride denaturations of bakers yeast ferri cytochromes c

Aleksidze G.N.; Myl'nikov A.A.; Potskhveriya A.M., 1983:
Study of the biological system fruit aphid predators by mathematical modeling

Eneva S.; V"lchanov D., 1986:
Study of the biologically optimal sprinkler irrigation rates of soybeans on chernozem smolnitsa soils

Stavraki H.G., 1982:
Study of the biology and ecology of wheat pests of the family pentatomidae in central greece

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Study of the biology of chasmagnathus granulata part 3 electrophoretic proteinogram

Posokhov, P.S.; Shabanova, L.V., 1977:
Study of the biology of far east trematodes and epidemiology of diseases caused by them part 1 species composition of far east paragonimus

Romasenko L.P., 1983:
Study of the biology of megachile centuncularis

Dzhavelidze, M.G., 1976:
Study of the biology of philophthalmus sp trematoda

Briales D.L.s Heras M.J.; Campos M., 1986:
Study of the biology of saissetia oleae olivier 1791 homoptera coccidae in granada spain

Kobayashi, A., 1987:
Study of the biomechanical characteristics of fracture callus

Bogdan, G., 1976:
Study of the biometric determination formulation between various growth factors and cereals yield

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Study of the biorhythms in human reproduction

Gallois A.; Kergomard A.; Adda J., 1988:
Study of the biosynthesis of 3 isopropyl 2 methoxypyrazine produced by pseudomonas taetrolens

Grandgeorge, M.; Duperray, B.; Pacheco, H., 1977:
Study of the biosynthesis of bile acids by rat liver slices by means of 1 carbon 14 acetate results in the case of rats fed a basal diet supplemented or not supplemented with cholestyramine

Volkov, G.L.; Datsenko, Z.M.; Vendt, V.P.; Koval, V.G., 1976:
Study of the biosynthesis of cholesterol and its precursors in bone tissue of rats in vitro

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Study of the biosynthesis of urate oxidase ec by a culture of actinomyces sp strain 313 152

Alimov A.F., 1987:
Study of the biotic balances of ecosystems in the freshwater basins of the ussr

Sola A.; Guinea A.; Fernandez Galiano D., 1985:
Study of the bipartition process in opisthonecta henneguyi ciliophora peritrichida

Delepierre M.; Igolen J.; Roques B.P., 1988:
Study of the bisintercalation of the antitumor drug ditercalinium by phosphorus nmr

Roveta, G.; Raimondi, L., 1975:
Study of the blasticizing action of butylhydroxy anisole on ehrlich ascites tumor cells in vitro and in vivo

Astvatsatryan V.A.; Barsegyan R.G.; Ogandzhanyan L.K., 1986:
Study of the blood enzyme spectrum in healthy young children

Sasaoka, K.; Ogawa, K., 1986:
Study of the blood flow in the lingual artery of rat

Lehmann J.; Stuerenberg F J., 1986:
Study of the blood picture of the dab limanda limanda l

Buatois, A., 1972:
Study of the body temperature of blaberus craniifer insecta dictyoptera with a periodic low amplitude variation of the ambient temperature

Eliades G.C.; Gonidis D., 1985:
Study of the bonding ability of experimental 4 methacryloxyethyltrimellitic anhydrate opaquers on dental alloys

Gevorkyan B.Z.; Arnotskaya N.E.; Fedorova E.N., 1984:
Study of the bone tissue structure by polarized laser raman spectra

Vagin Y.E.; Koplik E.V.; Vedyaev D.F., 1984:
Study of the breathing rhythm in rats under acute emotional stress

Kiziroglu I., 1984:
Study of the breeding biology of the bird species which build nests in holes in ebersberg forest west germany

Kozlov A.P.; Afanas'ev B.P.; Ershov A.T.; Likhterev M.I.; Regel' A.V., 1987:
Study of the bremsstrahlung dose fields of the medical accelerator luev 15m1 with energies between 10 and 15 million electron volts

Peciar, V., 1976:
Study of the bryo flora of slovakia czechoslovakia part 8

Privittera M.; Giudice R.L., 1986:
Study of the bryoflora of the calcareous tufa of enna sicily italy

Vadam, J.C., 1975:
Study of the bryophytic vegetation of vandoncourt doubs france

