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Study of the myco flora of arid soils of egypt part 2 the genus aspergillus

Mouchacca, J.; Joly, P.

Revue d'Ecologie et de Biologie du Sol 13(2): 293-314


Accession: 006528996

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Like Penicillium spp., the distribution of Aspergillus spp. exhibits quantitative variations in the soils studied. Absence of a species has no qualitative meaning that is distinct from its presence in another soil. Observed taxonomic distribution is little affected by amount of soil sand components, while regional localization has a certain influence. Aspergillus spp. show a behavior similar to that of Penicillium spp. in 14 soils sampled from regions receiving none to small winter rainfall. The effect of soil reclaimation on other soils is not clearly evident. Most of these soils benefit from appreciable amounts of winter precipitation. Aspergillus spp. of the same systematic group show a similar behavior. Some are omnipresent, others develop preferentially and/or show a distribution either positively or negatively affected by soil reclaimation.

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