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Chapter 6,528

Study of some relationships between the plant species variety phenological stage and the pea aphid acyrthosiphon pisum homoptera aphididae

Bournoville, R.

Annales de Zoologie Ecologie Animale 9(1): 87-98


Accession: 006527273

To study the relationships of 2 populations of pea aphids and the plant, 2 plant species, lucerne [Medicago sativa] and pea [Pisum sativum], and several varieties and different phenological stages of lucerne were used. The A. pisum population found on lucerne (= LL) and that collected on pea (= pp) are different as the fundatrices and the virginoparae belonging to the LL biotype are very difficult to rear on pea. The resistance to the aphid LL population of the 6 lucerne varieties tested varied, and the varietal classification is disturbed according to the aphid morph considered. For a given lucerne clone variations of the net reproduction rate of LL aphids are also observed according to the plant phenological state. The biotype invariability and the variables to be considered in a selection program concerning lucerne varieties resistant to pea aphid were discussed.

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