Barberia Leache E.; Moreno Gonzalez J.P.; Rioboo Garcia R.; Lopez Bermejo M.A.; Travesi M.A.; Gonzalez I., 1985:
Study of the buccodental implication of the epidemiological toxic syndrome

Goyeau H.; Fablet G., 1982:
Study of the buried weed seed bank the sampling problem

Kudzina, L.Y. ; Luk'yanenko, A.I.; Rotaru, V.K.; Evtodienko-Yu, V., 1977:
Study of the calcium ii ion transport system of mitochondria on bi layer lipid membranes

Haynes D.H.; Chiu V.C.K.; Watson B., 1980:
Study of the calcium transport mechanism of x 537a in phospho lipid membranes using fluorescence and rapid kinetic techniques

Tsalkova T.N.; Privalov P.L., 1983:
Study of the calmodulin domain organization

Sidorenko, V.G.; Kosonozhkin, V.I., 1977:
Study of the caloric value of the plant biomass of some bio geocenoses at the lower don bio geocenological station

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Study of the capacity of anaerobically grown bacteria to exchange cellular protons for potassium ions of the medium and to maintain a high potassium ion distribution between cell and medium

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Study of the capacity of the polynucleotide phosphorylase releasing factor for stimulating the growth of cell hybrids

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Study of the carabid coleoptera 7. speluncarius

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Study of the carbohydrate content in mycelium of an active strain and inactive mutant of the oxytetracycline producing organism

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Study of the carbohydrate transport system using a model of membrane vesicles from acholeplasma laidlawii cells

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Study of the carboxylic acids content from olive pulp and peduncles and their evolution

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Study of the carcinogenic activity of dioxidine

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Study of the carcinoma of upper digestive tract and enzootic hematuria in cattle in the region of botucatu state of sao paulo

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Study of the catabolism of the glycine used in washing solutions in urinary surgery report on a prospective study of 20 patients admitted for endourethral resection of the prostate

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Study of the catching of rain water by the amazonian forest cover brazil on dry land

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Study of the cation composition of phospholipids

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Study of the cationic exchange capacities and cationic selectivities of walls isolated from the roots of cochlearia anglica and phaseolus vulgaris grown on media with various salinities

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Study of the cause of mosaicism of recessive sex linked lethal mutations iii role of reparations in the mosaicism inheritance of lethal mutations drosophila melanogaster

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Study of the causes and means of solving tuberculosis chemotherapy failures

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Study of the causes of the inactivation of quinate dehydrogenase from pinus sylvestris l. needles

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Study of the causes of wilting on peach and sour cherry shoots in the region of fruska gora yugoslavia

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Study of the cell coat in tumors of the human breast cultivation

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Study of the cell mediated immune deficiency in patients with onychomycoses and chronic dermatomycoses

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Study of the cell proliferation kinetics in ulcerative colitis adenomatous polyps and cancer

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Study of the cell surface material and the golgi body in xenopus laevis embryos using osmium tetr oxide zinc iodide as a fixative stain

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Study of the cells proliferating in parent vs f 1 hybrid mixed lymphocyte culture

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Study of the cells ultrastructure of the halophilic archaebacterium methanococcus halophilus

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Study of the cellular division cycle of normal and abnormal subjects using bromodeoxy uridine

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Study of the cellular metabolism of the ns 20 clone of murine neuro blastoma poisoned by soman

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Study of the cellular necrosis and alar morphogenesis in some lepidoptera

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Study of the cellulolytic characteristics of dark micromycetes

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Study of the cellulolytic fungal microflora of the west indies and guyana

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Study of the cement secretory glands of a tubicolous polychaete pectinaria koreni equals lagis koreni with the help of electron micro probe and ion micro analyzer

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Study of the central nervous system of camponotus rufipes during post embryonic development hymenoptera formicidae

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Study of the centrosphere of acanthamoeba echinulata

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Study of the change of mortality pattern from the 1960's to the 1980's in talavera de la reina spain

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Study of the changes in intracellular ph of plant objects using a fluorescent probe

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Study of the changes in the properties of the ascitic fluid of sarcoma 37 under the action of a constant magnetic field by dispersion analysis of erythrocytes

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Study of the changes in the structure of 2 algal populations an r type factor analysis

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Study of the channel forming properties of latrotoxin on liposomes

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Study of the character of pasteurella haemolytica strains isolated from cattle and sheep

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Study of the character of the immunotropic activity of some calcium antagonists

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Study of the characteristics of chromosome pairing and of aneu ploidy in connection with the fertility of auto tetra ploid corn m zea mays m

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Study of the characteristics of genetic materials using the chromosomal banding method in korean native cattle

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Study of the characteristics of the mother and of the product of her conception

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Study of the chemical bonding with x ray and neutron diffraction

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Study of the chemical composition of leaves of the chestnut castanea vulgaris cupuliferae

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Study of the chemical composition of pepper plants during their culture cycle

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Study of the chemical composition of the cell wall of a candida yeast grown on n paraffin

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Study of the chemical forms of cobalt 60 during various transfer experiments between water and aquatic organisms

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Study of the chemical properties of pyrimido 5 4 e 1 2 4 triazines structure of the product of xanthothricine transformation in aqueous amine solution

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Study of the chemo luminescence flash and per oxide oxidation of lipids in erythrocyte membranes

Chelysheva G.M. , 1980:
Study of the chemo therapeutic activity of benzyl penicillin combinations with per hydro acridine derivatives in experimental staphylococcal infection

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Study of the chlorination of uracil in dilute aqueous medium

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Study of the chlorophyll state and photosynthetic intensity in golden and green leaved forms of the ash leaved maple

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Study of the choleretic action of the leaves of betula celtiberica

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Study of the choline receptive membrane of an isolated identified neuron of the mollusk planorbarius corneus

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Study of the chondriome of swine embryo kidney cell culture following the action of actinomycin d

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Study of the chromosome n banding in plants

Thiriot Quievreux C.; Soyer J.; Bouvy M., 1987:
Study of the chromosomes in the protobranch bivalve malletia sabrina hedley 1916

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Study of the chromosomes of periplaneta americana in changsha area china

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Study of the chronic toxicity of 2 insecticides carbaryl and lindane of the f 1 generation of lymnaea stagnalis mollusca gastropoda pulmonata 2. effects on reproductive potential

Bluzat, R.; Seuge, J., 1979:
Study of the chronic toxicity of 2 insecticides carbaryl and lindane on the f 1 generation of lymnaea stagnalis mollusca gastropoda pulmonata 1. growth of the shells

Zhadan P.M.; Chekmasova N.M., 1986:
Study of the ciliary function in the mechanoreceptor cells of the abdominal sensory organ of the bivalve mollusk glycymeris yessoensis

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Study of the circadian growth rhythm of the soybean stem relationships between leaf stem and root

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Study of the circular dichroism of bacteriophage phi 6 and phi 6 nucleocapsid

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Study of the circulation in the carotid artery with the aid of bin ocular fundus reflectometry

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Study of the classification of mucin producing cystic tumor of the pancreas

Deknudt G., 1982:
Study of the clastogenic effects of zinc in mammals

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Study of the clay fraction in the acid brown soils and leached brown soils of the massif of mount aigoua france

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Study of the cleavage of di nucleoside mono phosphates by penicillium brevicompactum rnase

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Study of the clinical reactogenicity and immunogenicity of brd ii and ra 27 3 live attenuated rubella vaccine

Tabuchi H., 1987:
Study of the clinical utility and potential problems of quantitative phase analysis using multiple gated cardiac blood pool image

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Study of the coating of amino acids influence of supplementation of the diet with coated methionine and lysine on the composition of ruminal juice and blood plasma in sheep

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Study of the coefficient of the area in determination of the visual field 1. its optical theory

Skoneczny M.; Chelstowska A.; Rytka J., 1988:
Study of the coinduction by fatty acids of catalase a and acyl coenzyme a oxidase in standard and mutant saccharomyces cerevisiae strains

Khomenko, N.A., 1981:
Study of the collection of shigella strains of provisory serovars 2. antigens and antigenic relationships

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Study of the collembolans of the province of burgos spain note i

Couturier-Bhaud, Y., 1975:
Study of the color change of lysmata seticaudata crustacea decapoda color physiology of the larval stages

Couturier-Bhaud, Y., 1975:
Study of the color change of lysmata seticaudata crustacea decapoda evolution of the color pattern during its larval development

Koshiishi I.; Imanari T., 1986:
Study of the colored substances in molybdenum blue using high performance liquid chromatography

Tsatskin A.I., 1983:
Study of the combination of fossil soils in paleo pedological reconstructions

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Study of the combined effect of chloroquine and quinine in rodent malaria plasmodium berghei

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Study of the combined effect of lysozyme and the antibiotics tetracycline erythromycin and levomycetin on staphylococcus aureus

Kashlyaeva T.K.; Kekcheeva N.G., 1983:
Study of the combined effect of penicillin tetracycline and rifampicin on rickettsia sibirica and rickettsia prowazekii in experiments in chick embryos

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Study of the combined effect of remantadine alpha methyl 1 adamantane methylamine and ribovirin 1 beta d ribofuranosyl 1 2 4 triazole 3 carboxamide in sindbis virus reproduction in cell cultures

Kaidanov L.Z.; Subbotin A.M., 1984:
Study of the combining ability of inbred lines of drosophila melanogaster that differ in their adaptive value

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Study of the commodity container interaction of selected fruits and vegetables

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Study of the common factors between fungus and erythrocyte antigens preliminary results

Gurriaran E.G., 1982:
Study of the community of decapod crustacea brachyura in the estuary of arosa galicia northwestern spain and its relation to the cultivation of mussels on rafts

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Study of the compact structure of the small ribosomal subunit and its rna in escherichia coli by fluorescence spectroscopy and sedimentation analysis

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Study of the comparative bio availability of adrenaline hydro chloride and adrenaline lauryl sulfate by per cutaneous absorption

Das, N.D., 1987:
Study of the comparative efficacy of saprol with some other fungicides against powdery mildew erysiphe polygoni d. c. of pea pisum sativum l

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Study of the compatibility between monensin and other chemotherapeutics in broilers

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Study of the competition of certain antibacterial drugs for human serum albumin binding sites

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Study of the complex between porcine plasmin ec and alpha 2 macro globulin

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Study of the complex conditioned reflex behavior of ants in a multialternative environment

Springer V.; Kopecka B., 1985:
Study of the complex formation properties of salicylidene 2 iminobenzohydroxamic acid and its use as an indicator for the determination of iron in drugs

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Study of the complex formed between a sympathomimetic amine and theophylline

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Study of the complex mixtures of natural compounds by defocusing and direct analysis of daughter ions 5. steroid metabolites of the phytopathogenic fungus verticillium dahliae

Azzena A.; Fais G.F.; Litta P.; Marchetti M., 1985:
Study of the complications after voluntary interruption of pregnancy

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Study of the components of reverse cholesterol transport in lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase deficiency

Serra Bonvehi J.; Gonell Galindo J.; Gomez Pajuelo A., 1986:
Study of the composition and physicochemical characteristics of bee pollen

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Study of the composition of aromatic infusions prepared with the use of enzyme preparations

Gabinskaya K.N.; Korobova Y.N.; Messinova O.V., 1984:
Study of the composition of media used for the growth of mycobacteria splitting off the side chain of sitosterol

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Study of the composition of oleandomycin phosphate preparations

Korotkov M.G.; Frolov V.P., 1982:
Study of the composition of organic matter fractions of ordinary chernozem by the method of sequential extraction with organic solvents and water

Shevardnadze, M.G., 1975:
Study of the composition of organic matter in the soils of tusheti georgian ssr ussr

Gimeno Ortiz A.; Calero Carretero R.; Merchan Naharro J.; Caballero G.S., 1987:
Study of the composition of sausages in extremadura spain

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Study of the composition of the anisophyllea laurina nut ether extract

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Study of the composition of the bromination products of maleic anhydride

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Study of the composition of trace contaminants of the soyuz 22 spaceship atmosphere

Savina, V.P.; Sokolov, N.L.; Ivanov, E.A., 1975:
Study of the composition of volatile compounds of human sweat and urine

Berlin A.A.; Chekanova S.L., 1987:
Study of the composition of wash water used by men and women

Varga E.; Szendrei K.; Hajdu Z.; Hornok L.; Csaki G., 1986:
Study of the compounds contained in hungarian grown leuzea carthamoides asteraceae with special regard to the ecdysteroids

Gillard J.; Obrenovitch J., 1986:
Study of the concentrations of 3 4 dihydroxyphenylacetic acid 5 hydroxyindoleacetic acid and ascorbic acid using voltamperometry at the level of the rat striatum during dives in hydrox to 31 atmospheres absolute

Toxiri, I.; Origa, L.; Pintus, L.; Soru, G.; Maraccini, S.; Fenu, G.; Scarpa, B., 1986:
Study of the condition of the elderly in cagliari italy 2. health requirements

Khike B., 1980:
Study of the conditions for determining photosystem i activity with di phenyl carbazone

Falkov N.N.; Bagdasarova A.M.; Maksimova E.A., 1985:
Study of the conditions for scaling the process of cephalosporin biosynthesis

Belyi Y.F.; Tartakovskii I.S.; Neustroeva V.V.; Vertiev Y.V.; Ezepchuk Y.V.; Prozorovskii S.V., 1986:
Study of the conditions for the cultivation of legionella pneumophila affecting the production of cytotoxin

Diaz Borras M.A.; Vila Aguilar R., 1988:
Study of the conditions for the use of sodium orthophenylphenate in bulk dipping of citrus fruits in commercial warehouses

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Study of the conditions maintaining the synthesis of alpha amylase by bacillus spp

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Study of the conditions of access to 1 2 4 triazino 4 5 b indazole

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Study of the conditions of biosynthesis of lipase by the fungus botrytis cinerea 70

Trofimenko, N.M.; Shcherbakov, M.A.; Al'man, A.V.; Zabudskaya, L.M., 1975:
Study of the conditions of biosynthesis of lipases by the fungus botrytis cinerea

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Study of the conditions of chromatographic purification of prostaglandins

Kolina, V.B.; Filippovich, I.V.; Romantsev, E.F., 1976 :
Study of the conditions of degradation of mixed di sulfides between protecting amino thiols and cell proteins as factors determining the resistance of di sulfide bonds

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Study of the conditions of isolation of cholesterol oxidase from the actinomyces lavendulae mycelium

Lepakhina, N.K., 1977:
Study of the conditions of poliovirus and escherichia coli bacterio phage concentration on ion exchange resins

Khodakovskaya Z.M.; Denyakina E.K.; Neklyudov A.D.; Mirkina M.Z., 1984:
Study of the conditions of proto subtilin immobilization on alumina by means of transition metal ions

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Study of the conditions of the formation of ascitic tumors in the cultivation of hybridomas in vivo

Vaskivnyuk V.T.; Buglova T.T.; Kirilenko T.S.; Koroleva O.V., 1984:
Study of the conditions of the submerged cultivation of fusarium graminearum the producer of galactose oxidase

Bharati, S.; Krongrad, E.; Lev, M., 1985:
Study of the conduction system in a population of patients with sudden infant death syndrome

Quesniaux V.F.J.; Wenger R.M.; Schmitter D.; Van Regenmortel M.H.V., 1988:
Study of the conformation of cyclosporine in aqueous medium by means of monoclonal antibodies

Srapionyan R.M.; Mardanyan S.S.; Saakyan S.A.; Karapetyan R.O.; Saakyan F.M.; Galoyan A.A., 1987:
Study of the conformation of neurospecific cardioactive glycoproteins using optical spectroscopy methods

Bobruskin, I.D.; Kirpichnikov, M.P.; Florent'ev, V.L., 1979:
Study of the conformation of nucleotides oligo nucleotides and their analogs in aqueous solution using nmr 2. sin anti equilibrium in solution of adenosine 5' amp 3' amp 5' cmp and 3' cmp

Kamilova R.R.; Burichenko V.K., 1986:
Study of the conformation states of polypeptide histone models by spin labeling

Gusakova G.V.; Denisov G.S.; Smolyanskii A.L.; Kozovkov A.D.; Zhdanovich Y.V.; Nasonova L.I., 1988:
Study of the conformation structure and molecular interactions of rosamycin by ir spectra

Agranovich I.M.; Lapiashvili G.N.; Maslova R.N.; Varshavskii Y.M., 1980:
Study of the conformational differences of dna in chromatin and in compact particles using the slow proton tritium exchange method

Konovalov-Yu, D., 1978:
Study of the conformational state of proteins of mature eggs embryos and early larvae produced by female carp cyprinus carpio of various ages

Ibrahim Granet O.; D.B.evre C., 1984:
Study of the conidial development and cleistothecium like structure of some strains of fonsecaea pedrosoi comparison with other close dematiaceae

Loth D.; Menguy C.; Teyssou M., 1984:
Study of the consequences of auditory stimulation in the guinea pig using intense sounds of different spectra and levels

Loukis A.; A.K.fahi A.; Philianos S., 1983:
Study of the constituents of bulbs of crocus sativus 1

Yahara S.; Nohara T.; Kohda H.; Shimomura K.; Satake M., 1986:
Study of the constituents of monochasma savatieri

Aubert, J.; Flatau, G.; Puel, D.; Breittmayer, V.; Clement, R., 1977 :
Study of the contamination of marine cultures

Pavlovskii, P.E.; Cherkasov, I.A.; Chikina, N.S., 1976:
Study of the content and some properties of lysozyme of organ tissue of slaughter cattle

Mitin I.E.; Mazo V.K.; Petrova E.V.; Gridneva L.E., 1984:
Study of the content of some intestinal peptidases in the mucous coating of the dog small intestine

Gromakov A.I.; Isaikina A.P.; Krivut B.A.; Vandyshev V.V., 1982:
Study of the content of visnadin and di hydroxy amidine in raw material of phlojodicarpus sibiricus

Kaludin K., 1986:
Study of the content of vitamin c carotin and mineral substances in leaves of the scotch pine pinus sylvestris l

Cattaneo, M., 1981:
Study of the continental shelf of the ligurian and upper tyrrhenian seas 2. echinodermata

Rizzo, A.; Amabile, G.; Marasco, M.; Pierelli, F.; Santucci, N., 1976:
Study of the contingent negative variation in subjects affected by traumatic and other different brain lesions

Mukharlyamov, N.M.; Krol, V.A.; Belenkov-Yu, N.; Nasrulaeva, M.M., 1976:
Study of the contractile function of the myo cardium by echo cardiography

Ivanov, V.P., 1987:
Study of the contribution of genetic and environmental factors to phenotypic variance of the basic indices of children's development at different stages of postnatal ontogeny

Khutorskii, V.E.; Poltev, V.I., 1978:
Study of the contribution of individual structural components to the stabilization of the secondary structure of double helical poly nucleotides

Suarez J.J.; Senra A.; Galindo J.L., 1981:
Study of the contribution of nutrients to the soil by the feces of cows grazing in 3 rotational systems

Abyshev, A.Z., 1978:
Study of the conversion products of some natural coumarins

Hadnagy C.; Marinca E.; Macavei I.; Sass G., 1986:
Study of the cooccurrence of chronic lymphatic leukemia and malignant tumors and the lymphocyte reaction caused by the malignoma

Alvarez-Ossorio, M.T., 1977:
Study of the copepoda community of the muros estuary in november 1975

Bedunova S.L.; Karikh L.P., 1987:
Study of the correlation between antimeasles antibody titers by enzyme immunoassay eia and hemagglutination inhibition test hait

Khofferek Kh; Shubert I., 1981:
Study of the correlation between barley resistance to yellow rust puccinia striiformis and root isozyme activity

Namvar R.A.; Bezlepkin V.G.; Gaziev A.I., 1986:
Study of the correlation between poly adp ribosylation of proteins and the formation and repair of single strand dna breaks in gamma irradiated permeable zajdela hepatoma cells

Kakinoki, S., 1988:
Study of the correlation between severity of hypertension and the left ventricular mass and left ventricular functions

Oganesyan, E.T.; Yakovenko, V.I.; Khachatryan, M.M.; Pershkov, S.R.; Cherevatyi, V.S., 1986:
Study of the correlation between structure and activity in the flavonoid series 1. synthesis of chalcone derivatives and the qualitative evaluation of a correlation between structure and activity

Oganesyan, E.T.; Yakovenko, V.I.; Cherevatyi, V.S., 1987:
Study of the correlation between structure and activity in the flavonoid series 3. prediction of new chalcone derivatives

Marsh D.; Dechamp C.; Cour P.; Bousquet J.; Deviller P., 1987:
Study of the correlation between the atmospheric levels of the antigen amb a1 ag e and the numbers of ambrosia artemisiae folia in the lyons france area and the nearby areas

Erenpreisa, E.A., 1975:
Study of the correlation between the ion concentration of the nucleus and its structure on walker tumor cells

Leblanc H.; Collin J., 1984:
Study of the correlation between the left ventricular mass and diameter physiological and pathophysiological implications

Razmaev I.I.; Avizov A.G., 1986:
Study of the correlation between the productivity of cattle and reamination enzyme activity in the blood serum

Markina V.V.; Bogdanova E.N.; Gavryushina V.M.; Naumov Y.A.; Korolev V.V.; Lutoshkin V.I.; Tsyba I.F.; Sinitsina E.E.; Kostin P.V., 1985:
Study of the correlation between the repellent activity of succinic acid diesters and their chemical composition

Gorchakova L.A., 1987:
Study of the correlation between the resistance of rats to acute hypoxic hypoxia and activity of the liver microsomal oxidation system

Skorobogatov, M.A.; Pavlov, D.S.; Barekyan, A.S., 1987:
Study of the correlation between the swimming capacity of the roach rutilus rutilus l. and the pressure and inclination angle of the flow

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Study of the correlation between tryptophan nonesterified fatty acids and albumins in the nephrotic syndrome

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Study of the correlation of growth and morphological differentiation to antibiotic production in heliomycin producing cultures

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Study of the corticotropic function in 16 patients after surgery for pituitary tumor

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Study of the course of erysiphe graminis f sp hordei epidemic

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Study of the course of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy associated with outflow obstruction in patients under treatment

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Study of the cretaceous flora of pola de siero spain

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Study of the criteria utilized in the dominant lethal mutation test as a function of relationships existing between the distribution of the corpora lutea and those of other variables

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Study of the critical flicker fusion frequency in humans exposed to noise

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Study of the crystalline modifications of triquinol

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Study of the curve form of heat denaturation of human lymphocyte nucleo protein complex in various functional states

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Study of the cuspal ridges of the upper first molars in a modern Japanese population

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Study of the cutaneous and cellular penetration of t 2 toxin

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Study of the cutaneous electric potentials and the perception threshold to an electric stimulus in diabetic patients with and without clinical neuropathy

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Study of the cuticle and some hairs through the post embryonic development of spiders of the genus latrodectus araneae theridiidae

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Study of the cysteine stability in the aqueous solutions of amino acids

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Study of the cyto genetic and electrophoretic effect of combined application of thiotepa and beta iaa on vicia faba seedlings

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Study of the cyto genetic effect of the pesticides captan and benomyl in a culture of human peripheral blood lymphocytes with and without the metabolic activation system

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Study of the cyto toxic effect of propyl 4 hydroxy benzoate methodology and experimental results

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Study of the cytochrome c and cytochrome oxidase interaction by tritium planigraphy

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Study of the cytogenetic activity of mutagenic factors as a function of the genotype of a cultivar

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Study of the cytogenetic activity of some metabolites of a series of pesticides the representatives of several classes of chemical compounds

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Study of the cytogenetic activity of the herbicide sodium trichloroacetate

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Study of the cytology of the yoghurt micro flora

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Study of the cytopathic effect caused by some strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa producers of hemolysins leukocidins and proteases on hep 2 cells

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Study of the cytoplasmic effects in the interspecific cross nicotiana umbratica and nicotiana glutinosa

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Study of the cytostatic activity of acetate and ethanol fractions

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Study of the cytostatic activity of iguesterin and related compounds

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Study of the czechoslovakian bryo flora part 9

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Study of the daily regimen in the specialized sanatoria for children with lesions of the locomotor apparatus

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Study of the daily vertical migration of the larvae of mesochaetopterus sagittarius of nosy be madagascar

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Study of the damaging effect of radiations with differing linear energy transfer on the nerve cells of the rat cerebellum

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Study of the de contamination of arenicola marina annelid polychaete after experimental contamination with cesium 137 or cobalt 60

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Study of the de polymerization of protein fractions from soy field bean and colza

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Study of the de polymerization of starch under the combined action of protons and gamma radiation

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Study of the decay of metastable ions in mass spectra of short peptides and their mixtures by metastable de focusing and direct analysis of daughter ions

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Study of the decomposition of carbon 14 labeled atrazine sorbed by various soil components

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Study of the decomposition of mussoorie rock phosphate with nitric acid as related to the time and method of acidulation

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Study of the decrease of eigen values in principal component analysis comparison with the broken stick model

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Study of the defensive dominant revealed by unconditioned blinking reflex

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Study of the degradation of dalagrine and its analogs in the brush border membranes of rat enterocytes by hydrogen ion nmr spectroscopy

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Study of the degradation products formed during extrusion lamination of an ionomer

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Study of the degree of blackness of biological objects

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Study of the degree of fungal contamination of sand boxes and playgrounds in nancy

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Study of the degree of organic matter humification in the soil by the epr method

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Study of the delayed type hypersensitivity reaction induced in mice by the administration of an inactivated influenza vaccine

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Study of the density of bio polymer sorbed water by the method of helium pycnometry

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Study of the denture of the fingers of the pedipalps in scorpions belonging to the genus lychas c. l. koch 1845 arachnida scorpiones buthidae

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Study of the dependence of the free water fraction of dried yeast candida utilis on the cell phosphate content

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Study of the dependence of the progamic phase of fertilization on the type of pollination and the level of self fertility in alfalfa

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Study of the desorption of cyanocobalamin and oxycobalamin from silica gel l

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Study of the desorption process of some alkaloids from ion exchangers

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Study of the detoxication effect of polyvinylpyrrolidone in acute methanol intoxication

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Study of the development and regeneration of fir spruce stands in the zdar hory area czechoslovakia

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Study of the development cycle of polymyxa betae keskin

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Study of the development of endoparasitic nematodes in the roots of sugarcane in burkina faso and ivory coast

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Study of the development of sulfur dioxide concentrations in the ambient atmosphere in brussels belgium from 1968 1981

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Study of the development of the gentamicin producing organism under different cultivation conditions using differential centrifugation of mycelium in a sucrose density gradient

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Study of the development of the tadpole of rana ridibunda

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Study of the development of the unusual growth in the stem of chenopodium embrosioides chenopodiaceae

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Study of the developmental capacity of the inverted amphibian embryo by nuclear transplantation

Sato T., 1985:
Study of the developmental changes in trace elements and minerals in rat and mouse milk by thermal neutron activation analysis

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Study of the deviation of horizontal or oblique roots of poplar cutting encountering an obstacle applications on container design/

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Study of the diabetogenic effect of alloxan during a brief discontinuance of the blood supply of the pancreas and spleen

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Study of the diagnostic value of indirect immuno fluorescence in pulmonary aspergillosis

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Study of the diet of 2 rays common in the gulf of tunis raja miraletus and raja radula

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Study of the diet of coronary heart disease and arterial hypertension patients in a population

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Study of the diet of lymnaea catascopium catascopium gastropoda lymnaeidae in lake st louis st lawrence river quebec canada

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Study of the diet of rana ridibunda tadpoles

Macpherson E., 1979:
Study of the diet of some fish in the western mediterranean

Capape, C., 1976:
Study of the diet of the eagle ray myliobatis aquila from the tunisian coast

Szabolcs, M.; Francia, I.; Fekete, I., 1976:
Study of the different extraction methods used for the isolation of glycogen with the help of ultra centrifuge

Mugniery, D.; Zaouchi, H., 1976:
Study of the different standard and mixed criteria for estimating the cyst nematode populations in the soil use of a contamination criterion

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Study of the differentiating capacity of nonaqueous solvents with respect to some iso quinoline alkaloids and their semi synthetic derivatives

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Study of the differentiation of the somites in the embryos of 2 anuran amphibia the common toad bufo bufo and the dalmatian frog rana dalmatina

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Study of the diffusion concentration of oxygen in membrane structures application to cysteamine

Liberman E.A.; Minina S.V.; Shklovskii Kordi N.E., 1980:
Study of the diffusion modeling system of the molecular computer of the neuron

Serieys, C.; Bergogne-Berezin, E.; Kafe, H.; Bryskier, A., 1986:
Study of the diffusion of cefmenoxime into the bronchial secretions

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Study of the digestive enzymes in pila leopoldvillensis mollusca gastropoda part 1 cellulase and alginase

Carazo J.M.; Santisteban A.; Carrascosa J.L., 1986:
Study of the direct fourier method for the three dimensional reconstruction of objects in the case of a missing angular data range

Okamoto S., 1985:
Study of the direct inhibitory action of lhrh on the steroidogenesis of cultured human corpus luteum cells

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